Sold Out: Tears for Fears Red Butte Gardens


This venue was so ready and so organised in regards to the Tears for Fears concert updates. As you can see above they made everything very plain and clear. So this show is sold out. They sold the tickets through Ticketfly. Third party tickets are floating around. If you choose to go that route be sure to buy tickets with insurance. Also, we highly suggest getting a membership here if you don’t have one already. Get it for the future.

Venue: This venue is located at the gardens which are within the University of Utah. 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Accommodations: Hilton Salt Lake City Center 255 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. This hotel is going for about $250 a night after taxes. There are less expensive options in the area as well. Let us know if you have trouble finding anything if you haven’t booked your hotel by now.

Airfare: This flight is not cheap on major carriers right now. Delta is asking $600+ for roundtrip. Surely by now you’ve gotten your ticket so this may not apply to you but for those who do not, look at other options. Compare with United, etc.

Meet & Greets: Check with the venue for VIP options. Right now, we don’t have anything scheduled within this group. Be vigilant, you might see Roland and Curt out and about and they are often kind to stop and wave at you. Any friendly contact is better than nothing and it often makes the trip extra special.

Let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter/@papasfans.

-TFF Travel Fan Team

CLOSE TO SOLD OUT: Tears for Fears at Chateau Ste. Michelle


If you’re going to see Tears for Fears at Maryhill Winery, you may want to stick around and head over to Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, Washington. It’s a 3 hour drive so that’s pretty close in our opinion. You can also take advantage of the wine tastings and other cool things going on at this location because the next show isn’t until the 20th. This is the show at which to do a fun meetup.

Time: Show starts at 7:00 pm Gates will open approximately 2 hours before scheduled start. General Admission: $51.50 Reserve Seating: $79.50 Buy Tickets.

Accomodations: This one isn’t not cheap. It’s market rate pricing but it’s close to the venue. It’s called Willow’s Lodge Address: 14580 NE 145th St, Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone:(425) 424-3900 – It’s got a great set of holiday packages so you can relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re going to go this far go all out.

Our second choice: Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Bothell, WA which is about $170 a night after taxes.

Airfare: As mentioned before for this leg of the tour, is offering really great rates in the mid to high $300 round trip. Enjoy that!

Meet and Greets: We do not have any travel fan plans for this location though we did at one time. Sadly due to the reschedule of this show, many of our core travel fan team members had to bail. Those tickets were sold to locals from what we understand. This show is also close to sold out on Ticketmaster. Third party tickets are available but make sure you can return them/buy the show insurance as we instructed during the reschedule notice. If anything changes in regards to  hanging out and partying we’ll tweet about it using the hashtag #RollCall.


Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info: Maryhill Winery


On the 17th of September, another amazing show is scheduled for Tears for Fears. This is a really special date for fans. One of the greatest TFF shows ever happened on this date in Los Angeles at the Wiltern. It’s now Washington state’s turn. According to reviews, this venue is the place for a concert. So, thank you Tears for Fears for agreeing to do the show here. Maryhill Winery is a 5-star facility located in Washington state and is owned and operated by Craig and Vicky Leuthold. Several fans re-purchased tickets for this show and it will be divine. The Zipper Club will open for the band.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased through the venue. Buy tickets. Market value starts at $45 and goes up to $102. Third party tickets are also available for much higher. if you choose that route, be certain to  get the insurance.

Venue: Mary Hill Winery, 9774 Highway 14, Goldendale, Washington, 98620

Time: Doors/Gates open at 5pm, show starts at 7pm. All ages are welcome.

Airfare: Delta is offering some amazing deals right now. Direct flights from the east coast to this area of Washington state start at $390 and go up to $598. Even first class is low price. Saw a round trip ticket for $980+ – so take advantage of that.

Accommodations: The winery has several suggested places that are nearby. Pick the one that suits your fancy from this list. These have shuttles going to and from the winery on concert nights according to the winery’s site. Other hotels on the list are within 6 miles, others further away.

Meet and Greets: Speak to the venue directly to inquire about VIP packages as we do not have any in our possession to give away. Not sure they are available/exist for this show. Oftentimes when one is a member of a winery or theatre, there are various perks worth inquiring about. We do not have any travel fan activities scheduled for this show as of now. We will tweet about it if anything changes and we alert others by using #RollCall on Twitter or Facebook


That’s all the info we’ve got for now. We tried to hold out and see if anyone wanted to do a little party at the winery but with the reschedule some just can’t go at all.

Cheers all!

-TFF Travel Fan Team


Bon Anniversaire Good Sir Roland Orzabal

We think Carri may have summed up our emotion best with her unique way of showing affection and appreciation.Yes, stay BAMF, Good Sir. BAMF is the way to be. Please enjoy some of the many cards sent out to Roland today.

