Tears for Fears’ Travel Fans Quarterly Update – Q1 2023

Happy Tears for Fears Day 2023!

While Tears for Fears are busy with their calendar plans, we’ve got some time to put the kettle on and chat amongst ourselves plus celebrate milestones and anniversaries of Tears for Fears’ amazing music. That’s what we’ve been doing this quarter.

As mentioned previously, the new album brought a lot of new people and a lot of longtime fans from ‘83 and ‘85 back into the fold. Because people are catching up with all the interviews, week after week, there are newcomers who repost or remind us of things that happened pre-tour season such as this lovely video below from the Sirius XM interview and Q&A. To find out how this took place and how people were chosen you can search the archives using the keywords SiriusXM, Becky or Danny and it should show up for you. Let us know if you can’t find that information. It’s a great interview featuring new fans and those hard core folks who were there in the early days with the band. Enjoy the rewatch!


Big Shoutout to Danny Cricks of the Tears for Fears Travel Fans, Fan Forum and TFF Florida who took time to help lead the online anniversary celebrations and birthdays. Coincidence or not, the band often followed behind his reminders. Danny didn’t just celebrate albums, he went deep with specific song celebrations. Now that’s fan love! Here’s what we’ve been celebrating with him this quarter.


  • Ian Stanley – 28 February
  • Charlton Pettus – 16 February
  • Lauren Evans – 3 February
  • Nicky Holland – 20 February
  • Michael Wainwright – 6 March

Music Milestones

  • Songs from the Big Chair– 25 February, 1985
  • Tears Roll Down (Laid So Low) – 10 February, 1992
  • The Tipping Point – 25 February, 2022
  • Break the Man – video released on the 10th of February 2022

Today we celebrate The Hurting, the album that started it all!! This is the official Tears for Fears Day and always will be! The Hurting is still available for purchase although some of the recent remastered deluxe options have sold out (if you have one, you better keep it). You can buy a copy of the remastered CD from Amazon, Walmart and music stores. The remastered one has extended versions of several songs so be sure to pay close attention to the version you purchase so you can get the all the goodies!

You can stream and in some cases buy the remastered album here from these sources. As a courtesy we ask that you make a purchase of the album first. Artists are not able to make what they are worth via streaming services alone.




Record Store Day 2023

Speaking of days, Record Store Day will feature Tears for Fears’ Saturnine Martial and Lunatic on vinyl! It’s a UK release so TFF UK and Fan Forum Moderator, Darren, is looking into what he can do to ensure global fans get an opportunity  to buy this. More details to come.

Psych Night on Hallmark Channel

Big thanks to the Hallmark Channel and Peacock/NBC for re-airing Psych episodes featuring Curt Smith. Fans got to enjoy two throwbacks – Shawn 2.0 season 5 episode 8 and Clue from Season 7 episode 5. We tweeted and chatted while watching these episodes – still a little squeamish from Curt’s encounter with the panther among other things. We also remembered the cast members showing up at one of Curt’s events in November of 2010, pineapple in tow. That was an awesome night that has been documented here in the archives. Fans and followers of both Psych and Curt noted they are ready for another Psych movie with more Curt Smith and company including a duet with his daughter Lady Diva Smith. We’re still waiting on Psych on SNL with musical guests Tears for Fears. That petition is not dormant.

What music does Tears for Fears listen to regularly?

So there’s Record Store Day but have you heard of Recommendations Day? Well, along with the fan generated Tears for Fears’ (TFF) Tuesdays (first initiated by Lady Tamara of TFF “Nash” Nashville and the Tears for Fears Travel Fans), the day is now followed by “Tears’ Picks” on Thursdays. On this day, we listen to music the band loves or recommends. It’s not highly advertised nor have we thrown down a hashtag but we’ve noted some of their favourites and will be enjoying those on Thursdays. So far, we’ve listened to Curt’s daughter, Diva Smith’s song ‘Bet,’ Pascal Orzabal/Quarterboy’s 4 tracks available on bandcamp, Apple music, Spotify, etc. and Kimbra who released a new album in January of this year. *Pascal is one “L” – just to clear the record.

Will there be a Tears for Fears tour 2023?

There’s been some chatter from some anxious people who want to see tour info – notably some of it has been from those who do not actually join the tours but love to live vicariously through the many thousands who do. There’s also several who said, “Geez, I hope they’ll return to the USA one day.” Remember Roland’s joke from Shepherd’s Bush. It will remind you that most of the band (including him) have homes in the states. In addition to basking in the fact that they actually have homes in your country, Roland noted they will continue to do stateside tours as they have been almost consecutively since 2005. Along with a big dose of patience, remember, there’s a handful of UK shows to address including Pryzm. Let patience and understanding be our personal theme this year. Once they’ve solidified their calendar and plans, the information will be distributed and those of us who can make it out will move forward.

Oleta Adams’ will be in concert this month and next. Her upcoming show at the Folly Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri is on the 11th of March (this Saturday) at 8pm. She’ll have another show on the 14th of April in San Antonio, Texas. Be sure to keep up with her website so you don’t miss a beat!

Jamie’s in the News!

