Tears for Fears Tour 2016 Reschedule


See photos, videos and fans from the UK shows:
Newmarket Racecourses – 29 July & Camp Bestival 31 July

*The band will also appear at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on the 24th of September 2016


“At the end of the day, we’re glad the sick family member is apparently going to be okay? Kindly, the band will be able to do some shows vs. cancelling the entire tour.”
-Travel Fan Concensus

Note from Moderator: This has not been a good year for music. We lost a lot of amazing icons and many are still mourning them online and in various memorial ceremonies in fan clubs and events worldwide. I’m actually attending a Prince event with a Middle Eastern Dance community very soon. I don’t know anyone that didn’t love Prince. Our musicians are what we take with us everyday. Be it their music, souvenirs, t-shirts and so much more, they are with us in spirit. I mean who doesn’t wear their Tears for Fears t-shirt or other cool things you get from the merch table on a weekly basis? You buy two shirts so one is preserved and the other you can wear as much as you like! Their music is a big deal!

So yeah, when the band let us know someone was sick in their family a quiet chaos ensued on fan walls and Twitter. WE WERE SO WORRIED! Thankfully, many fans were very understanding vs. being upset about the festival cancellations and postponed shows. I hope you all were able to resell your festival passes so you didn’t lose the hundreds of dollars you spent on them. In some cases the costs were up to $2000 when you factored in airfare. We are aware of several that spent upwards of $4000 total on premium seats for several shows. If you’re still having trouble getting refunds from the sites you purchased the tickets let us know.

Which brings me to a very important subject…entertainment insurance. It is now necessary to protect your purchases; every aspect from the plane ticket to the concert ticket itself. While Roland and Curt are still quite young, none of us are spring chickens. We get sick and things happen. After 20+ years of following this band closely I have only seen ONE TFF tour get cancelled and it wasn’t even a full cancellation, just dates in the Southeast (Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, etc.). So there was never a need to buy ticket insurance, flight insurance, etc. We felt we didn’t need it. Times have changed. Do you know that it’s $200 to change an airline ticket without insurance on Delta? Well, I do. Because I was just demanded to pay it. Imagine having to pay $200 “flight reservation change fee” for every show you planned to attend because you didn’t buy the extra ticket insurance which is about $15- $30 per ticket. It. Adds. Up.

I, like so many, consider myself a hardcore Tears fan. I have lived in a state of “Stop, Drop Everything and Go See Tears for Fears” for the last 7 years. Because Tears for Fears are rarely in my base city Atlanta, I have travelled alongside some amazing people on the Travel Fan Team and had the time of my life EVERY time. And the band has kindly made it more than worth our (and others’) while. But understand that this is not free. The experience is priceless but it is not completely free of cost and I don’t look down on anyone who just decides not to drop everything in their life and follow this band year after year.

#ThisIsNotARant – these are facts. All of this travel costs at minimum $550 – $1500 per show. Even the cheapest hotel (of which we do not encourage) is $25 a night per person (if you are sharing a room), add in economy plane ticket of $169 minimum/$350 to go to west coast, food at $10 per day (if you eat cheap), car rental/car service/taxi/Uber, band merch and gas. That price goes up if you are disabled, need special seats because a cramped economy seat is not going to work on a 4 hour trip across the country, decide to fly in from Europe or have food allergies. You’re paying $1500 to $2000 per trip and sometimes per day. Not everyone can do that. And we as fellow travel fans understand that and do not fault anyone for saying, “No thanks. I just can’t right now.”

We understand these are the choices WE made. We skipped weddings, delayed buying important things, you name it…because we wanted to be able to go on tour at a moment’s notice without interruption. For some of us, this is our one splurge in life. As noted on many posts on this blog, tickets sales were announced merely a few days before they went on sale for about two years. 2016 was the first time in a while that we actually had a little more time to plan. Sadly, tragedy struck and we had to regroup while the band rescheduled. It was a sad situation for everyone involved.