Cheers, HaPPy B-Yay, Roland! Best Wishes to THE Dynamic, Charismatic, Amazifying Stylish, Magic vocals & helluvah Kewl artist man. A healthy n Happy all year adventurist celebration! ILYSMFM!! Stay BAMF Always, with LUV


Our Sweet Manami always has a creative and thoughtful way of celebrating. She starts the party every year in Japan with something special and this year did not disappoint. Here’s the Good Sir out on the courts. Cheers to all the tennis players on our travel fan team and beyond!


Lady Sylvie’s sweet confections are top of the line!


Roland Orzabal, the Rock Royal, turns a healthy 55 years of age today and still doesn’t look a day over 35. Both he and Curt are fit as a fiddle and we’re happy they share their lives with us and allow us to take part in fun things. Let’s all raise our glass to another good year ahead and in good health! Cheers all!

Coolest of Concerts at Camp Bestival || Tears for Fears

*Dedicated to Angie and Kath, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Ambassadors based in Bath, England. Their outstanding service and support to the band that rules our hearts and minds is unmatched!

TFF Best1


Kath and Angie

“The guys were charming and friendly on stage and the fans were brilliant. It was a really good turnout. The crowd loved them. It was all just so good. I’ll never forget it.” – Kath

“What a fab night! The band were great and they both have brilliant voices and Carina sounds fantastic.” -Angela

Dear Tears for Fears UK, you f*cking ROCK!!!! OMG!!! You really went above and beyond! What an incredible amount of team work! Big high fives to Angie and Kath who were positioned two rows from the stage gate on Roland and Carina’s side. These darling soldiers of sound from Bath are some of the original TFF Fans from day one! They captured video and photos promptly, helping us stay right on track in our passion to archive some of the bands best moments in performance as well as chit chat and fun extras that the guys and lady Carina provide.

Photos and videos were sent out in real time throughout the show

Arrested Development and Tears for Fears Reunited Again In Spirit at Camp Bestival

*note from moderator Andye
26 August 2010, a day that is still celebrated, AD and TFF shared a stage in Atlanta. That’s very significant because both were the first musicians featured on media and music assignments in my media/music career. It was backstage on student news sets that I happily researched TFF’s contributions to the industry. The band that had been playing on radios and televisions all around me since childhood was now a part of my education and work. AD, being one of best politically conscious bands on the scene at the time (I was merely 11 years old working as a volunteer in student news) was an instrumental tool in my early dedication to news and music. So seeing them on the Camp Bestival ticket (alongside Tears for Fears again) excited me beyond belief. @ADtheBand is also quite popular in the UK.

AD the Band1

I coincidentally live in their same city and chat about politics and conscious fashion with their female vocalist, Ms Tasha LaRae, from time to time. During a follow up convo on the line-up, I learned that they would not be at Camp Bestival due to someone in the band not feeling well (we are certainly sympathetic because we know what it’s like when our bands/band’s family fall ill). 😦 Their absence didn’t stop loyal fans from buying Arrested Development’s album anyway. Upon learning this, our ambassadors sent over a few words of encouragement and healing. I will send the note to AD this week. Hopefully, next time we’ll have our AD/TFF supernova style amazement in 3D at a future show. -Andye


Kath and Angie’s Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Experience
K & A reached out early on when the UK shows were announced. They wanted to make sure everyone travelling to Dorset would be in good hands. They quickly let us know they’d be there to get the video and photos. K &A made good on their promise and have for every single thing we’ve ever done. They were the ones behind the Longacre Hall project and so many other amazing group efforts. We’re thrilled to have them leading as ambassadors of this great legion of TFF soldiers of sound. Below are pictures from their golden music stash. Enjoy the videos and photos.

Tears for Fears 11




Huge thanks to all the fans that contributed over the weekend! Seeing everyone near and far make sure that those who wanted tickets had them was overwhelming and demonstrated outstanding team spirit. One person in L.A. was offering up a premium seat to the Newmarket show and others were clamouring over themselves to get to Camp Bestival as they ditched their previously scheduled plans at the last minute, dropping everything to be there and support the band. The crowd was enormous and electric. It was clear that they knew the songs and all the pomp and circumstance that goes with “Break It Down Again (BIDA).” To say it was a great show is a gross understatement…it was  historic! Music reviews, music news sites and the like are all noting how amazing it was and how absolutely crystal clear their voices were. It was a solid and tight show, the entire band went above and beyond their best!


More Videos from Fans on the Ground at Camp Bestival
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (angle 1)
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (angle 2)
Sowing the Seeds of Love
Billie Jean

More reviews on the night’s event from attendees, writers and photographers…
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*Info on upcoming stateside shows will be surfacing soon. Schedule is on the front page of the blog and also at Subscribe, connect and join in the fun!

Thanks for reading!
-TFF Travel Fan Team