Tears for Fears in Tulsa – Healing Hearts & Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

*Dedicated to Steven Jacobson who made his Twitter debut with a post to Tears for Fears and the Travel Fans. That was pretty darn cool! Thank you!

Our emotional & exciting journey to Tulsa for Tears for Fears began at 12:47am on Tuesday morning, the day of show. I rested just enough to be coherent and not miss our 10am lobby roll call. At 10:25am we rush off with our amazing pal Bobby, a long time TFF Travel Fan that we met through Captain Julian Orzabal. He lead the way. G-d bless Bobby, he gave us the VIP treatment in his incredible vehicle. His son Roland was by our side and kept us laughing and upbeat as we did one last check to make sure we had our tickets, etc. before heading to this next city (Tulsa) on the tour… it was broadcast on Persicope. (pardon this one-off device to device recording).

Living the Dream As we drove, I thought about the unexpected band chat we learned we were to attend that same day. The excitement of that plus feelings from the Kansas City, MO show just began to pour. We became overwhelmed by our experiences with the band over the past 3 decades (which is 95% of my life – #ProudTFFToddlerFan – I still visit the place where I first heard them on the way to school). And then Bobby says, “This reminds me of the winter of ’85…”

On the way

Upclose is an understatement...this felt amazing to all my 5 senses. Healing indeed.
Upclose is an understatement…this felt amazing to all my 5 senses. Healing indeed.

Road Warrior Realities
We finally arrived at the hotel after barely getting through some time consuming traffic. Making the transformation from road warrier to concert attendee is not something that can be done in an hour’s time. You want to bring your best self in the presence of the band…whether you’re seeing them up close for a chat or within arm’s length at the stage. I wasn’t able to accomplish that this time around. The weather was humid, it’s raining and we have a band chat to attend… and I’m just not ready. Not to mention I had been trying all morning to get a last headcount on which fans were coming so we could share this opportunity in an organised fashion. We’re reaching out to see who was on the way so we could, calmly and appropriately give some hugs and appreciation to this extraordinary team of musicians that we have adored forever and a day… and it’s like crickets. Everyone was in transit or busy getting ready vs. answering the phone, replying to tweets or even picking up these extra 2nd and 6th row tickets before the show. It was strange to say the least. So, it would just be us…Silver Kitty, Bobby, Roland the Sequel, Lady C and myself… and at 6:30pm we rushed off to get an extra bag of Curt’s sweets for the show with a few things for Roland in tow.

Long story short, I ran back inside for a bar of Cadbury chocolate for Curt…and got all damp from the rain. “Maybe I should just go to my seat and let the others say hi for me…” I thought as I try to fan myself dry. I decided I’d better show up and just stand back, taking a rain check on the hugs.

A Nice Chat
*Not going to elaborate on this part because I respect everyone’s privacy (and the law of the land) to not record every word said or detail every movement made. But as always, these chats are very sacred and I’m grateful that we were able to share it with those who came along.
Somewhat drier, we get inside the venue and see members of the beautiful TFF official team, people we are always overjoyed to see. As we are hugging I realise I still don’t have one of their items. I’ll have to send it later. Long time fan, former TFF member and all around awesome person, Afton is there looking like a million dollars and I’m just thrilled to see her again. Learn more about Afton (Sangster) here.

They led us down the trail to the chat which was a scene from Alice in Wonderland. There I was in my damp royal blue Japanese Kawaii coordinate entering the twists and turns like one trailing down the rabbit hole leading to this extravagant moment. It was so cool yet serene as the room in which we eventually entered looked like a grand mini ballroom with its cool furniture, deep colours and gorgeous band members relaxing like they’d just finished the most sumptuous of tea parties ever…in big chairs mind you.

Still, I wasn’t ready… After all the years of seeing them, delivering this or that…this wasn’t new for me, yet I still couldn’t believe it. Damp and dizzy with a racing heart that sent me into a cold sweat, I walk in the door ushered by the very subdued Silver Kitty. I’m greeted by the majestic presence of this band. The Good Sir in all his glory greets me with incredible and beautiful warmth. His precious hands meet mine in a respectful way. The Good Sir gives me a gentle hug depsite my forelorn and bedraggled condition and he went down the line greeting us as did others of this sacred set of musicial geniuses …The Good Man came in as well and lovingly signed merch and allowed us some nice snapshots while chatting with us about his life. It felt like family, like I was where I was supposed to be…The rest of their generous time in their presence was equal to a very spiritual encounter and will be kept in our vault. Nothing off colour or seedy occured, it was just a warm discussion and chat that for us is the closest thing to heaven. It’s a Zen gathering, it is the ultimate peace and joy. One’s soul calms when standing near them and, as usual for me, it takes about 6 months to realise that we did actually see them. Several times I find myself waking up at night thinking…was that real? It’s just such a miraculous moment.