We are now scrambling to re-arrange our flights (i.e. the $200 plane reservation change fee per city). It is not looking good for quite a few and I have read your email, tweets to me and responded. We don’t know what happened to the Iowa show, New York concert dates or the two in Oklahoma. So several of us can’t really plan anything for this tour because we don’t have enough information on the missing shows. For those who have tickets to Tulsa and Thackerville please see this response to one fan from the band’s FB account.

TFF Response

So… here (and above) are the new dates. If you can make it, GREAT! If not, WE UNDERSTAND! As CD would say, we OVERSTAND! As a part of fan duties and travel fan loyalty, we have linked each city with a post about hotels and other travel info for each show date. We still wish there was a Tears for Fears VIP option through the band itself, not these venues. That is the only way to feel secure about fair seats and tickets. But they have not established that. Feel free to reach out to us on FB, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube with your comments and thoughts. We understand our fellow fans.
February 20 iHeart Radio 80s Party -Los Angeles, CA – Concert Photos
July 29Newmarket Racecourses – UK – Concert Photos
July 31Camp Bestival – UK –Concert Photos
September 17Maryhill Winery – Goldendale, WA – Concert Photos
September 18Chateau Ste. Michelle – Woodinville, WA –Concert Photos
September 20Red Butte Garden – Salt Lake City, UT – Concert Photos
September 22Idaho Botanical Garden – Boise, ID – Concert Photos
September 23Silver Legacy Resort and Casino – Reno, NV
September 24iHeart Radio Music Festival – Las Vegas, NV
September 26Meijer Gardens – Grand Rapids, MI
September 27Murat Theatre – Indianapolis, IN
September 29Hard Rock Live – Northfield, OH
September 30The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor – Windsor, ON
October 1Casino Rama Entertainment Ctr. – Orillia, ON
October 3Red Rocks Amphitheatre– Morrison, CO
October 5Pikes Peak Center – Colorado Springs, CO
October 7Comerica Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
October 8Pechanga Resort & Casino – Temecula, CA
October 9Humphreys By the Bay – San Diego, CA

Bob and Lax

Our good friend Lax and cool musician Bob Ramos at TFF Rebank show 2015 – Amazing night!

#BuyTheTicketInsurance #BuyTheFlightInsurance
AA, Travel Fan Team Member

Another Hit for Tears for Fears at an iHeart Festival (Sept 2016)

Wow, what a show!!


One of the many things that stood out were the number of people at the event who tweeted and repeated “I had no idea they sang that song!” iHeart put a face to our legendary Rock gods for those who’ve merely been “listening” without devotion. People all over the world were watching online, listening via the iHeart app (sponsored by Tmobile and Twix) and the awestruck faces were priceless as people made the connection. Those folks were outnumbered by the numerous hardcore fans singing with passion and a sway in their step. The crowd was very mixed in age. Seemed to feature a myriad of generations from older teens to grown-ups getting into the groove. They may not have been standing for all of the stars that weekend but people stood up for Tears for Fears and they showed their respect for a few more minutes after the set was over. THAT was epic!

ROCS taking out ear tech…crowd is screaming and applauding…

There is a lot of material from that night including Instagram clips of fans recording the songs to mark the majestic fact that they witnessed it in person as well as YouTube clips that captured the evening. We were told the show will rebroadcast on CW next month. You’ll get to see all of the featured stars and of course experience the magic that is Tears for Fears. It was an excellent set! Huge salute to the fans and audience that stood up and honoured our favourite band of all time.

Photo Highlights



Mad World

Head Over Heels

Sowing the Seeds of Love



Social Highlights *Instagram

#shout #tearsforfears #iheartradio

A video posted by Lauren Snitzer (@lsnitz) on

#TEARSFORFEARS OMG I'm in heaven ❤❤❤ #80sbaby

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#tearsforfears on stage!!…back in the 80' when i was born #iheartfestival #theplacetobe

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#shout #tearsforfears #iheartradio

