Concert Update: Tears for Fears at Bunbury

bunbury-music-festival-2013As mentioned previously on our Twitter account and the band’s, Tears for Fears will perform at Bunbury Festival this year. This takes place 3-5 June 2016, This festival is cashless. Your money is stored on a wallet wristband in order to enhance your concert experience. Pretty straight forward festival. The band will be in good company with a stellar lineup of modern musicians. They play on the Sunday the 5th of June according to the updated schedule.

Right now, single day tickets are not available. You have to buy the whole 3-day experience. VIP has not sold out. It’s $1200 and it’s worth it. Given the needs of travel fans who want to have an uber awesome time on tour this is the package you’ll want. It includes:
-Separate Entrance
-Best View of the Stage
-Private Bathrooms
-Parking for all 3 days of Festival
-Complimentary Drinks and Food (and much more)
*If you can spare it, get it.



Delta has great deals going to Ohio quite a bit. So register for their mileage program and you’ll receive weekly notices about flights. We are suggesting Delta because they are the one airline with which we’ve had the least amount of trouble. They can also help you the day of your flight via @deltaassist on Twitter. It’s a big help.

They’ve got it all taken care of…from glamping to camping. Here’s the link.

Venue Address: 705 East Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Meet & Greets and MeetUps
Fans have hinted that they want to meetup and do some fun things, gather and see other bands while there. Other fans have mentioned the festival circuit is not their thing so we “travel fans” don’t have anything planned per se. Let us know if you want to get together and do something fun during the three days. Our activities are about you and maximizing your level of fun.

Remember that the band will be back in Ohio a month later at the PromoWest Festival.

TFF Stage

-TFF Travel Fan Team

TFF 2016 Update: Chateau Ste Michelle 17 June

Tears for Fears Chateau
Photo from Chateau Ste Michelle

So, this is unconfirmed… Tears for Fears are scheduled to play at Chateau Ste. Michelle this summer for the winery’s annual concert series. This news broke in the MorningStar this week and thankfully so. Big credit to Silver Kitty and fellow travel fans in Australia for keeping us updated on this one. We placed the article and ticket info on our FB and Twitter accounts about 30 minutes after the info was published. But the band, as of today, has not announced the concert officially. But we’re going to go ahead and list it here in the blog because tickets went on sale yesterday for those with the passcode. Regular tickets went on sale today. The best way to get them is through Ticketmaster. The venue has tickets but they also go through ticketmaster. There is not special set of tickets from the venue. We do not have any specials or roll call options for this show.

Concert Venue:
It’s onsite in the Amphitheatre. This is completely outdoors. There’s seats and there’s also lawn option. You’ll want to buy a reserved ticket if there are any left. Address:

14111 NE 145th Street

Woodinville, WA 98072

Southwest and Delta are your best bets here. Preferably Delta to avoid layovers and plane changes.

We couldn’t really tell if the winery had onsite accommodations so we’re going to try something unorthodox and suggest Willows Lodge. This is also a place that serves wine. The link there in blue has packages that  may be of interest to you. Prices range and swing broadly. Discount hotel sites list $230+ – We always suggest booking through the hotel itself simply to avoid any issues. Other options: Residence Inn and Country Inn and Suites are 5 miles from the winery.

Meetups: Everybody wants to go… So, chances are there will be a little shindig of sorts. More info on that as people commit.

Just wanted to make sure this info was out. We’ll update as time goes on.


Let this be inspiration for you…plan to have a slumber party. Jen and her friends did it right. Kept with tradition!

-TFF Travel Fan Team

Concert Alert: Tears for Fears at Promo West (Ohio)

Wear it with pride! TFF Swag

Tears for Fears are listed to play Promo West summer 2016. This concert takes place in Columbus Ohio. This is separate from the Bunbury festival to take place in June. Promo West is a new festival with scheduled show dates of 15 – 17 July. The festival promises to be a big deal as the CEO of the company has a lot of experience with live music venues.The venue can hold around 60K people.

It is not clear nor confirmed exactly what day that Tears for Fears will perform but the festival has listed them in the line up which includes some of the people that were on the line up for other festivals at which they have been featured (i.e. Modest Mouse). While we usually wait for the band to announce these things, we do not want fans to miss out on ticket sales. They are on sale right now ranging from $169.00 to $389.00. Click here to buy. Note that VIP is available.

Suggested Accommodations:
A) The Westin Columbus – 310 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215 (rates start around $100 per night not including taxes, etc.)

B) Hyatt Regency 350 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215 (rates start around $109 and is our preferred hotel)

Flights: Delta has amazing deals to this area in their weekly note. Register with this airline to get the weekly deal notification. Consider flying Delta as they have plenty of seat options and have been relatively stress free minus a few gate changes and confusions that were cleared up pretty fast. Follow @DeltaAssist on Twitter and download the app for the best service. Can’t stress that enough…

No other info is available at this time (i.e. meet and greets, fan fun). Not even sure we should be releasing this unconfirmed info. The concert was announced in the early hours of the morning and relayed via travel fans in Australia. The band will confirm when they get good and ready to do so. Many thanks to C. Binyon for making sure all were aware of this update.

