Spiritual Experiences with Tears for Fears

Dedicated to all the spiritually focused fans of the band. You are seen and you are heard. This is also dedicated to Jack and Dawn Curry who have been absolutely angelic to so many fans, not only helping them get to shows but being best friends. Since day one, they have been helping everyone get through the hard times in life. We love them both, wherever they are!

Authored by the Moderator:

Spiritual experiences have been so prominent throughout my years of following Tears for Fears – so much so, it’s difficult to remain silent and not discuss it. I understand that some people want nothing to do with religion, prayers or the idea of a Higher Power. I respect that. But I also lean in when I hear other fans discuss the spiritual experiences they have had with Tears for Fears’ music. Note that I will use the term “G-d” in this post. There will be a definition guide and or reference below to help out with terminology used for this specific type of conversation.

What is a spiritual experience in music?

In 2019, a publication quoted a fan after the Tears for Fears performance at the Shaky Knees festival. The fan said, “I don’t know if that was Tears for Fears or G-d that I just saw.” Many comments similar to this surfaced and I certainly noticed it because I have felt that way for years. Not long after that show, Oleta Adams was in town with her band. I was quite certain that an angel or some spiritual being was going to show up in the middle of her performance. There was just something so powerful about that show – it didn’t feel earthly – instead otherworldly and heavenly for lack of a better term. We were packed in like sardines at City Winery for the event and despite the slight discomfort, it was such a glorious feeling that the entire crowd was swaying and crying like one might see in a genuine praise and worship service at a prayer centre, church or so. But why? What is the explanation behind the magnetic pull toward the band’s music and that of Oleta Adams? I have been trying to understand the euphoria and elevated feelings. It’s as if one’s soul is being lifted up out of one’s body, suspended in blissful space as each song plays. I’ve noticed this since childhood – and even more so in adulthood after attending their live shows annually. There’s no solid answer. Many of us have just come to the conclusion that they are “anointed” and this is the Tears for Fears experience.

Has Tears for Fears’ “energy” always been this way?

In my opinion, yes. I also learned that for many who encountered their music in the 80s and for some who learned about them in the 90s, the answer is the same. There has always been a glorious, magnetic and spiritual pull. Their shows are indescribable life events. Each person I’ve spoken to has been able to recount where they were and exactly what was going on at the time they heard Tears for Fears for the first time. Overall, 90% of those encounters were during some seriously difficult, and in some cases, life threatening times.

I first heard Tears for Fears with a Judeo-Christian Church

As I look back over my toddlerhood, the point in my life when I first heard the band was coincidentally in a Judeo-Christian church daycare van on the way to school. I was having a bad day at the young age of 6 because I was aware that my family was going through some seriously hard times. I was wearing a navy English pea coat that I hated and wondering when things would improve for my parents. I remember the church van pulled out of the parking lot and stopped at a red light that was on the hill just outside the church doors. The light was always long and we often had to wait two or three light cycles to get to the main thoroughfare – therefore one might hear an entire song play by the time we got on the actual road. I remember ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ being on the radio as we waited entry to the main road. It had to have been late March because I was shocked that the weather was still so cold that it prompted my parents to force me to wear that hideous coat. I wanted to be like my American friends and wear bright neon jackets. But I came from a religious, conservative international community and our style was different. We were different and while I embrace my differences now, being different added to the stress of the time. But something changed as that song played in the church van. My legs were dangling off the seat and I was grooving along to this new sound on the radio that felt overwhelmingly comforting. At that moment, I suddenly felt grateful for that warm coat, felt a twinge of hope for my family and also the need to be patient as a better life for us unfolded. I became quite attached to what soon became the only secular music allowed in my religious environment. The spiritual seeds were officially sewn.

I have no idea if this is an actual church, but this is one of the many ways I was introduced to Tears for Fears as a child. It was in settings like this where music, that I guess the leadership felt was suitable, was shared with us in the praise service portion before the weekly teachings.

As a kid not even in double digits yet, I had no idea who Tears for Fears were (e.g. names, where they came from, etc.) but whenever I heard their voices or if their video was featured on one of those 80s compilation commercials, I would run to the TV and sing along (never did get the words right – “everybody wants to rock around…” that’s not right). I would touch the screen as Curt sang. I would touch the other side and put my hand on Roland’s head as he sang ‘Shout.’ I was so drawn to them. They were the sound of hope, of patience, of kindness…important parts of the fruits of the spirit as noted in religious texts. Then one fine day in school I looked in the back of the music history book and there they were! My teacher played Head Over Heels and I started screaming, “That’s the band! That’s them!! I’ve been trying to find them. You don’t understand! I need this music right now!” My mum allowed me to stay late at school so my teacher could get copies of the music for me. I learned their names and used my allowance to buy all their cassettes and Cds. The years that followed were filled with serendipity as their music would always come on randomly when I was about to make a big decision in life. I remember going to the salon and taking Roland’s RATKOS picture with me for my first real hair cut and dye job, “Can you make my hair like this? Blue black…also I’ve never dyed my hair before. Do you think it will work?” I asked. Break It Down Again suddenly came on the loud speaker. I freaked out. Thankfully the man helping me with my hair was also a fan and sang along. Then he sang ‘Shout.’ There was also the time I was finishing up a junior media internship in Atlanta and the organisers of the educational program took us to Fox Theatre where Tears for Fears was said to have performed (they made it seem as if the band was there all the time). As we left, Everybody Wants to Rule the World came on someone’s cd radio. Ended up getting the media job fulltime some years later as a recent college grad and Everybody Want to Rule the World came on AGAIN, this time on the loud speaker of the atrium on my first full day of employment. I remember pausing and giving thanks – the very place I stood I would later meet a wonderful musician named Michael Roland Magno who was also a huge fan of the band. He and his beautiful wife, Meg, were with me at the 2017 show. It felt like Tears for Fears’ music was being used to comfort me throughout life.

