Tears for Fears’ Travel Fans Quarterly Update – Q1 2023

Happy Tears for Fears Day 2023!

While Tears for Fears are busy with their calendar plans, we’ve got some time to put the kettle on and chat amongst ourselves plus celebrate milestones and anniversaries of Tears for Fears’ amazing music. That’s what we’ve been doing this quarter.

As mentioned previously, the new album brought a lot of new people and a lot of longtime fans from ‘83 and ‘85 back into the fold. Because people are catching up with all the interviews, week after week, there are newcomers who repost or remind us of things that happened pre-tour season such as this lovely video below from the Sirius XM interview and Q&A. To find out how this took place and how people were chosen you can search the archives using the keywords SiriusXM, Becky or Danny and it should show up for you. Let us know if you can’t find that information. It’s a great interview featuring new fans and those hard core folks who were there in the early days with the band. Enjoy the rewatch!


Big Shoutout to Danny Cricks of the Tears for Fears Travel Fans, Fan Forum and TFF Florida who took time to help lead the online anniversary celebrations and birthdays. Coincidence or not, the band often followed behind his reminders. Danny didn’t just celebrate albums, he went deep with specific song celebrations. Now that’s fan love! Here’s what we’ve been celebrating with him this quarter.


  • Ian Stanley – 28 February
  • Charlton Pettus – 16 February
  • Lauren Evans – 3 February
  • Nicky Holland – 20 February
  • Michael Wainwright – 6 March

Music Milestones

  • Songs from the Big Chair– 25 February, 1985
  • Tears Roll Down (Laid So Low) – 10 February, 1992
  • The Tipping Point – 25 February, 2022
  • Break the Man – video released on the 10th of February 2022

Today we celebrate The Hurting, the album that started it all!! This is the official Tears for Fears Day and always will be! The Hurting is still available for purchase although some of the recent remastered deluxe options have sold out (if you have one, you better keep it). You can buy a copy of the remastered CD from Amazon, Walmart and music stores. The remastered one has extended versions of several songs so be sure to pay close attention to the version you purchase so you can get the all the goodies!

You can stream and in some cases buy the remastered album here from these sources. As a courtesy we ask that you make a purchase of the album first. Artists are not able to make what they are worth via streaming services alone.




Record Store Day 2023

Speaking of days, Record Store Day will feature Tears for Fears’ Saturnine Martial and Lunatic on vinyl! It’s a UK release so TFF UK and Fan Forum Moderator, Darren, is looking into what he can do to ensure global fans get an opportunity  to buy this. More details to come.

Psych Night on Hallmark Channel

Big thanks to the Hallmark Channel and Peacock/NBC for re-airing Psych episodes featuring Curt Smith. Fans got to enjoy two throwbacks – Shawn 2.0 season 5 episode 8 and Clue from Season 7 episode 5. We tweeted and chatted while watching these episodes – still a little squeamish from Curt’s encounter with the panther among other things. We also remembered the cast members showing up at one of Curt’s events in November of 2010, pineapple in tow. That was an awesome night that has been documented here in the archives. Fans and followers of both Psych and Curt noted they are ready for another Psych movie with more Curt Smith and company including a duet with his daughter Lady Diva Smith. We’re still waiting on Psych on SNL with musical guests Tears for Fears. That petition is not dormant.

What music does Tears for Fears listen to regularly?

So there’s Record Store Day but have you heard of Recommendations Day? Well, along with the fan generated Tears for Fears’ (TFF) Tuesdays (first initiated by Lady Tamara of TFF “Nash” Nashville and the Tears for Fears Travel Fans), the day is now followed by “Tears’ Picks” on Thursdays. On this day, we listen to music the band loves or recommends. It’s not highly advertised nor have we thrown down a hashtag but we’ve noted some of their favourites and will be enjoying those on Thursdays. So far, we’ve listened to Curt’s daughter, Diva Smith’s song ‘Bet,’ Pascal Orzabal/Quarterboy’s 4 tracks available on bandcamp, Apple music, Spotify, etc. and Kimbra who released a new album in January of this year. *Pascal is one “L” – just to clear the record.

Will there be a Tears for Fears tour 2023?

There’s been some chatter from some anxious people who want to see tour info – notably some of it has been from those who do not actually join the tours but love to live vicariously through the many thousands who do. There’s also several who said, “Geez, I hope they’ll return to the USA one day.” Remember Roland’s joke from Shepherd’s Bush. It will remind you that most of the band (including him) have homes in the states. In addition to basking in the fact that they actually have homes in your country, Roland noted they will continue to do stateside tours as they have been almost consecutively since 2005. Along with a big dose of patience, remember, there’s a handful of UK shows to address including Pryzm. Let patience and understanding be our personal theme this year. Once they’ve solidified their calendar and plans, the information will be distributed and those of us who can make it out will move forward.

Oleta Adams’ will be in concert this month and next. Her upcoming show at the Folly Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri is on the 11th of March (this Saturday) at 8pm. She’ll have another show on the 14th of April in San Antonio, Texas. Be sure to keep up with her website so you don’t miss a beat!

Jamie’s in the News!

Be sure to catch Jamie Wollam’s interview in Drum Club Magazine Italy. It’s a great read!

Band Family News

Raoul Orzabal’s art prints are for sale. His latest work was shared this week and it is spectacular. Several of us own pieces of his art and it is worth every penny. These pieces work well in any home or office. Learn more about how to obtain one for your place by visiting his website.

Captain Julian Orzabal, Dion and team continue working on their music. Be sure to join them on Facebook for the latest updates. If you haven’t bought your copy of their previous album, don’t hesitate. It’s great for road trips, commutes and hanging out with friends. Really good stuff!

Price of Fandom

Whether the band tours this year or not, we want to re-emphasise how awesome it was to have the VIP options in 2022. They reminded us of the VIP Fan Experience app we worked on in 2019. To those who helped with user research on that app, let’s be clear, the app was a prototype produced by Andye the Moderator but no confirmation from Tears for Fears was given as to whether or not they, Tears for Fears, used this specific prototype to design last year’s VIP options for the tour. Several Tears for Fears fans were involved in testing the app prototype and answered questions to help create the final iteration. The semi-completed prototype was then sent to a band member in 2019. Coincidentally, several of the same features and merch perks were available through their VIP partnership with On the List Presents during the US tour in 2022. These features made it affordable to attend more than one show and we are grateful to Tears for Fears for it!

Tears for Fears’ friends, Duran Duran, our sibling band, also had a very interesting offer for their Ibiza trip for fans. It, too, had similar features to the app. They used the option to book accommodations plus concert tickets, etc. which created a unique upscale fan experience. Much like the features on the app we designed, which featured a Duran Duran option, the Ibiza event included a complete show package from start to finish. Again, we have no proof that they used or were inspired by the VIP app concept. For both bands it was a first in our living memory of having a more curated VIP fan experience where we got great seats, merch and so much more with each ticket! We are truly grateful! We sure hope they continue with these types of packages because it helps with seating. Let’s say that one more time.


In a coming mini-documentary (TFF Rockumemories of 2022) we note the price of the VIP tickets for 2022. It was more economical If you purchased a ticket using the Tears for Fears presale codes through their site than it was to purchase directly from the venues’ options. A ticket in the same section as the VIP specified tickets (usually the first 10 rows center, right and left), could easily end up being $900-$1700 per ticket depending on the venue. We have receipts forbid someone want to argue. We took this tour very seriously and kept all the documents. While we’re not aiming to discuss “money,” or wag fingers at venues because that is just rude, we do want to say that Tears for Fears’ VIP made this tour extremely affordable compared to what the venues had in mind. We need these VIP options!

Does Tears for Fears have an app? Why didn’t they take the app prototype and use that to manage the VIP part of the tour? Answer: The prototype provides an idea, a suggestion. It’s not a one stop solution for ticket purchases and tour management. Apps also require a dedicated development team. Perhaps their management has devs but their resources were not used to build and maintain such a thing. The app would also require an api that allows the venue to distribute the tickets. Most venues are managed by Live Nation and Ticketmaster – and we all know how that experience can be. No shade on Ticketmaster but it is what it is right now. For some of us, it’s not the most enjoyable purchasing experience. So, we rely on presale codes to get tickets. It would cost a pretty penny to keep an app maintained and it may not really solve the issues and nuances that come with fandom. Not everyone wants to fly on Delta, not everyone wants to use a commercial hotel. So it may not be an efficient tool in the long run. But we had fun putting it together and we’re grateful that the concepts were used by both bands no matter where they got the idea. Other companies have been providing similar services for years so the app idea nor its features were 100% unique. We just wanted to have something for us so we can have a way to go to more shows than just one. Currently another fan member in the forum is looking to build a Tears for Fears ticket app for her school project.  So if you want to play around with that and see what it’s like  to be a part of user research, find her on the fan forum. Her name is Paola Fernanda. Her app is not affiliated with the band, but again, is a school project.

Tears for Fears’ Travel Fans Rockumemories

Yes, we made a rockumentary featuring moments from the tour and a lot of songs that were featured in 2022. We do not have licensed music for it yet and that is the hold up. We may have to release it as it is and put one of those “we don’t own this music” disclaimers at the top. Still, it has to go through a lot of approvals. We look forward to sharing that when all the legalities are done. Again, thanks everyone that provided photos, videos and so much more. It helped make Tears for Fears  – The Tipping Point Tour aka “The Healing Tour” memories some of the best yet to come!

Shoutout to Shannon Green’s kids. Shannon is a member of the Tears for Fears Fan Forum. She recently found her son singing Shout in its entirety and recorded it. If you’re a member of the fan forum, use this link to revisit that fun moment. If you’re not a member, you can join today via Facebook. There is no fee associated with joining the forum.

Shoutout to Michelle “Shelley” for getting one of the false Roland Orzabal accounts removed. She went out of her way to get Facebook and Instagram to remove the fake account which is among several that are actually requesting money. Roland would not do that. Huge thanks to all those behind the scenes, admins and others going out of their way to protect the band. You are seen!

Thanks for reading! More to come as we get the info! Cheers.

Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

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@kerfuffleofkooks (FB) @papasfans (TW) – for information pertaining to Tears for Fears Travel Fan activities and life.

