Tears for Fears Bringing AFAS to Life!

*Dedicated to Lorianne Placidus’ parents Group photo from Jamie Wollam, drummer genius…


Wow, what a sweet and subdued group (and not subdued in a bad way)! TFF Netherland’s energy was suave. You could hear a pin drop when Roland was talking. Now that’s a whole other kind of extreme respect. There was that one guy of whom you could tell by the energy in his voice was about to burst out of his merch and storm the stage for a hug and a brotherly smooch but other than that they were really calm and attentive. There was no talking between songs, no one fainted or fell out. They were just so calm and collected. Goals!

If only some of us could keep our wits about us (moderator included). We literally leap up and down when they come to town like children hearing the ice cream truck…it’s just bananas! LOL! Enjoy this synopsis of the show. We don’t have a lot of video and pictures. Just some shares from fellow fans.

He likes it! He likes it! 🙂

(and there were brownies? Mmmm! Must try! #teehee )




This guy needs a ticket to another show. This just ain’t right…Yikes!

Love the Merch arrangement!

Hope you enjoyed those shares and made some new friends with the people who shared them! This is the last week of the rescheduled sessions. It’s been years since any of us saw TFF during the colder months. We’re so glad it didn’t snow. The elements were clearly attending as well. We all saw the rain clouds make their way to a few venues as well as the wind. Ever notice the weather during the tour? Sometimes you get all four seasons into one…it’s like “the atmosphere knows they’re near.” The whole regional climate rejoices when the band comes to town. More shares to come! Cheers all!

-AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

Birthday Love for Curt in Boston!

So, Curt celebrated his birthday in Boston this year and the coolest part was the crowd singing to him annnnnd his family was there with him! How nice! Crunch Cake Day went off without a hitch!

But first, a little Bath in Boston from a fellow fan who worked hard to get to this show. See her story below.

FullSizeRender (2)

Deb, Darby, Pam and others went to the show and had an amazing time! Check out some of these videos from shares online! Reach out to DB519 and say thanks!!! Make a new friend with those who post videos online! These are amazing fellow fans!

Sowing the Seeds


Head over Heels
*It’s crazy how much this sounds like the actual cassette tape from back in the day. It’s insane really how one can maintain that quality! In most cases, we’ve found they sound even better and they alreadyyyyy were powerful and outstanding… THIS! THIS is why we break our necks and the bank to get to every show. There’s a lot of good energy that just flows like a river at these concerts. You gotta be there to see and feel it!


Birthday Party in Boston!
*Dear person that sang that with such feeling and emotion (do you hear them? soooo sweet! – And Roland’s nice suave ending! Goodness, get the tissues!)

You can’t miss Ms. Sylvia’s cakes! Every year she outdoes herself with a fine creation that captures the band in detail. Here’s Curt’s 2017 cake! We bet it has crunch toffee inside! Yum to the NTH degree!


And his family of angels showed up!!!

Hope everyone had a blast!

Shoutout to Darby who finally made it to a show after years of almost making it to one. She also had tickets for Canada as well…offered to give them away to fellow fans. What a gem of a friend! Read her story below!

“Bought tickets for a concert at the Capital Theatre in NY last last year (but couldn’t go last minute.. THEN bought tickets at New Market (UK) as I have loads of friends there and was visiting… but again , had to reschedule my trip and gave my premier enclosure tickets away to another fan… THEN bought VIP tickets for the Boston show AND the Montreal tickets (our family has a summer home about two hours away and thought that might work as well).. in the end I can only make the Boston concert.”

Glad she made it!!

Thanks for reading!
-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team

Bon Anniversaire Good Sir Roland Orzabal

We think Carri may have summed up our emotion best with her unique way of showing affection and appreciation.Yes, stay BAMF, Good Sir. BAMF is the way to be. Please enjoy some of the many cards sent out to Roland today.

Cheers, HaPPy B-Yay, Roland! Best Wishes to THE Dynamic, Charismatic, Amazifying Stylish, Magic vocals & helluvah Kewl artist man. A healthy n Happy all year adventurist celebration! ILYSMFM!! Stay BAMF Always, with LUV


Our Sweet Manami always has a creative and thoughtful way of celebrating. She starts the party every year in Japan with something special and this year did not disappoint. Here’s the Good Sir out on the courts. Cheers to all the tennis players on our travel fan team and beyond!


Lady Sylvie’s sweet confections are top of the line!


Roland Orzabal, the Rock Royal, turns a healthy 55 years of age today and still doesn’t look a day over 35. Both he and Curt are fit as a fiddle and we’re happy they share their lives with us and allow us to take part in fun things. Let’s all raise our glass to another good year ahead and in good health! Cheers all!

Happy Birthday Curt Smith!

Curt's Birthday
Curt celebrates 55 years today. He’s as fit as a fiddle and we’re grateful for his good health and dynamic attitude. So much love!