Tears for Fears’ Music in the Synagogue

More recently, after numerous shows and events with the band and their family members in 2010 to 2012, I came back to Atlanta from Los Angeles and Vegas, feeling especially grateful and desiring to show my gratitude to G-d. I decided I would rededicate myself to my Jewish faith. I grew up within a Jewish, Christian and Islamic spiritual structure so I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this properly or if I should do it at all. Would it even matter? Well within the first week of Jan 2013, a brand new friend of mine of the same name who was not aware of my serious love for the band randomly said, “Come on, we’re going to *Shabbat. My synagogue is hosting a *Shabbat Shira. You should attend.” I was nervous for so many reasons. We walked into the synagogue that Friday night and the end of Mad World was playing… I was like, “You have got to be kidding me! You’re playing Tears for Fears!”

Congregation Bet Haverim later recorded this video in 2020. It’s their version of Mad World that they first sang in 2013.

I had never met these people before. I had not attended Synagogue anywhere in Atlanta and they didn’t know a “Tears for Fears fan” was coming. After the initial prayers, the team went immediately into a theatrical reenactment of the parting of the Red Sea and what song led them out as Pharaoh came after the Hebrews? Yep, Mad World! A guy lept to the microphone and started singing with passion and intention, “All around are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces…” Soon the entire music team was joining in and the musicians were full on with the drums as the congregation sang and swayed along (they did the original version, not Gary Jules.’) There I was, crying profusely on the 3rd row, shaking and feeling like I had received the biggest sign of my life. I wanted to scream, “I hear You G-d! I hear You!!!” I knew right then that I was headed in the best direction for my life. Returning to my Jewish spiritual roots was the right thing for me to do.

Fast forward to 2022, the High Holidays in my faith are in full swing. It’s the night before Yom Kippur, the most important night on the Jewish calendar and I’ve just sprained my arm from stress because I was in a tizzy trying to prepare for this 25 hour (yes, 25) fasting day where we have no food and no water. I had to break my fast this year to take medicine (which is allowed) because I was in so much pain I couldn’t do basic life functions. I’m also still recovering from some serious thyroid issues. Sipping that water and throwing down those pills, I felt like a failure. I began to question why I was even doing this and thought to leave the faith because I felt like I couldn’t follow through with anything. The year before I somehow forgot to take the day off work and found myself answering work email between prayers. Now, this year, I couldn’t even fast properly. I felt defeated, unorganised and ready to quit. I went to bed nearly in tears.

The next morning, I wake up and see Curt retweeted the video of the IKAR_LA featuring Hazan Hillel Tigay (of MOT) leading the congregation through the final hours of Yom Kippur with Mad World! There it was. There was the sign! I knew there was hope. I screamed, “I hear You G-d!” It’s so wild because just a few days before – during Rosh Hashanah – I had this vision of Roland and Curt holding a Shabbat service before a concert. I saw Curt in a *Tallit and wearing *tzitzit. I’m by no means trying to convert them to Judaism or pray them into any type of belief. But it was a vision of peace and the band sharing peaceful prayers with others…and then this happened!

So, what was it that we were looking at in the video? What is Yom Kippur?

In my faith, it is best that a spiritual leader explain everything. I don’t believe I’m ordained or anointed to explain what was happening in the video. But I will speak to it from my own personal experience in the faith (in a very elementary fashion). Every year around this time, September/October, we have the High Holidays. It begins with *Rosh Hashanah. Everyone wears white. White represents atonement, forgiveness, introspection and shedding away of bad habits and willful wrong doings as well as asking for forgiveness for things we don’t even know we did wrong but have hurt others. The white “hats” are kippahs or yarmulke and are worn by men. Women also can wear this and sometimes you’ll see a white lace fabric on women’s heads. In my faith and culture (I’m Nigerian), we cover our whole heads with a scarf. Not everyone does this and not every Nigerian is a Jew. In fact, most are Christian or Muslim. But Nigerian Jews do exist. There’s also a longer shawl called a Tallit. One will often see it worn around the shoulders. During Yom Kippur I’ve always noticed that most of the leadership and Rabbis will wear white ones. The rest of the year, the tallit that is worn is often white and blue. There’s a lot more to it and we can discuss that one day. During the ceremony of Rosh Hashanah there are many additional prayers that are read aloud – usually in a fashion that sounds like singing. There’s a reason for this and we can discuss it “offline” as one might say. All of our holidays begin at sundown and conclude at sundown the following evening. In this case, it was Yom Kippur which occurs 10 days after Rosh Hashanah first begins. As mentioned, it is the day we do not have food or water and use that time to pray, introspect and more. You may have noticed that one of the members of the congregation was touching his fist to his chest. This is part of the repentance – one gently beats the chest for each transgression listed. Learn more about that practice here.

In nearly all ceremonies, you will see a cantor, or someone singing and leading the prayers as well as the Rabbi. I’m not a member of the IKAR-LA congregation so I do not know who the cantor is but I believe that Hillel Tigay is the director of music there. What a fine and divine moment he led. I’m still saying Baruch HaShem every time I think about it! I do suggest you follow his work and music no matter what faith or religion you claim.