A video posted by Lauren Snitzer (@lsnitz) on

#shout #tearsforfears #iheartradio

A video posted by Lauren Snitzer (@lsnitz) on

Shout, Tear for Fears!!! #iheartradio #iheartfestival #music #tearsforfears

A video posted by Cindy "Cin" (@cincin0408) on

#tearsforfears #iheartfestival #tmobilearena

A video posted by Isaac Mafud (@isaacmafud) on

#iheartfestival #tearsforfears

A video posted by Rich Hannigan (@_rhannigan_) on

#iheartfestival #tearsforfears

A video posted by Rich Hannigan (@_rhannigan_) on

#tearsforfears #iheartfestival

A video posted by . (@squaredhole) on

Mad World…! K.I.L.L.I.N.G. IT!! #Tearsforfears #iheartfestival #music #ifitstooloudgotobed

A video posted by Keri Hawkins (@blc_widow) on

Awesome!! Tears for Fears!!! #iheartradio #iheartfestival #tearsforfears

A video posted by Alexander (@alexander_pfleger_real_estate) on

Tears for Fears #vegas #tearsforfears #iheartfestival #tmobilearena #goodtimes

A video posted by Harry Hernandez (@eerkomstar) on

And who can forget the Billboard interview that followed?!! HA!!! What did the Good Sir say? Watch and hold on to your big chair, don’t have a drink because it’s a chocking hazard.


Be sure to say thanks to all these great contributors! We’ve connected with quite a few. More to come! We’re on standby for fans who have travel info questions. You can email us on Facebook. We’ve had quite a few inquiries about age requirements for shows and meeting up. It looks like most people are with their spouses and families so we won’t hassle everyone to gather for group photos. We’ll plan something when we’re not so rushed.
-TFF Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears Concert Highlights – Silver Legacy Casino Reno 2016

Well, that was one heck of a good time this past weekend. Huge thanks to all the travel fans, online party peeps and loyal interactive loves of the band who watched online and tweeted about it. Another grand thanks to all who posted videos and pictures. Hope everyone was able to access the video and found the travel fan notes useful. We had a good time all around. You can see pre-show sound check and other clips via Tears for Fears Instagram.

Please enjoy these videos from Friday’s show at the gorgeous Silver Legacy Casino in Reno. Lots of funny and cute things happened between ROCS during this show. Toward the end of the (during Shout) Roland runs underneath Curt to the other side of the stage. It may not be a big deal to others but it was another fine example of how cute they are. Speaking of cute, the Reno front row crew on Shout were awesome! Listen to them having a blast during Shout. We’re giving them the superfan MVP for this show!

Break It Down Again

Mad World

Head Over Heels (be sure to leave her a thank you…very sweet set of fans)


More Clips from Reno
Head Over Heels
Pale Shelter Angle 1
Pale Shelter Angle 2

*Had planned to combine both the Reno and Las Vegas show material but Las Vegas’ was so over the top, despite being a standard 5-song festival set, it really needs its own post. Stay tuned for those clips and feel free to share the link to the blog post on your personal pages and with other fans. If you decide to use the photos from any of our Travel Fan publications be sure to give credit out of respect to those who have travelled and spent their hard earned cash to provide and share their experience with everyone.

Thanks for reading!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

Concert Highlights: Tears for Fears Chateau Ste Michelle 18 Sept

Second show of the tour, Tears for Fears Chateau Ste Michelle in Washington State. Eager fans could not wait for them to get on that stage. They went absolutely wild. There were some “live” people in that audience too. They were fiercely dedicated and our hats are off to all of you. Many thanks to all the fans who posted videos and pictures. Be sure to follow @tearsforfearsmusic on Instagram for videos as well.


Things to enjoy? Curt Sticking his tongue out on someone’s picture. Too freakin’ cute. Be sure to like all of these videos and say thanks to the videographers.


Tears for Fears Walk Out/EWTRTW
Mad World

Enjoy these 19 mins of video featuring several songs

Break It Down Again

Pale Shelter

This tweet sums it up!



Concert Highlights: Tears for Fears at Maryhill Winery 17 Sept 2016

Let’s open with this gorgeous piece of footage by Live Music Guy – nice job!

