Happy Birthday Curt Smith!

Curt Smith continues to leave us spellbound and speechless…except on his birthday when we’re barely able to keep our cool screaming BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE, CUMPLEANOS FELIZ and other well wishes in all of our languages! 🙂 The Good Man’s Kerfuffle of Kooks are an international bundle of joy, always ready to rock be it online or in line before the shows. Curt has inherited a huge global family and the love is mutual. Led by Carri D (USA) and Patricia Patty-O (France) in their signature fashion, we’re celebrating Curt Smith ALL DAY!!
Happy Birthday to Curt Smith ~ 24 June

Love from Patricia O (France)
Love from Patricia O (France)
More Love from Patricia
More Love from Patricia

One of the leaders of the Phils Kooks, Joyce, is known for her daily interaction with her favourite rockers Tears for Fears. She and other fans are known for their amazing art work, sketches and jewelry. Here, she presents a new gift to Curt. Enjoy this great fan art!

Fan Art by Joyce, one of the team leaders of the Phils Kooks, TFF Travel Fan team Philippines
Fan Art by Joyce, one of the team leaders of the Phils Kooks, TFF Travel Fan team Philippines
Marcio do Brasil is ready to roll and ready to go! Give this guy a piece of cake and a glas of Gin!
Marcio do Brasil is ready to roll and ready to go! Give this guy a piece of cake and a glass of Gin!

Our sweet Juli-Juli of Japan leads us in a birthday song 🙂

Little Juli-Juli age 8 - she grew up to be a true superfanatic, kawaii too! :)
Little Juli-Juli age 8 – she grew up to be a true superfanatic, kawaii too! 🙂

Here’s a great poem from Melanie M.
From “Big Chair” onward,
TFF’s music’s kept me strong.
It’s truly been an inspiration,
Never steering me wrong.

Listening numerous times,
I taught myself to play your songs by ear.
Because of this ability,
My heart is filled with cheer.

Besides enjoying your music,
TFF and solo alike,
I also enjoy seeing you on “Psych”.

“Shawn 2.0”, “100 Clues”,
And “A Nightmare on State Street”,
Now, everything Pineapple is my favorite treat!

This poem’s to wish you a Happy Birthday, Curt, from a fan in New Orleans!

Superfan Carri adds this great card, sleek and sophisticated...
Superfan Carri adds this great card, sleek and sophisticated…
We can all guess who on this iconic imagery, Manami wishes Curt a Happy Birthday from Japan
We can all guess who on this iconic imagery, Manami wishes Curt a Happy Birthday from Japan
Manami's cat is in on it too! Meow Happy Birthday, Good Man, meow!
Manami’s cat is in on it too! Meow Happy Birthday, Good Man, meow!
Lisa, who joined the fan travel team back in 2011 after years of fandom sends her great memories of fun times with Curt Smith
Lisa, who joined the fan travel team back in 2011 after years of fandom sends her great memories of fun times with Curt Smith

And of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday party unless Curt’s political other half Traci joined in. Loyal as the day is long Traci shows up at concerts military style. She sends her love to Curt in a great message.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Coolness!!! I remember affectionately calling you this in ’09 and said to myself how it just fits you and your world! Your vibe in bass playing and singing is so to my fan heart. When talking with other TFF admirers we find ourselves talking or can discuss aspects of Tears For Fears music, life etc and what we adore from you both. I can tend to be on the shy side often though some may say otherwise but it’s very true. I adore the fact you have taken a shy person like me and helped me enjoy social media from time to time. Because you engage with your peeps it strips away the stigma to what many of us only saw through a distance of stage and interviews. I thank you so much for filling my musical file with your great music. Many other fans may share more in how much they enjoy TFF and your solo but my love for your music is nonetheless. I can feel as though my words can’t express what you bring to my little world and therefore as I want to say them to you my words etc. are not enough. I get nervous or even somewhat overwhelmed to point I could be a fool then I back off and go silent. I thank you again you have worked to get to know me and didn’t run away or push me away. Even as I type this out tears are forming in my eyes because Tears For Fears, both you and Roland’s solo work means so much to me. I will try to share more or better as I can. Please know I respect you, your sense of style, your love for your family and you voice sends me to known joy. Thanks as always Papa S.

Traci Lynn Smith

Carri D and SheeShee got the Vinyl! Celebrating Curt’s birthday the right way!
SheeShee loves Curt!! #MutualAdmiration&Appreciation




More kickass cool pictures and fan art coming in from Japan!!