Going Into Q1 with Gratitude for Tears for Fears

Dedicated to The Curry Family and David Bowie’s team of musicians and friends

This week is a memorial honouring David Bowie. Hardcore fans of Tears for Fears understand why that is important to us. Many of those fans are ones who keep Ashes to Ashes, a song the band covered some years ago originally written by David Bowie, on repeat. It’s one of the best parts of Saturnine Martial & Lunatic. Over time, we’ve come to find Bowie fans at concerts, interacting with us online and virtually swaying alongside us during the recent memorial shows. One of those great musicians interacting is icon Kitten Kuroi, who is coincidentally a friend of the award-winning Lady Lauren Evans, Tears for Fears’ most recent band family singer. Kuroi was featured in the 2022 Bowie celebration curated by the honourable Mike Garson. Bowie teams make up one of the many beautiful mosaic roots of our fandom. They are strong foundations that have influenced us, bringing unity to our team in our quest to collectively and respectfully promote and celebrate the work of amazing musicians. Huge thanks to each of them for the ongoing interactions and online friendships.

We’re also grateful for Jack and Dawn Curry who went above and beyond to ensure that fans actually made it to shows in 2022.They helped ensure each one had spectacular seats. When we looked at our meticulous archives and documents, we saw that collectively, the travel fan team mod and in-kind supporters Jack and Momma D, purchased well over 32 VIP ticket packages for fans. They assisted with travel expenses, accommodations, dinners and hosted several warm gatherings throughout the tour. The comfort and ease of the 2022 tour season was due to these aforementioned contributors and their efforts will not be forgotten.

The list of really cool moments in 2022 is long and some of the favourites that we’ve seen include not just concert moments but extra special experiences that happened between shows. Given that we already have documented highlights through last October, let’s focus on the fun from Q4.

Curt Was Healed!

If Curt’s ribs breaking wasn’t the scariest thing that happened all year, we don’t know what was. Curt gave details of his injury during an interview on the BBC one morning. Learning that his injuries originated on the tour bus where he was literally sent flying after a false stop, was devastating to hear. The fact that he even tried to sally forth and keep going despite being in pain was a sacrifice we’re glad he discontinued. The wait and worry was fairly intense o\n the fan forum and in numerous Tears for Fears dedicated groups on Facebook (which now equal over 45 individual ones…). We’re so happy that this is behind us and that he was able to go to the UK and Europe to participate in additional interviews and appearances including the Deutsch Press awards as discussed in the previous update.

Holiday Song

Nearly every year Curt has released a holiday song. This year we got something quite special during Hanukkah. As mentioned in a previous post, Mad World has been used by at least two synagogues in the states during Shabbat service. Most recently, it was featured at IKAR LA, where well-known artist, Hillel Tigay, is the Chazan/Cantor and music director. The video of their Havdalah service featured the song and Curt loved it. He was invited to join them and did so on the 16th of December for Kabbalat Shabbat. For many observant Jews in the fan team, this was extra special and several noted that the occasion officially solidifies Tears for Fears’ music as a perfect accompaniment to prayers. Andye is contemplating writing a book about how much the band’s music has been important in spiritual journeys and healing for so many fans. But let’s let her get through the mini-documentary first.

The Mini-Doc

So, we took every photo given to us, those we collected and captured on tour plus videos and sandwiched them all together in chronological order. We have nearly an hour of photo slides so far if not more. It’s a lot. Next steps include a lot of fonting and finding licensed music to add to it. We had hoped to have it sent out by the 28th of December, but the task is huge and there are just a few people that actually have the time to maneuver through the technicalities of the project. We do not have an ETA on the completion, but it’s been a lot of fun going through all the memories from every show during the 2022 tour season. We’ll be sure to start sharing more BTS photos on Facebook and Instagram.

The World Cup

At the start of the quarter, we learned that the band would be featured in the Budweiser Beer sponsored World Cup Song collaboration with Lil’ Baby. It was a surprise song. As with anything Tears for Fears touches, the song was pretty darn cool and had a lot of new listeners and positive reaction videos from some who were completely new to the band. This, in turn, brought new people into the fold. Gen Z was already on board but now there are even more. Is that why it seems the band is more active on TikTok than Twitter now?

New EWTRTW Video

The band released a new version of Everybody Wants to Rule the World. It’s a compilation of clips from the history of the band on the road (looks like clips from a previous documentary). The video has an emphasis on imagery from the ‘Rule the World’ – Greatest Hits album that was released in 2017. However, we’re wondering why this was created when the band already has an EWTRTW video. Perhaps we missed a memo. Either way, it’s awesome and we love it. Nice to see all the concert footage again.

The Mystery Box of Merch (now sold out?)

Just as the year closed, the band’s U.S. store offered a mystery box of merch that includes three items. The box could be purchased by anyone regardless of location it seemed. If anyone had issues ordering it, let us know. But if you’re in the U.K. you should have been able to get a hold of one regardless of it being from the US. store. It was $35 plus shipping and a limited time only offer so no clue when and if such a thing will be available again. We know a few people that have already purchased two. Danny, let us know when it arrives!

The Tipping Point is #1

Classic Pop Magazine released a list of their top favourites for 2022 and yes, agreeably so, The Tipping Point is number one! We were told the band was flattered and thanked the magazine. Let us also say thank you Classic Pop Mag, from a fan perspective, for taking time to recognise that superlative album – very likely their best yet – and that says a lot because we all know they have produced so many hits that are timeless. They have the Midas touch in music! *Thank you, Martin Slade and Danny Cricks, for sharing the photo from the magazine.

About those NFTs

So, the tour packages included an NFT. In the rush and fit of all, we didn’t bother to look at the tax laws around NFTs at the time. So, those of us, as mentioned, who purchased quite a few, in hindsight panicked thinking we were clueless to how much tax we owe on these. However, there is no price tag on the NFTs in the Ticketmaster and LiveNation account. So likely we don’t owe anything. But you’ll want to refer to your tax advisor. From what we can see, one does not owe taxes on the NFTs according to a few tax documents we read.

Band Family & Alumni

Wilder Smith, Curt’s youngest daughter turned a lovely 21 on the 27th of December. Curt also published the URL to her new website. Not sure if she’s taking commissions but we’ll wait it out cause we’ve got some things we’d love to get a quote on and in production for the future.

Little Lady Genevieve (Vivi) Orzabal also had a birthday on the 28th. We wish her a great turn around the sun and lots of love.

Jamie’s daughter Bayley had a birthday on the 20th of December and it’s noteworthy that a lot of longtime fans also had birthdays this month. It was truly a band family and fan birthday extravaganza! Many happy returns to Eileen I, Sheila SheShe, Andye the Moderator and so many more.

Libre Stone sent out a loving note of thanks to fans who supported them this year. That was super sweet!

Supporting singer Lauren’s song “This Could Be” got a lot of air play in December and was trending. Congrats to her on that! Her voice is also featured in New Amsterdam’s Season 2 Episode 6 singing a rendition of “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” It is quite moving! Be sure to check that out on Netflix.

The Smith household got a new puppy named Twiggy. Twiggy looks a lot like sister Ivy Smith and the late Bella Smith of their Vizsla family of dogs reportedly of Hungarian hunter dog descent. That’s admirable. It’s a beautiful dog and Wilder has posted several photos of herself with the sweet new baby. Curt also mentioned sweet Twiggy in his New Year holiday message on the 31st of December.

Oleta Adams wrapped up her 2022 tour in December, but has more shows scheduled for March and April. She’s so loved and sought after, rightly so! Very grateful that many of us got to see her again this past year.

We’ll wrap this up with a shout out to those who took the Tears for Fears Pilgrimage. It does exist. Many fans go to the city of Bath every year and take a photo at several iconic spots including Moles where the band had their first show and brother Shaun Smith did the lighting. They go by Roland’s old home above the pizza parlour and take a walk near Snow Hill. Our lady Tamara got a great extra tour stop this year.  She spent some time with Libre Stone, Radio Bath’s Dave Mason and the fan family stars like Stephen Marshall. Tamara is an amazing Tears for Fears Super Fan and we’re beyond grateful for all of her contributions in 2022!

To say we are grateful for all the amazing things that took place in Tears for Fears’ fan land last year would be an understatement. Despite illness, surgery, treating cancer and dodging Covid, the fan family showed up and showed out! Tears for Fears fans bought a record number of seats at the sold-out show at the Forum in Los Angeles and showed up in droves for every show on the tour…even the ones that got cancelled! Fan family gathered together at local pubs and sang together at nearly every event. Tears for Fears fans are some of THE MOST loyal and dedicated individuals. Let’s keep it going!

Thanks for reading!

TFF Travel Fan Team

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Spiritual Experiences with Tears for Fears

Dedicated to all the spiritually focused fans of the band. You are seen and you are heard. This is also dedicated to Jack and Dawn Curry who have been absolutely angelic to so many fans, not only helping them get to shows but being best friends. Since day one, they have been helping everyone get through the hard times in life. We love them both, wherever they are!

Authored by the Moderator:

Spiritual experiences have been so prominent throughout my years of following Tears for Fears – so much so, it’s difficult to remain silent and not discuss it. I understand that some people want nothing to do with religion, prayers or the idea of a Higher Power. I respect that. But I also lean in when I hear other fans discuss the spiritual experiences they have had with Tears for Fears’ music. Note that I will use the term “G-d” in this post. There will be a definition guide and or reference below to help out with terminology used for this specific type of conversation.

What is a spiritual experience in music?

In 2019, a publication quoted a fan after the Tears for Fears performance at the Shaky Knees festival. The fan said, “I don’t know if that was Tears for Fears or G-d that I just saw.” Many comments similar to this surfaced and I certainly noticed it because I have felt that way for years. Not long after that show, Oleta Adams was in town with her band. I was quite certain that an angel or some spiritual being was going to show up in the middle of her performance. There was just something so powerful about that show – it didn’t feel earthly – instead otherworldly and heavenly for lack of a better term. We were packed in like sardines at City Winery for the event and despite the slight discomfort, it was such a glorious feeling that the entire crowd was swaying and crying like one might see in a genuine praise and worship service at a prayer centre, church or so. But why? What is the explanation behind the magnetic pull toward the band’s music and that of Oleta Adams? I have been trying to understand the euphoria and elevated feelings. It’s as if one’s soul is being lifted up out of one’s body, suspended in blissful space as each song plays. I’ve noticed this since childhood – and even more so in adulthood after attending their live shows annually. There’s no solid answer. Many of us have just come to the conclusion that they are “anointed” and this is the Tears for Fears experience.

