Tears for Fears Tour 2016 Reschedule


See photos, videos and fans from the UK shows:
Newmarket Racecourses – 29 July & Camp Bestival 31 July

*The band will also appear at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on the 24th of September 2016


“At the end of the day, we’re glad the sick family member is apparently going to be okay? Kindly, the band will be able to do some shows vs. cancelling the entire tour.”
-Travel Fan Concensus

Note from Moderator: This has not been a good year for music. We lost a lot of amazing icons and many are still mourning them online and in various memorial ceremonies in fan clubs and events worldwide. I’m actually attending a Prince event with a Middle Eastern Dance community very soon. I don’t know anyone that didn’t love Prince. Our musicians are what we take with us everyday. Be it their music, souvenirs, t-shirts and so much more, they are with us in spirit. I mean who doesn’t wear their Tears for Fears t-shirt or other cool things you get from the merch table on a weekly basis? You buy two shirts so one is preserved and the other you can wear as much as you like! Their music is a big deal!

So yeah, when the band let us know someone was sick in their family a quiet chaos ensued on fan walls and Twitter. WE WERE SO WORRIED! Thankfully, many fans were very understanding vs. being upset about the festival cancellations and postponed shows. I hope you all were able to resell your festival passes so you didn’t lose the hundreds of dollars you spent on them. In some cases the costs were up to $2000 when you factored in airfare. We are aware of several that spent upwards of $4000 total on premium seats for several shows. If you’re still having trouble getting refunds from the sites you purchased the tickets let us know.

Which brings me to a very important subject…entertainment insurance. It is now necessary to protect your purchases; every aspect from the plane ticket to the concert ticket itself. While Roland and Curt are still quite young, none of us are spring chickens. We get sick and things happen. After 20+ years of following this band closely I have only seen ONE TFF tour get cancelled and it wasn’t even a full cancellation, just dates in the Southeast (Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, etc.). So there was never a need to buy ticket insurance, flight insurance, etc. We felt we didn’t need it. Times have changed. Do you know that it’s $200 to change an airline ticket without insurance on Delta? Well, I do. Because I was just demanded to pay it. Imagine having to pay $200 “flight reservation change fee” for every show you planned to attend because you didn’t buy the extra ticket insurance which is about $15- $30 per ticket. It. Adds. Up.

I, like so many, consider myself a hardcore Tears fan. I have lived in a state of “Stop, Drop Everything and Go See Tears for Fears” for the last 7 years. Because Tears for Fears are rarely in my base city Atlanta, I have travelled alongside some amazing people on the Travel Fan Team and had the time of my life EVERY time. And the band has kindly made it more than worth our (and others’) while. But understand that this is not free. The experience is priceless but it is not completely free of cost and I don’t look down on anyone who just decides not to drop everything in their life and follow this band year after year.

#ThisIsNotARant – these are facts. All of this travel costs at minimum $550 – $1500 per show. Even the cheapest hotel (of which we do not encourage) is $25 a night per person (if you are sharing a room), add in economy plane ticket of $169 minimum/$350 to go to west coast, food at $10 per day (if you eat cheap), car rental/car service/taxi/Uber, band merch and gas. That price goes up if you are disabled, need special seats because a cramped economy seat is not going to work on a 4 hour trip across the country, decide to fly in from Europe or have food allergies. You’re paying $1500 to $2000 per trip and sometimes per day. Not everyone can do that. And we as fellow travel fans understand that and do not fault anyone for saying, “No thanks. I just can’t right now.”

We understand these are the choices WE made. We skipped weddings, delayed buying important things, you name it…because we wanted to be able to go on tour at a moment’s notice without interruption. For some of us, this is our one splurge in life. As noted on many posts on this blog, tickets sales were announced merely a few days before they went on sale for about two years. 2016 was the first time in a while that we actually had a little more time to plan. Sadly, tragedy struck and we had to regroup while the band rescheduled. It was a sad situation for everyone involved.

We are now scrambling to re-arrange our flights (i.e. the $200 plane reservation change fee per city). It is not looking good for quite a few and I have read your email, tweets to me and responded. We don’t know what happened to the Iowa show, New York concert dates or the two in Oklahoma. So several of us can’t really plan anything for this tour because we don’t have enough information on the missing shows. For those who have tickets to Tulsa and Thackerville please see this response to one fan from the band’s FB account.