I’m not certain at what part in the Yom Kippur ceremony the congregation was on in this video. So I can’t really say more on this but as mentioned, Mad World was used in 2013 by Congregation Bet Haverim in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Shabbat Shira. The band’s lyrics express the deep heart and soul of man’s “good” conscious in so much of their work. In my faith, we are taught to examine and question…get to the heart of matters and not follow blindly. Every Rabbi that I follow spends exponential time reading, studying and seeking guidance. The ones I know in Atlanta are also Tears for Fears fans. Rabbi Ryan Lambert even came to the June show. If I hear any of Tears for Fears’ music again in a synagogue or learn that other faiths use it, it would make sense to me. I find it absolutely fitting and appropriate. I’m thrilled that people can be enlightened by their music and find it essential or useful during spiritual moments of reflection. It’s important that we not rely on what we see on television as our only image or knowledge of faith. Just like we wouldn’t stereotype a person, we should not stereotype religions and expect media versions of them for ourselves. From Agnostics and Atheist to Zoroastrian beliefs, there is something one can learn. A lot of religion is not what we’ve been brainwashed to believe.

In 2019, about two months before Tears for Fears returned to Atlanta, I adopted an atheist way of life and thinking. I was angry about things in the world and felt, there’s no way there’s a Higher Power. I was done with all of this. I stopped praying altogether and whenever someone brought up prayer and seeking guidance, I rolled my eyes and rejected their comments. I went to the Tears for Fears show later on in May of that year with the same attitude. The day after the show, I experienced a supernatural event. The band was still in town and I remember one of their family members was nearby. Not wishing to appear as if I was “hanging around too closely,” I went back to my hotel room and took a phone call from the UK and…well, I won’t go into detail about it but it was revealed to me that I was wrong about my atheist beliefs. All kinds of things began to happen – revelations of all sorts began to take place. I learned that there is more beyond this life…a lot more. While I no longer agree with agnostics and their beliefs, I don’t think I could ever make an assumption about them or write them off. They are also on this journey of understanding. I hope that in seeing this peaceful ceremony of Yom Kippur that others will feel encouraged to read and understand faith. Do not let “man” or media make you decide what faith is…seek, for yourself, clarity and understanding for everything. Reach out, read and learn for yourself.

Throughout my time as a fan, I’ve witnessed and experienced really loud supernatural type things that have occurred in conjunction with the band’s music – especially during tours. Some are things that I’m not ready to share. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m not sure how to even discuss it. It already took me this long to discuss this. All the visitations and heavenly type encounters were peaceful experiences and loud confirmations filled with comfort. I met a lot of fans on tour who reported similar coincidences and noticed that the band’s music miraculously plays just as they are dealing with a life crisis or in the middle of making huge life changing decisions. Of course, we know Roland and Curt have nothing to do w/it. They aren’t sitting in their homes or on the tour bus with crystal balls looking at us then pressing play supernaturally on a stereo or radio station’s equipment. But are our guides and guardian angels leading us to these spaces to be there at just the right time? Who decided that a random January after the tour I would find myself in a synagogue crying with joy as people danced and praised G-d using Tears for Fears music? I don’t know but I look forward to continuing the connection to fans who are also finding spiritual solace in the band’s music.

Shavua Tov/Have a great week ahead! To the members of congregation IKAR-LA, Chag Semeach! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy to continue the conversation and perhaps gather for Shabbat or Jummah prayer with many of our fellow spiritual fans.

-Andye, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Moderator

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Terminology – these are not complete definitions. Please consult with a Rabbi or Chabad to get the full definitions and explanations of these terms and why they are important.

G-d – in my faith we do not write the name of our Higher Power with vowels. YHWH or G-d is the highest term used.

Anointed – blessed by a supernatural power or Higher Power with a gift to help heal.

Shabbat – a time of rest as noted in the Torah (holy book for Jews). It occurs on Friday evening at sundown and concludes on Saturday evening at sundown. Torah observant people of the faith will attend prayer ceremonies filled with gratitude and ancient recitations in a Synagogue.

Shabbat Shira – a Shabbat service including music and singing.

Yom Kippur – 25 hour fast in the Jewish faith – a time of repentance and reflection on one’s deeds.

Rosh Hashanah – the head of the year – a type of new year in the Jewish faith – the start of the High Holidays where Jews and Torah observant take time to get closer to the Higher Power through prayer, fasting and weeks of gratitude.

Tallit – a long body length shawl worn during services among Torah observant people and those of the Jewish faith

Tzitzit – tassels or fringe worn by Orthodox Jewish men as noted in the Torah

A Conversation with James Colah

Our moderator, Andye Andinha, had a cool conversation with James Colah – keyboardist for ‘The Adventures’ (an opening band for Tears for Fears during the band’s most notable years on the road). Fans of the magazine called ‘Record Mirror’ dated October 26, 1985 should check out the last two back pages as there is a write up about ‘The Adventures.’ On the very last night of the tour, The Adventures were invited on stage to sing ‘Shout’ with Tears for Fears. That’s an honour that many of us cherish!

James recently joined two Tears for Fears online fan groups, one of which is the fan forum where other band members can be seen from time to time. It’s such an honour to have him in the fold, get to know more about him, his work and love of music on his website. But first, enjoy this great chat!

Andye: James, thank you so much for re-joining the world of Tears for Fears. We’re so honoured to have you with us. We cherish everyone that played alongside them past and present. Let’s start with your incredible background and upbringing. You’re one of identical triplets?! Did you all enjoy the same music growing up or did you enjoy each other’s musical tastes? Let me also ask if you’re still close and perform together…and Jazz, why Jazz? Who were your influences for this incredible genre of music?

James Colah: Hi Andye. Yes, I’m one of identical triplets, and if you’re interested to know I’m the eldest by 10 minutes and then approx 10 minutes later Marke arrived and then Peter approx 10 minutes after that! We have another brother, Simon who is 16 months older than us.

Our parents were classical music and opera freaks so you may be surprised to know that we didn’t really listen to modern music until we were about 12 years old. I remember my brothers and I at about 8 years old being taken to many Classical music and Opera concerts including at ‘The Royal Albert Hall’ (here in London) to watch an opera although to be honest I think we all fell asleep after a few minutes, LOL!

