Spiritual Experiences with Tears for Fears

Dedicated to all the spiritually focused fans of the band. You are seen and you are heard. This is also dedicated to Jack and Dawn Curry who have been absolutely angelic to so many fans, not only helping them get to shows but being best friends. Since day one, they have been helping everyone get through the hard times in life. We love them both, wherever they are!

Authored by the Moderator:

Spiritual experiences have been so prominent throughout my years of following Tears for Fears – so much so, it’s difficult to remain silent and not discuss it. I understand that some people want nothing to do with religion, prayers or the idea of a Higher Power. I respect that. But I also lean in when I hear other fans discuss the spiritual experiences they have had with Tears for Fears’ music. Note that I will use the term “G-d” in this post. There will be a definition guide and or reference below to help out with terminology used for this specific type of conversation.

What is a spiritual experience in music?

In 2019, a publication quoted a fan after the Tears for Fears performance at the Shaky Knees festival. The fan said, “I don’t know if that was Tears for Fears or G-d that I just saw.” Many comments similar to this surfaced and I certainly noticed it because I have felt that way for years. Not long after that show, Oleta Adams was in town with her band. I was quite certain that an angel or some spiritual being was going to show up in the middle of her performance. There was just something so powerful about that show – it didn’t feel earthly – instead otherworldly and heavenly for lack of a better term. We were packed in like sardines at City Winery for the event and despite the slight discomfort, it was such a glorious feeling that the entire crowd was swaying and crying like one might see in a genuine praise and worship service at a prayer centre, church or so. But why? What is the explanation behind the magnetic pull toward the band’s music and that of Oleta Adams? I have been trying to understand the euphoria and elevated feelings. It’s as if one’s soul is being lifted up out of one’s body, suspended in blissful space as each song plays. I’ve noticed this since childhood – and even more so in adulthood after attending their live shows annually. There’s no solid answer. Many of us have just come to the conclusion that they are “anointed” and this is the Tears for Fears experience.

Has Tears for Fears’ “energy” always been this way?

In my opinion, yes. I also learned that for many who encountered their music in the 80s and for some who learned about them in the 90s, the answer is the same. There has always been a glorious, magnetic and spiritual pull. Their shows are indescribable life events. Each person I’ve spoken to has been able to recount where they were and exactly what was going on at the time they heard Tears for Fears for the first time. Overall, 90% of those encounters were during some seriously difficult, and in some cases, life threatening times.

I first heard Tears for Fears with a Judeo-Christian Church

As I look back over my toddlerhood, the point in my life when I first heard the band was coincidentally in a Judeo-Christian church daycare van on the way to school. I was having a bad day at the young age of 6 because I was aware that my family was going through some seriously hard times. I was wearing a navy English pea coat that I hated and wondering when things would improve for my parents. I remember the church van pulled out of the parking lot and stopped at a red light that was on the hill just outside the church doors. The light was always long and we often had to wait two or three light cycles to get to the main thoroughfare – therefore one might hear an entire song play by the time we got on the actual road. I remember ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ being on the radio as we waited entry to the main road. It had to have been late March because I was shocked that the weather was still so cold that it prompted my parents to force me to wear that hideous coat. I wanted to be like my American friends and wear bright neon jackets. But I came from a religious, conservative international community and our style was different. We were different and while I embrace my differences now, being different added to the stress of the time. But something changed as that song played in the church van. My legs were dangling off the seat and I was grooving along to this new sound on the radio that felt overwhelmingly comforting. At that moment, I suddenly felt grateful for that warm coat, felt a twinge of hope for my family and also the need to be patient as a better life for us unfolded. I became quite attached to what soon became the only secular music allowed in my religious environment. The spiritual seeds were officially sewn.

I have no idea if this is an actual church, but this is one of the many ways I was introduced to Tears for Fears as a child. It was in settings like this where music, that I guess the leadership felt was suitable, was shared with us in the praise service portion before the weekly teachings.

As a kid not even in double digits yet, I had no idea who Tears for Fears were (e.g. names, where they came from, etc.) but whenever I heard their voices or if their video was featured on one of those 80s compilation commercials, I would run to the TV and sing along (never did get the words right – “everybody wants to rock around…” that’s not right). I would touch the screen as Curt sang. I would touch the other side and put my hand on Roland’s head as he sang ‘Shout.’ I was so drawn to them. They were the sound of hope, of patience, of kindness…important parts of the fruits of the spirit as noted in religious texts. Then one fine day in school I looked in the back of the music history book and there they were! My teacher played Head Over Heels and I started screaming, “That’s the band! That’s them!! I’ve been trying to find them. You don’t understand! I need this music right now!” My mum allowed me to stay late at school so my teacher could get copies of the music for me. I learned their names and used my allowance to buy all their cassettes and Cds. The years that followed were filled with serendipity as their music would always come on randomly when I was about to make a big decision in life. I remember going to the salon and taking Roland’s RATKOS picture with me for my first real hair cut and dye job, “Can you make my hair like this? Blue black…also I’ve never dyed my hair before. Do you think it will work?” I asked. Break It Down Again suddenly came on the loud speaker. I freaked out. Thankfully the man helping me with my hair was also a fan and sang along. Then he sang ‘Shout.’ There was also the time I was finishing up a junior media internship in Atlanta and the organisers of the educational program took us to Fox Theatre where Tears for Fears was said to have performed (they made it seem as if the band was there all the time). As we left, Everybody Wants to Rule the World came on someone’s cd radio. Ended up getting the media job fulltime some years later as a recent college grad and Everybody Want to Rule the World came on AGAIN, this time on the loud speaker of the atrium on my first full day of employment. I remember pausing and giving thanks – the very place I stood I would later meet a wonderful musician named Michael Roland Magno who was also a huge fan of the band. He and his beautiful wife, Meg, were with me at the 2017 show. It felt like Tears for Fears’ music was being used to comfort me throughout life.