TFF Response

So… here (and above) are the new dates. If you can make it, GREAT! If not, WE UNDERSTAND! As CD would say, we OVERSTAND! As a part of fan duties and travel fan loyalty, we’ll do our best to link each city with a post about hotels and other travel info for each show date in the coming two weeks. We still wish there was a Tears for Fears VIP option through the band itself, not these venues. That is the only way to feel secure about fair seats and tickets. But they have not established that. Feel free to reach out to us on FB, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube with your comments and thoughts. We understand our fellow fans.
February 20 iHeart Radio 80s Party -Los Angeles, CA – Concert Photos
July 29Newmarket Racecourses – UK – Concert Photos
July 31Camp Bestival – UK –Concert Photos
September 17 – Maryhill Winery – Goldendale, WA
September 18 – Chateau Ste. Michelle – Woodinville, WA
September 20 – Red Butte Garden – Salt Lake City, UT
September 22 – Idaho Botanical Garden – Boise, ID
September 23 – Silver Legacy Resort and Casino – Reno, NV
September 24 – iHeart Radio Music Festival – Las Vegas, NV
September 26 – Meijer Gardens – Grand Rapids, MI
September 27 – Murat Theatre – Indianapolis, IN
September 29 – Hard Rock Live – Northfield, OH
September 30 – The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor – Windsor, ON
October 1 – Casino Rama Entertainment Ctr. – Orillia, ON
October 3 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre- Morrison, CO
October 5 – Pikes Peak Center – Colorado Springs, CO
October 7 – Comerica Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
October 8 – Pechanga Resort & Casino – Temecula, CA
October 9 – Humphrey’s – San Diego, CA

Bob and Lax

Our good friend Lax and cool musician Bob Ramos at TFF Rebank show 2015 – Amazing night!

#BuyTheTicketInsurance #BuyTheFlightInsurance
AA, Travel Fan Team Member

Bon Anniversaire Good Sir Roland Orzabal

We think Carri may have summed up our emotion best with her unique way of showing affection and appreciation.Yes, stay BAMF, Good Sir. BAMF is the way to be. Please enjoy some of the many cards sent out to Roland today.

Cheers, HaPPy B-Yay, Roland! Best Wishes to THE Dynamic, Charismatic, Amazifying Stylish, Magic vocals & helluvah Kewl artist man. A healthy n Happy all year adventurist celebration! ILYSMFM!! Stay BAMF Always, with LUV


Our Sweet Manami always has a creative and thoughtful way of celebrating. She starts the party every year in Japan with something special and this year did not disappoint. Here’s the Good Sir out on the courts. Cheers to all the tennis players on our travel fan team and beyond!


Lady Sylvie’s sweet confections are top of the line!


Roland Orzabal, the Rock Royal, turns a healthy 55 years of age today and still doesn’t look a day over 35. Both he and Curt are fit as a fiddle and we’re happy they share their lives with us and allow us to take part in fun things. Let’s all raise our glass to another good year ahead and in good health! Cheers all!

Coolest of Concerts at Camp Bestival || Tears for Fears

*Dedicated to Angie and Kath, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Ambassadors based in Bath, England. Their outstanding service and support to the band that rules our hearts and minds is unmatched!

TFF Best1


Kath and Angie

“The guys were charming and friendly on stage and the fans were brilliant. It was a really good turnout. The crowd loved them. It was all just so good. I’ll never forget it.” – Kath

“What a fab night! The band were great and they both have brilliant voices and Carina sounds fantastic.” -Angela

Dear Tears for Fears UK, you f*cking ROCK!!!! OMG!!! You really went above and beyond! What an incredible amount of team work! Big high fives to Angie and Kath who were positioned two rows from the stage gate on Roland and Carina’s side. These darling soldiers of sound from Bath are some of the original TFF Fans from day one! They captured video and photos promptly, helping us stay right on track in our passion to archive some of the bands best moments in performance as well as chit chat and fun extras that the guys and lady Carina provide.


Photos and videos were sent out in real time throughout the show

Arrested Development and Tears for Fears Reunited Again In Spirit at Camp Bestival

*note from moderator Andye
26 August 2010, a day that is still celebrated, AD and TFF shared a stage in Atlanta. That’s very significant because both were the first musicians featured on media and music assignments in my media/music career. It was backstage on student news sets that I happily researched TFF’s contributions to the industry. The band that had been playing on radios and televisions all around me since childhood was now a part of my education and work. AD, being one of best politically conscious bands on the scene at the time (I was merely 11 years old working as a volunteer in student news) was an instrumental tool in my early dedication to news and music. So seeing them on the Camp Bestival ticket (alongside Tears for Fears again) excited me beyond belief. @ADtheBand is also quite popular in the UK.