Has Tears for Fears’ “energy” always been this way?

In my opinion, yes. I also learned that for many who encountered their music in the 80s and for some who learned about them in the 90s, the answer is the same. There has always been a glorious, magnetic and spiritual pull. Their shows are indescribable life events. Each person I’ve spoken to has been able to recount where they were and exactly what was going on at the time they heard Tears for Fears for the first time. Overall, 90% of those encounters were during some seriously difficult, and in some cases, life threatening times.

I first heard Tears for Fears with a Judeo-Christian Church

As I look back over my toddlerhood, the point in my life when I first heard the band was coincidentally in a Judeo-Christian church daycare van on the way to school. I was having a bad day at the young age of 6 because I was aware that my family was going through some seriously hard times. I was wearing a navy English pea coat that I hated and wondering when things would improve for my parents. I remember the church van pulled out of the parking lot and stopped at a red light that was on the hill just outside the church doors. The light was always long and we often had to wait two or three light cycles to get to the main thoroughfare – therefore one might hear an entire song play by the time we got on the actual road. I remember ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ being on the radio as we waited entry to the main road. It had to have been late March because I was shocked that the weather was still so cold that it prompted my parents to force me to wear that hideous coat. I wanted to be like my American friends and wear bright neon jackets. But I came from a religious, conservative international community and our style was different. We were different and while I embrace my differences now, being different added to the stress of the time. But something changed as that song played in the church van. My legs were dangling off the seat and I was grooving along to this new sound on the radio that felt overwhelmingly comforting. At that moment, I suddenly felt grateful for that warm coat, felt a twinge of hope for my family and also the need to be patient as a better life for us unfolded. I became quite attached to what soon became the only secular music allowed in my religious environment. The spiritual seeds were officially sewn.

I have no idea if this is an actual church, but this is one of the many ways I was introduced to Tears for Fears as a child. It was in settings like this where music, that I guess the leadership felt was suitable, was shared with us in the praise service portion before the weekly teachings.

As a kid not even in double digits yet, I had no idea who Tears for Fears were (e.g. names, where they came from, etc.) but whenever I heard their voices or if their video was featured on one of those 80s compilation commercials, I would run to the TV and sing along (never did get the words right – “everybody wants to rock around…” that’s not right). I would touch the screen as Curt sang. I would touch the other side and put my hand on Roland’s head as he sang ‘Shout.’ I was so drawn to them. They were the sound of hope, of patience, of kindness…important parts of the fruits of the spirit as noted in religious texts. Then one fine day in school I looked in the back of the music history book and there they were! My teacher played Head Over Heels and I started screaming, “That’s the band! That’s them!! I’ve been trying to find them. You don’t understand! I need this music right now!” My mum allowed me to stay late at school so my teacher could get copies of the music for me. I learned their names and used my allowance to buy all their cassettes and Cds. The years that followed were filled with serendipity as their music would always come on randomly when I was about to make a big decision in life. I remember going to the salon and taking Roland’s RATKOS picture with me for my first real hair cut and dye job, “Can you make my hair like this? Blue black…also I’ve never dyed my hair before. Do you think it will work?” I asked. Break It Down Again suddenly came on the loud speaker. I freaked out. Thankfully the man helping me with my hair was also a fan and sang along. Then he sang ‘Shout.’ There was also the time I was finishing up a junior media internship in Atlanta and the organisers of the educational program took us to Fox Theatre where Tears for Fears was said to have performed (they made it seem as if the band was there all the time). As we left, Everybody Wants to Rule the World came on someone’s cd radio. Ended up getting the media job fulltime some years later as a recent college grad and Everybody Want to Rule the World came on AGAIN, this time on the loud speaker of the atrium on my first full day of employment. I remember pausing and giving thanks – the very place I stood I would later meet a wonderful musician named Michael Roland Magno who was also a huge fan of the band. He and his beautiful wife, Meg, were with me at the 2017 show. It felt like Tears for Fears’ music was being used to comfort me throughout life.

Tears for Fears’ Music in the Synagogue

More recently, after numerous shows and events with the band and their family members in 2010 to 2012, I came back to Atlanta from Los Angeles and Vegas, feeling especially grateful and desiring to show my gratitude to G-d. I decided I would rededicate myself to my Jewish faith. I grew up within a Jewish, Christian and Islamic spiritual structure so I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this properly or if I should do it at all. Would it even matter? Well within the first week of Jan 2013, a brand new friend of mine of the same name who was not aware of my serious love for the band randomly said, “Come on, we’re going to *Shabbat. My synagogue is hosting a *Shabbat Shira. You should attend.” I was nervous for so many reasons. We walked into the synagogue that Friday night and the end of Mad World was playing… I was like, “You have got to be kidding me! You’re playing Tears for Fears!”

Congregation Bet Haverim later recorded this video in 2020. It’s their version of Mad World that they first sang in 2013.

I had never met these people before. I had not attended Synagogue anywhere in Atlanta and they didn’t know a “Tears for Fears fan” was coming. After the initial prayers, the team went immediately into a theatrical reenactment of the parting of the Red Sea and what song led them out as Pharaoh came after the Hebrews? Yep, Mad World! A guy lept to the microphone and started singing with passion and intention, “All around are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces…” Soon the entire music team was joining in and the musicians were full on with the drums as the congregation sang and swayed along (they did the original version, not Gary Jules.’) There I was, crying profusely on the 3rd row, shaking and feeling like I had received the biggest sign of my life. I wanted to scream, “I hear You G-d! I hear You!!!” I knew right then that I was headed in the best direction for my life. Returning to my Jewish spiritual roots was the right thing for me to do.

Fast forward to 2022, the High Holidays in my faith are in full swing. It’s the night before Yom Kippur, the most important night on the Jewish calendar and I’ve just sprained my arm from stress because I was in a tizzy trying to prepare for this 25 hour (yes, 25) fasting day where we have no food and no water. I had to break my fast this year to take medicine (which is allowed) because I was in so much pain I couldn’t do basic life functions. I’m also still recovering from some serious thyroid issues. Sipping that water and throwing down those pills, I felt like a failure. I began to question why I was even doing this and thought to leave the faith because I felt like I couldn’t follow through with anything. The year before I somehow forgot to take the day off work and found myself answering work email between prayers. Now, this year, I couldn’t even fast properly. I felt defeated, unorganised and ready to quit. I went to bed nearly in tears.

The next morning, I wake up and see Curt retweeted the video of the IKAR_LA featuring Hazan Hillel Tigay (of MOT) leading the congregation through the final hours of Yom Kippur with Mad World! There it was. There was the sign! I knew there was hope. I screamed, “I hear You G-d!” It’s so wild because just a few days before – during Rosh Hashanah – I had this vision of Roland and Curt holding a Shabbat service before a concert. I saw Curt in a *Tallit and wearing *tzitzit. I’m by no means trying to convert them to Judaism or pray them into any type of belief. But it was a vision of peace and the band sharing peaceful prayers with others…and then this happened!

So, what was it that we were looking at in the video? What is Yom Kippur?

In my faith, it is best that a spiritual leader explain everything. I don’t believe I’m ordained or anointed to explain what was happening in the video. But I will speak to it from my own personal experience in the faith (in a very elementary fashion). Every year around this time, September/October, we have the High Holidays. It begins with *Rosh Hashanah. Everyone wears white. White represents atonement, forgiveness, introspection and shedding away of bad habits and willful wrong doings as well as asking for forgiveness for things we don’t even know we did wrong but have hurt others. The white “hats” are kippahs or yarmulke and are worn by men. Women also can wear this and sometimes you’ll see a white lace fabric on women’s heads. In my faith and culture (I’m Nigerian), we cover our whole heads with a scarf. Not everyone does this and not every Nigerian is a Jew. In fact, most are Christian or Muslim. But Nigerian Jews do exist. There’s also a longer shawl called a Tallit. One will often see it worn around the shoulders. During Yom Kippur I’ve always noticed that most of the leadership and Rabbis will wear white ones. The rest of the year, the tallit that is worn is often white and blue. There’s a lot more to it and we can discuss that one day. During the ceremony of Rosh Hashanah there are many additional prayers that are read aloud – usually in a fashion that sounds like singing. There’s a reason for this and we can discuss it “offline” as one might say. All of our holidays begin at sundown and conclude at sundown the following evening. In this case, it was Yom Kippur which occurs 10 days after Rosh Hashanah first begins. As mentioned, it is the day we do not have food or water and use that time to pray, introspect and more. You may have noticed that one of the members of the congregation was touching his fist to his chest. This is part of the repentance – one gently beats the chest for each transgression listed. Learn more about that practice here.

In nearly all ceremonies, you will see a cantor, or someone singing and leading the prayers as well as the Rabbi. I’m not a member of the IKAR-LA congregation so I do not know who the cantor is but I believe that Hillel Tigay is the director of music there. What a fine and divine moment he led. I’m still saying Baruch HaShem every time I think about it! I do suggest you follow his work and music no matter what faith or religion you claim.

I’m not certain at what part in the Yom Kippur ceremony the congregation was on in this video. So I can’t really say more on this but as mentioned, Mad World was used in 2013 by Congregation Bet Haverim in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Shabbat Shira. The band’s lyrics express the deep heart and soul of man’s “good” conscious in so much of their work. In my faith, we are taught to examine and question…get to the heart of matters and not follow blindly. Every Rabbi that I follow spends exponential time reading, studying and seeking guidance. The ones I know in Atlanta are also Tears for Fears fans. Rabbi Ryan Lambert even came to the June show. If I hear any of Tears for Fears’ music again in a synagogue or learn that other faiths use it, it would make sense to me. I find it absolutely fitting and appropriate. I’m thrilled that people can be enlightened by their music and find it essential or useful during spiritual moments of reflection. It’s important that we not rely on what we see on television as our only image or knowledge of faith. Just like we wouldn’t stereotype a person, we should not stereotype religions and expect media versions of them for ourselves. From Agnostics and Atheist to Zoroastrian beliefs, there is something one can learn. A lot of religion is not what we’ve been brainwashed to believe.