My father studied to become an opera singer but I think was persuaded to get a proper job, Lol! He also studied classical piano and started teaching me the piano at 4 years old and I continued to have formal piano lessons until I was about 17 years old.

We are third generation musicians, although our mother was not a musician all her siblings were. One of her brothers was the lead cellist in “The Mantovani Orchestra” and am always proud to tell people that he performed in the orchestra with ‘The Beatles’ on the very first global BBC ‘All You Need Is Love’ satellite broadcast in 1967. Our mother’s father was a session musician and wrote music for film.

At the age of around 12 years old we were somehow introduced to modern music and that music was called Jazz Rock or Fusion music and still my favourite band of all time is ‘The Mahavishnu orchestra.’ Our minds were blown away by that style of music so at still 12 years old we formed a Jazz Rock band called ‘The Colah Brothers.’ Marke played Bass guitar and lead vocals and Peter played guitar and I of course was on keyboards. We did our first concerts at 13 years old and toured Europe at 16 years old and at 22 years old were signed to Sony/CBS/Epic records.

We were signed for 2 years and then I decided to leave my brothers and became a session musician and in 1989 started up my music production company ‘James Colah Productions’ composing, performing, producing, mixing and mastering music for Singer/Songwriters which I still do to this day!

Unfortunately my brothers and I haven’t performed together for many many years however my brother Marke is still a professional musician/singer and also teaches singing. Peter is no longer in the music business but has been a very successful Financial Consultant running his own business for many years.

Andye: Absolutely incredible! What a truly impressive music family you come from! You’ve got relatives playing with The Beatles, you are certainly blessed! We’ll have to follow your brother too. We’re all about music careers of siblings. Both Roland and Curt have brothers in music and we follow them like puppies. Given that ‘The Adventures’ were the band that toured as an opener to Tears for Fears, we’d love to know where they discovered you.

James Colah: As a session musician I had adverts everywhere looking for work and I remember one year performing with 10 bands. I had an advert in the prestigious ‘Melody Maker’ magazine and ‘The Adventures’ actually called me up and invited me over for an audition and as the saying goes, the rest is history, LOL!

Andye: Ah okay, wow! They found you! We’re so glad they did. We as fans are very much attached to our memories of concerts and we make note of all who opened for Tears for Fears. We see that there are fans remembering you and you responded to them in the fan group. It’s beautiful to see and we’re happy that your presence made an impact on their concert experience. Speaking of connections…we’re all about connecting with musicians on a level beyond standing in front of them at a show listening. We like to write and keep in touch, help promote music and various projects. How were the crowds in the 80s? Did you feel you could do that back then? Was it safer? Were you stalked?

James Colah

James Colah: ‘The Songs From The Big Chair’ tour in 1985 was one of the biggest tours of that year playing to audiences of up to 13,000 people! I had previously not played to such huge crowds so the experience was mind blowing and loved every second of it. The people were amazing and was always treated like a star.

James Colah ID

Andye: That’s so good to hear! They are super polite and kind that’s for sure. Being in their presence and always having something material in our hands that they touched or produced is important to a lot of us. I know some carry their music everywhere in one form or fashion. We often won’t open the original music but will keep it and then go buy or download an mp3. That goes for the songs of the bands that have opened for them as well as their siblings music. That brings me to this…there are so many differences in the way we consume music now vs. the 80s and 90s. Digital media is the staple with streaming services, etc. What are your thoughts on that? Is it helping you distribute better or do you miss anything from the way it was before?

James Colah: Unfortunately for independent songwriters/artists like myself the internet has generally been our downfall because sadly the majority of people are stealing our music so we are receiving pennies for all our hard work. The streaming services are not supporting us either and to give you an example of how bad things are a legendary Guitarist/Songwriter with many hit records had 15 million streams on a major streaming website for one of his songs and earned just $1,500.

The main advantage today (due to the internet) is that anyone with a laptop, some software and no musical instrument training can create and release music for potentially the world to hear. Obviously before the internet that would not have been possible because you would have had to be signed to a record company who would have invested a lot of money in you in recording costs and promotion so only the most talented people would get signed.

The downside to anyone being able to release music is that there’s no quality control and now the world is over saturated with music including music from many inexperienced talentless musicians/ artists/producers!
Having been signed to the biggest record company in the world (Sony Records) I do now much prefer to be an independent artist because I can produce the music I want and not have anyone telling me how it should sound or be changed, etc, as it’s my way or the highway, LOL!

Andye: Mmmhmm…I see. We’ve always worried about top quality being buried or overlooked. Having worked in entertainment, news and media/technology all of my life I can relate to some of the pains you mentioned. It’s become a lot of noise of late, everybody has a song and their friend has a song and you multiply that by 1,000 and well…it’s a lot to watch and weed through to find the best. We’re happy that at least you can produce music, connect with audiences on a different level now and hopefully watch that dedication turn into currency.

Now, let me go on a deeper path here. You are very youthful and have a good energy. Do you find spirituality helps you in your art? Are you a praying man?

James Colah: I’ve been so blessed to have been in the music business all my life and have never done any other type of job. When you love what you do it’s bound to keep you young looking, and mentally and physically healthy. I have a strong faith in God and my constant mantra is ‘Thank you Lord.’

Andye: Amen. WE agree! And there is a power in music. Yours is so deep and so rich, that one can feel it way down deep in one’s Manipura Chakra, that’s wayyyy down deep. It’s clear that it’s from years of doing this, it seems like second nature to you. Do you ever find producing challenging?