Bit of a recap on the past week’s shows stars with the one at Maryhill Winery. These are videos and photos from Instagram and fans on the ground who have been in touch throughout this part of the tour. Many thanks to everyone for sharing individually and on your social accounts. Remember to tag your items #TFF2016 and we’ll be sure to find you and feature your dedication to the band and their music. Be sure to follow @tearsforfearsmusic on Instagram for live video and mini-montages from the shows.


Touch of the Superficial
Can we mention how good they looked at this show? Whaat whaat?!  ROCS looked like teens! Check out Roland on Break It Down Again in the video link below. Amazing! That breeze had his tresses a’flowin’ like a river, it was gorgeous! Wow!

Instagram Videos From Concert – Be sure to like and follow these great contributors!
Opening Walk Out – EWTRTW
Break It Down Again
Sowing the Seeds of Love
Head Over Heels
Badman’s Song

Video Montage by Tim McCallister

Compliments on the wine at Maryhill Winery + Billie Jean


So far several fans just feel the shows are too short. They want more than 90 minutes. But these set lists are the standard for Tears for Fears. When you adore them that much there is not such thing as “enough time” in their presence. It’s never enough…and why we as travel fans fight to get to as many shows as we can year after year. We feel you! It’s never long enough. We need a 3-day Tears for Fears concert with a show every night including solo work. Just sayin…keepin’ it real.

For those looking to meetup, let us know what shows you’re going to so we can get you in touch with other fans for group pictures and anything else that may come up! Safe Travels!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

Concert Highlights: Tears for Fears Red Butte Gardens & Idaho Botanical Garden (20 & 22 Sept)

This blog post is dedicated to Molly P.M. who went out in all kinds of weather to be that dedicated fan in Idaho. Many of these are her photos. Thank you Molly!


Heck yes!


The band played despite the rain. From what we and others saw, the stage got a little wet despite it being covered. We were hoping this would not be a repeat of something that happened in Brasil with the wet cords on stage, etc. Tears for Fears did a fine job despite the downpour. Fans took as many pictures and videos as possible. There were some issues. Be sure to like the clips and make a new friend in Travel Fan land with a thank you on their YT page🙂



Michael Wainwright, Doug Petty, Roland Orzabal (center) & Jamie Wollam (drums)





More Videos:

Head Over Heels

Be sure to follow afternoondlight on Instagram, great photos. Beautiful picture of Curt!


Here’s some band’s stuff… Jamie and team are to credit for these.


This was during World Peace Day in Idaho. We got a phone shot with the hearts. You see Jamie? Look at all those awesome fans!

As always the Good Man Curt Smith is out and about taking great shots of amazing historical places. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Iconic words and yes faith can move mountains and it has…

Follow @tearsforfearsmusic on Instagram and see videos on your phone. Your screen should look like this…


Many of you said you couldn’t see the video on Instagram, this is what it should look like in the top part of your account. Click on the circle that says Tears for Fears

Be on the look out tonight and tomorrow night. Big show in Reno and iHeart  Music Festival is tomorrow as scheduled! Enjoy!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info -Humphreys by the Bay show 9 Oct

So, the fun will pause here. Last TFF show of Tour 2016 (for now – you know there are often surprises) is at good ol Humphreys By the Bay. The band has played there before (2011). According to Ticketmaster, this show is also sold out. Those who have tickets and have told us so already know everything about this place. It’s really cute. Sadly the Inn is supposedly booked solid too at this point.

Still need a room? You can find additional hotels suggested on their site. In this case, we suggest you do exactly that. Get one of their suggested rooms. They are close to the venue.

Airfare: Flights to San Diego from the east coast are pushing into the 500s roundtrip at this late stage. Try Delta, Southwest first just to see if there are any changes before going on lower cost carriers. We say this because this a flight across country and you want to find airlines that can give you a direct flight, not stopping too much. Bags get lost, etc. If you are flying from within the area, Southwest is your best choice.