In 2019, about two months before Tears for Fears returned to Atlanta, I adopted an atheist way of life and thinking. I was angry about things in the world and felt, there’s no way there’s a Higher Power. I was done with all of this. I stopped praying altogether and whenever someone brought up prayer and seeking guidance, I rolled my eyes and rejected their comments. I went to the Tears for Fears show later on in May of that year with the same attitude. The day after the show, I experienced a supernatural event. The band was still in town and I remember one of their family members was nearby. Not wishing to appear as if I was “hanging around too closely,” I went back to my hotel room and took a phone call from the UK and…well, I won’t go into detail about it but it was revealed to me that I was wrong about my atheist beliefs. All kinds of things began to happen – revelations of all sorts began to take place. I learned that there is more beyond this life…a lot more. While I no longer agree with agnostics and their beliefs, I don’t think I could ever make an assumption about them or write them off. They are also on this journey of understanding. I hope that in seeing this peaceful ceremony of Yom Kippur that others will feel encouraged to read and understand faith. Do not let “man” or media make you decide what faith is…seek, for yourself, clarity and understanding for everything. Reach out, read and learn for yourself.

Throughout my time as a fan, I’ve witnessed and experienced really loud supernatural type things that have occurred in conjunction with the band’s music – especially during tours. Some are things that I’m not ready to share. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m not sure how to even discuss it. It already took me this long to discuss this. All the visitations and heavenly type encounters were peaceful experiences and loud confirmations filled with comfort. I met a lot of fans on tour who reported similar coincidences and noticed that the band’s music miraculously plays just as they are dealing with a life crisis or in the middle of making huge life changing decisions. Of course, we know Roland and Curt have nothing to do w/it. They aren’t sitting in their homes or on the tour bus with crystal balls looking at us then pressing play supernaturally on a stereo or radio station’s equipment. But are our guides and guardian angels leading us to these spaces to be there at just the right time? Who decided that a random January after the tour I would find myself in a synagogue crying with joy as people danced and praised G-d using Tears for Fears music? I don’t know but I look forward to continuing the connection to fans who are also finding spiritual solace in the band’s music.

Shavua Tov/Have a great week ahead! To the members of congregation IKAR-LA, Chag Semeach! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy to continue the conversation and perhaps gather for Shabbat or Jummah prayer with many of our fellow spiritual fans.

-Andye, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Moderator

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Terminology – these are not complete definitions. Please consult with a Rabbi or Chabad to get the full definitions and explanations of these terms and why they are important.

G-d – in my faith we do not write the name of our Higher Power with vowels. YHWH or G-d is the highest term used.

Anointed – blessed by a supernatural power or Higher Power with a gift to help heal.

Shabbat – a time of rest as noted in the Torah (holy book for Jews). It occurs on Friday evening at sundown and concludes on Saturday evening at sundown. Torah observant people of the faith will attend prayer ceremonies filled with gratitude and ancient recitations in a Synagogue.

Shabbat Shira – a Shabbat service including music and singing.

Yom Kippur – 25 hour fast in the Jewish faith – a time of repentance and reflection on one’s deeds.

Rosh Hashanah – the head of the year – a type of new year in the Jewish faith – the start of the High Holidays where Jews and Torah observant take time to get closer to the Higher Power through prayer, fasting and weeks of gratitude.

Tallit – a long body length shawl worn during services among Torah observant people and those of the Jewish faith

Tzitzit – tassels or fringe worn by Orthodox Jewish men as noted in the Torah

Tears for Fears’ Travel Fan Quarterly Update Q3 2022

Dedicated to Tineka Rose’s mother who was a long-time fan of Tears for Fears. Her mother and family found joy listening to the band. Tineka and her family loved to play the albums on repeat. The band’s music helped their mother as she battled a serious illness. May her soul rest in peace and the family be comforted during this time.

The Bittersweet

After a very dreadful injury experienced by Curt, we’re grateful for the turnaround of late despite the shows that were halted. We learned from the BBC2 interview that Curt’s fall in the tour bus was the reason his ribs were fractured or broken. Scared us to pieces! Several of us spent quite some time in a state of prayer, adding his name and the band’s to prayer circles and envisioning him healthy and well again.  It was a lose-lose for both sides with the team having to cancel shows and local UK fans plus those from around the globe who flew in losing their opportunity to see the band after 3 years. Thankfully there were show refunds, and most important, Curt recovered!

Then Her Majesty the Queen passed away and services were scheduled during the same days as the Leeds Festival with the BBC and the long awaited Pryzm show in London. This led to additional cancellations. Several fans had already landed in London when many of these unexpected situations occurred. It’s the tough part about being a travel fan. Some issues are totally out of our control. The lesson we learned from this is to do our best to book hotels and options that have realistic refund policies. We also hope that band management can help us out with timely cancellation notices.

Big shoutout to Lady Tamara who, like many, pushed forward and made the most of the situation. She spent a memorable time throughout the UK with members of Libre Stone and the Tears for Fears fan family. She has a ton of amazing photos from her trip. She’s no stranger to the nation(s). She’s seen this and similar situations before. We’re so happy that she got to spend time in Peter Gabriel’s studio where Libre Stone album production has been underway. She also spent time with Radio Bath team members and members of Curt’s family. That is very rewarding!

Tamara with Dion and Gunner of Libre Stone

Another rewarding moment in the midst of some of the disappointment of the UK shows being paused were Daniella’s dolls. She designed this cute set of darlings with various scenarios detailing what things may have looked like behind the scenes. The popularity of the dolls was so intense she got requests to create a set for various fans. We love them and we appreciate the comfort these dolls brought during what for us was a very scary situation. We’re thrilled that Curt is well and look forward to all the good things to come in fan land.

More Honours

Though the 2022 Tears for Fears tour season seems to have come to a close, we got news of some unannounced pluses for the beloved pair and their pals. They were honoured and performed at the Deutsch Radio Press event this month. Throughout the night they were mentioned, applauded and praised by fellow bands, the media and the event hosts. Then there were a few more interviews, commentary about the Queen’s passing and additional appearances that took place in Europe.

Our favourite right now is the session they did with KCRW. In this iconic space, the band sang the first few songs from the set list of the 2022 tour. It was very touching and beautiful.

Long, Long, Long Time Video

On the 18th of August, we were gifted by the band’s new video. The response was incredible but much like the ILYBIL video, the band was just not in it. That upset some fans. They crave a good R&C dance scene and singing. Some fans were slightly militant about it, noting angrily that the video should have featured the guys. ‘Boys of Summer’ was void of their members but it’s still a great song and so is this one. We’re just happy to have a video but yeah, c’mon Roland and Curt, smile for the camera! Take us with you!

Song Anniversaries and Significant Moments:

The month of September is FULL of Tears for Fears anniversaries for the band and the fans. Some of the band’s best and most memorable concerts in the last 10 years have occurred in September. We’re also celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of Sowing the Seeds of Love and the 40th Anniversary of Mad World.

The 11th of September (2001) was the anniversary of the sacred Tomcats Screaming Outside – Roland’s solo album that was filled with timeless mega beats that are still a hit among those fans that have a copy. It’s very hard to get and when one does find it, it’s often attached to quite a price tag. It is indeed priceless so we understand. We have literally asked Roland for it to be re-released along with several solo pieces from Curt (to be put into an album of its own that some of us like to call The Genius Brain).

There was the 17 September (2011) show at the Wiltern where Roland began gifting the microphone to an audience member. The first one was Andye. This is also the commencement (2010) of the Tears for Fears Travel fans commitment to aim to go to as many shows as possible every tour.

Mike B., Pennie and her brother Danny Cricks spent time standing at the gate with fellow fans in line for HOURS to attend the TFF show.

To top it off, the 23rd of September is the day ‘The Working Hour’ showed up on the tour after being absent for yearrrrs thanks to saxman David Moyer of DDHorns. Mr. Moyer joined the band for several appearances including one that night at The Wiltern where fans were overjoyed to tears hearing that song live. It was an epic moment to say the least.

We also celebrated three birthdays. Curt’s gorgeous wife in August, then Diva Smith, Curt’s darling first child, celebrated a birthday on the 14th of September! You can get her music here. The third of course was last month on the 22nd, the Good Sir, Roland Orzabal began his 61st turn around the sun with lots of love and well wishes in tow.

What’s everyone up to right now?

Lauren is out and about. We saw a video of her this summer singing one of Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton’s famous ballads and it was so beautiful. We pray her schedule will be filled next year with Tears for Fears busiment. Carina’s schedule is filled with her band Puscifer. She was also at the #DRP22 ceremony.

Oleta Adams‘ tour has begun and several fans have their tickets, some having already seen her to start off the autumn months. Her summer tour was amazing and we look forward to supporting her upcoming shows as well.

Neil Taylor has lot of cool shares online and interactions. Be sure to check those out!

Raoul Orzabal’s art and work was featured in the Financial Times.

Libre Stone are super busy with their next album. Several fans and supporters were allowed to be in studio during some of the recording. The legend, Chris M. Hughes was also on hand. The band then had their first show as a group at Komedia in Bath. The audience was packed with top names including notable producers, travel fans and a young Mr. Raoul Orzabal.

Photo by Paula Smith featuring Jamie Wollam of TFF, Andy Carr of ABC, Julian Orzabal of Libre Stone, Chris Hughes the Legend, and Dion Smith of Libre Stone

Many thanks to Darren for providing live video from the show and big welcome to Chris Nichols and Danny Cricks as Libre Stone moderating team members. The band also did a Q&A available on YouTube. One of our favourite moments was in July when the band joined media member and Bath Radio icon, Dave Mason at Radio Bath for a great interview.  We’re excited about the future for LS! Gonna be a good one!

Many fans are still working on their thoughts from the tour, putting together summaries video collections and looking at their finances wondering how to do this again. It’s an ongoing question as we do our best to support the band. We’re hoping residency shows are on the list for the future. The band is busy with next year’s plans, more promotions, conversations and the World Cup FIFA collaboration with Lil Baby! Checkout the song here:

Lots of former fans still finding their way through the new material and material post SOL. That means lots of questions and surprised finds. In some groups, you’ll see people who are returning after the successful marketing of the The Tipping Point but are not aware of ELAHE, TSO, RATKOS or even Elemental. As shocking as it can be, we’ll continue to be patient and flood their threads with all the new info so they can sing along at the upcoming shows. There’s also the new fans in their teens and 20s who are discovering photos, interviews and information that many of us archived years ago. It’s exciting to see them discover it for the first time and share the moments when we were there for those super special events. The Tears for Fears fan family has grown to well over 1 million with over 47 groups on Facebook and multiple fan accounts on IG. The fandom may be close to 2M at this point. Cheers to the good years and those to come! Enjoy this great set from the summer and leave a comment for Mr. Javaruski – he’s one of us! More memories and fan fun moments to share in the coming months.