James Colah: Thank you so much for your kind words about my music – it really means a lot to me. Composing/Producing music for clients is not so challenging because I’ve been doing it professionally since 1989 and when I’m contacted by a potential client the first thing I say is, “Please check out my music productions and over 4 decade professional career and then get back to me agreeing that you will trust me 100% because if you don’t I’d rather you found another producer!” Once I know they completely trust me they let me just get on with it so the process can run very smoothly. However, I must be honest and say when I produce my own music it can take a very very long time because I’m always trying new things. I’m a total perfectionist, which has cursed me all my life!

Andye: Ahhh, the music perfectionist. Yes, that can be a challenge to oneself. But the outcome is so heavenly. So, with that in mind, of your work, which two songs are you most proud?

James Colah: In 2009 I released my first Smooth Jazz track called ‘Ocean Tide’ and to date have released 12 Smooth Jazz tracks and for many years have been very proud to be known all around the world as ‘The UK’s #1 indie Smooth Jazz Artist’ and have won many awards!

I compose/produce so many styles of music for my clients and have actually also had 7 #1’s in The UK Soul Charts for a client called ‘Kejam.’ I compose, perform, produce, mix and master all the ‘Kejam’ music and the guy that hired me to do all that was the ‘Executive Producer.’
In total with my music and the music I compose for my clients I’ve had at least 20 #1’s in at least 39 charts all around the world!
The two songs that I’m really proud of are ‘Ocean tide’ and a Soul/RnB track called ‘Could It Be’ Featuring ‘Belle.’ A few years ago ‘Could It Be’ was voted on BBC Radio, ‘Soul Track Of The Year’ which was an incredible honour!

Andye: Congratulations, your accolades and accomplishments are certainly noted and it’s honour to talk with someone who has done so much over the years including being one of the most important parts of a show – an opening set for Tears for Fears. Tell us, please, what are two of your most fond memories of touring alongside Tears for Fears?

James Colah: I have so many fond memories of supporting ‘Tears For Fears.’ I’ll never forget the loyalty and excitement of the fans and performing in some of the most famous venues throughout America and Canada including 5 nights at the Radio City Music Hall in New York, Red Rocks in Denver Colorado and The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee – to name a few!

Andye: Oh wow, the Grand Ole Opry, I haven’t been there in over 10 years. Those are some incredible venues. Makes us all hope that when this global illness passes we can get on with our concert attending and band loyalty. I’m sure you’re looking forward to upcoming projects. What can we expect to hear from you next? What’s coming down the pipeline that fans can start the countdown for this year or next?

James Colah: Due to the pandemic and lockdown work has obviously been very quiet but as soon as it’s lifted am itching to get back and work with clients, and by the way am always looking for new Singer/Songwriters to produce so if there’s anyone out there please feel free to contact me because my motto has always been, “As long as you can sing or hum a melody – I can make something great happen.” And actually even if you don’t have a vocal melody I can compose/produce all the music for you and then you can put your vocal melody over the top. It happened this way for a song I composed and produced for an amazing Singer/Songwriter called, ‘Helena Greber.’ The song was released earlier this year called, ‘Something Beautiful’ and reached #1 on ‘The cdbaby Electronic – Pop Crossover Chart.’

I have a lot of exciting projects to announce this year but right now I want to keep them a secret but rest assured if you follow me on social media you’ll be the first to hear about them!

Andye: James, this has been more than a pleasure getting to know you on a personal level and to embrace you into the world of people that we celebrate. Thank you so much for this great conversation. Let’s keep in touch and so we can continue to share your music and maybe send some new and seasoned singers your way to produce!

James Colah: Thank you so much for having me and just want to say a huge thank you to you Andye for contacting me and arranging this interview and to all the Tears For fears fans around the world who have discovered me through the TFF fans pages and my social media pages and have shown interest in me and my music. Please feel free to go to my website where you can hear a lot of my music and even purchase it by clicking on my ‘Store’ tab or from up to 300 stores around the world including iTunes, Amazon, Play, Spotify and more.

Andye: We’re already on it! Looking to do a fun listening party online featuring your music in the near future! Cheers!

James Colah: That’s awesome – thank you Andye. Oh and by the way, please send Curt my best wishes and wish him a Very Happy Birthday from me and I can’t quite believe it but we’re now celebrating 35 years since the ‘Songs From The Big Chair’ America/Canada tour so maybe a reunion with the boys is in order, LOL?

Andye: We’re all about reunions! Bring it on!

Libre Stone & Feeling ALL the Music

Captain Julian Orzabal and Dion Smith recently released a new album under their band Libre Stone. It is available on iTunes and makes an excellent road trip companion as you head out to see Julian’s brother and music comrades, Tears For Fears in the UK this summer. Julian has collaborated with musicians in the past including Tears for Fears, DelaQ and with Alisa McCathern to name a few as mentioned on the Members section of this archive. He’s got some great work and it has a style of its own that is captivating and hits the spot. You’ll really like it so be sure to get your copy while it’s available.

Being swept up in this circle of audio artistry and musicians is actually quite relaxing and euphoric. The emotions their music bring forth are spiritual in nature meaning it feels rather divine and rooted deep in the universal bond we as humans have with rhythm. Whether you feel you can dance or not, we all move to music in our own way. Tears for Fears have certainly pulled on our emotions, often from a place we didn’t know existed. When you listen to tracks from Captain Orzabal under DelaQ such as Butterfly and 20th Century, which are top picks, one can easily be swept away. Like a good meal, you want to hush up and enjoy it. It’s the kind of music that fills the void of silence in just the right way as you travel or contemplate. It’s a piece of fabric that is woven into a moment in your life. When you listen to it you don’t forget where you were or what was going on in your life. It becomes part of your life’s soundtrack.