So much fun, such a euphoric experience, all TFF concert are...
So much fun, such a euphoric experience, all TFF concert are…

To think we were little kids watching them on TV, holding their music close like security blankets and now they stand before us providing comfort that words can’t describe. I have not found that type of peace anywhere else. There is nothing I can even compare it to because it’s like a dream. It’s a very uplifing and a soul gripping experience, it redefines Cloud 9’s eurphoria. Any odd things that happen in our daily lives are completely washed away as their energy and kindness makes a therapy session look like a cheap bandaid. Tears for Fears, whether they accept it/know it or not, are a healing experience. One look, one nod, one smile by members of this band… and one is forever changed. It’s a phenomenon.


After the unexpected and generous chat we wandered back through the cool, twisting trail and past the stage curtains which were open. I couldn’t help but take a peek at all the cool instruments. Seeing the audience from their perspective was pretty damn cool. Seeing all the eager people and happy faces just waiting for them to come out and dazzle the world as they do was exhilarating. SK was kind of enough to get us really great seats. I was happy that the stage wasn’t so high that I couldn’t see over it. I had just enough room to dance around without it pressing into my hips. Those on the first row center were literally knees-to-stage. We were first row right (Curt’s side), Lady C on first row left (Roland side) and quite comfy. We met some really lovely fans before the show and during that time I exchanged email addresses with as many of them as possible so we can stay in touch. Before long Carina Round came out and played her fantastic set. She gave a shout out to Pucifer who had played at this location some time ago and she was there with them. Curt accompanied her on the final song of her set as he’s done on so many other occasions (notably, Sunset Station Hendersonville Nevada 2012).

Annnnd of course Tears for Fears appeared not long after…and it’s all recorded. Here are some videos from the show by various fans. Big thanks to Charlton for the generosity. Huge thanks to Jamie for the drumsticks given to Bobby!! Gargantuan thanks to Roland and Curt for their TIME. Sweet gentle kisses for Carina and her beautiful voice (love her wardrobe). And special thanks to Lady T and Afton for that generous pre and post-show hug. I’m so inspired to work hard to bring forth my best self because of this band. They make me want to be a better person. It’s just something about them that makes me want to do better in every possible way. I pray, by G-d’s grace I can do it. I pray we can always enjoy their majestic presence as tour attendees and dedicated travel fans. G-d bless everyone’s contributions and efforts and the positive energy of others alongside us in sister fan groups in Manila, France and Brazil/Brasil. TFF puts the “FF’s” in “Fan Family.”

Videos and Show Highlights

*SK says to watch these in HD or the sound is completely inaudible.

We screamed a lot. Looking back through the videos, we were just in plum TFF Manic mode… I’m so glad we remain calm during M&Gs with Curt in California and impromptu gatherings during tours because if I heard or saw people like myself in “show mode” I’d probably be afraid. One beautiful part of the madness is that the entire crowd was “roaring” with joy. It was awesome, overwhelming and everything in between. The energy in those shows is electric. We get so excited and  though it’s over an hour (2+ I think) it’s never long enough, you want it to go on and on. We don’t get tired of this because every concert FEELS new, one is not like the other. Atlanta isn’t LA an LA isn’t Vegas, etc. Each concert has unique pieces and occurances that make you eager to go to another so you can enjoy the new things they say and do in each city.

Another set of treats and gifts are the conversations between songs and souvenirs tossed into the audience. We were on Curt’s side for this show and Charlton was standing over us. I loved watching him play guitar and he was all smiles, even obliged and gave me a guitar pick. I was collecting Curt’s for some time and giving them to fellow fans back in Atlanta and for those who had only gotten to see Roland or stand on  his side. I find that no matter what side you’re on, it’s just fun to be near them. Roland and Curt do a lot of great shoutouts during shows as well. Here’s one for a set of twins who share The Good Sir’s birthday/bidet/bday.

Birthday Shout Outs

During Charlton’s solo intro of Closest Thing to Heaven, Curt slips some Skittles. Then he comes over to us and literally throws a handful over our head to make it rain!!