Thanks for reading!

-TFF Travel Fan Team

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*Shoutout to Chris Wave for updating the Media Page featuring all TFF TV appearances available from 1982 to present day. There’s also the Band Members in the News that we’re updating.

Tears for Fears Travel Fans in Atlanta
Love this crew! Tears for Fears fans for life!

Nights to Remember – Talking About Tears for Fears with Fellow Fans

Mingling with fellow fans and getting their amazing fan stories and experiences helps bring us together. There’s nothing like finding a kindred spirit in Tears for Fears. Today, we focus on three major fans who have been following the band since the start. Enjoy their contributions that we’ve highlighted here in the archives.

A Moment in Maryland, thanks Stephen Marshall

Tears for Fears Making Maryland’s Night – Show with Chuck

Chuck is one of us! After attending a couple of shows he, like many of us, found it difficult to stop thinking about his euphoric experience. He reached out on Twitter to let Curt and we fellow fans know, he could not let that show go. It was etched on his soul. See more…

Cindy “The Concert Chick” at Jones Beach SetList in Video Snippets

Cindy is a loyal soldier of sound. She has attended Tears for Fears concerts faithfully for YEARS! Always energetic, gorgeous and giving her all for the people, Cindy has created a beautiful video playlist of the shows she attends for all bands. A silent Sherlock in her own right, she knows how to find a good seat at a show. She gets in there and brings us a magnificent experience every single time. Her work is an absolute gift. If you miss a show, find out if Cindy went…she is the queen of recreating experience! Enjoy!!

Tour Synopsis from Lady Tamara

Lady Tamara is a logistics Queen. We were up til nearly 3am in the morning nightly during the tour but she was THE FIRST one downstairs in every city, checking in online and connecting with others. If a change to the schedule needed to be made, she was there to assist with solutions. She was there! A true travel fan indeed! She came ready and correct every day! Enjoy her blog!

“I’m downstairs and ready for this show!” – Lady Tam @ 11am ET 12 June, Alpharetta Ga.

TFF Fan Ambassador Stephen and the Lady of Logistics, Lady Tamara!
Select Here to Read

Sharon Foxx’ Fan Experience

May 21, 2022

I posted this pic of me in 2020 not too long after lock down. And while looking back, in the light of the toll Covid took on the world. I apologize if my quest seemed trite and insensitive. My goal to experience the band live and hear songs that provided the soundtrack to my life, was very high on my to do list. 

I made the decision to buy my ticket for the tour immediately after it was announced. I put the call out to friends and family and told them I would not wait for people to decide if they were going with me. My cousin Rey heeded the call in time to get his ticket and join me.

Day of the concert

MAY 21, 2022

I could say I’ve been waiting for this date since March of 2020. But I’ve actually been waiting since February 25, 1985. Happy the tour was making its way to my hometown of Cleveland. Blossom Music Center is actually a lovely lush outdoor venue outside of Cleveland. It was the second stop on the tour. As Rey and I made our way to Blossom, the heavens opened up and poured down rain, torrential, monsoon rain! We arrived and waited it out in the car, like quite a few other fans did. We made what seemed like the five mile walk from the parking lot to the venue. We took our seats and the anticipation continued.

After an incredible set by Garbage fronted by the great Shirley Mason and before the roadies set the stage for TFF, I introduced myself to the two guys in front of me. I humbly apologized in advance and told them that I would be clapping, dancing, cheering, whistling, possibly crying and definitely singing at the top of my lungs for at least the next 90 minutes or so. They both laughed and said, “Go for it!” House lights down and the band took the stage, Curt, Roland, Jamie, Charlton, Carina, and Doug.

The opening acoustic strains of “No Small Thing” filled the venue, the rain continued but, we were off! My personal highlights from “The Tipping Point” album were the rockin, “My Demons”, the soothing calm of “Rivers Of Mercy” and the fabulous “Long, Long, Long, Time”. “Pale Shelter” “Head Over Heels/Broken” were well worth the wait, BUT…“Bad Man’s Song” was absolutely incredible and is in my top 10 TFF songs. I could hardly contain myself!

My second concert was at Pine Knob in Michigan. My friend Rita and I decided to pack snacks, turn on some great music and take the three hour trip from Cleveland to Michigan. It was incredibly hot as about 30 of us with VIP access, got our swag and waited to enter for sound check. I sat in the first row about seven seats to Roland’s right. They went through usual sound check procedures. Curt and the Sound man discussed levels for I think, “Long, Long, Long, Time” Roland briefly joked about the heat, which was sweltering. They both took time to say hello and acknowledge us, but the focus of course was making sure, the front of house was ready for the show. 

We were introduced to the beautiful Lauren Evans who filled in for the amazing Carina. Where Carina’s voice is soothing like a cool gentle breeze, Lauren’s tugs at your heart while holding you in the palm of her hand with range and passion. She smiled and waved at me.

Again the concert was fabulous. I had great seats to Charlton’s left. He frequently came to the edge of the stage and played to the crowd. The kicker for all of us on that side, is when Curt made his way came over and several lines of EWTRTW! Yea baby!

The Pine Knob show took place well over four months ago. It’s taken me this long to process the visuals, the lights, the relentless pouring rain, the heat, the sweat, the music, the VIP experience, the meeting up of folks from the fan page, from both shows. It was all very surreal. Now when I listen to “Bad Man’s Song” and “Woman In Chains” from my favorite TFF album, “The Seeds of Love”, I still can’t believe I heard those songs live…just incredible! 

Seeing Curt and Roland enjoying performing live again and smiling at each other was really great. It seemed a very genuine love of both the music and each other. They were having big fun just like we were!

Like everyone else I was totally bummed to hear about Curt’s accident and the tour having to be postponed. Nothing can take precedence over the heath and well being of the band members. My heart goes out to all of those who traveled, sacrificed, saved up, bought tickets and made plans. I sent up a heart for those who said either due to finances, personal or other reasons they just weren’t able to see the show. I did understand I was fortunate to see not one but two. To those who moderate pages and went above and beyond to connect, get tour info out, and help is commune with others who love the band, Andye, Darren and Danny, thank you. All those who I met for the first time at both shows..too many to mention, most of you we are in pics together LOL, especially those who traveled across the pond. Those whom I’ve made close friendships with, that have gone beyond the fan groups. You all ROCK!

The music of Tears For Fears is a great example of how great music can cross cultural boundaries and connect people all over the world. I purposely haven’t listened to the three bonus tracks. Let it all evolve, Secret location and Shame(Cry Heaven), for two reasons; one, I missed out purchasing TTP special edition, and two, I’ll give those a listen when I return to earth and need “new” music from Roland and Curt!

Though as unfortunate as it was, the seemly negative childhood experiences of Curt and Roland pushed them to delve into their creative mind and compose thought provoking, melodic, personal music that we the fans, are the beneficiaries of.

With that I say thank you…

More to come! Be sure to follow the band – @tearsforfears on Twitter @tearsforfearsmusic on Instagram!

UK leg of the tour begins in just a few hours! Additional tickets are available for some shows.

-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

Give us a Minute…We’re Overwhelmed with Gratitude

The last time we were able to discuss anything, the Tears for Fears UK team had just arrived and were making their way through California including Concord while taking in sight seeing and fun iconic spots like The Golden Gate bridge. Other travel fans were on their way to Los Angeles for The Kia Forum and Chula Vista shows taking place in Southern California. In tow, was John Baker from Graduate and The Korgis, Julian Orzabal aka The Captain along with our New Orleans and Texas travel fan team members Dawn and Tania. Along with them, Bobby Bblaze, Roland the sequel and Andye the admin of whom they brought in from Atlanta. Let’s just say, incredible memories were made along the way and for the next 16+ days, Tears for Fears, The Graduate and Libre Stone fan teams came together to experience what one can only call The Great Bond. It was like Vegas all over again but with much cooler temps and lots of and family members and friends. To top that off, the teams together managed to get to Tampa, Florida where the festivities continued for another 4 days and from there to Atlanta and Charlotte.

These have been our seats every night, up close, 1st, 2nd and 3rd row, mostly first. Just enjoying this team and all their amazing energy.

To say we have some behind the scenes stories filled with fantastic fun and cool moments with the band and the newest member, Lauren Evans, would be an understatement. These men and women made our year! Photo of Curt is courtesy of BunnyLou Lady Tam who was by our side the whole time getting great photos and videos in a gentle non invasive way. We are so thankful!

We are also super overwhelmed, verklempt and steeped in joy that a few of us are undergoing medical attention. It was THAT much fun and very hard to pause abruptly. We were to continue on to Boston and the Lytham festival but for health reasons, we need to pause. We’re sitting on several VIP tickets right now and not sure what to do with them because we’ve already given out tickets to those who needed them. This has been a life changing experience and there’s no way we can “go back” to who we were before. Looking forward to sharing the fun highlights as soon as we literally stop shaking from this miraculous time together. Please…give us a minute. This is a musical high that has proven almost impossible to come down from any time soon… Imagine being on a cloud 10,000 feet in the air and there’s no ladder… We’re just in absolute awe. Big thanks to Curt for his attentiveness, Shirley Manson of Garbage and Lauren Evans for their incredible interactions. We owe John Baker and The Captain a follow up night on the town! So much appreciation! Big hugs to Danny, his spouse, The Curry Family, Steve Framption and Kim! Let’s do this again!

We have a ton of VIP bags from soundchecks! We love you Brit! Thank you for being so kind at every city!
Lauren Evans has joined the royal court of Tears for Fears as an additional Queen among angels. We adore her! Photo credit: erikaorzco

Woman In Chains – thanks to long time fan and Tears for Fears Convert attendee, Krisiti Wooten, now of NPR. Lauren has received nightly standing ovations. The crowd loves and adores her! Petitions have begun as well to keep a recording of her singing Suffer the Children. More to come…

Forever Fans of Tears for Fears in Phoenix and Denver

…plus snapshots from Concord and Mountainview California

Since the last synopsis, Tears for Fears have had 4 more amazing concerts. Many are saying these ones are even better than the first of the tour. Each night gets better and better and everyone remains in awe of that. The band performed in Phoenix, Denver and 2 areas in Northern California. You can revisit the tour schedule that was posted back in November for exact details on where they were. Loyal fans like, Joe Galluzzo who resides in Toronto attended. He flew in for the Phoenix show. His travel fan story is a heartwarming one. He writes:

My best friend and I since grade 2 share a lot of common interests and one of them is Tears for Fears. Both of us being 42 got into TFF at a young age because we had siblings who introduced us to the band. We both got hooked on Tears for Fears after hearing Head Over Heels. Our fandom for the band continued on through the years with Seeds of Love and Elemental. Break It Down Again was our song in 8th grade. And Raoul and The Kings of Spain stayed on loop while we studied for highschool exams.

