Band Member News

In addition to Roland and Curt, Charlton Pettus (guitar), Jamie Wollam (drums), Doug Petty (piano/keys/& more) and Carina Round (vocals) help make Tears for Fears who they are today. Recent news on these amazing members is below.


  • Curt Smith will be in the new Psych3 movie with the original cast – movie streams on Peacock 18 November, 2021
  • Pascal Orzabal continues to release new music under the project Quarterboy – total of 4 singles have been released.
  • Libre Stone with Captain Julian Orzabal and Dion Smith released the band’s second album – it was a collab featuring Jamie Wollam and members of Tears for Fears
  • Diva Smith released the song ‘Bet’ and noted she will likely release an album.
  • Doug Petty (keyboardist) will be teaching at University

22 Feb: Pascal Orzabal – Roland’s second son released new music under his project titled “Quarterboy”

14 Feb: BBC released a documentary via their Classic Albums series and it was all about Tears for Fears

20 Jan: Fellow fan and industry writer, Paul Halpern, interviews Curt and it was eye opening – filled with insight.

The band did one show stateside and the rest were in Europe this year. With that said they did a lot of travelling for better or worse. This article written by Tears for Fears member Charlton Pettus (we call him Reverend Pettus because we overheard a band convo that said he was ordained so…). It is an eye opening account of the tour life they experienced. It is as beautiful as it is worrying and we hope they take 2020 off…no joke. It’s time regroup and reconsider how to tour without the aches and pains. There has got to be a better way.

Tears for Fears on Tour _ the NYC article

In addition, Raoul, Roland’s oldest son won a lovely art competition and has been sharing his amazing work with everyone on his Instagram feed.

Our fellow intellectual, Mr. Paul Halpern interviewed Good Man Curt. We learned so much in this insightful inquiry including some thoughts Curt was having. Scared the fuck out of some of us but still we learned something and again, we feel the band should take some time off and just relax. We’re not going anywhere. So we’re happy to see them in 2021. Enjoy this read – Click HERE



Charlton wrote a book called Exit Strategy – it’s intriguing and suspenseful. We, the travel fans, began a book club where we devoured it from start to finish. Feel free to share your thoughts on our travel fan page. We’re always up for reading.

Carina Round recently had a beautiful baby girl. We wish she and her family well.

The Beloved Alumni & Contributors

Many awesome musicians performed with the band or have been featured on various tracks. Here are a few and links where you can connect and follow them today.

David Moyer (2014 – The Wiltern – Working Hour – he’s now part of the amazing jazz duo, DD Horns)
Gail Ann Dorsey
Many Elias
Nicky Holland
Oleta Adams
William Gregory
Alan Griffiths
Tim Palmer
Guy Pratt
Manu Katche
John Baker
Julian Orzabal “Captain” – also check out Julian’s children’s books – The Wonky Woo Series
Bob Ludwig
Mark O’Donoughue
Howard Jones
David Austen

The Long Time Fans

There’s a lot of us and for the most part, many of us keep in touch and travel to shows together…hence the term travel fans  (or as Curt & Charlton kindly call us ‘Kooks’ after a funny travel moment in 2011 and Curt’s record company). We go to as many performances and appearances as possible and have been doing so since the 80s. This site is dedicated to travel fan info and helping each other stay in touch and get to shows safely. We’re grateful that the band has been so kind to let us spend time with them and their families when their schedules permit – oftentimes squeezing in a moment for a hug or picture and we appreciate it. We live for their art! It keeps us alive and well. For us, the good life = Tears for Fears!


Big shoutout to all those who travel near and far, to show after show basking in the phenomenal music of Tears for Fears. We trust going forward we’ll be able to show more support to the alumni as well.

We’re glad the band approves! 🙂