Tears for Fears’ Music in the Synagogue

More recently, after numerous shows and events with the band and their family members in 2010 to 2012, I came back to Atlanta from Los Angeles and Vegas, feeling especially grateful and desiring to show my gratitude to G-d. I decided I would rededicate myself to my Jewish faith. I grew up within a Jewish, Christian and Islamic spiritual structure so I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this properly or if I should do it at all. Would it even matter? Well within the first week of Jan 2013, a brand new friend of mine of the same name who was not aware of my serious love for the band randomly said, “Come on, we’re going to *Shabbat. My synagogue is hosting a *Shabbat Shira. You should attend.” I was nervous for so many reasons. We walked into the synagogue that Friday night and the end of Mad World was playing… I was like, “You have got to be kidding me! You’re playing Tears for Fears!”

Congregation Bet Haverim later recorded this video in 2020. It’s their version of Mad World that they first sang in 2013.

I had never met these people before. I had not attended Synagogue anywhere in Atlanta and they didn’t know a “Tears for Fears fan” was coming. After the initial prayers, the team went immediately into a theatrical reenactment of the parting of the Red Sea and what song led them out as Pharaoh came after the Hebrews? Yep, Mad World! A guy lept to the microphone and started singing with passion and intention, “All around are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces…” Soon the entire music team was joining in and the musicians were full on with the drums as the congregation sang and swayed along (they did the original version, not Gary Jules.’) There I was, crying profusely on the 3rd row, shaking and feeling like I had received the biggest sign of my life. I wanted to scream, “I hear You G-d! I hear You!!!” I knew right then that I was headed in the best direction for my life. Returning to my Jewish spiritual roots was the right thing for me to do.

Fast forward to 2022, the High Holidays in my faith are in full swing. It’s the night before Yom Kippur, the most important night on the Jewish calendar and I’ve just sprained my arm from stress because I was in a tizzy trying to prepare for this 25 hour (yes, 25) fasting day where we have no food and no water. I had to break my fast this year to take medicine (which is allowed) because I was in so much pain I couldn’t do basic life functions. I’m also still recovering from some serious thyroid issues. Sipping that water and throwing down those pills, I felt like a failure. I began to question why I was even doing this and thought to leave the faith because I felt like I couldn’t follow through with anything. The year before I somehow forgot to take the day off work and found myself answering work email between prayers. Now, this year, I couldn’t even fast properly. I felt defeated, unorganised and ready to quit. I went to bed nearly in tears.

The next morning, I wake up and see Curt retweeted the video of the IKAR_LA featuring Hazan Hillel Tigay (of MOT) leading the congregation through the final hours of Yom Kippur with Mad World! There it was. There was the sign! I knew there was hope. I screamed, “I hear You G-d!” It’s so wild because just a few days before – during Rosh Hashanah – I had this vision of Roland and Curt holding a Shabbat service before a concert. I saw Curt in a *Tallit and wearing *tzitzit. I’m by no means trying to convert them to Judaism or pray them into any type of belief. But it was a vision of peace and the band sharing peaceful prayers with others…and then this happened!

So, what was it that we were looking at in the video? What is Yom Kippur?

In my faith, it is best that a spiritual leader explain everything. I don’t believe I’m ordained or anointed to explain what was happening in the video. But I will speak to it from my own personal experience in the faith (in a very elementary fashion). Every year around this time, September/October, we have the High Holidays. It begins with *Rosh Hashanah. Everyone wears white. White represents atonement, forgiveness, introspection and shedding away of bad habits and willful wrong doings as well as asking for forgiveness for things we don’t even know we did wrong but have hurt others. The white “hats” are kippahs or yarmulke and are worn by men. Women also can wear this and sometimes you’ll see a white lace fabric on women’s heads. In my faith and culture (I’m Nigerian), we cover our whole heads with a scarf. Not everyone does this and not every Nigerian is a Jew. In fact, most are Christian or Muslim. But Nigerian Jews do exist. There’s also a longer shawl called a Tallit. One will often see it worn around the shoulders. During Yom Kippur I’ve always noticed that most of the leadership and Rabbis will wear white ones. The rest of the year, the tallit that is worn is often white and blue. There’s a lot more to it and we can discuss that one day. During the ceremony of Rosh Hashanah there are many additional prayers that are read aloud – usually in a fashion that sounds like singing. There’s a reason for this and we can discuss it “offline” as one might say. All of our holidays begin at sundown and conclude at sundown the following evening. In this case, it was Yom Kippur which occurs 10 days after Rosh Hashanah first begins. As mentioned, it is the day we do not have food or water and use that time to pray, introspect and more. You may have noticed that one of the members of the congregation was touching his fist to his chest. This is part of the repentance – one gently beats the chest for each transgression listed. Learn more about that practice here.

In nearly all ceremonies, you will see a cantor, or someone singing and leading the prayers as well as the Rabbi. I’m not a member of the IKAR-LA congregation so I do not know who the cantor is but I believe that Hillel Tigay is the director of music there. What a fine and divine moment he led. I’m still saying Baruch HaShem every time I think about it! I do suggest you follow his work and music no matter what faith or religion you claim.

