Surprise!! More Tears for Fears 2014 Concerts

Surprise!! More Concerts!!
Surprise!! More Concerts!!

Well, we woke up this week …to this… Tears for Fears live in Austin Texas on the 17th of September (coincidentally the 3rd year anniversary of #TeamCS). It was a shock… As one person put it, “So much for not touring in 2014…we’ve got to get into emergency band fan mode and come up with a game plan to get to these shows!”




The Shows

17 September – Austin Music Hall This is a general admission show. Here are the Trip Advisor and Yelp Reviews on this venue. Your experience may be different so keep that in mind while reading this information. Suggested Accomodations: The W Austin, Extended Stay America Austin, Radisson Hotel and Suites & Hyatt Place. We’ve stayed at branches of all of these hotels and they’ve proved pleasant and enjoyable.

20 September – Global Events Center at Winstar Casino Information about this venue is on the previous blog post

22 SeptemberThe Wiltern Los Angeles – plenty of hotels in the area. Pick your preference. We suggest the Wilshire, this was where we stayed for the TFF 17 Sept, 2011 show.

24 SeptemberThe Fox – Oakland California – Closest hotel is the The Clarion. 3 mins driving distance.

26-28 September – Project Pabst Tickets are already on sale, the line-up is indeed pretty amazing with bands like Violent Femmes. This is a 21 and up show. You may have to present ID to get in. Please read the site carefully to understand this is a festival type event. There is a list of what you can bring and can’t bring (i.e. blankets yes, chairs of any kind are a no) Suggested Accommodations: Hotel DeLuxe


Fan Reactions…It’s a Mixed Bag

Several expressed gratitude that the band will be in concert because:

•They miss Curt and Roland and want to see them in person.

• This is the only time there’s any LIVE & IN PERSON interaction with the band they grew up listening to.

Fan Solidarity
Fan Solidarity

We’re also seeing a little angry solidarity. There’s the ‘what the heck?’ reactions…those that are going on the ‘probably not touring til 2015’ tweets. Then, there are those that seemed to have booked other events for the summer and early Autumn because they were under the impression there wouldn’t be a tour or shows until next year. On top of that, some of the fans are getting the concert info after the fact. We’re hearing fans ask why the band’s management didn’t send out information through the subscription mailing list but through social platforms instead. We [TFF Travel Fan Team] understand that not everyone can take time out of their day to sit by social media waiting on what’s next. Our suggestion is to try to make the most of technology and stay in tune with notifications and reminders as much as you can. You can certainly bet we’ll RT and forward any info as soon as we get it and any extra information that is approved for release. Occasionally, we get info before the band has tweeted it but until they say it, we’re not releasing anything out of respect. We’d rather they confirm it first.


keep-calm-and-listen-to-tears-for-fears (1)Let’s Get Excited!!

Okay, so let’s move beyond the fact that these shows are complete surprises. We knew they wanted to do some festivals and we’re glad they’re doing one that has a charity focus for weekend pass purchasers. This is really cool. So for those trucking over to Oregon, know it’s for a good cause. For those who loathe Gen Am shows and don’t feel like standing in line for hours to get a good spot to see the band, consider the Oklahoma show. For those who want to hang out and drink in the open air, Portland may be what you need. If you’re looking for a fun end of summer tourist attraction Austin’s got music action.


Important Reminders: For all accommodations we suggest you book through the hotel site directly. Bring a print out of your reservation with you when you check in so there aren’t any “lost” confirmations. For those attending the Project Pabst event, read through all the info thoroughly and perhaps this review so you don’t get any surprises upon show day. We do plan to have at least one fan generated meet up at one show during this time period. More info on that will be available in early September. Meanwhile, get your tickets early, don’t wait!!


Cheers! AA

*Graphics courtesy of Facebook emails received from a shocked fan.


The Hurting on Vinyl…and a TFF CONCERT!!