TFF Soldiers
Mr. Wenner’s pristine TFF collection includes this rare find – EWTRTW soldiers…

Fans’ dedication is shown in so many ways. For example, there are several who keep immaculate collections of their work, the concert t-shirts and guitar picks thrown into the crowd. Some have been lucky enough to get more than one set of drumsticks from Jamie Wollam and have shrined those as well. Just look at those well kept, next to new soldiers that were part of the EWTRTW collection. As soldiers of sound, we certainly find this to be a thing of beauty! Nice job Mr. Wenner!


Again, the way Tears for Fears’ music has become vastly memorable and important to pop culture, the Orzabal and Smith families’ work has created a sort of virtual island for many fans to live on daily. A great example is a newly formed Facebook group called Tears Roll Down (administered by Darren Hull). After being a part of another of the 56 TFF dedicated groups on Facebook, Darren wanted a space where superficial details were not the focus. Instead, it’s about the collection of the band’s music as well as gathering with others at concerts. But most important, it’s to celebrate the legacy of the work and the various tracks.
While sharing photos of his recent concert attendance at Hampton Court where Tears for Fears played back to back on the 18th and 19th of June, Darren mentioned the reaction of a guy three times his size and how overcome with emotion he was at the show. He states,

“Last nite was the nuts 4 rows from stage. TFF on fire Best crowd reaction/atmosphere I’ve been in. The guy crying next to me, a lady in front kept turning round and fist bumping me while we sang. A couple behind me dancing away like crazy Amazing it was.”

He also noted that the man bear hugged him after the show and then went his merry way. It should be noted that this happens A LOT at shows. The band brings out some of the most comforting, soothing and, again, euphoric energy. It’s very lifting. People who did not know each other before, soon know each other VERY well. For example, in 2015, at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey, a man turned around and smooched Andye, the TFF Travel Fan Moderator. They’d never met before and he was vaguely familiar with the work of the travelling crew.

“We were all drenched with sweat from head to toe and as if it were Woodstock. He had been taking amazing photos all night. At one point we were all intertwined on that front row, as if we’d all just shared an UBER ride to the show. When the concert ended no one left. Instead, people just starting turning toward their neighbour hugging and smooching. It was like someone had sprinkled brotherly love dust over the venue. I’ll never forget that night. It was surreal. You usually only see people that interlocked at airports when a loved one is about to move away.”

This isn’t the first time, it continued in 2017 in Tulsa Oklahoma after the show among the fans. Tears for Fears and those musicians that are a part of the sphere bring out a sense of humanity, brotherhood and humbleness that is indescribable.

The dedicated love the band and respect their families. Their level of respect and love goes as far as being willing to sacrifice a moment to say hello if the band members are spotted heading back to their hotels or on their way out. Julian, DelaQ, Alisa and others that are present in the TFF Universe, are a bit more accessible and one can pour their feelings into their appreciation of them via Facebook wall posts, Twitter feeds and Instagram. But we still want to keep our wits about us. One fan from Boston noted that she’s often just looked the other way because she knows they need their privacy. “After the show I went back to my hotel and I just happened to be on the same elevator as one of the band members. I politely smiled and then got off on the wrong floor because I didn’t want them to think I was going to share their location. I’m very aware of that type of behaviour and I didn’t want them to live with that fear.” She also noted that she’s seen them before at their hotels on countless trips to enjoy and support their music but she goes the other way because she just doesn’t want them to feel like they have to keep performing even after they get off stage. “They’re musicians, they need their rest more than most. That’s an hour and a half show. That’s a lot to give. Once it’s done, they’re done. That’s all we should respectfully expect.”
We hear that! That’s all we should respectfully expect.

“It is tough when you’ve flown over one or two continents and you REALLY want to tell them what an impact they have made on us. Or perhaps they finally came to your town after you waited to see them for 20 years…however, we have to learn to enjoy the energy they have at that moment and call it. It is one of the hardest things we have to be brave enough and self-controlled enough to do/be as fans. It’s excruciating really.” -ANM

All emotions and expressions of admiration within the space of those shows or online when conversing with members of Libre Stone, TFF and those residing in this sphere are valid, understood, shared and expected. Many talk about how much they cry at the shows or while listening to the band’s music. They don’t know where this emotion is coming from but it is such a release. You literally let it all out. All your woes drain you and you are on cloud 9 for quite a while. Coming down from that can be as painful as sugar, coffee and stimulant withdrawal. In some cases, it is essential to seek medical attention just to get through it. That’s how intense the shows are in addition to new albums or events where they are present. It’s a miracle we can even hold it together.

Thanks for reading!

-TFF Travel Fan Team

P.S. Friendly reminder the online birthday party starts at midnight BST on the morning of the 24th. Get your crunch cakes ready and sing happy birthday to Mr. Curt Smith!

Curt Smith (plus Tears for Fears) at Cafe Pinot

Good News! Mari Moon, an organiser with Plato de Oro Dinner & Auction, sent this message to us this week. We are permitted to attend and take part in the Plato de Oro Dinner & Auction which will feature Curt Smith and members of Tears for Fears (likely Charlton, Doug and Jamie). This is a great opportunity to donate and be a part of an amazing cause. Read more…

Tears for Fears Travel Fans and Kooks! You’re invited on SUNDAY, JUNE 3 @ Cafe Pinot in DTLA to a special, intimate performance by CURT SMITH and the TEARS FOR FEARS band at Homeless Health Care Los Angeles’ Plato de Oro Annual Fundraising Dinner & Auction. It will be a spectacular night of music, dinner and cocktails at Cafe Pinot in DTLA, and an exciting silent & live auction.

Tickets are $250 and sponsor tables are also available. We’re already close to selling out so please buy your tickets soon! For tickets, go to hhclaplato.org or click on the link below. To know more about the wonderful charity you’ll be donating to, please visit hhcla.org. See you on Sunday, June 3! Get excited!!

