Tears for Fears – BBC Appearances 2018

You must be living under a sound proof rock if you’ve not been bombarded with the news about Tears for Fears and the numerous times they’ve been on the BBC in the past six months! It’s brilliant and soul stirring all the same. Week after week there’s a post about a replay of the 2017 appearances. So here we go again with another chance to see them live and we are all steeped in excitement!

This time it’s for 27 May. Tickets already went on sale – this was another one of those reasons to always have your Travel Fan Cash Stash stacked as much as possible so you can be “perched” to purchase the good stuff.

If you’re familiar with how Coventry works, click for direct ticket link. Otherwise you may want to explore the site first with “purchase the good stuff.” As for accommodations and where we plan to stay. Our suggested hotel is the Ramada Hotel and Suites simply because we can’t find much closer that we like. However, do note that there are plenty of others at reasonable rates. You’re looking to pay about $100USD a night for this one after taxes and fees. That’s not bad. You will want to go through the website directly simply because we’ve seen way too many third party snafoos. Now, if you’re one of those Travel Fans that NEVER has a problem with discount sites and third party vendors, you go right ahead with your bad self and book through whomever. But we’re going to play it safe, get the membership and book directly through the hotel to take advantage of the perks that booking through the brand entails. Those who travel with us regularly will understand! Some of us will already be in the UK at this time so airfare is not what we’ll focus on but if you’re flying in just for this show – we suggest booking with Delta NOW for the best prices.

Because the venue is so close to the suggested hotel, you can get there in 6 minutes by ground transportation. Otherwise it’s a 30 minute walk to the venue. So just take ground transport and save your dignity vs. arriving bloody warm and tired.

There are tons of places to eat and hang out! That means it’s a perfect opportunity for a fan meetup. We’ll go ahead and make an event page on the main TFF Travel Fan Facebook page for each of the events including this one so that loyal travellers can plan accordingly and know who all will be in attendance. Numbers have grown exponentially in travel fans. We used to be about 75 per show – 80% of the time and now it’s in the 100s. Very hard to find venues to accommodate us all at once. So let’s just say we’ll see each other there!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment or an email on Facebook or Twitter. We are connected 20 hours out of the day and are pretty quick to answer. Can’t wait to see everyone partying in the name of Tears for Fears!

Thanks for reading!
TFF Travel Fan Team