Well, it’s showtime! About a year earlier than we expected too! Tears for Fears will be in concert on the 20th of September in …wait for it… Thackerville, Oklahoma (@ the Global Event Center)!! Why are we exicted? It’s in the middle of the United States. That means it’s roughly a 3 hour flight max for just about anyone and should be no more than $200 – $300 dollars round trip per fan. Tickets went on sale on Friday and VIP was snatched up not only by fans but also ended up in the hands of third party ticket sellers like ‘Box Office’ (original price $88 per ticket on TM, Box Office total after tax, etc. = $700+ for VIP and $300 for premium). It’s on their site.

Bobby hanging out with the Captain J. Orzabal, they look cool don't they...ahh yeah.. (pls do not repost)
Bobby hanging out with the Captain, they look cool don’t they…ahh yeah.. (pls do not repost)

Remaining Tickets
Thanks to Bobby R of the Travel Fan Team who got in touch with us very early. Because of Bobby’s efforts we were able to get several dedicated fans in the first few rows of the VIP section. THAT IS HUGE given that so many had issues with the Ticketmaster online service. In some cases, fans had row AA which is third row for this show (the first 3 rows RA-RC are Artist Reserve/Casino according to the establishment and are unavailable for purchase to the general public) but when one clicked “okay” on the ticketmaster site, the site simply froze. It was as if one needed to start all over again. One had to literally try again because the site seemed to auto-release the tickets so you couldn’t get what was originally available. It was extremely frustrating. We do not understand why this happened and we will reach out to Ticketmaster with a formal inquiry. Who knows if it will make a positive difference in the future but hopefully it will help other fans get the seats they need. Several decided, this time around, they probably wouldn’t be going to the concert out of frustration with the ticket situation. It’s quite understandable.

Why Such Short Notice?!!?
We can’t overlook the fact that most of us who follow the band daily were under the impression that there wouldn’t be any shows until 2015. We received comments such as, “Out of the blue, we had less than a week to find extra cash during this challenging economy for tickets!!” For those that experienced a tough time coming up with the cash – so many tweeted us about it – please remember our past discussions on having a Superfan savings account for tickets. If everyone puts aside just enough for 1 (approx $100) ticket that might be the solution in cases where we get surprises like these.

Who Is Going?
Ticketmaster shows that 187 people pre-reserved their attendance by Thursday. After the initial ticket sales, over 350 seats were purchased and following that, more and more. There will also be lots of fans from the 80s (those that are catching up after losing contact for a few years), new faces/their kids and, of course, the die-hards…the long time fans who have made a professional career of following TFF. Some decided to cancel previously scheduled events and late summer holiday/vacations in order to attend. The others…well, quite a few regulars said they just aren’t going. They can’t cancel everything this late in the game and go. So our usual TFF fan Cabana Club will probably not be in session as it wouldn’t be the same without them. We’ve got some other plans on file and we’ll discuss that once we complete a roll call; to be sure everyone has their tickets and the seats of their choice.

From a Kelly Clarkston fan... photos of a 2012 concert set up, 2013/14 shows black chairs that are much wider than these.
From a Kelly Clarkston fan… photos of a 2012 concert set up, 2013/14 shows black chairs that are much wider than these.

There are still a few VIP seats available at ticketmaster rates. Row AA (third row) is available through third party vendors. VIP North (Curt’s usual side) and South (Roland’s usual side) are still available through ticketmaster. We, the Travel Fan Team, have 3 VIP seats for sale at the ticketmaster price (there is no profit, these are tickets we obtained after seat changes and are the same as what was paid thru ticketmaster).
-1 VIP center (Roland’s side)
-2 VIP South (Roland’s side)
-2 premium seating (center section A)
Inquire via email to ‘Tears for Fears & Kooks’ on FB.

What Does the Venue Look Like?
Click here for seating chart & info on the area plus facts about the casino from a K. Clarkston fan. Look at the video for seat placement reference, it’s very helpful. Goes back 7 rows. RA to VIP Center DD.