I’m not certain at what part in the Yom Kippur ceremony the congregation was on in this video. So I can’t really say more on this but as mentioned, Mad World was used in 2013 by Congregation Bet Haverim in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Shabbat Shira. The band’s lyrics express the deep heart and soul of man’s “good” conscious in so much of their work. In my faith, we are taught to examine and question…get to the heart of matters and not follow blindly. Every Rabbi that I follow spends exponential time reading, studying and seeking guidance. The ones I know in Atlanta are also Tears for Fears fans. Rabbi Ryan Lambert even came to the June show. If I hear any of Tears for Fears’ music again in a synagogue or learn that other faiths use it, it would make sense to me. I find it absolutely fitting and appropriate. I’m thrilled that people can be enlightened by their music and find it essential or useful during spiritual moments of reflection. It’s important that we not rely on what we see on television as our only image or knowledge of faith. Just like we wouldn’t stereotype a person, we should not stereotype religions and expect media versions of them for ourselves. From Agnostics and Atheist to Zoroastrian beliefs, there is something one can learn. A lot of religion is not what we’ve been brainwashed to believe.

In 2019, about two months before Tears for Fears returned to Atlanta, I adopted an atheist way of life and thinking. I was angry about things in the world and felt, there’s no way there’s a Higher Power. I was done with all of this. I stopped praying altogether and whenever someone brought up prayer and seeking guidance, I rolled my eyes and rejected their comments. I went to the Tears for Fears show later on in May of that year with the same attitude. The day after the show, I experienced a supernatural event. The band was still in town and I remember one of their family members was nearby. Not wishing to appear as if I was “hanging around too closely,” I went back to my hotel room and took a phone call from the UK and…well, I won’t go into detail about it but it was revealed to me that I was wrong about my atheist beliefs. All kinds of things began to happen – revelations of all sorts began to take place. I learned that there is more beyond this life…a lot more. While I no longer agree with agnostics and their beliefs, I don’t think I could ever make an assumption about them or write them off. They are also on this journey of understanding. I hope that in seeing this peaceful ceremony of Yom Kippur that others will feel encouraged to read and understand faith. Do not let “man” or media make you decide what faith is…seek, for yourself, clarity and understanding for everything. Reach out, read and learn for yourself.

Throughout my time as a fan, I’ve witnessed and experienced really loud supernatural type things that have occurred in conjunction with the band’s music – especially during tours. Some are things that I’m not ready to share. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m not sure how to even discuss it. It already took me this long to discuss this. All the visitations and heavenly type encounters were peaceful experiences and loud confirmations filled with comfort. I met a lot of fans on tour who reported similar coincidences and noticed that the band’s music miraculously plays just as they are dealing with a life crisis or in the middle of making huge life changing decisions. Of course, we know Roland and Curt have nothing to do w/it. They aren’t sitting in their homes or on the tour bus with crystal balls looking at us then pressing play supernaturally on a stereo or radio station’s equipment. But are our guides and guardian angels leading us to these spaces to be there at just the right time? Who decided that a random January after the tour I would find myself in a synagogue crying with joy as people danced and praised G-d using Tears for Fears music? I don’t know but I look forward to continuing the connection to fans who are also finding spiritual solace in the band’s music.

Shavua Tov/Have a great week ahead! To the members of congregation IKAR-LA, Chag Semeach! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy to continue the conversation and perhaps gather for Shabbat or Jummah prayer with many of our fellow spiritual fans.

-Andye, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Moderator

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Terminology – these are not complete definitions. Please consult with a Rabbi or Chabad to get the full definitions and explanations of these terms and why they are important.

G-d – in my faith we do not write the name of our Higher Power with vowels. YHWH or G-d is the highest term used.

Anointed – blessed by a supernatural power or Higher Power with a gift to help heal.

Shabbat – a time of rest as noted in the Torah (holy book for Jews). It occurs on Friday evening at sundown and concludes on Saturday evening at sundown. Torah observant people of the faith will attend prayer ceremonies filled with gratitude and ancient recitations in a Synagogue.

Shabbat Shira – a Shabbat service including music and singing.

Yom Kippur – 25 hour fast in the Jewish faith – a time of repentance and reflection on one’s deeds.

Rosh Hashanah – the head of the year – a type of new year in the Jewish faith – the start of the High Holidays where Jews and Torah observant take time to get closer to the Higher Power through prayer, fasting and weeks of gratitude.

Tallit – a long body length shawl worn during services among Torah observant people and those of the Jewish faith

Tzitzit – tassels or fringe worn by Orthodox Jewish men as noted in the Torah

New Year & New Things

New Year with Shaun and Radio Bath

As some of you may remember we started off our new year with Shaun Smith, who happens to be Curt’s brother, and members of Radio Bath! It was filled with our favourite songs and lovely shoutouts from Shaun and his colleagues. We had a blast together counting down to the start of 2021. So many fans joined in with tweets and calls. Fan family joined in from New York to Napoli, Italia! We made a lot of new friends and learned a lot about each other. Because this year may also prove challenging, we’ve got fan family professionals who can help us get through it all including Paul Christino. Huge thanks to him for helping us manage those moments when we need to Shout, Shout, let it all out! The online gathering continues and we’re online weekly having fun together with the band’s family as well as fans. You can also see the most recent Q&A hosted by the Tears for Fears Fan Forum. More on the interviews and band chats a bit later in the post.