OHHH MY GAHHH, you’d have thought he was throwing money. We were so excited, catching a few in our hands and swallowing them down (or at least I did. I have a collection of his autographed Skittles so any new ones are fair game to be eaten). We couldn’t get “the rain” on video because it was unexpected but we’re hoping someone else did. Good Man you are so freakin’ cool!

courtesy of Bobby
courtesy of Bobby

Set List
Being so close to the stage distorts the sound sometimes so here are some clips by a fan named Aaron for a few of the songs. Carri also took some cool video close up.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Lorde & TFF riginal Opening)


Pale Shelter & cool chat from Good Man Curt *they sound crystal clear in person, again being so close to the stage our recordings sound a bit distorted.


Change, MW, MF, CTTH (Billie Jean was on the list but was not played) Badman’s Song

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels – upclose

Woman In Chains


Shout (upclose) 

After the show, like immediately after, this young lady comes out of nowhere and jumps up on the stage. She’s trying to get a set list. When a staff member gives it to someone else we start yelling, “But she jumped up on the stage! C’mon, let her have one please!!” The guy did hand one over. Roland the Sequel got one as well…which was pretty darn cool and well deserved for his amazing contributions this season.

Back at the hotel, security is walking around …we don’t know why. Maybe the band was going to their rooms or something. We stayed off to the side in the lobby and people came over to us to say hi and hang out. During that time we met these cool peeps from one of the conferences that the hotel was hosting.

Hotel Lobby

Hours later in our rooms we’re looking at videos, packing and such. We had to hop off the tour because we couldn’t do that Arizona and ABQ heat. I had a swim meet back in Atlanta, so I couldn’t go to Jack’s 10th Show. This would be it for a few months…and the thought of pausing was hard. We stretched time that morning though…

Travel Fan Brunch – from Periscope TV – replay of broadcast

A Little Pause
On the way to the airport we contemplated if we should just take some extra holiday time and just go to the next show anyway, crazy 100+ degree temps be damned. We couldn’t but thankfully other travel fans were taking good care and headed out to represent the TFF365 spirit. I tried to hold in my tears the whole of the Tulsa show and afterwards but at the airport, right there at the curb I just lost it. I just cried…horribly. The ugly cry…smh.

I said goodbye to all through sobbing tears. Carolyn who was flying in the same terminal as myself walked me in and I sniffled my way through check-in. It was so hard. I walked around the airport. TFF were, to our knowledge not far off, one woman said she saw two guys who looked like The Good Sir and The Good Man walking into a side door. You know they have those now where you don’t have to walk in with the public. I thought they already did but anyway, they were supposedly spotted. Roland had tweeted that they were grounded due to the storms. Carolyn’s flight was delayed for the same reason. Mine was on time but we still had about 3 hours to kill. So…like any dedicated fan we located the Airport Jukebox that plays music over the intercom system throughout the entire airport… and we changed all of the songs to Tears for Fears…like over 2 hours worth. We Periscoped it, making sure to avoid people’s faces because we weren’t sure it was legal to broadcast there. Thanks to all, especially Steven, who logged into the broadcast and showed us how to do it. #TeeHee It was awesome! People all around us were tapping their feet and dancing in their seats. Only one guy approached Carolyn later (she was wearing her TFF shirt) and asked if she was responsible for Tears for Fears being played non stop… We have no shame. She even has a t-shirt her daughter gave her that says, “Danger, Tears for Fears Fan…”

Again, very grateful to Roland and Curt, their entire team, road team, Lady T, fans on tour, Afton and all the support and kindness we got via Periscope and the entire time we were gone. So many people help make these tours possible and we’re just thrilled to be out there on the road with their energy. Really looking forward to the new album and more fun and exciting times in this life with Tears for Fears leading the way. Cheers! Thanks for reading! AA

Memories to last a lifetime!
Memories to last a lifetime!

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Concert Alert – Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info – Vina Robles Amphitheatre

The first time I ever met Roland he was holding a beautiful little glass of wine and I wanted a sip of it so bad. You could just tell it was…gooood. He was savouring the taste of it and I immediately had a flashback to my relatives enjoying lovely dinners with friends while I, an only child, got to watch it all with a glass of sparkling apple juice…those are some of my fond memories of being a little one. Most of the time I sat in my room holding tight to my Tears for Fears music collection imagining and counting down the days til I was old enough to host parties of my own. I was determined to party hard. But I digress…Let’s just cut to the chase. The band has notified everyone in advance (applause) that the show is going to be on the 19th of September 2015 at Vina Robles Amphitheatre. The tickets according to the venue go on sale in July (11 July 2015). However the band’s tweet says it’s this Friday…which has sent people into a little bit of a panic. So, we phoned to find out…crickets.