-Click here
to see a standard room at the Casino (We’ve been informed that suites are only available Sun-Thurs, call the Casino directly to get confirmation)

Flight & Accommodation Suggestions:
This really depends on what your ‘TFF Fan on Tour Budget’ looks like… Visit this page to see what options are available. If you can stay at the Casino, then do so. The venue is at the Casino, so you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic coming in from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can take a rental car from the airport to the venue or reserve a limo service for the 1.5 hour ride. Uber is most likely available as well. The event center suggests ‘Limo Joe.’ In the past, driving into the venue at this distance cost about $150 by chauffeur/in towncar that seats 4 (each way).

Curt Smith and his Phil Kooks in The Philippines
Curt Smith and his Phils Kooks in The Philippines

Meet & Greets
Rumours are flying around that there is a meet & greet for VIP ticket holders but we don’t have any such confirmations. Perhaps it’s for those in rows RA – RC but again, that is not a confirmation and in order to keep blood pressures and superfanitis down, the thought should not even be entertained unless a member of the band or management says it’s so.

*Will There Be Any Other Shows? (updated)
Yes, one at Austin Music Hall and 3 @ #ProjectPabst but no other shows have officially been announced at this time. Keep up with the official page so you can be on top of show dates.

If you have any other questions about “fan travel” send us an email to the ‘TFF & Kooks’ FB page. We’ll gladly give the best advice and any permissible info! We understand that you’ve invested a part of your life and cash into this band, we as fellow fans want you to have a smooth flight, a beautiful stay and a great time at the show!


Hurting comes out on Vinyl 28 July, 2014 -pre order your copy!
Hurting comes out on Vinyl 28 July, 2014 -pre order your copy!

Just as the Good Man Curt Smith said, Tears for Fears are indeed back on the 28th of July. The Hurting Vinyl will be released that day. It is said to be a part of the ‘Back to Black’ series according to the UK TFF Fans’ discussion group. You can pre-order yours right now by clicking that highlighted area above.

Again, don’t forget to join us in conversation on Twitter (@papasfans). As always follow the band on their official social pages for up-to-date information!
*Try to be courteous and tag them in convos only when necessary Lol! We don’t want to wear them out.

Thanks for reading!
Here’s a little treat for us all from our Japan Travel Fan Team Artist, Manami Doll.

Curt, Roland (running to enjoy the waves) and the infamous Mr. Ramskull ;)
Curt, Roland (running to enjoy the waves) and the infamous Mr. Ramskull 😉
Follow @rolandtff (verified) for some Twitter fun. It's a riot of wacky daily musings you don't want to miss!
Follow @rolandtff (verified) for some Twitter fun. It’s a riot of wacky daily musings you don’t want to miss!

Band News! Maceo, The McKinleys & Concert Info!

Beautiful Maceo with classmates (Hugs)
Beautiful Maceo with classmates (Hugs)
Cool news for TeamCS! Maceo’s mum from the Maceo project, first introduced to us by Curt Smith, sent an update. Maceo’s coming along and was a participant in several programs. The DVD of his story will be made and his team is thanking everyone involved. Our donations are among many and through this group effort he will continue to go a long way. We are so grateful! Cool picture! Hugs to Maceo and his family! Learn more about the Maceo Project here from the hope mob. Maceo also has an official page which we will link this week.

The McKinleys
The McKinleys
Captain Julian and friends have a cool kickstarter project going. It’s all about the McKinleys. We first heard about this group a little over a year ago. Their story is fascinating. Read about it here and check out how you too can become a part of the fun!

TearsForFears Official announced a concert this week. This show will take place in Thackerville, Oklahoma in September. The venue is the Global Events Center at WinStar Casino and Resort. This is an hour from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. The resort has a neat history and the venue looks very comfortable. Be sure to follow @tearsforfears for official info and intricate details.

Event Announcements
Event Announcements

Before you rock away, take a listen to this new cover song of Shout shared by the band. It’s got a real Millennial vibe and several of us are diggng it! What are your thoughts? Tweet us @papasfans or leave us a note on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!
-AA, Carri & C. Horton
*Sips tour soup*