Stay at the Line Hotel near the Wilshire Hotel. It’s a nice spot and you can Uber to the venue. Because this is such short notice we are willing to send a proxy on our behalf. You can reach out to us on the Tears for Fears Travel Fans & Kooks FB page if you plan to attend.

Those nearby do your best to attend. Otherwise consider making a donation. Hashtag it #TFFFan so they know that the band’s fans are supportive of their work. Our goal is to push and promote philanthropic causes and teams. We’re not just enjoying the music, we are helping people as much as we can.

If you’ve been following this Travel Fan blog for any length of time you will know how much FUN it is to see Curt Smith in Los Angeles. It’s a really big deal and it’s spectacular! You’ll be happy you went!

Sunday 3 June
Cafe Pinot
700 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071
$250 tickets – includes dinner & show (worth EVERY penny)
5:30pm – 9:30pm PST

Thank you for attending!
AA, TFF Travel Fan Moderator

DD Horns Album Release Party

DD Horns album release party will take place this weekend! This is the band of the awesome Mr. Moyer and we’re thrilled to support him and his work. One of our collaboration wishes is to have DD Horns open for Tears for Fears on a future tour. We’re just throwing that out into the Universe…that and Skittles showers…we are all about that life!


We’ve been talking about Mr. Moyer since his appearance with the band back in 2014 at the Wiltern as the saxophonist for The Working Hour. His contribution and time with the band that evening left a lasting impact and we’re stuck on him and his music. It’s awesome. If you’re Los Angeles this weekend, this is the place to be…with DD Horns! Check out the information and be sure to get there early!


Follow: @DDHorns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

And of course follow @tearsforfears because you never know when these two may collab again…you don’t want to miss that info!



365 Days of Magno – Tears for Fears Fans In Music


Many of our fellow Tears for Fears Travel Fan team members know of Michael Roland Magno because we mention his amazing work and those with which he has collaborated over the years. He and his band opened for America back in 2008. The band in which he is the lead singer has toured with Little Feat. He is always in demand in Atlanta and…loves Tears for Fears!

Michael Magno, or “Magno” to his adoring fans and family, is certainly one of the people we hope the band will collaborate with in the near future. He is always asked and recommended by top musicians as one of the best openers for events. The music and musicians he has in his circle are strong, powerful and talented young men and women. Everything he does is top quality!

The motto of the Tears for Fears travel fans is 365 Days a Year of Tears for Fears. That means there’s not a day that goes by that we are not discussing, thinking about or doing something related to TFF. Magno recently took on a challenge, 365 songs for 2017. Day 6 of the year, Michael featured EWTRTW, the very song several of our travel fan team saw him sing in 2008 upon first meeting this great musician. We think he did a great job and we appreciate him highlighting the band in his show of appreciation of great musicians this year. Hopefully we’ll see him on tour in the future with Tears for Fears. That’s our wish!


Check out more of the awesome and super kind, easy-going, ultra talented and award-winning, MAGNO with these links below. Care to follow? Tell him the Tears for Fears Travel fan team sent ya! He follows back! p.s. He’s Filipino-American, fits right in with us yeah? #PhilsKooks rejoice. He’s one of us!

Twitter: @mrmagnomusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrmagnomusic/?fref=ts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOOSgiiXqgLhCrGtFL-AShg

Website: http://magnomusic.com/

Drummer Genius – Jamie Wollam’s New Website


We love to keep track of and follow musicians that work with Tears for Fears. We’re thrilled the band’s drummer, Jamie Wollam (The Drummer Genius – that’s what we call him as do others), has a new site. Now we can wallow all in Mr. Wollam’s world as we know it’ll be filled with updates and cool information. Thanks are in order here to Dion and Paula Smith who worked hard to make sure this actually happened.

Be sure to visit: http://www.jamiewollam.com/ and follow along on all social platforms to see the latest cool news. Jamie is so much fun and one of the nicest people on the planet. Don’t take advantage of that by sending him a list of wishes but be sure to yell his name and say hey when you see him out on tour! 🙂

Thanks for reading!
@papasfans Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

Cool News from Mr. Moyer: #TheSaxMan is w/ Double D Horns


One of the perks of following musicians is getting a glimpse at new music that they have discovered or created. If you’re fortunate and a dedicated follower, you might get to hear it much earlier than the release date. I have lost count of the number of times we all have been slipped a link or two to some amazing material. Well, that happened again of recent. I’m elated to say that Mr. Moyer who made history with Tears for Fears as their saxophonist on the LIVE version of the Working Hour at the Wiltern and for a recorded session has teamed up with trumpeter and long time collaborator Danny T Levin to create a new album.

As with Tears for Fears’ new material, we’re awaiting a release date and as soon as it is available celebrations will commence and copies will be available for purchase. We here with the Travel Fan Team will do our best to get these in the mail to our team and to fellow travel fans. Meanwhile, DD Horns has this incredible video out. Please go ahead and have a listen plus share this info on your fan walls and fan pages. We’re an inclusive group that celebrates all of those who have collaborated with Tears for Fears past and present. We’re thrilled to add DD Horns to that list.

Here’s one of many pieces on the new album. It’s beautiful. I promise you’re gonna really get into this.

Book Of Love II (Magnetic Fields Cover)

Salty Salty

Let’s celebrate this work! Subscribe to their site or immediate news, updates and maybe a little merch in due time.


-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team

Tears For Fears at iHeart Radio Music Festival – SOLD OUT


Tears for Fears’ February appearance at an iHeart event was over the top amazing. You can read and watch our recap of the show here on the blog. iHeart put on an outstanding event thanks to all those who performed and it’s about to happen again. If you were one of the fortunate ones to get a ticket for the show taking place next week (24 Sept) but did not get your room, plane, etc sorted out…you are late! Life got in the way? Well read along dear fellow travel fan, we’re happy to help you. Really quick, the short and sweet of it:

Venue Address: 3780 South Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas Nevada 89158


Suggested Hotel: Vdara Hotel and Spa 2600 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89158
This hotel is a 5-star but a reasonable price, well under $220 after taxes as they are doing deals right now and accept road club memberships like AAA. It is in the area of the venue.