Here’s wishing TFF all the best for the coming year, 2015! Curt turns a healthy 53 years young today, and he looks OUTSTANDING! We’re very grateful for his continued interaction and including us in family life. We look forward to seeing him again, more amazing success stories, fun times with Tears for Fears and more! Cheers!

!!From all of us!! Happy Birthday

-Andye, Carri, Joyce, Patricia, Candra and contributors


It’s Official! It’s Mr. Orzabal – ‘Roland Tweets’

It's official...It's Mr. Orzabal.
It’s official!

Late October…a new ‘Roland Orzabal’ Twitter profile surfaces. Much like the others that seem to appear every few months, we ignored it thinking it was yet another impostor. But on the afternoon of April the 1st…our travel fan team members were pretty sure this was indeed the Good Sir Orzabal himself. By that Saturday morning he was tweeting about Tears and Kook’s New York Branch travel fan team lead Cammie, and her playlist. Also known as C. Horton, Cammie is the creator of the #SexDrugsOperaOrzabal Spotify accompaniment, her fan generated project for the book club that has formed online.

Between Sherlock Silver Kitty Carri D and Cam’s careful attention, we sat in various parts of the world with our chins on the floor. He’s. On. Twitter! As Mr. Nadal, one of two travel fan team leads in the Philippines tweeted, “I still can’t believe @rolandtff is on Twitter. It’s the end of the world and everyone is happy…” Let’s hope the next apocalypse is just as exciting!

Roland quickly got acquainted with his fellow loyalists, many of whom have been a part of his life for years as regular concert attendees and past TFF fanclub members. He began following several and joining in conversations with selfies, verification photos and pictures of his cat, Schro.  We’ll leave it to you to figure out what Schro is short for.

Our top 10 Roland Moments thus far?

Roland's First Selfie
Roland’s First Twitter Selfie

10.The Mirror Selfie – Gasps went out around the world when this was tweeted. The intricate shells, the cultural decor, the floor to ceiling windows…absolutely stunning! For so many it was like looking at the reflection of a heavenly being! People reported they burst into tears, kissed their screens and held their iPhones and iPads to their hearts. It was truly touching.

9. Larousse Wine – Book published by Hamlyn  Noticed on the left side of the desk in the mirror selfie. Five hundred plus pages devoted to wine. For those who’ve already read (or re-read) Sex, Drugs & Opera, you know this book is right up Solomon’s alley.  That got us going…got the succubus going too! 😉
8. The Silver Bones of the Orzabal Brothers /the Skull Masks
7. Roland’s First Hashtags: – Like proud fans we watched Roland navigate through Twitter his way, and tweet his first hashtags.  #FridayReads (What Roland’s been reading), #MadWorldBook (Tears For Fears’ latest project), and #ElvisShouldPlaySka, a little joke about his Graduate days.  And speaking of Graduate…
6. Sulking At The Mention of  ‘Graduate – Honestly, we’d love them to reunite for one show! According to Roland’s tweets, he seems amenable!
5. The Not So Bad hair Day  – As if a bad hair day were ever possible for Roland.  Either way, this was another awesome selfie that sparked other fans to tweet Roland their own photos… and somewhere, singing commenced.
4. The Inner Thigh MachineHe assembled it by himself via Twitter and by the end of the night finally figured out how it worked.

The original Sleeping Seflie
The Original Sleeping Seflie
The Wine Den version of Roland's Sleeping Selfie
The Wine Den Version

3. The Ultimate “Sleeping” Selfie  – Supernatural creatures certainly know how to take great pictures of Roland!  It turned into deco den for fans; we immediately grabbed it and started colouring it with fun things as if we were 3 years old!  Instead of milk glasses and cookies we had wine and pasta.

2. The Free-Flowing Interaction With Fans – He’s been replying and spending lots of time with everyone online and we are all so grateful!!
1. The fact that he’s even HERE! Talk about party time out of bounds.  Yes! We’re truly appreciative of every minute and he knows it…cause he retweeted it. 😉


andye anticipation2

What many fans are looking forward to are chats about the book. We’ve got two hashtags going, one of which is #SexDrugsOperaOrzabal (which was used during the Kindle release countdown. Lady Puppin of Brazil won the Kindle download. Para Bems a ela!). Roland also seems to have hinted about an SDO part II with the character Rosa getting a little naughty?! That should be good! It’s certainly an exciting time for all of us, a wonderful opportunity to interact with the Good Sir. And yes, this is all legit, the Good Man Smith said so himself!