Lunar New Year with TFF – Year of the Ox

In addition to the Gregorian New Year we welcomed the Year of the Ox this month. Both Roland and Curt were born in the year of the Ox back in 1961. Those who arrived to the world under this specific symbol are known as EXTREMELY hard workers who are perfectionists at their craft. They don’t give you just anything, they give their best. Roland and Curt certainly do that! They are trustworthy and not keen on failure. They are also rather quiet but when they speak it’s well thought out and has power! We salute these strong Ox symbol musicians, our heroes. Shaun Smith also noted this on Radio Bath, so happy to celebrate all the cool new year celebrations with him!

New Year celebrations around the world come with gifts and the band released some new merch. Our fan family member Brian W. posted this from a recent buy. Be sure to stock up on what you want from the Tears for Fears merch store. The items run out rather fast. We didn’t waste any time grabbing these great hoodies and tees. They are spectacular! New Merch usually means a new album and we got that too! It’s finished! Curt confirmed it as did Roland in an interview noted below. While the Curt is eager for us to get the #FauciOuchie so we can get back to shows, from the way things are looking, there will not be anything until late 2021 or likely 2022. We trust this wait time gives us all plenty of time to prepare.

Meanwhile we’re still eMeeting and it’s quite fun. Just keep in mind that words never come across as well as they would in person. Before assuming someone’s silence, be it the band or a fellow fan, is a sign of their disdain, remember it’s just like a text. Without emojis after each sentence or the band and fans checking all platforms and phones all day, their meaning and demeanor will be missed as could the text. So give everyone time to respond or reach out to them through DMs and PMs before immediately assuming the worst. Speaking of missing, chatting about the band is fun but there are lots of people who have missed opportunities to meet-up and chat with the band. So many are shocked at how others have been able to do this. Well, the fan family has been around a long time. If you’ve been out of the loop or don’t do the notorious 365 Days a Year fan fun then you might find it hard to meet the members. The band posts events and they often get invited to a variety of stages. Most of those include opportunities for the fans to join in and fans do no matter how big or quaint the event. So be sure to check-in each day on Twitter and FB, set your notifications so that you get the notices and can be a part of online and in-person events with the band and sometimes their family.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World in Film

Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World is being featured in the film titled “Land” by Director Robin Wright. She recently spoke about it on NPR. Have a listen.

Happy Birthday Captain & Reverend!

Captain Julian Orzabal and band member Reverend Charlton had birthdays recently. Captain’s is on the 21st of Jan and Charlton’s is the 13th of Feb. Captain received some fun gifts including a delicious batch of white lightnin’ from the fan fam in the southern states. We’re glad he survived it, that stuff is wild! We celebrated Charlton’s birthday with a revisit of his book, Exit Strategy. Get your copy here.

Keeping with the theme of new things, the United States received a new President. This is big because the band does not hold back on encouraging fans to remain aware of the way politics have an impact on their lives. We’re super happy that their stance has certainly influenced others. Many members serve in their communities to help make life better for others. Nikki Merritt, a state senator for Georgia, is one of those. She introduced a bill this week that helps save people from being denied the opportunity to lease or rent in the event they have been evicted during the financial crisis that Covid19 brought on. That is extraordinary and the band would be proud to know fans like her are going far to look after their fellow man in this way.

in that same vein, Curt also shared a link to David Dinerstein’s film, The Summer of Soul. This film is from footage of an iconic music festival that took place in Harlem in 1969. The world, and in particular the United States, is faced with some really tough socio-economic truths and this film will help anyone who is confused about the plight of the stereotyped in America. It’s important to see this for many reasons, if you love Tears for Fears and understand the message of their music you’ll surely understand why this movie is important. Tears for Fears are more than a song, they have meaning, they have a cause and so do these musicians. Learn more here.

We’ve recently been graced with a number of absolutely amazing interviews. It started last year and has continued into this one including this one with Lady Nicky Holland. It’s one of many from the 80’s discography – worth a follow on Twitter. Then there was this incredible interview that was the best interview we’ve heard yet! It was a candid conversation with Roland and included some brilliant compliments and lovely words for Curt as well as a glimpse of what’s to come. It left many of us feeling very warm and comforted. Listen in here via YouTube.

TFF Tuesdays are going on into 2021 but we’re doing this with a theme on the Travel Fan Side. Stay tuned to the weekly shares and trivia. We’re chatting and talking about other fun too that we can have as we await the greenlight to go out again. Aside from an album release, what else are you looking forward to enjoying in fan land? Let us know! Let’s go! The first one of the year is hosted by the Tears for Fears Fan Forum, administered by Darren Hull. Join the fan forum and participate in the drawing to win Everybody Loves a Happy Ending memorabilia. There will also be a Seeds of Love giveaway, so keep your notifications on to learn more.

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Some Cool Stuff Featuring Curt

This post is dedicated to James Colah, who is featured next to Roland and Curt in the photo above. We’re happy to welcome him back to the world of Tears for Fears. Read more about him and his music below…you’ll want to check him out! He’s pretty cool!

Yesterday, Curt was featured on SiriusXM’s 1st Wave sharing his amazing playlist with stories and commentary. Big thanks to Richard Blade for notifying all fans about the amazing song filled weekend featuring incredible artists that we’ve loved most of our lives! Big shoutout to a fan on the Tears for Fears Fan Forum hosted by Darren Hull. That fan (we didn’t catch her name) started the conversation about it and we shared the link.