AD the Band1

I coincidentally live in their same city and chat about politics and conscious fashion with their female vocalist, Ms Tasha LaRae, from time to time. During a follow up convo on the line-up, I learned that they would not be at Camp Bestival due to someone in the band not feeling well (we are certainly sympathetic because we know what it’s like when our bands/band’s family fall ill).😦 Their absence didn’t stop loyal fans from buying Arrested Development’s album anyway. Upon learning this, our ambassadors sent over a few words of encouragement and healing. I will send the note to AD this week. Hopefully, next time we’ll have our AD/TFF supernova style amazement in 3D at a future show. -Andye


Kath and Angie’s Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Experience
K & A reached out early on when the UK shows were announced. They wanted to make sure everyone travelling to Dorset would be in good hands. They quickly let us know they’d be there to get the video and photos. K &A made good on their promise and have for every single thing we’ve ever done. They were the ones behind the Longacre Hall project and so many other amazing group efforts. We’re thrilled to have them leading as ambassadors of this great legion of TFF soldiers of sound. Below are pictures from their golden music stash. Enjoy the videos and photos.

Tears for Fears 11




Huge thanks to all the fans that contributed over the weekend! Seeing everyone near and far make sure that those who wanted tickets had them was overwhelming and demonstrated outstanding team spirit. One person in L.A. was offering up a premium seat to the Newmarket show and others were clamouring over themselves to get to Camp Bestival as they ditched their previously scheduled plans at the last minute, dropping everything to be there and support the band. The crowd was enormous and electric. It was clear that they knew the songs and all the pomp and circumstance that goes with “Break It Down Again (BIDA).” To say it was a great show is a gross understatement…it was  historic! Music reviews, music news sites and the like are all noting how amazing it was and how absolutely crystal clear their voices were. It was a solid and tight show, the entire band went above and beyond their best!


More Videos from Fans on the Ground at Camp Bestival
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (angle 1)
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (angle 2)
Sowing the Seeds of Love
Billie Jean

More reviews on the night’s event from attendees, writers and photographers…
This Is Not Retro
Cambridge News

*Info on upcoming stateside shows will be surfacing soon. Schedule is on the front page of the blog and also at tearsforfears.com. Subscribe, connect and join in the fun!

Thanks for reading!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

New Music Memories at Newmarket Racecourses || Tears for Fears in Concert

The fun started early. Fans were eager for rehearsal information, opportunities to just shake hands with the band. We’re all so grateful they are back in the area. Looking amazing too…check out these pictures. Many thanks to Rob Waller who was on the ground for a quick hey to Good Man Curt Smith. Nice photos! #TravelFanTeam

Curt And Team2



Additional thanks to those on IG who shared their photos with everyone! Be sure to log on and like their pictures. Connect with fellow Tears for Fears fans.


Video Teaser that was released in February to promote the show

Set List by Travel Fan and new friend Rob Waller



Video Links from the Tears for Fears concert by fans on the ground…
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (angle 2)
Sowing the Seeds of Love
Head Over Heels and Head Over Heels

Full Videos
Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Advice For the Young at Heart

Woman In Chains


And that’s a wrap for show #2 – Camp Bestival is next! Your Tears for Fears Travel Fan Ambassadors Angie and Kath will be on the ground capturing and savouring the moment.

Travel Fans1

Thanks for reading!
-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team

Happy Birthday Curt Smith!

Curt's Birthday

Curt celebrates 55 years today. He’s as fit as a fiddle and we’re grateful for his good health and dynamic attitude. So much love!


Big thanks to Manami for creating the artwork.
You can follow the Good Man @curtsmith on Twitter
and Curt Smith Official on Facebook.

TFF Travel Fan Contributors – Thank You!



Jan Nadal

Jan Nadal and the Manila Kooks 2012


TFF signs everywhere in Thackerville 2014 – crazy fun staying up all night with the team!


Travel Fans hanging out at the Tulsa show 2015 (Loved the signs in the background, for those that know Curt, he approved).

Just want to take a minute to recognise contributors to this tour season. So many people went out of their way to make sure they took care of each other and fellow fans. We have new Travel Fan team members from Australia and the Midwest as well.

Callum B down under has been instrumental in making sure we announce upcoming shows with lightening speed. Some of the shows Callum has put on our calendar weren’t even confirmed by the band yet, this is how fast Callum works. We are grateful to this travel fan team member who is looking out for all of us, making sure we get tickets purchased and distributed in a timely manner. Kudos to you. Welcome to the fan family.

Jamie M is another person who went out of the way to get tickets for friends. There’s something to be said when you take on the role of ticket purchaser. The excruciating stress of trying to get to the box office or sit by the computer and phone to be first in line is just…it’s a JOB! Thank you Jamie for taking good care of your friends.