CS confirmation
As always we encourage everyone to follow @TearsforFears@CurtSmith and now @rolandtff – feel free to follow us as well at @PapaSFans (dedicated to celebrating the band, all members, all events 365 Days a Year)

Tears for Fears Travel Fan Tshirts
Tears for Fears Travel Fan Tshirts

AA &  Cammie aka C.Horton

Tears For Fears Fan Traveller: Cammie

Andye (Nigeria/Atlanta), Cammie (New York), Captain Julian (UK) and Yvette (Armenia/Los Angeles)

Our membership has grown to include so many from all around the United States, Asia & Europe. In addition to the enormous crowd of ticket holders, we, the travelling fans, had 165+ active road trippers that met up at each Tears For Fears show; travelling great distances to see the band on the sunny west coast. We even had the ultra cool Captain Julian Orzabal of DelaQ. What a blessing that was! It is a great joy to begin profiling some of our lovely Tears For Fears Travellers who are dedicating themselves to fan touring and celebrating the band.

Cammie (@BxBourgie) joined us this year and tells her story.  

I was born, raised and currently reside in Curt Smith’s favorite U.S. city. I can’t speak for any other New Yorker, but me? I’m spoiled, especially when it comes to bands, concerts and tours. I always expect that if my favorite band is doing shows somewhere in the U.S, they will more than likely make their way to NYC at some point. Why should I have to take a bus, train or plane somewhere else to hear my favorite band play? I’m in NYC! Everyone comes here! They’ll make it here eventually. So I’ll just wait.

Photo from Jason DeBord -a concert reviewer & videographer

In 2011, one of my absolute favorite bands ever, Tears For Fears, were doing a few shows on the West Coast, and I decided to sit and wait here in NYC, for them to announce a date or two here. Yeah… didn’t happen! (Its not that we don’t love you…”) I missed them when they were here in 2010 because I was on a cruise, but when they didn’t come back the next year, I decided to stalk Curt’s Twitter ( Roland does not do the social media thing right now), and wait for an announcement of Tears For Fears tour dates. I waited almost a year. Then I began to see tweets. From Curt. About show dates. Curt answered my tweet to him, confirming the San Francisco date among others, but I knew better than to ask about NYC; I know that Curt likes to stay close to his family in L.A. I had a decision to make. Let another year pass without seeing Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal right in front of my very eyes sing the songs that I’ve loved since I got cable television and MTV when I was 14, saw the video for Head Over Heels for the first time and fell in LOVE… or was I gonna sit around and wait. I’m a travel junkie, it’s what I love to do, so this was an easy decision!

Fan Travel Tshirts

I bought a ticket to the San Fran show as soon as they went on sale, a flight and a hotel. And then met some fabulous Tears for Fears fans on Twitter, changed my flights around, booked ANOTHER hotel, got ANOTHER ticket to the Vegas show from a generous fan who was unable to attend, and had one of the most awesome experiences of my life. Not only did I get to sing along to EVERY song, almost close enough to touch the ever youthful Curt Smith and the beautifully elusive Roland Orzabal, I had great time meeting many other Tears For Fears fans – some for hours, others only briefly – as well as someone I never expected to meet who was also one of the most charming men I’ve ever encountered.

Roland & Curt in San Francisco by Jason DeBord

I know many people ask Curt on Twitter and Facebook why Tears For Fears doesn’t do shows in their town… but I will say that IF you can do it, TRAVEL to see this band, wherever they happen to be. GO GO GO! THIS from a spoiled NYC girl who expects all bands to come to NY when they do shows. 🙂 I flew across the U.S. to see Tears for Fears, and would do it again it a heartbeat. Around the world, whatever! They looked fantastic, and sounded even better. Shoes and jacket off at the San Francisco show, I jumped, swayed, sang and swooned from the first note to the last. I felt like I was floating! I needed a minute to collect myself after it was over, only to do it again in Vegas two nights later. Wonderful to meet Carri, Becky, Becky’s daughter Rihana, Yvette, Andye, Janice, Colleen, and Julian O. in person, and the many others I’ve “met” from other parts of the world via Twitter. (Much love to Margaret for sending me her ticket to the Vegas show!) As I am able, I hope this is the first of many. In the meantime? As Andye says… perching.

Cammie, we appreciate you coming all the way from New York to join us and have a great time. Other New Yorkers include Jeanie P who began her TFF Fan travels last year. We look forward to highlighting all of the fan fun in the weeks to come including a ton of pictures with the band, fan gatherings, mega-tour fan bloopers & funny moments! Thanks for reading!


Enjoy this video of Mad World by Jason DeBord, one of our friendly media pals we met on during the Tears For Fears Fan Travel 2012: 

Memories Fade by Nourset who travelled from France