Richard Blade Curt Smith Schedule 1st Wave

Why 1st Wave/SiriusXM is Important for TFF Fans
We understand that some fans had issues accessing the spectacular. While it’s too late now to catch the live-ish set on the livestream, we want to give you information for the future. First of all, Richard Blade is the reason these great things happen. He is a well-known DJ and host of 1st Wave programming. Richard Blade was important and instrumental in featuring Tears for Fears on air since the early 80s. Please follow him, read his book and learn about his influence. We wouldn’t have the amazing bands we follow today if it weren’t for Richard Blade. He helped keep them in the public eye. He still does. Richard Blade provided the link we shared the night before the show. When you select the link, three stations appear and the first one is 1st Wave. From there, you select the 1st Wave icon and it will stream for you. If you do not have a SiriusXM account it’s free through 31 May. Curt was featured right at 12pm ET on the dot. His amazing voice soothed us through the airwaves like a peaceful stream. You can hear just a snippet of it here:

Curt took us on a journey through his childhood with stories of why these selections are important to him. There was a lot of really cool information that he shared and we’d like to hear that again. Some of the bands (and songs) on his list are below. Please note these are not all in the order as they aired:

-The Sex Pistols’  The God Save the Queen 
-The Jam Going Underground

-Madness One Step Beyond
-Adam and the Ants Ant Music
-Gary Numan’s Cars
-Blondie’s Atomic
-Peter Gabriel’s (with Kate Bush) Don’t Give Up
-David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
-Talking Heads’ I Zimbra
-Elvis Costello’s Everyday I Write the Book
-Julian Cope’s World Shut Your Mouth
-The Stranglers’ Golden Brown
and to our double delight the Mad World Duet featuring Curt and his daughter, the incredible, Diva Smith

(From Andye) I’m very sorry I couldn’t list every single song or the specific songs not listed next to the band name. I was just so into the music, only got so many of them written down.

If you missed it, Curt will be a host for Tim Burgess’ “Tim’s Twitter Listening Party” (Alison Moyet was just on) in just a few weeks – 14 June to be exact. You can find Tim on Twitter @Tim_Burgess.


Jamie Wollam has new music that he released on his recent big birthday celebration. The amazing drummer genius turned 50 years old earlier this month! Give his music a listen and let him know your thoughts.

Play Jamie’s new music here

Play Carina’s new music here

Shaun Smith (Curt’s brother) is also a musician and had a band called RAKA – they are quite a sleek and sophisticated group from the 1990s. Shaun shared it with Andye and Andye asked to post it in a few places. Shaun gave permission and the response from fans was very nice! Have a listen and spot Shaun throughout the video on guitar (e.g. 03:09-03:11).

After we all enjoyed it, Darren suggested that Shaun join the TFF Fan Discussion Forum. Andye asked him and Shaun joined within the hour. We were all ecstatic! Shaun has some great stories from as far back as the Graduate band. He also helped us out with our band fun facts (enjoy those at the end of the post).


Speaking of cool people joining the conversations, this month we are joined by James Colah, who is now in two Tears for Fears fan groups including the fan forum. James was with an opening band called The Adventures. James writes:

“I was the keyboard player in a band called, ‘The Adventures’ that opened up for TFF throughout America and Canada. It was probably the biggest tour of that year and we did around 32 shows and basically lived with TFF staying in all the same hotels.”

James was often stopped for autographs because people thought he was Roland! We can see that. He’s super nice, has a production company and is noted as the UK’s #1 indie Smooth Jazz artist! Get his music here and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

James Colah

TFF Tuesdays – the Next Level
So many have been sharing creative photos of themselves posed like members of the band – a sort of tribute photo or recreation of their album covers and iconic pictures. Tears for Fears Tuesdays featuring the t-shirts are still encouraged but if you’d like to go a bit further and recreate your favourite photo by grabbing your favourite salmon coloured polo and circle specs to salute EWTRTW that’s cool too. We’re giving away a prize (cash to use in the TFF store) to one person for their cool photo of the album or band photo of their choice. Continue tagging your photos #TFFTuesday on Facebook, Instagram and or Twitter. We’ll find you and add you to the drawing!

Pam Roden

We appreciate everyone who has helped make the quarantine bearable with your amazing weekly photos and check-ins! This was a hard time for so many and we were thankfully able to focus on the band and fun in fanland!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and stay updated on fun band and fan news! See you shortly on Tears for Fears Tuesday!

-Tears for Fears’ Travel Fan Team
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Did you know Curt’s beloved mother is in the Mad World video? May her sweet soul rest. Shaun also noted that he would have been in it as well but he was headed off to college that day. Shaun also directed the lighting for Tears for Fears’ first show at Moles. He only had one lighting rehearsal which is significant because that is super important to get correct! Way to go Shaun! We appreciate your band facts! Cheers all!

Curt Chat Revisited

Yesterday, Friday, December 8th – after what has been at least 3 years, Curt was a part of an online band chat. Partnering with Spotify, the Tears for Fears Road Team hosted the live chat (while Rule the World streamed? Several of us could hear nothing). Much like the good ol’ days when Curt would literally grab his phone, hop on Twitter and say, “I got 30 minutes. Ask me anything!” we were able to relive those fun moments with a ton of questions!