Big thanks to Manami for creating the artwork.
You can follow the Good Man @curtsmith on Twitter
and Curt Smith Official on Facebook.

It’s Sir Orzabal’s Birthday!!

…and we sincerely hope it’s a HAPPY one!

*Animation by Manami, travel fan team animation #Japan
*Animation by Manami, travel fan team animation #Japan

(From moderator)
For the first time ever I was at a real crossroads regarding what on earth to get the Good Sir for his birthday. I asked around, “What are you all getting Roland? Can you give me any ideas, anything unique and different from the norm? More skulls maybe? A real bidet perhaps? Wait, that requires assembly… ::thinks back to the thigh master::” Collectively fans have given him a ton of things over the years including some of us delivering gifts individually. I remember 2012, handing over something he could wear, something I hoped he’d love. I even consulted with one of his relatives before buying it. Once I put the gift bag in his hand (he had a wine glass in the other…ah the wine 😉 If only we could host a wine tasting in his honour and learn everything he knows about vineyards and more…but I digress)… I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. “I’ve given the best I have right now,” I said to myself. Much like he treats secrets I don’t keep past birthday gifts “alive.” I’m not looking for them in his pictures or asking where they are. If someone loves what they receive then they’ll let you know just as he did on the 16th of September 2011 after the additional quilt we all worked on (led by long time fan Lady Kim) was delivered.

Whether he tires of the annual slew of “stuff” or not, he has shown a surprising amount of LOVE & KINDNESS to many post reception. What several of us have found in person from the Good Sir is that he is a VERY warm and loving-spirit despite knowing all too well he doesn’t “have” to be. Virtually he has really opened up to a crew on Twitter. It’s giving those of us watching the verbal fun unfold something to “gasp” and “hard chuckle” about almost every day. Though he is elevated in many of our eyes to something supernatural, he is also very human. I’m glad that he has gifted us the opportunity to see that side of him as well.

We thankfully, again, get to wish Sir Roland one of the BEST OF BIRTHDAYS yet to come. I pray this day is filled with genuine love from those who truly care about his well-being beyond music and tours. I hope all of his mornings, noons and nights fill him with an overload of gratitude and appreciation for the joys in his life equal to the amount of true love we have for him…far beyond his stunning tresses or other superficial admiration. I know there are many of us that truly LOVE & APPRECIATE Sir Orzabal more than he’ll ever know. We adore him for his gift of music but that’s only scratching the surface, it’s so much more than that. To all of those who literally prayed for him, his family and his friends and band mates throughout the years, this is about you as much as it is about him. There is a love for this man that surpasses anything we tweet or post on social media. Roland means a lot to us and I wish all were permitted the opportunity to show it collectively and in unison with fellow fans who feel the same way.

Here’s to another great year with Sir Orzabal and his fellow music making family. Wishing he and GoodMan Curt an incredible year ahead. I pray we ALL get to be in it with them.


he's human... :) #MyFavPicture #TheGoodSir
he’s human… 🙂 #MyFavPicture #TheGoodSir

Bon Anniversaire et Se Agapame! ~ Happy Birthday Curt Smith

What do we say to the man we adore and have appreciated and loved for yearrrrrsss, decades??? My goodness, The Good Man is a year older with a youthful spirit and even decades younger good looks. We adore him. Thank you Curt for enriching our lives the way you have, sharing your music, your talent, your TIME and even your amazing angelic family. You spoil us infinitely! Please enjoy these words from a slew of your kooks! Big kisses from Joyce (Manila Kook) who was also born on the 24th of June (hers is actually the 25th but heyyyy…let’s just do a this together…) 😉


Happy Birthday, Curt!! -Manami (Japan)
Happy Birthday, Curt!! -Manami (Japan)

“Happy Birthday Curt!!!! Now everyone sing Happy Birthday!! Great memories. Love, Kook Sheila” (SheeShee) -Sherman Oaks 2011 Birthday Song coordinator

Sherman Oaks Residency, Curt bought  dinner and offered VIP, he shares so much!! xoxo ~Singing Happy Birthday to Curt led by SheeShee
Sherman Oaks Residency, Curt bought dinner and offered VIP, he shares so much!! xoxo ~Singing Happy Birthday to Curt led by SheeShee

CS Patricia

A big Happy Birthday Curt. Age is but a number and your music like a fine wine gets better with age.Have a great time with your family on this special day.” Anthony G.

Happy birthday dear Mr SMITH. Wish you have more (per molts anys in CATALAN)” -Sabine S.

From Sabine
From Sabine

Curt, thank you so much for continuing to do what you do so well. Have a wonderful birthday with that loving family of yours. Many wishes for your continued success! Happy Hatching Day! (My version of Happy Birthday) Love, Carolyn Henneforth” (@Truman555)


Wishing you an amazing birthday and cherished time with friends & family! Here’s to this year being the best yet!! Much love, Becky (@eandbandri) Soboski

From Carri (SK)
From Carri (SK)

Happy B-day, beloved Mr. Curt Smith !!! 30++ yrs, you’ve been my #1 fave singer, hella Coolness (Like a Boss) Superb Kick Ass bassist, and Godsend Idol Extraordinaire talented twilight man. N’joy 2 the fullest.  Have a magnificent day with beautiful celebration. Thank you for being You!