As far as obtaining tickets, you can actually go in person to the box office and buy these if you’re local. It’s open pretty early…I think they said 10am to 5pm. We will confirm that again most likely on Twitter first. They do not sell tickets over the phone according to their automated message. Please note they do have premium and luxury seating. Die hards, section 102 & 103 are what you want.

What we also know is this is not attached to a hotel in which you can stay, it’s vineyard as implied. There is a guesthouse on site. There are also vacation rentals. Click here for that info. There’s also a wine club you can join. Click here for details.

Event Location: Vina Robles Hospitality Center 3700 Mill Road Paso Robles, CA 93446 – it’s outdoors, and most likely a rain or shine type of show. So prepare accordingly. That area is beautiful in September mind you…stunning! So you’re going to get a great taste of nature – no pun intended…or maybe it is.

courtesy TFF page
courtesy TFF page

As with most wineries and vineyards there is a Wine Tasting opportunity. They are very reasonably priced and you can find out about that here. We suggest the Gourmet Wine Tasting.

Concert Venue
Concert Venue

Transportation and Flights
It is a 3 hour drive from LAX/airport…so calculate that. If you need a car service you’re looking at about $200 each way. Most fans will rent a car and drive themselves. Most rental companies require a credit card deposit and they authorize $200 which takes away from your available credit in some cases. The good thing is you’re gonna get it back vs. taking a car service. But you’ll be at a winery…and you won’t be able to drive around legally if you’re drinking…so you decide what you want to do. We suggest the car service…obviously. Average flights around that time of year from East Coast are $350 round trip on a commercial carrier like Delta, etc. There are deals for those who get the email notices. I’ve seen them as low as $109 each way. Our advice is to book now!! If you know you want to go to this show, book now!!

Hotels… We suggest the Courtyard Marriott in that area. Address: 120 S Vine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446 – however it seems to be booked that weekend so the next best thing seems to be Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton but that too is booked solid. Check back with those hotels or use your hotel membership card to “get in” by phone if possible. Otherwise, La Quinta Inn and Suites is available at about $270+ per night.

Who is going?
There is excitement on the boards. We’re pretty sure there will be some commitments to this concert by travel fans all over the place. We’ll be in touch via Twitter with any extra tickets or travel fan pairings as soon as they are confirmed.

Don’t forget to follow @tearsforfears, @curtsmith and @rolandtff

For Travel Fan info: @papasfans

Thanks for reading!

Bon Anniversaire et Se Agapame! ~ Happy Birthday Curt Smith

What do we say to the man we adore and have appreciated and loved for yearrrrrsss, decades??? My goodness, The Good Man is a year older with a youthful spirit and even decades younger good looks. We adore him. Thank you Curt for enriching our lives the way you have, sharing your music, your talent, your TIME and even your amazing angelic family. You spoil us infinitely! Please enjoy these words from a slew of your kooks! Big kisses from Joyce (Manila Kook) who was also born on the 24th of June (hers is actually the 25th but heyyyy…let’s just do a this together…) 😉


Happy Birthday, Curt!! -Manami (Japan)
Happy Birthday, Curt!! -Manami (Japan)

“Happy Birthday Curt!!!! Now everyone sing Happy Birthday!! Great memories. Love, Kook Sheila” (SheeShee) -Sherman Oaks 2011 Birthday Song coordinator

Sherman Oaks Residency, Curt bought  dinner and offered VIP, he shares so much!! xoxo ~Singing Happy Birthday to Curt led by SheeShee
Sherman Oaks Residency, Curt bought dinner and offered VIP, he shares so much!! xoxo ~Singing Happy Birthday to Curt led by SheeShee

CS Patricia

A big Happy Birthday Curt. Age is but a number and your music like a fine wine gets better with age.Have a great time with your family on this special day.” Anthony G.

Happy birthday dear Mr SMITH. Wish you have more (per molts anys in CATALAN)” -Sabine S.

From Sabine
From Sabine

Curt, thank you so much for continuing to do what you do so well. Have a wonderful birthday with that loving family of yours. Many wishes for your continued success! Happy Hatching Day! (My version of Happy Birthday) Love, Carolyn Henneforth” (@Truman555)


Wishing you an amazing birthday and cherished time with friends & family! Here’s to this year being the best yet!! Much love, Becky (@eandbandri) Soboski

From Carri (SK)
From Carri (SK)

Happy B-day, beloved Mr. Curt Smith !!! 30++ yrs, you’ve been my #1 fave singer, hella Coolness (Like a Boss) Superb Kick Ass bassist, and Godsend Idol Extraordinaire talented twilight man. N’joy 2 the fullest.  Have a magnificent day with beautiful celebration. Thank you for being You!