We have been friends for 35 years and had never taken a vacation together. So…we decided to travel all the way to Phoenix from Toronto for the show. On our way there we were totally hyped up and excited about the show. After we got our merch, we got to watch the opening band Garbage. They were amazing! Then Tears for Fears came to the stage. They were fantastic from start to finish. Both Roland and Curt sounded great and Carina Round awed the crowd. I had to travel to Vegas after the show but I’m still buzzing from that concert. My friend Gene and I will cherish this moment and wait patiently for the band to return to Toronto so we can do this again!

We’re so happy Joe got to go to the show with his lifelong friend Gene. These two deserve the best. Joe has been to many shows and used to travel extensively during the early ELAHE years. He keeps in close touch and incorporates Tears for Fears into his daily life, proudly wears his tshirts and posts pictures of himself and the band from back in the day. He is the kind of friend everyone wishes they had. We love him dearly and we appreciate him being a member of the fan family.

The next day in Denver, our Lady Tamara travelled back to be with the fan family. Everyone was there including a lot of new people and some members of the band’s family. Roland noted during the show that he and Lady Emily finally had their family wedding ceremony. We learned, from his dear wife, that it took place at one of the former concert venues, Blenheim Palace in the UK. Just gonna go ahead and brag and say we did get to see more of the photos, not just the ones she posted…that wedding was nuuuhhhiiiiccce! They looked Ahhhhhmazing! We hope she shares some of what we saw. Everyone looked incredible! But we digress… Roland got a little verklempt during the show when he spoke about the wedding. He is very much in love with Emily and we are stanning for it in full support wishing them the happiest of days of ahead…and that he and his mother-in-law will agree that he does have a real job (concert joke).

They say when it rains at a wedding that the love will last forever. We are witnesses to that as some fans did have weddings where it poured and they are the tightest of couples with 20years together. Well, the love flowed at this show and so did the rain. Fan family members spent some quality time with each other at this event. They snuggled and sang along the whole time. However, in the back of the show, the reserved seats provided were pleasant but the crowd was very mixed in who knew the new album and who didn’t. Let us say right now, some of the experiences from that part of the venue proved that if you are a loyal fan who comes online and spends part of your day interacting with fellow fans…heed our advice. Do what you can to get VIP and other opportunities that will put you closer to other passionate fans that like to sing along. Drop the whole “I’ll just stay out of the way and enjoy the show from a far.” No. Throw yourself into the fray. Allow yourself to be loved and hugged. Get in there! Go ahead and take advantage of those seats in front of the band. Huge thanks to those who provided information about the different sections of the crowd and what it was like for them. The insight is very helpful.

We love that the teams that flew in also took time to go sightseeing and enjoy the city of Denver. Stephen and Lady Tamara shared a lot of great photos and experiences. We’re so grateful that we have such a beautifully connected team of fan family. These two concerts really brought a lot of people together.

The shows in Concord and Mountainview California areas brought in our dear friends from the Tears for Fears UK group and fan forum. Darren and Gwen were reunited with Stephen. The photos they shared are so perfect! Get in the forum and have a look at everything when you get a chance. The team enjoyed the VIP soundcheck and attended both shows before a fun car trip down to Los Angeles for this weekend’s events.

The thing that stood out at these shows was the grand consensus that the band sounds so incredible. The show is incredibly energetic and well done. The reviews and comments of praise are overflowing. Seems that VIP is going well also. Fans that do not have it are noting they wish they had as they love the unique merch. One fan noted that she wasn’t that pleased with the H&O/Tears combo VIP merch deal from 2017 so she skipped out on this one. However, she’s eager to get a hold of this tour’s so we’ve contacted some others to see if they can get her a package. She’s not the only one. Several are asking. We hope the VIP team can be of assistance in helping make this possible.

Meanwhile, other longtime fans are driving in for the shows. It’s been an epic road trip for several as they go from city to city to enjoy the concerts. Many special guests will be at the California shows and we expect that there will be tons of family and celebs present. We look forward to discussing it. Enjoy the photos from the fans travelling from all over to be together and support Tears for Fears.

Hope to have more photos and videos next week. We’re taking some days off to catch up on some sleep. We have not slept since last Friday and it’s beginning to hurt. Lol.

Cheers and thanks for reading, writing and reaching out along the way!

-Tears for Fears’ Travel Fan Team

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Tears for Fears Touching Hearts in Texas

Dedicated to Keanu and all the kids at the shows! May your light shine and your dreams take you to all the great stages of the world!

Keanu and his Dad “Bblaze” – long time Tears for Fears fan driving nationwide from show to show!

Despite the devastating news of the day, Tears for Fears stepped in as a comfort in Dallas. The band lit up the night along with the accompanying thunder and rain in the region. Fans flew in early, many knowing that the night might be sullied by torrential rain. VIP Soundcheck went unscathed but the wind and the rain made it impossible for concert attendees to stay on the lawn. The venue ushered in as many as they could to a safer area of the venue so they could watch…however, it has come to our attention that some were turned away and told they can get a refund.

Earlier, a fan noted that her assistant had sent a photo of a sign noting that the lawn seats were likely a no-go. If you have not gotten your refund or need assistance let us know. Happy to research that for you and perhaps connect you with others in the same situation. That is painful and unfortunate as we know many brought their kids in hopes of a family night out to watch the band live and in person. Don’t lose hope, Texas has been on the tour list for several tours. They’ll likely return and, of course, there’s the TFF travel fan team to help you get to the next concert destination should you like to try and see them this year!

The crowd was incredible! From the start, Tears for Fears Travel fans like, Bblaze and his son Keanu were present as were two other ROCSaTears, Becky and Carolyn. They were there for soundcheck and Roland noticed some of the Libre Stone shirts it the audience. He also seemed to light up at the familiar faces, recognizing fans he had seen many times, flying out to support the show. Soon after, fans began sending in photos of themselves with other fans, the fan family reunion was in full swing. Shoutout to the lady who came to the Winstar show in 2014. She and her husband made it to this one as well!

The effervescent energy of this show has shocked so many. One of the first things several fans have noted is how energetic Roland and Curt are on stage. They mentioned time and time again how animated everyone is and the entire concert is absolutely electric with euphoria. There were some solemn but soulful moments, such as when ‘Suffer the Children,’ was sung. Carina Round gave it her all as the majority of the room stood standing very still ensconced with her voice and perhaps out of respect for the lives lost that day. ‘Mad World’ was particularly precious and Curt tweeted about it after the show.

“That concert was the biggest therapy session I have ever seen,” noted Bblaze who has been driving nationwide to shows for more than decade. Others spoke up about how they felt healed and one lady said she was so touched, she walked home in the rain. Tears for Fears will do that to you. They always have music that suits the times…at the right time.

The next day fans travelled to a suburb just outside Houston called Sugar Land, Texas. This is the former home of one of the Travel Fan admin’s uncle, who introduced her to their music as a toddler. Shoutout to the late Uncle Hurley. This is especially important because there were MANY kids there with their parents getting to hear Tears for Fears live for the first time. These kids are likely to go on to take their kids to shows. They may even be front row for Diva Smith and Pascal Orzabal, who knows! Kudos to all the parents who had their mini-mes right beside them singing and dancing along. What a blessing to be able to share Tears for Fears music with the next generation. How exciting is that?!

The excitement at this show was from start to finish – from the time the fans arrived to the finale. Big props to Jamie Wollam for coming out in the lobby. The Curry Family and Tania M. were able to grab a photo with him. Jamie also went above and beyond as he always does. Very grateful for him and we appreciate him infinitely.

Soundcheck was superbly solid. The Houston show also gave fans a perk. Tears for Fears debuted the music video for ‘My Demons.’ Danny C., admin for a Tears for Fears fan groups online, marveled at it. He and others are super excited about its release…and what a treat to be able to see it first before anyone else.

My Demons Previewed in Houston

Fans noted that this specific show was filled with fans who had been supporting the band’s music since The Hurting. They were very much into the hits as shown on Marshall, of TFF UK’s video of ‘Head over Heels.” Fans sang that song with so much passion and rocked out to the “Broken” version ending as we all are known to do. That ending alone should land the band a spot in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.


As mentioned, multiple times, one of the best things about these shows are the segues between the opening act and the commentary by Roland and Curt during the show. It has been verified that the music everyone is hearing are covers of the band’s songs during the segue. The songs were reproduced by a young man that Roland discussed during an interview. He goes by Brothertiger. In particular, he covered Songs from the Big Chair in its entirety – including the infamous line in ‘Listen’ that was deciphered during a BBC Song documentary on the band some years ago. There are three versions of the line, “Wrap me up a tikka chicken take-away” and “Cumpleanos chica, no hay cuperse.” The line is neither. It’s actually Swahili and …well, it does have to do with a chicken. Please be sure to watch that documentary for the correct line or find one of the travel fans, who may be wearing the slogan on a t-shirt.

The commentary from Roland was particularly funny – he’s been telling a lockdown joke that has left the crowd giggling and in stitches lol. We live for those moments. He could do a 30 min joke set before the show and we’d pay for that too.

Videos, photos and more trickled in slowly after this show. Fans were up bright and early the next morning loading tons to the fan generated TFF groups on Facebook and loading multiple videos and clips from the show to Instagram. Exhausted but happy, the Travel Fans are headed to the next show in Phoenix…many are already there. Let’s see what happens tonight!

Many thanks to Mr. Curry for the photos. Huge thanks to everyone who called and participated in the post-show discussions and superfan sessions. We had a lot of fun despite lack of sleep! Safe Travels!

