Tears for Fears -Travel Fan Info – Count Basie Theatre – New Jersey

This is where the magic starts to happen, the lights lower and your soul soars...Tears for Fears are approaching the stage!
This is where the magic starts to happen, the lights lower and your soul soars…Tears for Fears are approaching the stage!
Annnnd here we go!! One more for today! Feels good to get this info out into the public. It’s tough as nails to get a little birdie in your ear and have to hold still until the band or venue releases it! LOL! So, there will be two shows in New Jersey and this is the second one. Tears for Fears will perform at Count Basie Theatre on Wednesday the 30th of September. Tickets start at $45 and go up to about $139 (not including fees, etc.) Tickets will go on sale at noon this Friday for the general public. If you’re a theatre member you may get a presale code of some sort via email. Call the theatre to check the exact member privilege offered. Now, tickets will also go on sale for the other two shows this Friday. So stay organised and make sure you’re not double buying from the same venue. Buy in order of show if you plan to go to all of them.

Venue Address: 99 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Accmmodations: The theatre’s preferred list includes two of our favourite hotels. So click here and take your pick of places nearby.

Meet & Greets – this is not a third party sponsored show. Contact the venue directly to see what opportunities they offer theatre members. There are many different member tiers.

Fan Fun – There will most likely be drinks pre-show. There may be a roll call via Twitter and we’ll round up the crews and hang out a while. These meetups are usually quite fun. Just come with love and kindness for your fellow fans. Group pictures abound…arrive gussied! 🙂

We’ll update this post as show time approaches…

Tears for Fears – Travel Fan Info – New Jersey (Morristown)

Tickets actually go on sale Wednesday for Starlight Members
Tickets actually go on sale Wednesday for Starlight Members

Following the concert in Port Chester, NY, Tears for Fears will head on to Morristown New Jersey to perform at the Mayo Performing Arts Centre. Tickets for this show go on sale the 29th of July – This Wednesday! – for Starlight Members of the Theatre. Tickets range from $79 to $150… This is a show with seats, not general admission. If you’re looking to get up close you’ll want a Golden Circle seat which are the first 4 rows in front of the stage.

Venue Address: 100 South St, Morristown, NJ 07960
*There is onsite parking. You can pre-pay for your parking and skip the line if you wish. Read more by clicking here.
Accommodations: We suggest using the hotels that the venue suggests such as The Hyatt Morristown as these are on our Travel Fan preferred list as well.

Fan Fun: This show is right on the heels of another so right now the only thing planned prior the show is sleeping off the drive and early morning flights before the show. We will most likely go out to dinner and drinks afterwards but remember we have to be up in the morning for the next destination… Though none of us really sleep during these tours. The excitement is insane.

Again, review these ticket tiers…
Starlight can buy on 29 July (Wednesday)
Members and Subscribers 30 July (Thursday)
Update: *Tears for Fears Travel fans, contact us on FB re: tickets to sit together.
General Public 31 July (Friday)
*The box office opens at 10am ET in the summer…so call at that time perhaps if you have any questions.

Meet and Greets – This is not a third party show. Contact the venue directly for any offers they may be making to special members.

We’ll update this post as information becomes available!

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Tears for Fears Concert Alert – New York (Port Chester)

Courtesy TFF
Courtesy TFF and Jason Debord

Tears for Fears will perform at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York on Monday the 28th of September. This is another historic theatre about 1 hour outside of Manhattan by car or train. Tickets will go on sale this Friday the 31st of July at noon eastern time. Prices range from $65 to $125. You must be at least 18 years old to attend this show. Doors open at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm. Most likely Carina Round will open for the band.

Presale – One has not been mentioned.

Venue Address: 149 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573
Suggested Hotels: Doral Arrowood Hotels closer to the area such as the Hilton were sold out due to other events happening at that time.

Meet & Greets: This is not a third party show where meet & greets are handled by a sponsor. That’s all we’ve got. Most likely we’ll arrive a day in advance, have dinner and hang out like we usually do. Some will be driving in from the Canada show so we’ll be waiting on them to get in and keep this fan train rolling.

As information comes in we’ll update this post so be sure to subscribe and follow us on Twitter (@papasfans) for “fan travel” info and shenanigans.

Get Ready for a Good Time!

Tears for Fears – Absolutely Awesome in Albuquerque! June 2015

Albuquerque Sky
Albuquerque Sky

As we get ready to move into another set of Tears for Fears shows in the coming cooler months, we’re reflecting on the excitement that took place a little more than a month ago. Big thanks to our dear pal Pennie for sharing her experience!