P.S. Thank you so much for all the universal soulful care you have given me during my teen years..
You don’t know how much you got me through many hardships because of your courageous inspiration.

Immensely GratefulEmoji

Bonne Anniversaire et S’agapo! We appreciate you and all the detail and attention you pay to us despite your busy life. You really are a shining example of the concept that family doesn’t always mean “blood relatives.” You take your kindness to levels unknown and we’ve been so grateful to experience that on many occasion. Here’s to more good times and Skittles showers. I love it when you make it rain!! Post rain at the Tulsa show I literally said, “Omg, I’m so happy!” Then I ate them. Lol! Hope to see you soon. Have a great time away with your family. Beijinos, Andye  P.S. Next time I won’t run for Cadbury before the show, arriving soaked with rain and heat, unable to properly shake hands. #LessonLearned #NoMoreFrazzledKook

Curt makes it rain! xo
Curt makes it rain! xo

A very Happy Birthday to you Curt! I speak for all of us, “We  adore you!”  Bobby Russell

Good Man Curt Smith in Tulsa Oklahoma 2015

My cat, Missy, and I are wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! I hope you liked the pressie that SnapHappy Pam and I picked out for you. I am very grateful that I was able to see your show again, and that I left with a great inner peace.

Much love, Lael T. Mark

You bring us all together, near and far! xoxoxo

Um bolo de Curt Smith de Arte em Acucar oxox
Um bolo de Curt Smith de Arte em Acucar oxox

🎂 FELIZ ANIVERSARIO 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 – Marcio Campo (Brasil/Brazil)


Amelie and Yara Nash, who once drove 7 hours to see your solo show, sends virtual Sour Skittles for your birthday. Her daughter has always remembered that he likes those after she met you at a solo show at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks :). “I hope Curt has a most fabulous and beautiful birthday with his sweet family!! Wishing him great experiences and the best for the coming year :).” -Yara Nash

Curt and Yara

Thanks for signing our shirts and being our hero! We appreciate you and your pal Mr. Orzabal. You both keep us going day after day! Life isn’t good unless you two are in it. From the fun during Brit Week to the best tours ever, we cherish every moment near you, Curt. Thank you for making life great!


Your Kerfuffle of Kooks xoxo

Thanks for signing our shirts!
Thanks for signing our shirts!

Tears for Fears ~ Surreal & Soul Stirring in Kansas City, Missouri

This is dedicated to Ryan, our newest Travel Fan Team member. Ryan is based out of KCMO and helped us find all of the things we needed to make memories that will last a lifetime!


Writing these show re-caps never gets any easier because each show and each year outshine the previous ones. We go to these concerts more for healing than entertainment. Tears for Fears are a theraputic oasis for the soul. For the past week I’ve been relaying others’ photos and experiences at Tears for Fears extravaganzas. Today I’ll share mine. One of the shows I attended took place in Kansas City, Missouri. Up until I actually landed in KCMO I was referring to it as just Kansas. Weeks and months prior I had conversations via phone with Carolyn, the Travel Fan Team rep in the area, and she corrected me saying “Missouri…Andye, it’s Missouri.” I replied, “Ooops, sorry. I won’t do it again.” Then I said “Kansas…” again. She, again, corrected me and so did every person from the driver that picked me up to Carolyn’s travel pal, Ryan who showed us around the city. Later, Curt called it Kansas with clear intention of meaning “KCMO.” He later made it clear to everyone that he did indeed mean Missouri. So, lesson learned, when referring to Kansas City, you better include the state or risk being corrected (politely mind you – e.g. soft whispers in your ear) by the sweet gentle folks that live here. And gentle is an understatement…the people there are unbelievably kind and caring!

Why Kansas?
Kansas City, Missouri was named as one of the coolest cities in America…and it is! There’s a lot to do there. They have an incredible Plaza downtown that rivals the midtowns of several major cities in North America. The shoppes and prices are more than reasonable. The food is delicious and restaurants stay open pretty late, we even found a few at 4:45am in the morning on a Sunday night/Monday morning…crazy hours and awesome at the same time!