P.S. Thank you so much for all the universal soulful care you have given me during my teen years..
You don’t know how much you got me through many hardships because of your courageous inspiration.

Immensely GratefulEmoji

Bonne Anniversaire et S’agapo! We appreciate you and all the detail and attention you pay to us despite your busy life. You really are a shining example of the concept that family doesn’t always mean “blood relatives.” You take your kindness to levels unknown and we’ve been so grateful to experience that on many occasion. Here’s to more good times and Skittles showers. I love it when you make it rain!! Post rain at the Tulsa show I literally said, “Omg, I’m so happy!” Then I ate them. Lol! Hope to see you soon. Have a great time away with your family. Beijinos, Andye  P.S. Next time I won’t run for Cadbury before the show, arriving soaked with rain and heat, unable to properly shake hands. #LessonLearned #NoMoreFrazzledKook

Curt makes it rain! xo
Curt makes it rain! xo

A very Happy Birthday to you Curt! I speak for all of us, “We  adore you!”  Bobby Russell

Good Man Curt Smith in Tulsa Oklahoma 2015

My cat, Missy, and I are wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! I hope you liked the pressie that SnapHappy Pam and I picked out for you. I am very grateful that I was able to see your show again, and that I left with a great inner peace.

Much love, Lael T. Mark

You bring us all together, near and far! xoxoxo

Um bolo de Curt Smith de Arte em Acucar oxox
Um bolo de Curt Smith de Arte em Acucar oxox

🎂 FELIZ ANIVERSARIO 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 – Marcio Campo (Brasil/Brazil)


Amelie and Yara Nash, who once drove 7 hours to see your solo show, sends virtual Sour Skittles for your birthday. Her daughter has always remembered that he likes those after she met you at a solo show at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks :). “I hope Curt has a most fabulous and beautiful birthday with his sweet family!! Wishing him great experiences and the best for the coming year :).” -Yara Nash

Curt and Yara

Thanks for signing our shirts and being our hero! We appreciate you and your pal Mr. Orzabal. You both keep us going day after day! Life isn’t good unless you two are in it. From the fun during Brit Week to the best tours ever, we cherish every moment near you, Curt. Thank you for making life great!


Your Kerfuffle of Kooks xoxo

Thanks for signing our shirts!
Thanks for signing our shirts!

Tears for Fears In Concert – Vegas Baby!

It's a very nice resort!
It’s a very nice resort!

Curt Smith had mentioned during a chat (can’t remember if it was offline – pardon if this is sharing too much) something about Vegas. Well, as he is known to do, he made good on his word! This is technically not a tour, so…we’re legit on the fact that the band has committed to everything they said they’d do (i.e. that’s it for 2014). This is a bonus and  oooohh how lovely it is!

On Saturday, the 13th of December, Tears for Fears will have a concert at Palms Casino Resort. Pre-sale for these tickets is the 11th of November (next Tuesday). Password is BIGCHAIR. Click here to buy tickets.

We suggest you stay at the resort. Buy your plane tickets now not later as some of us have been burned by the high prices to Los Angeles. If you have questions about the airport, how it works, etc. Email us, respond, etc. We’ve done that route many times. The later you wait, the higher the ticket price. So, if you think you can make it, book no later than Tuesday (after you have secured your concert ticket of course). Yes, this is near the holidays…it could touch into gift funds, etc. Think of this as a gift to yourself!

*Bonus News from Silver Kitty* Tears for Fears will appear on the annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas.  If you are going to the Vegas show you may want to stick around the west coast and head over to L.A. the next day. Tickets for the show will be announced soon. We’ll update here.
*Update* – the KROQ show is now sold out but a few local radio shows associated with KROQ were giving away tickets in various contests and sweepstakes.

Let’s MeetUp!
So, one of our dear travel fans, Alfredo, has been so kind to scope out some great cool spots in the Palm. The plan is to meetup for drinks on Saturday afternoon well in advance of the show. It looks like more fans will be arriving on Saturday morning/midmorning than Friday so no Friday night dinner this time but instead hanging out from 12pm-3pm at the Casino bar.

To RSVP – send an FB email to the ‘Tears for Fears & Kooks’ fan generated page with an email and or phone number where you can be reached. Your name will be placed on a list (for the purpose of having a headcount). You will be contacted the week of the event by one of your fellow travel fans and again that Friday evening and Saturday morning as a reminder and with any updates or changes.

Location: Palm Casino
Cost: no charge- everyone can buy drinks from the bar at their leisure
Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm
RSVP by FB email
What to expect: Opportunity to make new friends and mingle.

Thanks for reading!