-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

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Tears for Fears Serenade Cincinnati & Cuyahoga

Dedicated to Stephen and Sean (TFF UK), Andrea M., Lady Tamara, Cathy, Laura O. and Sharon

Let us take a moment to thank the Almighty Universe that the band completed their first two shows flawlessly. Tears for fears spent the weekend in Ohio, first in Cincinnati (20th) and then Cuyahoga/Cleveland on Saturday (21st). Big thanks to the fans who helped fellow fans get VIP tickets and premium seats. Some fans literally gifted 2-3 seats to fans to ensure everyone that needed a ticket was able to get one. Fans flew in from all over the globe to attend this show. Big shoutout to the Tears for Fears Travel fans and fan forum members who came out in full force with the blue tees! What an incredible way to represent the soldiers of sound!

The goal of the synopsis is to give fans who are travelling and those who may not make it, a chance to understand what it’s like to follow a band from city to city out of love and support.

The trek to get to Cincinnati included a lot of flying and driving. Tamara drove from Nashville. Stephen and Sean flew in from the UK. Might as well let it be known that Stephen is the official Tears for Fears Fan Ambassador and Guest of Honour. He’ll be at every single show. We’re so honoured to have him representing us at each event. The teams battled the blazing heat, humidity and lack of shade during VIP check-in. It began at the specified time and then there was another hour or so of waiting around to be able to go in. The trek over to VIP was a bit much. Way too much walking if you’re injured or in any kind of pain. Not saying that injured individuals should think twice about this option but you need to know that there was a bit of walking at this specific tour stop. So, look at the maps and the distance from various points so you can plan accordingly.  We have quite a few people in our fan family of diverse abilities and so we may need to start hiring assistants to get from point A to point B if amphitheatres are going to be the norm. We’re not implying that the band need to provide it with VIP we’re just collectively discussing how we’re going to manage this in the future.

Once inside, fans were asked to line up single file in no particular order. So if you were the first one to buy a VIP pass, you may not necessarily be the first person in line. They are not numbered. Fans were then led into the amphitheatre where the band came out and welcomed them to soundcheck. No phones, no cameras, no media allowed. Just the fans and the band. Roland and Curt made some fun, warm and cozy conversation with the VIP audience. For several, they kind of wished this was the whole show, an intimate, fun cozy set with the band. And let’s just throw this out there…we’re here for it. If Tears for Fears wishes to have several shows a night in one city with under 100 people at a time…name your price!

After the soundcheck, which included Carina, Lauren will be on the east coast shows and half of the UK (so excited about her joining – heaven bless this tour), amphitheatre staff led the fans out of the area to wait for the show. This part was uncomfortable because it was hot. You couldn’t sit in the amphitheatre and wait for the show to start. You had to go in the heat outside unless you had a car to sit in. Given that many are flying in from around the world and getting dropped off by car services like Uber, it is very uncomfortable for them to sit outside. Not sure how to remedy that right now. So, bring a hat, sunscreen and whatever comfort you can get. Not sure why we can’t stay indoors but again, this is not a complaint and we don’t want this to detract from the euphoria that is Tears for Fears tours. The band members do not have a say in these types of decisions.

Merch table included a variety of new things that are not all on the official website. There’s the official Tears for Fears 2022 tour tshirt with all the cities. There’s a different version of the sun emblem long sleeve shirt and a few other items that you’ll have to attend the event to purchase or ask a fellow fan to buy for you. You may want to download cashapp so that fans can easily accept payment for the items you want and then have them mailed to you. Because there is so much new merch, buying one of everything meant we had loads of stuff to carry around into the amphitheatre. So, we let them know that this is a bit difficult. We can only bring in a clear bag that is 12x12x6 (see the official measurements on the venue page please – don’t quote us). But all that merch plus a breakable enamel Tears for Fears mug does not fit in that bag nor does that mug travel well in a busy venue with people dancing and singing. The venue understood our concern and said we could take our merch back to the car. Thank goodness!

After that, all was great! Venue opened, people got their seats and we had a blast!! Garbage as an opening act is incredible! Several fans reported they felt they sounded as amazing as an actual recorded album. Shirley Manson, their lead, wore an incredible ensemble and sounded as awesome as ever! We don’t have the full set list of songs she sang but many of the hits were performed (e.g. Stupid Girl, Only Happy When it Rains).

One of the biggest treats of the time between an opener and Tears for Fears is the music played in between. That usually consists of Stand or Fall, Ashes to Ashes and a few other cool songs. Fans noted they themselves were in such a state of euphoria that they don’t remember if any of these favourites were played on the sound system.

Tears for Fears Take the Stage…

The band entered the stage to ‘Stay.’ This worried some because here it is…that song is the most beautiful worrisome ballad outside of the other two worrisome songs which shall not be named (hint: fish and Sun). When people don’t know why something happens, they make something up. So here’s what we came up with… This tour is promoting the new album. Seven new songs are on this tour. The band opens with ‘No Small Thing’ which we knew was going to happen so what other walk out music were they going to use? ‘Listen’ would be ideal as a walkout and lead into ‘No Small Thing.’ However, ‘Stay’ it is… What we want fellow fans to try to do (and this will be difficult and may require supplements like a B-stress complex vitamin) is to not make assumptions or feel like there’s a hidden meaning in using that to start a show. Because right now, that’s how several feel. They’re worried the band is trying to give us a message. Here’s what we do know. The band said and expressed repeatedly how much this album meshed and reignited their collaboration and brotherhood. Let’s believe them and trust that ‘Stay’ was used because it’s a great lead in to ‘No Small Thing.’ *Update, fellow fan says they heard ‘Listen’ before the encore at this show…we’ll confirm.

The show then continued with several top favourites from The Tipping Point (see set list – thank you Lady Tamara and King of Cool Cuisine Posts in California). The show also included one or two quick conversations with the crowd. One led by Roland and another by Curt. Now…we usually get a little more than that and we look forward to it. But we also understand this is a concert, not a speech. So…we’ll gladly enjoy the music. But as we often say, they could come out and sit down and just stare and we’d swoon and scream. If they followed that sit down with a cup of tea and had a conversation we’d be all in it and ask for more.

Carina performed Suffer the Children in what has become a very special and anticipated part of the show. Carina’s approach to the song is so perfect. We’re not sure if Lauren will also be given the song to sing. Her professional singing career and from what we’ve heard so far on her published work make it clear she can handle anything. So…throw down the challenge to the band. Carina can keep STC and Lauren can tackle “Me & My Big Ideas” on this tour. We’ll bring the salts to revive all those who may faint.

At the end of the Cincinnati show, fan teams  headed on out pretty quick. The day had been long, the earlier heat had worn them out. Not much by the way of fan photos post show. But there were plenty before. Enjoy!

Day two in Ohio brought with it the other elements for which Tears for Fears are known. If you noticed, at least 2x a week since 2010 during a tour there’s a day where the city or skies above the venue experience The Sun, The Moon, The Wind…and The Rain! Cincinnati had the Sun and the Moon. Cuyahoga had the Wind and the Rain…it POURED! It was so bad, they had to delay VIP by one hour. No one was allowed in certain sections of the event area until 6:30pm. Fans were caught out in that mess and had to attend the concert completely soaked. So, we guess that it’s crucial to bring a poncho after all.

But once it cleared, fans lined up for merch and soon found their way to their seats. There was a sound check and all went well. It led to an incredibly beautiful clear night and the fan family came out tenfold to support the band. They sang at the top of their lungs and the energy permeated through to the band members themselves. Curt noted it on Twitter how loud the crowd was and that’s a good thing. All that love flowed out like a river! And that, dear fan family, was the show!

We do not know who the men are that recorded the concert with professional broadcast quality cameras. There was one on each side of the stage in Cincinnati. Perhaps there will be a concert DVD? We’ve seen that before but never actually saw anything come of it. We sure hope this time someone is putting together a reel we can buy. One thing we do want to note is that if you’re on the first or second row…it’s best not to hold up a camera in Roland’s face. We’re just going to flat out say it, it makes him uncomfortable. Several of us noticed it and have noticed it for years. It’s also kind of rude. He likes for fans to just enjoy the show…and in all honesty it’s hard to enjoy a show when you’re fiddling with your phone. So please keep that in mind. Let’s give them our full attention.

If you do have photos and snippets you want to share please let us know. We will not accept full video of a song from up close. You can email us or contact us via Twitter or Facebook. We’ll gladly add them with your name credit and include a page about you and your experience, if you’d like, on this site where we archive our fan life with Tears for Fears. Be sure to check-in before and after the show on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Use hashtag #TFF22. We can’t wait to see and hug you in person! Safe travels!

-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

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*more footage from Ohio may be added at a later date. Some of the files were so large we couldn’t edit them in time. We don’t want to make people wait too long for a synopsis.

Tears for Fears Travel Fans Q2 Update

Dedicated to Lady Tamara and the Friday Night Fry Up Team who led us up to the day of the release. Their team and many at Radio Bath (i.e. Dave Mason) continued to play Tears for Fears’ music as well as provide amazing in-depth interviews with the band. We remain grateful for it. *Featured photo is Gwen of TFF UK with Roland and Curt at an event celebrating The Tipping Point’s release.

The album is a roaring success. It’s in the hands of a lot of long-time loyal fans as well as returning fans plus new ones and an additional generation of music lovers. The album came out at a very important time and right near the anniversaries of that which started it all.

The Tipping Point led to even more fans celebrating the band’s first official album under the name Tears for Fears – The Hurting – released the 7th of March in 1983. It is still being incorporated into events, sampled by so many artists and still being sung today- even in schools, choirs and important political movements. Alongside the new album, The Hurting has been highly discussed/mentioned in recent interviews by producers, podcast hosts and tweeted by fans, some of whom stateside noted they discovered it after SFTBC.

Unlike other albums and releases, we feel The Tipping Point was brought into the world in proper fashion. Huge thanks to Tears for Fears management’s marketing team or whomever on the management side that ensured this album was highlighted on all social platforms including sponsored hashtags. The best part of all the highlights and countdowns were the numerous interviews, Q&As and in-person events in which the band participated. From Graduate to present day, the interviews with the band touched on every nook and cranny of their history. This list may not have all the interviews but it does include some of the agreed upon top favourites!

Bespoke Interviews

The top favourites were Dave Mason of Radio Bath and Nihal Arthanayake of BBC radio 5’s as they gave listeners incredible listening experiences. If you haven’t heard them you missed out on an incredible moment!! Schedule time to dive into the replays tonight or sometime this week.

Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/radiobath/tears-for-fears-album-special-the-tipping-point-part-1/

BBC’s Nihal Arthanayake conducted another stunner that is deep, well-executed and brilliant on every level. Mr. Arthanayake did his homework and research so thoroughly that he was able to touch on some of the even earlier beginnings of the band which prompted Roland and Curt to go even further with glimpses and descriptions of their childhood that went far beyond knowing that Roland was appreciative of Curt’s voice after hearing him singing a song by Blue Oyster Cult. It goes MUCH further than most interviews. There are so many new pieces of info and memories shared than previous years. It’s certainly worth the listen.

Additional gems include the following and don’t miss out on Drummer Genius Jamie’s interview on The Real Hope podcast noted below.

Sunday Morning on CBS:

Good Morning America

The Colbert Show

Break the Man Debut with Band Q&A on YouTube

TFF articles



Creative Independent


Reset Podcast

Kyle Meredith


Full Cry


Pocket Mags


Dreams of Children

Tape Op

Audacity: (Facebook)

Associated Press (AP):


Classic Pop Magazine:


iHeart Radio – Inside the Studio:

Irish Times

Another from Irish Times

Metal Talk:

Music Week:

New York Times





Record Store Day Podcast:

SiriusXM –

Spin Magazine:


The Afterword:

The Independent:

The Post:

The Real Hope Podcast (featuring Drummer Genius Jamie)

The Star: https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/music/2022/02/11/tears-for-fears-discuss-the-long-road-to-the-tipping-point.html



Vertigo: (may be over)

Virgin Radio UK:

These interviews have been extensive and while most of us hardcore folks know these answers to the questions, we did learn something new with each one. Yes, we knew Roland heard Curt singing a song by Blue Oyster Cult but we learned more about their interactions prior to Roland hearing him sing and the things that led up to the blessed day these twin flames kindled their bond of musical brotherly love.

It’s worth it to listen to each interview twice – they’re THAT good! It’ll take you a month but if you’re a loyal lover of music you’ll be glad you did. Lots of good stuff!! (There were also podcasts and newspaper articles (i.e. Songcraft and Sacramento Bee newspaper))

The Arrival…

The Tipping Point released right on time. We got it at midnight Friday the 25th – same day as SFTBC in 85. Like New Year’s Day, we watched it come into existence starting in The Philippines with Joyce from the Tears for Fears Phils Kook group and eventually to the states with Andye.

As part of the release, several fans got to hear more than just the singles at events. In addition to NST, TTP and BTM, fans heard the remaining songs from the album. At a Q&A in Hackney, several fans got to ask questions including Tears for Fears Fan Forum members Gwen and Darren. Both of their questions were referred to on separate occasions not long after the Q&A. Darren’s ended up in the newspaper. Certainly a really cool moment compared to the last time one of our fan conversations made headlines (i.e. Q1 2019 Andye and Curt re: some discomfort Curt was having – of which we learned more about in the subsequent interviews of 2021 and 2022 and the backstory to the song Stay – track 10 on TTP. That conversation, of course, will go down in history like SK and FOW – insightful, but let us lay it to rest. We’re focusing on these guys’ loving future together).

Thankfully, in this process we learned that the two angels were not fighting but moreso they, in the end, were not excited with what they were working on. Musical “speed dating with some of today’s most notable musicians” did not produce the results and quality they wanted. This lack of satisfaction with the early songs led to conversations with one another and the two had a sit down in Curt’s beautiful and blessed house with their acoustic guitars. There, they began these miraculously sublime songs – ‘No Small Thing’ being one. The two bonded and deep dived into all the feels. The result, with the help of Charlton plus a few others, we, the fans, were gifted with 13 songs. Each one is performing a ton of emotional surgeries virtually for fans who were longing for the band’s healing voices. In the fan forum, testimonials about how The Tipping Point is getting followers through some tough times are peppered throughout the comments. Their voices are the medicine we need.

The spot where the healing began…beautiful!

The mental image of fans resting with their eyes closed, headphones on while the lyrics mend their hearts, minds, past and present hurts is a phenomenal scene. Tweets, posts and videos discussing the magnificence of it all made it clear that the magic and blessing of the band is still as strong as ever. CDs plus several of the colourful vinyls sold exponentially leading them to the #1 and #2 spots on a variety of charts for a little over two weeks. Some fans don’t even own a record player but bought the LPs anyway. Thank you Chris Hammond, Matthew Stewart and others for sharing your vinyl photos.

The reviews have continued to pour out the praise!

DJs from back in the day to present spent a lot of time discussing the album. One of the best online dedication events was with Jake Rudh. His Transmission show was hours of Tears for Fears music videos including Graduate plus TFF peers like Kate Bush and Yaz/Alison Moyet. He even played ‘Russians’ by Sting/The Police. Imagine being at a video party with a big screen and every gem from the decade’s UK based bands playing alongside deep cuts by Tears for Fears and Graduate. It was incredible!!!! Thank you DJ Rudh!

Fan Interactions/Band Chats

As mentioned, the band took time immediately following the release to hang out with UK fans. And when you think it’s all over…it’s not over…it’s not over ::takes a bite out of this tangerine::. Tears for Fears went further by partnering with various records stores and dedicated music locations. They met up with fans AGAIN, answered questions, signed autographs and got to meet even more of their loyal base ahead of the tour. It should be noted that hundreds have bought, not one ticket, but, as we encourage, multiple so they can follow the tour from start to finish. The band will see a lot of their dedicated Travel Fans in the audience. Maybe we’ll all fill up our gas tanks at the same station along the way. Big shoutout to Darren, Gwen, Stephen and team for getting out to these UK events and ensuring the soldiers of sound are well represented.

There was also a chance to chat with Curt on Reddit. Sadly if you didn’t already have an account, your questions did not appear. But we suggest holding on to your account in case there’s another Reddit chat opportunity. Listen: https://reddit.app.link/3fVKoq1V4nb

Tim made good on the listening party opportunity. We got to sit with Curt and thousands of fans on Twitter and go over each track together with backstory information on every song. It was an amazing hour! Tim made good on his word – Twitter Listening Party

Tears for Fears also hosted their own “Twitter Q&A” by allowing us all to send in questions. One of the highlights was learning about the lone woman in BTM. She does represent the fact that some people will go along just to get along. BTM is a powerful song that we hope will be used in anthems to come as the globe pushes for more equality on multiple levels including women having more of a say in healthcare laws that pertain to issues that only women are forced to deal with due to biology (e.g. ovarian cancer, etc.).

Reactions to the album have prompted several to dedicate themselves further to the band. Lady Tamara got a TFF license plate and a new tattoo. Body art seemed to be the most popular way to show one’s love for the band. Others made their own merch in addition to that which was provided by the band.

All while the album was being celebrated, lots of other cool things were going on simultaneously. Charlton and Michael Wainwright celebrated a birthday, Jamie joined A&F Drums. Oleta Adams started her 2022 tour and several fans got to see her and get their merchandise signed. We also learned that Doug Petty put together some piano arrangements of the band’s work and Curt mentioned they’d likely be releasing that in the future. We expect a residency show to accompany it where we can dress to the nine’s and listen in a grand theatre setting. We’ll likely nag them to pieces until this actually happens because…well…that’s kinda what we do. We were swept off our feet with the BBC Piano Room show and there’s no way on earth we can settle for just that one occurrence. We can’t wait for more.

If you somehow have to miss this tour, more shows have been added for the fall. There’s a Banquet Interview and Q&A to come. It is sold out but we do have some spare tickets. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter if you need them. Also, if you didn’t hear back from the band personally, that doesn’t mean they didn’t see what you said. The response to the album and all that went on was INTENSE and overflowing. They sent out a thank you. See these kind words from the band…

The Returning Fans

As mentioned, the band’s management’s marketing teams brought in a ton of returning fans. Some mentioned their fandom kind of dropped off after Seeds of Love. And the headlines around the band’s album have all been about a “comeback” as if the band has been hiding away in some cave for the last 20 years…and we know that’s not true. The band has been touring almost annually since ELAHE was released. So at the top of the Tears for Fears’ Travel Fans accounts you’ll find a summary and guide that helps new people and returners.

Examining the Music

As much as we want to move forward and not hold the band to their early hits so we can enjoy all that they are providing for us in the present and future, it’s hard not see Rick Beato’s video on Everybody Wants to Rule the World. He’s done another featuring Tears for Fears but this one specifically really touched our hearts. EWTRTW hits different…it has a universal power that has been blessed. Mr. Beato really digs in and lays the song out in layers. It’s like looking at the anatomy of something great. Enjoy this. Leave him a note and let him know you appreciate it! He’s fan like the rest of us.

Curt reminded us that 1 April is the original Tears for Fears Live Concert Day. Tears for Fears had their first show at Moles 40 years ago this year. That’s the age of many of us (or close to it) in the Toddlers for Tears for Fears sub group. We were running around in our little dresses, short pants and tiny t-shirts singing the words all wrong. Meanwhile an amazing review was written and was preserved. So grateful for this wonderful digitised keepsake.

More Amazing Artwork

Another piece of fine artwork was created during this time. We thought it was a unique one time thing but apparently the artist made several copies. Lady Tamara and others were able to get one and it is stunning!

That nearly sums it up for Q2…there’s lots more and you can find it on the Tears for Fears Travel Fan & Kooks page and the Fan Forum. Also checkout a new group “The Tears for Fears Gratitude and Appreciation Group” on Facebook. We’re looking forward to partnering with them on a cool fan generated project. Big thanks to The Curry Family and the Tears for Fears Fan Forum for all their work to ensure everyone got an album, the deluxe set, Raoul’s new artwork and so much more during this time. Members and the Curry family went above and beyond to make sure that teams got tickets, travel accommodations and so much more. The Tears for Fears Travel fan team has distributed all the tickets except the VIPs which will have to be picked up at Will Call with the designated ticket holders. We’ll be having additional meetings and logistics discussions along the way. We’ll be tweeting along the way. We do not expect to do any M&Gs with the band this time around but if you see “Roll Call” on our Twitter or Facebook accounts get in touch right away to check-in for a fan activity.

So what’s next? The live shows! See you in a few weeks! Big thanks to management and the local authorities for making it possible for more people to attend the shows. Thanks to you, our readers, for reading! Be sure to follow the band on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They’re also on TikTok.

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