-TFF Travel Fan Team xxox
*pardon any typos and run-ons, we’re in a rush today…
**Bunbury Festival travel info coming up, we always attempt to put a plan together before posting (i.e. fan activities, fun stuff). Still awaiting info on who is going for sure.


Tears for Fears: Newmarket Racecourses 29 July

Most of you who are going to this show have your tickets already. Several more have confirmed they are going as well. So here are some extra details/a follow up from an earlier tweet we made about this show. This concert is to take place just shy of the Camp Bestival concert. While CB will offer a festive fun family atmosphere where it’s okay to get a little dirty, Newmarket Racecourses’ event is bursting with elegance…dress code and all. There are a ton of show packages much like CB. They boast individual and multiple ticket offerings such as:

-The Boys Party Package: Admission, Tote Voucher, Food & Drink voucher and 1 racecard
-The Girls Party Package: This one includes a bottle of champagne
-Newmarket Dining Packages: Each includes very nice dining
-Earlybird style packages: Offers tote voucher and more
*Keep in mind one of our dear fellow travel fans has a premium seat available that you can buy directly from her. She’s reliable and picky about her seats so this is a good deal. Let us know if you want it. We’ll get you in contact with her immediately.

Official Flyer for the Newmarket Nights featuring Tears for Fears

Dress Code:
Treat it like an upscale wedding. No tennis shoes, athletic team jerseys or skimpy stuff. Seriously, this is a formal event and should be respected as such. So, invest in a nice pair of shoes, a really great shirt and snazzy trousers. Those from the Loli/JFashion community going to the show, you need not worry at all. Just open your outstanding Victorian closet and style away. You’ll be the talk of the show. If you need more info on what is expected, just send us a note and we’ll send you pictures. This is an incredible opportunity to have a lot of fun with fashion. *Note that fancy dress is not allowed within the Premiere Enclosure. Call and ask about that… in fact, if you’re worried about your appearance as it relates to your seating dial 01638 675500 (option 4) to get the official coordinate/clothing rundown.

Again, we suggest British Airways as the preferred air carrier. Virgin Air is our second suggestion as well as Korean Air if you can get a flight from your area. No, it’s not the cheapest option from the states but this is a long flight so you might as well fly in style with comfortable amenities.

Ground Transportation: Get a taxi from the airport. Download the local apps (e.g. and schedule it so you’re not hanging around trying to figure out what to do.

Hotels: Stay on site (unless the Orzabal Family is having a slumber party 🙂 #ThatllBeTheDay #AndIfYouBelieveThat)
-The Jockey Club Rooms: (call for pricing)
-Bedford Lodge Hotel: (mobile friendly link)
*prices for BLH range from $400 USD to $600 USD per night or so depending on the type of room you get. It’s worth it given the amenities and proximity to the venue. It’s like staying at an English resort. If you’re going to Camp Bestival, you might want to find a room partner to decrease the cost of the “Newmarket Show stay.” USD only goes so far in the UK and prices can escalate into the thousands pretty quick if you’re not sharing travel.

TFF On Stage
Seeing TFF Live is an Experience

Getting to the Venue:
You can pre-order your ground transportation package. Note that on the concert night a train will pick everyone up at 4:15pm local time and return you 30 mins after the concert ends. Now…before you consider that, think of what you plan to do before and after the show. A lot of times fans (and sometimes the band) end up seeing each other before the show. As we know from photos and personal experience, you never know what opportunities will come about. Even if nothing is scheduled you want to be “available” for surprises so we suggest you arrange a car service or taxi from the venue to and from your hotel. The meeting point for your taxi is just outside Premier Entrance 1 when they pick you up after the show. Order your taxi in advance. Here are a few suggestions:

-Newmarket Taxi: 01638 596465
-First Choice Cars: 01638 718686
-Crystal Cars: 01638 602 602

Food: You will not starve. There’s plenty of food at the hotel plus tons at the venue. Remember the show packages through the venue will have lots of food options. Again, another awesome opportunity to have some really rich, flavourful fare. #EnglishFoodies

Meetups and Meet & Greets: We’re still gathering info on who is going to be there. If we have enough people to do a nice group photo in cool race day hats then it shall be. *We WILL NOT ask Roland or Curt (or Jamie, Charlton and other band members and road crew) to let us hang out pre or post show. All band interactions remain at their discretion. Sorry. We know some of you are travelling a very long way and spent a ton of money to make this happen but we do not manage meetings without unprompted permission from the rock royals themselves.

If you have any questions we’re available around the clock. Find us on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or leave a message for us via the blog.

*Info on Bunbury, the 3 day music festival in Ohio, is coming up…