Refreshing and not filled with, “Please tell Roland, x,y,z…” people were genuinely directing questions at Curt regarding the album and quoting things he’d mentioned recently online. To read all of the cool questions and fun responses, please click here to download the transcript. Many thanks to Gwen C.. on Twitter who assisted us and others with access to the app. For those that had a little trouble, there was a note on the landing page to visit right at 11:15 and the chat page would open. The blue-black star let you see everything that Curt was saying and you could reply to him with ease.

Hope there are more in the future! Those are always a lot of fun! For old times sake, we’re posting this gem of a note from 2010 when we used to sit online and chat with Curt. Good times, good memories! EZEZEZ

Curt Chat 2010


Tears for Fears Tour 2018

New Dates – Unofficially announced – see article: https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/tears-for-fears-cancel-uk-tour-including-glasgow-show-with-new-dates-scheduled-for-2019/

Tears Updated


Some early notes for Tears for Fears Travel Fans coming in from the states…
By now, you know, you need a passport. We are recommending flying Delta or British Airways to get to the U.K. and, once there, use the series of trains and ground transportation to get to the hotel and venue. If you have questions, we’ve got of TONS of fans who are on standby willing to assist with how to get from point A to point B. For this tour, we will be choosing hotels that are a little different from our norm in order to cut down the cost (though some are far from a steal). Remember, buy your pre-sale tickets first, let everything else fall into place.

*picture: First Direct Leeds Arena concert venue seating

POSTPONED – 27 AprilFirst Direct Arena LeedsHotelTickets
We’re in for a treat, this venue was voted Best New Venue in the World 2014!

POSTPONED – 28 AprilMotorpoint Arena in Nottingham, United KingdomHotelTicketsSeating Chart

This venue offers hospitality experiences and since we have a few days between shows this is a perfect time to think about something nice prior to the concert (not after).

SEC Armadillo Seating
SEC Armadillo has a big gap between the stage and the front row but really nice! Room for dancing!

POSTPONED 30 April SEC Armadillo – Tickets – Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow Seating Chart
*Some of the Travel Fan team members have lots of friends in Glasgow and with this added show, it might be nice to just stay on a few days – if you do it’s understandable. Great opportunity to do some real meeting up and hanging out. If you can’t do the first two shows, try to do this one!

POSTPONED 2 May3 Arena Dublin Ireland – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: Hilton

Cardiff Motorpoint Arena detailed seating plan
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena detailed seating plan

POSTPONED 4 May Motorpoint Arena Cardiff – This venue is 30 minutes from the airport. Hotel suggestion is: The Big Sleep Hotel prices are as low as 57 GBP a night and this hotel just underwent a renovation.

Birmingham NIA National Indoor Arena seating plan

POSTPONED 5 MayArena Birmingham Buy Tickets – Seating Plan – Hotel: Hilton Birmingham

*You have time to relax a little for this show with that one day in between so be sure to use the suggested hotel. Save the cheap ones for the nights you’re not really staying long in that particular city. This is more about seeing the band and hanging out with fellow fans vs. site seeing for us. Now, about those untiered floor blocks…whaaat? Gracious me!

POSTPONED 7 MaySEC ArmadilloTickets – Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow
This is the original show that was planned, a new one was added above due to demand. Remember – *Don’t bring a large bag to this venue. Try to leave large purses, etc. at home for this show.


POSTPONED 8 MayEcho Arena in Liverpool – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: You’re spoiled for choice – from furnished flats that are within walking distance to one with The Beatles theme…you already know which one we’re gonna pick! You get a little time here so make it count!


10 MayThe O2 – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: Intercontinental The02
*That venue link takes you to their VIP experience. This is different from buying a premium seat VIP ticket to see TFF. Our idea of premium seating is on the stage or in front of it…preferably the aforementioned. LOL! O2’s venue option provides extra comfort around “a” show. This is a great pre-game/pre-show thought that we will explore. We certainly don’t plan to sit in their VIP suite to watch R&C on a screen. But it would be nice to do something in advance or afterwards.


POSTPONED 11 MayBournemouth BIC WindsorTicketsSeating Chart– Hotel -this hotel isn’t that close to the venue as others but it’s really nice. It’s also a bit less expensive than the closer options which include Park Central and a the Bournemouth Marriott.

VIP options – just read through them all and see if you want to do something fun pre-show. Great time to meetup with fans. Pick one, let us know which is your favourite.


POSTPONED 12 May Brighton CentreTicketsSeating Chart– Hotel
*Sometimes we say, “Hey, if you’re gonna go…go all out” and you certainly will with our hotel choice. It’s over $200 a night USD but worth it. If by this time you’re broke from buying enough merch to wear a different TFF t-shirt each day of the month there’s a Travelodge nearby as well.


Airfare hasn’t really dropped but if you book now you can save a couple of hundred dollars on Delta. If you’re in Europe already I’d say fly Air Italia or Lufthansa to all of these locations. If you’re flying Air France, let us know because we’re just curious about the service. There are also a number of trains that will help you get from point A to point B but we’re going to stick with planes because it’s just a little faster and if you miss something you can usually get the next flight to the following concert location within an hour. With shows this close together we can’t take any chances.