Ground Transportation: Because Uber is so readily available in most states, we didn’t really talk about it. It’s a given you can get a taxi or Uber from the airport to your hotel. However, for this particular trip, if you’re going to the last two shows, taking Uber isn’t practical. You’ll want a car service with a flat fee or to rent a car. Most already know you can rent a car from the airport. However, if you’re just not in the mood, Summit Limo service does have fairly decent deals. They are not the cheapest but they are reliable and we’ve used their service more than once in the past. You can email us directly to learn how to navigate that, we won’t bore you about it on the blog. Our goal is to keep you from going back to LAX and hopping a plane to San Diego, wasting time and money. You can use that extra cash toward souvenirs and you’re going to want to get the lot of what’s left because next year the new album is scheduled to be released. That means new merch. What you see on this tour may not be available any longer. So, buy and save it for bragging rights years from now🙂

Fan Fun: We don’t have anything scheduled as of right now. Most people we spoke to are travelling with their spouses for this last show so we’ll not push or expect anyone to gather up and shimmy down. Just have a good time with whomever you are with. Take lots of pictures and use the hashtag #TFF2016 on social media.



Cheers and safe travels! Thanks for sticking with us, your fellow travellers, through this reschedule. Very sorry to fans who were left out of this leg of the tour due to certain shows not being rescheduled and financial loss from the numerous plane change fees at $200 each. Again, we understand and know how that is. Hoping you can recoup your losses in some form or fashion. Feel free to reach out to us online via FB if you want to talk in depth about it. Be at peace and have a great rest of the week. Hope to speak to all on Saturday night!

-TFF Travel Fan Team

Follow the band: @tearsforfears @curtsmith @rolandtff @jwdrum @carinaround

Follow fan adventures: TFfTravelFanTeam @papasfans – lots of RTs and original posts from shows, action on the ground & elsewhere😉




Tears for Fears in Temecula, CA 8 October ||Travel Fan Info


This is where the magic starts to happen, the lights lower and your soul soars…Tears for Fears are approaching the stage!

Tears for Fears will be at Pechanga Casino and Resort on the 8th of October. Tickets for this show were available through Ticketmaster and some say through the venue (they may have a Ticketmaster box office on site like some – we’ve purchased tickets like that before and got great seats). However, as of right now, it looks like this show is sold out! Great for the band, not so cool for any fans that didn’t have time to get seats earlier. We are seeing a bit of chatter about the prices being higher than the $100 max market rate. Yeah, third party sellers…that’s the ugly part of it. If you can tolerate it for now, tickets are available via third party sites. You can email directly for info on how to navigate those.

Venue: The show will take place on site meaning the concert hall is inside. The entertainment center is adjacent to the comedy club on the northmost side of the building. If you have trouble walking, you may want to drive around to the north casino entrance door and that way you’re not so far from the venue. Some may snicker at that but if you have anxiety, show excitement nerves or any other situation that makes walking difficult (sometimes people come straight from a mere week of recovery after surgery to these shows) you’ll want to know how to do this in the most relaxing way. Your fellow travel fans are thinking of you.😉
Address: 45000 Pechanga Parkway, Temecula, CA 92592

Accommodations: The venue’s resort notes that rooms are sold out during the show date range. Please call to make sure before booking elsewhere. You can check-in on the 7th but that’s the night of the TFF in AZ show. Checking in on the 8th just isn’t an option online. So, phone them (1-888-PECHANGA). Or, in order to save a little cash, we suggest staying at the Ramada Temecula and maybe set up a spa date there at the casino so you can enjoy the amazing things they have to offer and be nice a relaxed before the show. Expect to pay about $110 after taxes per night at the Ramada. In this case it’s good if travel fans are staying on site. We try to get a Cabana. If you are staying at the resort, get a Cabana if you’d like,  reserve one in advance. Some of our best memories have been hanging out by the pool in one until a few hours before showtime.


Casino fun…after a day by the pool, tanned and ready to rock!