Living in a destination city, I have been fortunate to have seen Tears for Fears locally. In the last year I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a couple of shows out of state. I decided on Albuquerque/Sandia Resort because the show was at an amphitheater which had wonderful reviews, and this would be my first show experience at an amphitheater.

I arrived mid-morning. The grounds of this resort are quite remarkable, with a beautiful golf course that seemed to be more enhanced by the stunning Sandia Mountains in the distance. In the lobby of the hotel I was greeted by a large TV screen displaying the announcement of the TFF show! I was obviously in the right place!

Show Time!
We arrived at our seats just as Tears for Fears was taking the stage. We found that people were sitting in our seats. An honest mistake, I’m sure. Luckily, an usher helped get them to their correct seat. It was near dusk with a slight breeze, and slowly the stage lighting became more colorful. The set list was very similar to previous shows on the tour. Some of my high points:

-The wonderful guitar rift on EWTRW makes me feel like I’m floating.
-I LOVE the new techno intro for Pale Shelter.
-Break it Down Again (video below)- Roland was doing his best to keep the crowd involved, encouraging everyone to get their arm up and swing it side to side. We had a pretty responsive audience.
-Memories Fade- This song is quite emotional for me. I never get tired hearing TFF play this song.
-Creep… we all know how we feel about Creep!!

I took an audio recording of Head Over Heels. I always do when my daughter isn’t with me. It’s one of her favorite TFF songs and I love to share the moment with her.

Later in the show, the wind picked up quite a bit and was blowing from all different directions. The band had a heck of a time keeping their hair from blowing across their faces… some more so than others. Roland stated joking with Curt about his hair which made the crowd laugh.

Technical difficulties always seem to turn into an amazing, impromptu masterpiece of winging it. At the beginning of Woman in Chains, I think the wind knocked one of Jamie’s drum sticks from his hand because everything stopped while someone brought him another drum stick. The wind continued to blow and I was becoming a bit nervous about the overhead speakers and lighting which were swinging back and forth over the stage. I had to tell myself to “Focus on the music Pennie.”

During the show I noticed a guy running up and down the steps several times who would turn his ear to the stage and listen as he reached a seat below us. I ran into him after the show and asked if he was working the boards because I kept seeing him running up and back? He said “Yes, how did it sound?” You could tell he was genuinely interested in my opinion. I told him it was absolutely wonderful.

I come away from this show knowing that Tears for Fears genuinely cares about their fans. We are truly fortunate to have Tears for Fears touring again!

Looking forward to the next adventure!

TFF Travel Fan Pennie K.

Fan Videos from Albuquerque:

Very energetic version of BIDA from Karla Kristina on YouTube

Johan Malone shared a great video of Shout on YouTube

Tears For Fears’ Chandler Show – Wild Horse Pass Resort & Casino – 19 June, 2015

Lael has travelled and met up with the Travel Fan Team for several shows. This year she headed off to the Wild Horse Pass Resort and Casino with SnapHappy Pam, another long time travel fan, for the Arizona stop on the tour. Here’s her experience…

Pam and Lael
Lael and Pam… long time travel fans… 🙂

I connected up with SnapHappy Pam, who takes great pictures and videos of bands, for the TFF show in Chandler, Arizona. She was gracious enough to pick me up at Sky Harbor International Airport. I was highly concerned about the heat that day, as it was expected to get up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit!!

Pam and I also had our work cut out for us, as we needed to find a birthday card for Curt Smith, and gifts for both Curt and Roland Orzabal. We found some nice gifts at the Arizona Mills Shopping Center, but we were still on the search for an appropriate card for Curt. Pam decided to stay in the car as I went to find a card, stating that she “trusted my judgment”. No pressure, right?!! Well, I finally found a card, and after a little issue with gift bags, we were on the way to the hotel.

After checking in at the hotel and getting ready for the concert, we made it to the venue about 5:30 p.m. It took us a little time to actually wind our way back to the Ovations Showroom. The actual theater is adorned with beautiful ornate glass door panes. We looked into the doors of the venue, and guess who we saw on stage? Roland Orzabal was working on his pedal settings while tour and venue management looked on from the back of the venue. We peered closer, and Pam pointed out Curt Smith to me; he was also monitoring the sound check at the back of venue. After a couple of minutes of viewing the sound check, and talking to other fans that were now congregating outside the venue, we went on our way to find something to eat before the show, and to try to find the band’s tour bus.