AFAS Live Berlin Seating

14 May AFAS Live – Netherlands
Venue Link: https://www.afaslive.nl/

Tickets: https://www.afaslive.nl/agenda/tears-for-tears

Hotel: Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Arena Boulevard $78+ USD



16 May Berlin Germany’s Tempodrom
Venue Link: https://www.tempodrom.de/en/

Tickets: https://www.tempodrom.de/en/event/tears_for_fears_2018-05-16_20/

Hotel: Crown Plaza Berlin – Potsdamer Platz

Seating Plan: https://www.tempodrom.de/en/visitor_information/seating-plan/

mehr theatre

17 May – Hamburg Germany’s Mehr! Theatre
Venue Link: http://www.mehr.de/en/venues/mehr-theater-am-grossmarkt-hamburg/mehr-theater-am-grossmarkt/

Tickets (ticket link should be live soon): http://www.mehr.de/en/venues/mehr-theater-am-grossmarkt-hamburg/program-and-tickets/#jump

Hotel: Hyperion Hamburg
Link: https://www.h-hotels.com/de/hyperion/hotels/hyperion-hotel-hamburg

le dome

18 May Paris France’s Palais des Sports (Le Dome de Paris)
Venue Link: http://www.ledomedeparis.com/

Tickets: http://www.ledomedeparis.com/events/tears-for-fears/

Hotel: Okko Hotel Paris – good price! $118 USD approx. per night

Travel Fan Contact: Patricia O. @PatricaTFF on Twitter

20 May Antwerpen Belgium’s Lotto Arena
Venue Link: http://www.lotto-arena.be/nl

Tickets: http://www.lotto-arena.be/nl/kalender/2017-2018/tears-for-fears

Hotel: Radisson Blue Antwerp

Mediolanum Forum

23 May – Milan Italy’s Mediolanum Forum
Venue: http://www.mediolanumforum.it/en/

Tickets: http://www.mediolanumforum.it/en/musicen/eve/589-tears-for-fears/gestore/83/mese/undefined/pagine/41/cateve/Musica/

Hotel: Hotel NH Milano Congress

26 May – Bath FestivalsClick here for details from venue

27 May – BBC Radio Biggest Weekend – Sunday Show – Click here for TFF Travel Fan detailsClick here for TFF Travel Fan details

What to expect next year – a good, powerful set list! We’re hoping Michael Wainwright will stick with the band as well for the majority of 2018. He is very enjoyable and friendly. He’s known to come out and speak to fans as he is a very personable person. We consider him to be a member of Tears for Fears as much as many others before him. MW of whom you may see us refer to as Nice Guy Mike (NGM) was with the band prior to Carina Round in case some of you who are just now getting back on the fan train didn’t know. He’s real cool and we’re looking forward to more. We’re also hoping Mr. Moyer gets a good spin with the band so we can enjoy his marvelous sax on The Working Hour.

Meet & Greets + Fan Conferences – no word yet…still on the EMFH RSVP for that. So we’ll see…

Stick around, more news to come in this space…

Thanks for reading,
AA, TFF Travel Fan Team Moderator

*Feature Photo Cover used with permission by Captain Julian Orzabal

Tears for Fears 26 & 27 October – London


Accommodations: The Kensington

If you were one of the fortunate ones able to snag a very difficult-to-obtain ticket for the 27 October show, you might as well go all out with a nice stay at The Kensington. This hotel is actually one of the preferred hotels of the Royal Albert Hall. Of course, if you’re local I’m sure you’re giving me the two finger salute.

Now, for those of us stateside who usually pay anywhere from $50-$275 a night for a standard to slightly upgraded room (with the exception of Vegas shows where we just pretend money is no object and go buck wild with cabanas for 3 days and parties), the Kensington is going to cost you around $400 US a night after tax. And…the room will be half the size of the swank abodes we’ve been spoiled with on tour. So, just be mentally ready for that. It’s gorgeous though. Take a look at the photos.

For those of us not going, myself included, this is like missing a Royal Wedding. The venue is unbelievable. It’s quite the answered prayer in many ways. There have been hundreds (I’m not exaggerating) of fans in the UK who have all but sold their insides begging and pleading Tears for Fears to have a show there (as if the band really has total control over that). And here it is…and damn if something funky didn’t happen the day the tickets went on sale to prevent us from going in addition to what was already a stab in the heart with short notice of ticket sales (remember when we said your 6 months of savings should also include $300 for a couple of Tears for Fears tickets? People think we’re trying to be funny – Nope, this is a prime example). Thankfully, Good Man Curt Smith – G-d love him – tweeted forward with a statement that once again proved his knowledge and sentiment to the cause of the fans. They know WE TRY hard to be at every show and that is an understatement.

Let me tell you right now… these “schemes” don’t hurt. Consider joining for future. You never know…

I have been that fan that literally flies home, goes to work and flies out that same evening JUST to see them one more time and in many cases, over and over again. It’s just THAT healing. But it’s even better when you’ve got a great venue with amazing seats and don’t have to contend with standing in queue 6-7 hours prior to the show for the dreaded Gen Am. THIS my dear fellow fans, is the show of shows to be at and I pray that something works out so that it happens again (maybe annually for a few years) so that we can all show up and show out in lovely frocks with our handkerchiefs in tow crying like a bride’s mother over these songs that have left us shook as f*ck.

Speaking of being shook, check out who is opening for the band… Freya Ridings. Check her out…powerful voice!

If by chance you just want to be in the area and hang around (there are people that do that), take British Airways or Delta. Use a car service to get you to and from London Heathrow and spoil yourself with a night at the Kensington. Then walk over to RAH and just be somewhere near without being disruptive. Just do it. Stay the weekend, leave on a Sunday. Walk around, be in the energy of historic London…just do it. If you have the resources to just get there…GO!