Airfare: Delta has flights starting in the high 300s and going well up into 700s for LAX. It’s right in between L.A. and San Diego so, take your pick. Price will even out when you consider ground transportation. If you’re coming from the East Coast, fly into LAX because it’s easier to get a flight out of there to just about anywhere than it is to leave out of San Diego. That’s just personal experience. However, if you’re going to do Humphreys TFF show, then maybe San Diego is best. You can do a round trip ticket at a lower fee vs. leaving from two different airports. So, if you’re doing just one, i.e. Temecula, do LAX, if you’re doing both shows fly into San Diego. There are lots of combinations and ways to do this without spending too much but the safe bet is the above. Again, this is from experience. Geri mentioned using Ontario California’s airport for these shows. That’s something to seriously consider.


Such beautiful hearts here… lady Liz, good guy Charlton of TFF, awesome Alisa and dearest Brigitte from France – hanging out after the show

Meet and Greets/Fan Fun: No word on Meet and Greets. As you can see from the photo above, these things often happen at random. As far as fans hanging out, we’ve got about 10 travel fans confirmed in this area but several more are flying in because they like Humphreys’ venue and plan to attend that show as well. So, it’s a great opportunity to really live it up on these last few days of the tour. There’s something about the last few shows of Tears for Fears’ tours, there’s a magic that fills the air and anything can happen. Make it good!

-TFF Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info || Phoenix Arizona Show 7 October


Carina, Roland, Curt, Charlton and Doug by Lax

Tears for Fears will be in concert at the Comerica Theatre on the 7th of October. This show is located in Phoenix, Arizona. There are some amazing seats still available for this concert including 2nd row Pit area and section 4 center stage. Buy tickets through Live Nation to see all the great options.

As for VIP, the theatre has the option to request info about it. It’s not clear if you can get it for this particular show but it doesn’t hurt to ask. To get that info sent to your email click here and fill out the form if you didn’t already when the show was first announced. If you are doing will-call, you’ll need your photo ID and the credit card with which the tickets were purchased. Their Will Call Box Office is in the front of the building on the corner of 4th and Washington. If someone else bought your tickets and they are left for you to pick up, your name should be on the account and the person who bought them can call and let Ticketmaster know this in order to prevent any ticket withholding. Also, this is one of those venues where everyone needs a ticket, including any small children and babies.


Comerica Theatre (from site)

Venue: Address: 400 West Washington St. Phoenix AZ 85003 (phone: 602.379.2800) This theatre is gorgeous! It has some really cool nooks and crannies that are glammed out for comfort. There is a great deal of space between the first row of seats and the stage. It’s not really clear how the pit area will be/if there will be seats placed there in front or if this is standing, looks like there will be seats. The entire place has a well-thought out design and has a cool backstage area, it’s just awesome. So if you’re not headed to every TFF concert on the reschedule and are just looking for that special one show to go to, this is the one.

You can also take pictures but of course no recordings or video cameras. These are the theatre rules, not the band’s. Travel fans know this but if you’re new to the TFF shows, be mindful that the flash should be off, especially if any band member leans down near you. Yes, plain common sense but when you get caught up in the excitement strange things happen to the mind.

Accommodations: This was kind of hard to decide. We suggest the Hilton Phoenix Suites. You’re looking at $250 after tax per night. The other options swing from as low as $119 to well into the hundreds per night. This was the median range and had the better reviews. Also we carry memberships at this one so we only want to suggest ones where we’ve either previously stayed or know the chain/their customer service team very well. This particular Hilton has many amenities and isn’t very far from the venue.

Airfare: Again, this part of the country gets pretty steep if you don’t book well in advance. Still looking at around $400+ roundtrip on major carriers to the southwestern most states. Keep trying online for deals especially if you’re doing the whole fly in and fly out. If not you’re looking at a $1,500 1-2 day music holiday. It’s worth it but still. Southwest may have some better deals.


Shipmates and their Captain. || Becky Boom Boom, SK & Captain Orzabal

Fan Fun: Several travel fans are attending and lots of new people too. This is a great opportunity to get together the day before the show. Hoping for some group pictures on this one.