Pam held our place at the lounge, while I ventured out to locate the tour bus in heat that made me feel like I must be searing my eyeballs. I found the bus after a several minute walk, and it didn’t appear there was anyone on it at the time, or maybe the crew were all sleeping? Being as discrete and respectful as possible, I quietly made my way back to the lounge.

As I still was on the search for some decent food, I was starting to feel faint at this point. I discovered that the lounge located in front of the theater didn’t serve any food, so I needed to find the take-out line for the restaurant. At this point, I was in a maze of a daze; it was very easy to get lost in this casino, because there are many interweaving lounges and restaurants, even though it’s actually a rather small complex. After finding where the casino had take-out food, and then after a decent time in line, I was finally able to place my order for a spinach salad, but was told it would take twenty minutes for my order to be ready.

Wild Horse…

Now I realized we needed to get the gifts back to the boys, as time was running short!! I was finally able to get in touch with the venue’s entertainment manager, Jason, on a tip from Andye, and he was gracious enough to run our gifts back to Curt and Roland. Meanwhile, Pam was having fun taking pictures of the beautiful artwork and ornate lighting fixtures all around the interior of the casino.

The doors opened promptly at 7:00 pm, and we were told by the ushers that we could go back and forth to get food and drinks, which I thought was so GREAT, as I still hadn’t picked up my food order.

It was now only half an hour before show time, and I was HUNGRY. Pam was smart and had grabbed something more substantial to eat while at Arizona Mills, while I was sustaining myself on the banana I’d had for a snack hours ago. I finally retrieved my salad and then preceded upstairs, as my seat was in the balcony, while Pam’s seat was downstairs. This turned out to be a pretty ideal situation, as I loved the view up top, while Pam liked the feeling of solid ground underneath her, and it gave her a great vantage point to take her wonderful pictures and videos.

TFF Chaz 2 The Show
When I got upstairs, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a lounge up there with a beautiful view of the surrounding desert. I delved into my salad and discovered it had an eye-popping freshness with its delicate greens, sweet strawberries, and juicy pieces of chicken. While I savored the fresh cracked pepper that lingered on my tongue, I marveled at this amazing venue, the circumstances of how I got here, and the show I was about to see. I got to my seat in the very last row of the balcony and took in the view—it reminded me of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in the L.A. Music Center—and I felt as if I were floating over the stage.

Carina Round took the stage to a house that was still only over half full. Her beautiful, soulful, and rustic-tinged voice filled up the hall while people were still talking over her—argh, grumble, grumble! I was singing along with her when I realized most of the people around me didn’t know the lyrics to her songs, which made me kind of feel out of place. I went to the restroom and her voice and guitar filled up the ladies room as well. Carina’s set included a newly added song called “Backseat”. Curt Smith’s ethereal voice could be heard offstage, and then he came on stage to sing the last stanza of the song with her.

During the fifteen minute break, I went downstairs via the elevator to see if I could chat with Pam for a moment. (I think it’s marvelous that security let us go up and downstairs, allowed me to bring my almost empty gift bag with me into the theater, and surprisingly didn’t check our bags either.) I wasn’t able to locate Pam, so the security guard started to give me a hard time about being down there; he gently reminded me how much time I had left before I headed back upstairs.

Tears For Fears opened the show with Lorde’s version of EWTRTW before coming on stage, which created a heightened space for the show. It’s beyond comprehension that while this was the fifth time I’ve seen TFF perform, I felt as if I were hearing them for the first time. They sounded so tight, the separation between the parts was incredible, and it never ceases to amaze me how they stay true to the original recordings of their songs, while imparting a new energy each time they tour.

Since I was ‘hovering’ over the stage, I had a great vantage point where I could see all of the fingerings and chords for both Curt and Roland. I also saw exactly what Jamie Wollam was doing, except for his pedals, which I could hear quite well. I was standing up, singing, and dancing to all their songs. I couldn’t help thinking: unless one is not physically able, how can one NOT dance to Tears For Fear’s music? It is dance music, correct? I was trying very hard not to annoy my fellow concert goers, while cheering, screaming operatically, and waving to both Curt and Roland. It was pretty hilarious, if you ask me!

There were only a few downsides of this show from my seat in the house: the mix was heavy on the bass and drums, people talked during the entire show, and the bar ought to have cut people off earlier, as there were some pretty drunk fans by the end of the concert.