Are You Serious? What the hell are we gonna do?
RAH has guided tours, tea and much more. While you’re there, hire a car and go to Bath, England. Plan to stay a night there as well. Make the most of it!

FullSizeRender (2)

26 October Show with BBC2
BBC Radio 2

So, this is also happening and we’ve yet to have heard who the blessed Earls of Fortune are that got the tickets. But just “For Everyone’s I” as Curt would say, this is taking place. Bookmark it and follow it, you never know what you may see or find out on the day of the show. Gonna be pretty sweet for sure.

Meet and Greets
We get this question for every show. Unlike years past, we just don’t see these like we used to for a variety of reasons. It’s sort of an every man for himself, just ask and see what happens kind of thing. All we can say is for goodness sake, hold on to the no scream policy. Do not freak out around the band if you see them. Keep it cool. For some it’s hard because it’s literally like watching an angel manifest before you. Some may disagree but for those that “know” …you know it’s true.

Travel Fan Team on the Ground
For every show there is a loyal one who usually comes through and provides the coverage that we archive. We all pool our videos, whomever got the best one for each song is what goes online. Everyone uploads their selections to YouTube or sends us a file via email. We don’t know what will happen this time around because that ticket debacle just threw us off. We’re hoping for the best.


What to expect?
The set list we’ve been hearing and hopefully some surprises. We’re checking to see if Mr. Moyer will join because that means Working Hour gets played! Heck yes!!! We’re also hoping the “Broken” ending for HOH will be played as well. That’s one to make you faint…bring your smelling salts and look alive. We can only pray that I Love You But I’m Lost will be permitted to the public at both shows. We’ll see!


Cheers all, have a great time and stay in touch! We’ll be either within a mile of the venue being present and respectful or reachable by phone. Keep your passport card with you, keep the passport in the hotel. Trust us on that one!
-AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears – Rock in Rio

We didn’t see this show coming…it was a huge and welcomed surprise! Many thanks to Marcio Campos who got all the footage for us as he always does. We appreciate his leadership and kindness to all fans from North America, South America and beyond. Marcio, you are one of a kind! We love you and appreciate you!

The file has been shared hundreds of times from the event and you can also watch it on YouTube. We have it archived in our video files of which are available to all travel fans and friends!

Here’s one from Drummer Genius Jamie Wollam


For convenience, enjoy this YT file posted by FBrito

They had a good time 🙂

More shows to come! Tears for Fears have yet another announcement! Stay tuned!

Tears for Fears Serenade in Lovely Los Angeles

IMG_1403 Tears for Fears fun memories from tours…

TFF Merch Tulsa
Fans from around the world sporting their merch!

Big thanks to those who shared their videos. Here are some from the past two nights at the Staples Center. Many people literally changed their lives around to be present for this show. Huge thanks for going the extra mile under the circumstance. Some had to give up their tickets and others gave them to fellow fans.

We appreciate those that made those sacrifices as fellow fans. Few words can ever express the power of the fans and what they do to make things happen. What makes it even more special is that Mr. Moyer was there as well providing support on Working Hour! Hope it’s okay to mention this but he just got married to a beautiful lady named Andrea (not ours – but a different Andrea equally as awesome indeed! We’re so happy for him. Be sure to get the link to his band’s music at the bottom of this post. Now, enjoy Working Hour


Mad World

Seeds of Love

Pale Shelter

Head Over Heels


Interview with David Moyer from 2014
Double D Horns (DD Horns) Latest Album
DD Horns on Facebook

Thanks for reading! More to come!
-AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Moderator
Congrats to the Travel Fans 17 September anniversary tomorrow – many years on the road non-stop!

Almost Showtime…

Starting Wednesday night (tomorrow) teams, fellow fans and friends will head out to complete the Tears for Fears Tour 2017. All the travel information we mentioned previous still stands. Hotel suggestions near the venues in Los Angeles, San Jose and Santa Barbara remain the same. If you’re headed to Brasil for Rock in Rio, be sure to tell Marcio de Campos so that he can know you’re there.

This particular fan team does not have any meetups planned for these final five shows of the summer tour season. Several of us feel it’s good to keep a respectful distance with respect to the initial need to pause. If anyone wants to hang out and get a drink before the show, feel free to leave a note on the many fan walls including our Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team board. We’ve all tried to make it easy to connect with others following the band for these music excursions. We’re also focusing on 2018 and the new album to come at this point. Don’t forget to set aside some cash for celebrating that and following them around as future shows are planned.

Safe travels and enjoy the shows!

14 & 15 September Staples Center – Los Angeles
17 September SAP Center – San Jose
18 September Santa Barbara Bowl – Santa Barbara
22 September Rock in Rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
*Click here to see original post for accommodation info

AA – TFF Travel Fan Team Moderator

*Big thanks to those who wrote in or literally came up to us in person to send their well wishes without much knowledge of the circumstance. That’s a lot of love. From what we’ve been told, things are going to be okay. Be sure to hug each other and strive to walk in the lessons and love that you learn as fans of this band.

ReBlog – Fans Talking About Coming Album That We’ve Known About Since 2012

I’m thrilled to learn that the forthcoming Tears for Fears album has a name: THE TIPPING POINT. At the moment, the title is a tentative one, more indicative of the band’s desires and aspirations than of any confirmed realizations. It’s been, amazingly enough, thirteen years since the band’s last studio album, EVERYBODY LOVES A HAPPY […]

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