Airfare: $500+ on major carriers, you’re going to have to shop around to get a better deal. Remember, do it online, use credit card points, etc. Be creative and find something for $350 roundtrip. This is one of those drop everything and go see TFF events. If you’re going to the TFF Silver Legacy Casino show in Reno the night before then this is going to be amazing otherwise, it might feel pricey. Let us know if you need help with a list of tickets lower than what you’re finding online and we’ll break out plan B.

Line-up for Saturday’s festival


We have several travel fans and locals on the ground for this event. It will most likely be streamed live. You can still win tickets to the event if you’d like to try. More info to come as this gets closer. It will be on our FB page and Twitter account.
-TFF Travel Fan Team

TFF Travel Fan Contributors – Thank You!



Jan Nadal
Jan Nadal and the Manila Kooks 2012

TFF signs everywhere in Thackerville 2014 – crazy fun staying up all night with the team!

Travel Fans hanging out at the Tulsa show 2015 (Loved the signs in the background, for those that know Curt, he approved).

Just want to take a minute to recognise contributors to this tour season. So many people went out of their way to make sure they took care of each other and fellow fans. We have new Travel Fan team members from Australia and the Midwest as well.

Callum B down under has been instrumental in making sure we announce upcoming shows with lightening speed. Some of the shows Callum has put on our calendar weren’t even confirmed by the band yet, this is how fast Callum works. We are grateful to this travel fan team member who is looking out for all of us, making sure we get tickets purchased and distributed in a timely manner. Kudos to you. Welcome to the fan family.

Jamie M is another person who went out of the way to get tickets for friends. There’s something to be said when you take on the role of ticket purchaser. The excruciating stress of trying to get to the box office or sit by the computer and phone to be first in line is just…it’s a JOB! Thank you Jamie for taking good care of your friends.

Tears for Fears loyalists and travel fans ready for ROCS! #ItsMagic

As always our fellow dedicated fans in the Midwest USA went above and beyond securing rooms, getting hotels together and of course tickets. We’ll chat about that more in the future but Kudos to those people, they know who they are. Wishing them safe travels as they go about in the treacherous weather. Blessings tenfold for their constant alerts and coordination to make sure the travel fans from coast to coast get to shows and have more than decent seats. This year took the cake when it comes to kindness.

Our goal is to collaborate and enjoy each other’s company in the presence of the band – be that in the audience or elsewhere. We claim no special place, just a true desire for teamwork and so far these past 6 years of ELAHE focused tours with TFF classics in tow have been remarkable and extraordinary. We have had some of the best days of our lives while following this band and we pray it continues. We pay no attention to divisive efforts. Everyone in the group has worked so hard to put together something not only to share but something wonderful of which to be proud.

Jaynie and Lady K
Lady K and Lady J! Thank you for your TFF Travel Fan contributions! #2014

Our goal is not to “outshine” or “outfan” anyone but to make sure that every single person who loves Tears for Fears as much as we do gets to sit together in the best seats we can possibly find and split the expenses of roaming the land alongside the band. We don’t entertain rumours, anxiety and assumptions made about our efforts. We don’t support divisiveness or loving one band member over another. Actions such as these are poisonous and signs of immaturity. Attitudes like that and those with personal agendas and desires to execute disrespectful acts are not healthy in the fan world…they are a liability.

Fun with #TFFRoadCrew Bill. He’s a nice guy! Hilarious even!

Our hope this year is that every single fan that truly desires to see this band LIVE will have a great seat and meet lots of new like-minded people who wish to see the success of the band and their new album. If you need tickets, have questions about certain shows, feel free to reach out to us. Though we can’t all go to the same shows at the same time, at least one of us is going to be at the show you are inquiring about as that’s how it has been for the last decade/since the 2004/2005 tour and those that followed since 2009. Consider us a resource and a friend, not competition.

Curt and Yara
Good Man Curt Smith and Yara N. ( and Charlton’s profile) 🙂 #2012

Big Shout out to these great fans with whom we’ve shared amazing memories through travelling, attending shows or doing tributes:
Sheila (Shee Shee), Deb, Carri D, Alex W., Todd S., Colleen, Janie, Jeanie P., Kai G., Katie, Jen, Melanie, Angie, Kath, Pennie, The Hong Kong Team, Bobby R, Carolyn H, Alisa, Rise, Penelope, Kim T, C.H., Rosalie, Amur, Joyce, Jan, Pam (Snap Happy Pam) Lax P, Roland R, Richard G., Jason D., Andrew S., Sacha G., Lael T, Eileen I., Bob R., Ruby M., Magno Family (all 5), Cindy R, Tara H., Charlotte M, Aya, Kim C. Yara N., Keisha, Nicole, Mr. Bill of the Northeast, Patricia O, Robyn, Heidi, Marcio C., James, Willow, The Villains Band, Naima, Kevin L, Nathaniel G, Doug F, Sapphire, Atlanta Pinoy Association, Christiane, Mary, Susan, Melissa, Becky, KLF B., Reggie, Brian W, Melih, Amalia, Bella , Behrouz and Traci S in Arizona.

And these are just a few of those who express with great joy, in person as travelling fans and or online over the years, their appreciation for the band! There are so many more who travel from show to show. Your work, efforts and support are valid and they are seen and appreciated by fellow fans. Many hugs to you!


SK, Captain Julian Orzabal and Our Good Lady Rise #2014

Thanks for reading!
Cheers to a good tour season!
-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team

*Travel updates on specific shows coming up next week *iA.