Reflections on the Show
It seemed to me that Jamie Wollam was putting on a drum clinic, and Roland was giving a master class on opera singing at times. With Curt’s beautiful vocals and precise bass playing, Charlton Petuss’s sweet lead guitar, and Doug Petty’s wizardry on the keys, anyone that sees Tears For Fears perform live is in for a real treat.

CurtAZ1Highlights of the show included, “Sowing the Seeds of Love” which sounded very fresh and tight to me, “Change”, showcasing their consummate technique, and when Roland’s voice opened up on that last line of “Creep”. I found myself thinking, ‘Why is this dude NOT singing opera—seriously—as he definitely has the vocal chops for it?!” The definitive highlight of the show was Roland recognizing me, making eye contact, and then flashing me the greatest smile. As Roland sang the line, “I hope we live to tell the tale” in the encore, “Shout”, I realized why I was meant to be there…I also had finally “lived to tell the tale”.

Thank you, Lael! Very sweet of you and Pam to share great photos and highlights from the Arizona show. See you next time! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Lael & AA

*videos and pictures by SnapHappy Pam

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Superfan Thank Yous – Carolyn Reflects on the Tears for Fears Summer 2015 Tour Travel

Carolyn describes the fun she had with the travel fans during the Tears for Fears 2015 Summer tour…

Both Curt and Roland signed this cool Tears for Fears coffee mug for Lady Carolyn...
Both Curt and Roland signed this cool Tears for Fears coffee mug for Lady Carolyn…

I cannot begin to describe my wonderous vacation this year, seeing 2 Tears For Fears concerts back to back with my fellow Tears For Fears Fan Travel Team members, Andye, Carri, Bobby, Roland (Bobby’s son, not the Good Sir), and Ryan. First things first, the Kansas City show at the Uptown Theatre was sold out and I’m SO proud of my KC peeps for recognizing that ROCS royalty was blessing our fair city. This show was the BEST I have ever seen! The Uptown is a beautiful venue, the acoustics were amazing, the crowd was very appreciative and on their feet for the entire concert, Roland was very animated…smiling a lot and interacting with the crowd, and most important, the band performed perfectly. It all meshed together and emitted an energy that caused me to burst out into tears more times than I can remember.

My TFF Fan Travel Team peeps, I love you all!!!! Andye, our leader….we would all probably look and act like those screaming, crazed Beatles fans from the 60’s if it wasn’t for your calm, cool leadership skills and voice of reason. Andye is an experienced traveler and is a joy to be on the road with. She enhances the TFF experience in a multitude of ways that I can’t even begin to describe. Much respect, Andye. Thank you!!!! Travel Fans at Breakfast/Brunch Post Show

Carri….nobody needs to worry about not knowing about any potential weather issues that may crop up during these concerts with the Silver Kitty around. I felt safe knowing we would be the first to be able to take cover quickly. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her love and respect for CS is so palpable you feel you can touch it. She is so much fun and simply a joy to be around. Carri, Thank you!!!!

Bobby….some people may not know that he is a LEO (Bobby, I’m sorry if you don’t want that out there). He was able to constantly watch our surroundings for hazards and potential problems on this trip, and did it so discreetly….all while having a fun time. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like road trips and that I especially HATE highways. But with Bobby behind the wheel, I felt safe, and due to his excellent driving skills, I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery and company. Bobby, Thank you!!!! TFF Travel Fans Listening to

“Listen” and headed to Tulsa

This isn't her first rodeo, Carolyn has been a long time fan...here's her Travel fan Tshirt from 2014
This isn’t her first rodeo, Carolyn has been a long time fan…here’s her Travel fan Tshirt from 2014

Roland….I had never met Bobby’s son before and I’m so glad he went. He is a very attractive man (what is it about that name?), and lot’s of fun to be around. Plus he’s a funny guy. I must admit that whenever anyone said his name, I always had a split second moment of confusion and would glance around, expecting to see The Good Sir Orzabal, even in the car. Roland, Thank you!!!!

Ryan….he had never been to a TFF concert. But I used to work with him and he was the only person at work who never made fun of my love for this band and their music. Ryan would stop by my desk to look at the various TFF items on display and never laughed. It was a real treat to stand beside him at the Uptown at his first TFF concert and see the wonder in his eyes. He seemed to really like my TFF friends and they liked him. Ryan was very helpful showing everyone some of the highlights of Kansas City. Ryan, Thank you!!!!

All in all, this has been the best vacation of my life!!!!

Travel Fans Hanging out at the Tulsa show venue...
Travel Fans Hanging out at the Tulsa show venue… (perfect symbols in the back – The Good Man would approve)