Be sure to catch Jamie Wollam’s interview in Drum Club Magazine Italy. It’s a great read!

Band Family News

Raoul Orzabal’s art prints are for sale. His latest work was shared this week and it is spectacular. Several of us own pieces of his art and it is worth every penny. These pieces work well in any home or office. Learn more about how to obtain one for your place by visiting his website.

Captain Julian Orzabal, Dion and team continue working on their music. Be sure to join them on Facebook for the latest updates. If you haven’t bought your copy of their previous album, don’t hesitate. It’s great for road trips, commutes and hanging out with friends. Really good stuff!

Price of Fandom

Whether the band tours this year or not, we want to re-emphasise how awesome it was to have the VIP options in 2022. They reminded us of the VIP Fan Experience app we worked on in 2019. To those who helped with user research on that app, let’s be clear, the app was a prototype produced by Andye the Moderator but no confirmation from Tears for Fears was given as to whether or not they, Tears for Fears, used this specific prototype to design last year’s VIP options for the tour. Several Tears for Fears fans were involved in testing the app prototype and answered questions to help create the final iteration. The semi-completed prototype was then sent to a band member in 2019. Coincidentally, several of the same features and merch perks were available through their VIP partnership with On the List Presents during the US tour in 2022. These features made it affordable to attend more than one show and we are grateful to Tears for Fears for it!

Tears for Fears’ friends, Duran Duran, our sibling band, also had a very interesting offer for their Ibiza trip for fans. It, too, had similar features to the app. They used the option to book accommodations plus concert tickets, etc. which created a unique upscale fan experience. Much like the features on the app we designed, which featured a Duran Duran option, the Ibiza event included a complete show package from start to finish. Again, we have no proof that they used or were inspired by the VIP app concept. For both bands it was a first in our living memory of having a more curated VIP fan experience where we got great seats, merch and so much more with each ticket! We are truly grateful! We sure hope they continue with these types of packages because it helps with seating. Let’s say that one more time.


In a coming mini-documentary (TFF Rockumemories of 2022) we note the price of the VIP tickets for 2022. It was more economical If you purchased a ticket using the Tears for Fears presale codes through their site than it was to purchase directly from the venues’ options. A ticket in the same section as the VIP specified tickets (usually the first 10 rows center, right and left), could easily end up being $900-$1700 per ticket depending on the venue. We have receipts forbid someone want to argue. We took this tour very seriously and kept all the documents. While we’re not aiming to discuss “money,” or wag fingers at venues because that is just rude, we do want to say that Tears for Fears’ VIP made this tour extremely affordable compared to what the venues had in mind. We need these VIP options!

Does Tears for Fears have an app? Why didn’t they take the app prototype and use that to manage the VIP part of the tour? Answer: The prototype provides an idea, a suggestion. It’s not a one stop solution for ticket purchases and tour management. Apps also require a dedicated development team. Perhaps their management has devs but their resources were not used to build and maintain such a thing. The app would also require an api that allows the venue to distribute the tickets. Most venues are managed by Live Nation and Ticketmaster – and we all know how that experience can be. No shade on Ticketmaster but it is what it is right now. For some of us, it’s not the most enjoyable purchasing experience. So, we rely on presale codes to get tickets. It would cost a pretty penny to keep an app maintained and it may not really solve the issues and nuances that come with fandom. Not everyone wants to fly on Delta, not everyone wants to use a commercial hotel. So it may not be an efficient tool in the long run. But we had fun putting it together and we’re grateful that the concepts were used by both bands no matter where they got the idea. Other companies have been providing similar services for years so the app idea nor its features were 100% unique. We just wanted to have something for us so we can have a way to go to more shows than just one. Currently another fan member in the forum is looking to build a Tears for Fears ticket app for her school project.  So if you want to play around with that and see what it’s like  to be a part of user research, find her on the fan forum. Her name is Paola Fernanda. Her app is not affiliated with the band, but again, is a school project.

Tears for Fears’ Travel Fans Rockumemories

Yes, we made a rockumentary featuring moments from the tour and a lot of songs that were featured in 2022. We do not have licensed music for it yet and that is the hold up. We may have to release it as it is and put one of those “we don’t own this music” disclaimers at the top. Still, it has to go through a lot of approvals. We look forward to sharing that when all the legalities are done. Again, thanks everyone that provided photos, videos and so much more. It helped make Tears for Fears  – The Tipping Point Tour aka “The Healing Tour” memories some of the best yet to come!

Shoutout to Shannon Green’s kids. Shannon is a member of the Tears for Fears Fan Forum. She recently found her son singing Shout in its entirety and recorded it. If you’re a member of the fan forum, use this link to revisit that fun moment. If you’re not a member, you can join today via Facebook. There is no fee associated with joining the forum.

Shoutout to Michelle “Shelley” for getting one of the false Roland Orzabal accounts removed. She went out of her way to get Facebook and Instagram to remove the fake account which is among several that are actually requesting money. Roland would not do that. Huge thanks to all those behind the scenes, admins and others going out of their way to protect the band. You are seen!

Thanks for reading! More to come as we get the info! Cheers.

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