Tears for Fears loyalists and travel fans ready for ROCS! #ItsMagic

As always our fellow dedicated fans in the Midwest USA went above and beyond securing rooms, getting hotels together and of course tickets. We’ll chat about that more in the future but Kudos to those people, they know who they are. Wishing them safe travels as they go about in the treacherous weather. Blessings tenfold for their constant alerts and coordination to make sure the travel fans from coast to coast get to shows and have more than decent seats. This year took the cake when it comes to kindness.

Our goal is to collaborate and enjoy each other’s company in the presence of the band – be that in the audience or elsewhere. We claim no special place, just a true desire for teamwork and so far these past 6 years of ELAHE focused tours with TFF classics in tow have been remarkable and extraordinary. We have had some of the best days of our lives while following this band and we pray it continues. We pay no attention to divisive efforts. Everyone in the group has worked so hard to put together something not only to share but something wonderful of which to be proud.

Jaynie and Lady K

Lady K and Lady J! Thank you for your TFF Travel Fan contributions! #2014

Our goal is not to “outshine” or “outfan” anyone but to make sure that every single person who loves Tears for Fears as much as we do gets to sit together in the best seats we can possibly find and split the expenses of roaming the land alongside the band. We don’t entertain rumours, anxiety and assumptions made about our efforts. We don’t support divisiveness or loving one band member over another. Actions such as these are poisonous and signs of immaturity. Attitudes like that and those with personal agendas and desires to execute disrespectful acts are not healthy in the fan world…they are a liability.


Fun with #TFFRoadCrew Bill. He’s a nice guy! Hilarious even!

Our hope this year is that every single fan that truly desires to see this band LIVE will have a great seat and meet lots of new like-minded people who wish to see the success of the band and their new album. If you need tickets, have questions about certain shows, feel free to reach out to us. Though we can’t all go to the same shows at the same time, at least one of us is going to be at the show you are inquiring about as that’s how it has been for the last decade/since the 2004/2005 tour and those that followed since 2009. Consider us a resource and a friend, not competition.

Curt and Yara

Good Man Curt Smith and Yara N. ( and Charlton’s profile)🙂 #2012

Big Shout out to these great fans with whom we’ve shared amazing memories through travelling, attending shows or doing tributes:
Sheila (Shee Shee), Deb, Carri D, Alex W., Todd S., Colleen, Janie, Jeanie P., Kai G., Katie, Jen, Melanie, Angie, Kath, Pennie, The Hong Kong Team, Bobby R, Carolyn H, Alisa, Rise, Penelope, Kim T, C.H., Rosalie, Amur, Joyce, Jan, Pam (Snap Happy Pam) Lax P, Roland R, Richard G., Jason D., Andrew S., Sacha G., Lael T, Eileen I., Bob R., Ruby M., Magno Family (all 5), Cindy R, Tara H., Charlotte M, Aya, Kim C. Yara N., Keisha, Nicole, Mr. Bill of the Northeast, Patricia O, Robyn, Heidi, Marcio C., James, Willow, The Villains Band, Naima, Kevin L, Nathaniel G, Doug F, Sapphire, Atlanta Pinoy Association, Christiane, Mary, Susan, Melissa, Becky, KLF B., Reggie, Brian W, Melih, Amalia, Bella , Behrouz and Traci S in Arizona.

And these are just a few of those who express with great joy, in person as travelling fans and or online over the years, their appreciation for the band! There are so many more who travel from show to show. Your work, efforts and support are valid and they are seen and appreciated by fellow fans. Many hugs to you!



SK, Captain Julian Orzabal and Our Good Lady Rise #2014

Thanks for reading!
Cheers to a good tour season!
-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team

*Travel updates on specific shows coming up next week *iA.

Tears for Fears – Casino Rama Concert Info

The band returns to Casino Rama Entertainment Center. The info we posted below seemed useful last time so we’re reblogging cause if it ain’t broke don’t go trying to fix it eh? Note that this is just one show this time around not two as of right now. Also note the date for the show is Thursday the 14th of July (Joyeux Bastille!)

Tears and Kooks International (Tears for Fears Travel Fans)

Two,, count them... Two shows! Two, count them… Two shows!

This is another show that has fans buzzing and more than excited. Tears for Fears will return to Canada (Casino Rama just north of Toronto) this September for 2 days (25th and 26th). This will be immediately following the Michigan show (24th). The venue has a variety of seating options. Most of the front row seats are gone. Reviews on this venue are mixed. Some say it’s just not their favourite place to see a band in Ontario, Canada. However, many are going anyway. Looks fine to us as all the floor seats seem to be in clear view of the stage. See ticket links below  for both shows and examine the seating chart carefully. Yes, you have to be at least 19 years old to attend. This is not an all ages show or one where you can bring your teens, tweens and…

View original post 707 more words

Tears for Fears Concert Schedule 2016


The SignTravel Fan info, ticket links, etc. are available when you click on the link. Those not lit up just yet are those of which logistics (meetups, hotel reservations and discounts) have not been confirmed…but we’re working on it.