-TFF Travel Fan Team

Tears For Fears at iHeart Radio Music Festival – SOLD OUT


Tears for Fears’ February appearance at an iHeart event was over the top amazing. You can read and watch our recap of the show here on the blog. iHeart put on an outstanding event thanks to all those who performed and it’s about to happen again. If you were one of the fortunate ones to get a ticket for the show taking place next week (24 Sept) but did not get your room, plane, etc sorted out…you are late! Life got in the way? Well read along dear fellow travel fan, we’re happy to help you. Really quick, the short and sweet of it:

Venue Address: 3780 South Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas Nevada 89158


Suggested Hotel: Vdara Hotel and Spa 2600 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89158
This hotel is a 5-star but a reasonable price, well under $220 after taxes as they are doing deals right now and accept road club memberships like AAA. It is in the area of the venue.

Airfare: $500+ on major carriers, you’re going to have to shop around to get a better deal. Remember, do it online, use credit card points, etc. Be creative and find something for $350 roundtrip. This is one of those drop everything and go see TFF events. If you’re going to the TFF Silver Legacy Casino show in Reno the night before then this is going to be amazing otherwise, it might feel pricey. Let us know if you need help with a list of tickets lower than what you’re finding online and we’ll break out plan B.


Line-up for Saturday’s festival


We have several travel fans and locals on the ground for this event. It will most likely be streamed live. You can still win tickets to the event if you’d like to try. More info to come as this gets closer. It will be on our FB page and Twitter account.
-TFF Travel Fan Team

Tears For Fears Travel Fan Info | Colorado in October 2016


Tears for Fears will be in Colorado at two different venues. Email one of our travel fan team leaders directly to see if the 8th row seats are still available for the Pikes Peak Center show. As of a few days ago, we had four extra seats. This is rare at this late stage in the game. It’s only happened twice before so if you need to be close to the stage, this might be your best opportunity from reliable individuals who are not going to upcharge you.


Red Rocks AmphitheatreOctober 3rd: This particular venue is a popular one for Tears for Fears fans and is why so many are going. Several first saw the band at this very place. If you remember the history of MTV and how Tears for Fears’ early music was marketed you’ll know why so many saw them in this region. But let’s not get all political. It’s a beautiful place and a special venue. Photos speak volumes.

Tickets: This venue uses axs to sell tickets. They range from $39+ to $85. They also have a great premium seat program which gets you seats in “Reserve 1: seats 1- 25” located near the front of the stage. You can still get what we’re nicknaming sway & jam seats – meaning close enough to enjoy Roland’s sway and Curt’s iconic jam. It’s pretty righteous, no joke. We’ve seen it for many years and every time is just like the first. So do not hesitate to get a good seat for this show if you want to go hard core.

Venue Address: 18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO 80465 | Show starts at 7:30pm. No other opener is noted so it most likely will be Carina? Didn’t see Michael Wainwright mentioning he’d be on tour during the reschedule. He was noted to perform before the reschedule was announced.

Accommodations: We’re suggesting Comfort Suites Golden West as it’s 11 miles from the venue. Look to pay about $175 per night after taxes. Address: 29300 U.S. 40, Evergreen, CO 80439

TFF Bright Lights

Courtesy dear fan Bob Ramos

Pikes Peak Center – 5 October:  Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Seats in the orchestra section remain starting at $79.50. Venue address: Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts -190 South Cascade Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Accommodations: We suggest The Mining Exchange (Wyndham brand) which is in the area of the venue. You’re looking at about $199 a night after taxes 8 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 *There’s also a Howard Johnson in the same area for about $60+

Airfare: Delta has economy tickets at around $450+ at this time of year for this area. Other carriers may have cheaper options. Just check their online deals. Don’t call, phone prices seem to be higher.


ROCS at Capitol Theatre by Lax

Meet and Greets/Fan Fun: Given the number of people that are going including the hard core teams that travel year after year for this band, it is likely that there will be something fun going on. Nothing has been confirmed. But be sure to look out for #RollCall on Twitter and FB the night before in case everyone decides to meet up as a group and have a drink pre or post show.

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-TFF Travel Fan Team