20 February: Los Angeles California – iHeart80s – Read Post Show Synopsis
5 June: Cincinnati, Ohio – Bunbury Festival
8 June: Northfield, Ohio – Hard Rock Live
11 June: Council Bluffs, Iowa – Stir Cover at Harrah’s Casino
15 June: Spokane Washington – INB Performing Arts Center
17 June: Woodinville, WA – Chateau Ste Michelle Winery
18 June: Goldendale, Washington – Mary Hill Winery
9 July: Thackerville Oklahoma, Winstar Casino
10 July: Tulsa, Oklahoma – Brady Theatre
11 July: Des Moines Iowa – Hoyt Sherman Theatre
13 July: Interlochen Michigan, Kresge Auditorium
14 July: Orilla, On – Casino Rama/Casino Rama Rama/ (Entertainment Center)
15/16 July: Columbus, Ohio – PromoWest Festival (UNCONFIRMED)
17 July: Ontario Canada – The Colosseum at Caeser’s Windsor
19 July: Lewiston, New York – ArtPark Amphitheatre
29 July:
Newmarket UKNewmarket Racecourses
31 July:
Lulworth Castle Dorset UKCamp Bestival
*more dates to come from what we understand…

Meetups, roll calls and other announcements will be updated on each post and tweeted as info is made available. Feel free to follow @papasfans or join us on Facebook to get quick info as it comes in…

-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears Concert Alert – Tulsa Oklahoma

Given that we did this trip last year, we advise fellow travel fans to perhaps use this blog post below as a guide. The date for this year’s show is 10 July. Tickets are on sale this Friday…alongside tickets for 5 other shows. Advice, aim for the venue tickets first and then reach out to third party ticket sellers. The venue will have them for market rate.

Tears and Kooks International (Tears for Fears Travel Fans)

Brady Theatre hosting Tears for Fears in 2015 Brady Theatre hosting Tears for Fears in 2015

Tears For Fears are confirmed to perform at the Brady Theatre in Tulsa Oklahoma, Tuesday the 16th of June. Tickets for this show go on sale next Friday morning 27 March at 10am CST (Centeral Standard Time  or 11am ET for East Coast, 8am for those flying in from Los Angeles). The Brady Theatre is quite historic, having opened at the beginning of the last century. A plethora of A-listers have performed here. This is not a general admission show, so no need to arrive at the crack of dawn and stand in line in the summer heat (thank you TFF booking). Doors open at 7pm and the show is start at 8pm. No word on who will open for the band or if anyone is opening at all. We also read that the seats are tiny. We don’t know what…

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Concert Update: Tears for Fears at Bunbury

bunbury-music-festival-2013As mentioned previously on our Twitter account and the band’s, Tears for Fears will perform at Bunbury Festival this year. This takes place 3-5 June 2016, This festival is cashless. Your money is stored on a wallet wristband in order to enhance your concert experience. Pretty straight forward festival. The band will be in good company with a stellar lineup of modern musicians. They play on the Sunday the 5th of June according to the updated schedule.

Right now, single day tickets are not available. You have to buy the whole 3-day experience. VIP has not sold out. It’s $1200 and it’s worth it. Given the needs of travel fans who want to have an uber awesome time on tour this is the package you’ll want. It includes:
-Separate Entrance
-Best View of the Stage
-Private Bathrooms
-Parking for all 3 days of Festival
-Complimentary Drinks and Food (and much more)
*If you can spare it, get it.



Delta has great deals going to Ohio quite a bit. So register for their mileage program and you’ll receive weekly notices about flights. We are suggesting Delta because they are the one airline with which we’ve had the least amount of trouble. They can also help you the day of your flight via @deltaassist on Twitter. It’s a big help.

They’ve got it all taken care of…from glamping to camping. Here’s the link.

Venue Address: 705 East Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Meet & Greets and MeetUps
Fans have hinted that they want to meetup and do some fun things, gather and see other bands while there. Other fans have mentioned the festival circuit is not their thing so we “travel fans” don’t have anything planned per se. Let us know if you want to get together and do something fun during the three days. Our activities are about you and maximizing your level of fun.

Remember that the band will be back in Ohio a month later at the PromoWest Festival.

TFF Stage

-TFF Travel Fan Team