This was the city in which several decided to see a show together. One of our members is a police officer and took it upon himself to escort us to KMO as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma. We spent 4 long days together and bonded like you would never believe. None of us had really spent THAT much time with each other previously unless you count the times we were having cold ones with Captian Julian and a few band members, road crew, etc. post show at Sunset Station in Hendersonville Nevada, Thackerville’s Winstar Casino in Oklahoma, and the list goes on. Despite our limited interactions in person, we actually clicked FAST! Everyone, especially Bobby and his son Roland (yeah, he named him after Mr. Orzabal and was one the highlights of the trip) did whatever was necessary to make the midwest shows ultra fantastic and comfortable for fellow fans around them.

Gotta represent...Drummer Genius Jamie avaiators and Orzabal check plaid...
Gotta represent…Drummer Genius Jamie avaiators and Orzabal check plaid…

Travel Fan Fun
10am in the morning (yeah, we got about 6 hours of sleep), Carolyn and I are downstairs ready to roll and chat with whomever walked in the door of the hotel. And we did. We met all sorts of people and had numerous conversations. I should mention that the guy at the front desk saw my TFF tshirt when I checked in and just beamed as if he knew something. My goodness, were we staying in the same hotel? Then we all headed out to the Plaza where we got Bobby ready for the shows at one of the neat shoppes. I also grabbed a pair of Hello Kitty socks which had *anchors on them. The whole day we kept finding little signs of TFF that wouldn’t normally be present except during a tour. There were lots of symbolic things that happened or either we were hypervigilant. All of our adventures were broadcast via Persicope. Some have been archived on YouTube for later viewing. Thanks to all who joined in the live broadcast, we had 65+ viewers on some emissions. If you missed it, you can find them on YouTube…should be about 7 of the 12. Enjoy!

The Show
After visiting the venue earlier and making sure we knew where to park (coincidentally chatting with staff etc. wink wink) we went back to the hotel, changed quickly and rushed back to the venue. The parking lot, which had been completely empty 90 minutes prior was now completely filled with only one space open facing the backstage door. We took it! We sat in the car as it drizzled and watched crew working and doing last minute things while fans lined up the sidewalk, shifting around the local radio station’s live broadcast booth. Just like L.A. there was a guy on the corner beating a plastic bucket with a pair of drumsticks. Others were seeking tickets…and we were one of those people as we had just enough for the Travel Fans and not our newest inductee, Roland. A kind man handed over a ticket to him 20 minutes before showtime for free!! Whomever you are, HUGE THANKS!

Shared by a fan w/the Good Sir - the effects in the theatre were beautiful!
Shared by a fan (someone send us her name) w/the Good Sir – the effects in the theatre were beautiful!

The Uptown Theatre is a gorgeous venue that looks a little bit like the Fox Theatre in Atlanta with its intricate architecture. It’s hard to tell if you’re in a cathedral or a music hall. I’d happily go to more shows at this place. All of the seats are pretty good. There’s space so you’re not really bumping up against your neighbour and that’s crucial at TFF shows because just about everybody is dancing. As mentioned I was in my little tiara representing TFF’s Rock Royals title that many of us (and a couple of music industry peeps) have placed upon them and unexpectedly received so many compliments. In ATL where I spend most of my time, tiaras are not uncommon. I was shocked people even paid attention. I used that opportunity to make new friends and get email addresses so we can exchange photos, etc. Then I got seated as I was too excited to stand around. I just wanted to get to the front where we were close enough (6 rows back) to the stage that the band could see us and interact with their returned peace signs and such. It was awesome! We also met a few travel fans who had seats on our row. :waving at Lady M:

Carina Round looked and sounded like a powerful angel…there are no other words to describe it. She outdid herself. It was unreal.. we made sure to show her a ton of love, from the time she walked out to the striking solo parts of Woman in Chains and BadMan’s song. She got a lot of love not only from those of us who follow her, but from the new fans in the audience…they adored her and showed it! She deserved it! Amazing job!

imageThe band just stirred souls left and right. People were crying, people were picking each other up (no matter what their contrasting size) and hugging mid-song. They were having solo moments of their own by adding little supportive lines to the various songs. One guy just lost it and looked around singing at people with great force. Attendees did not mind the aisles, they flooded them where possible and rushed the stage. It was chaotic to a degree but still felt safe. Most notably, people. were. crying. I don’t mean a little tear, but instead that crippling cry where you can’t talk. Wives were holding husbands, husbands were holding wives and friends had their arms around each other. People just “had a moment” at the show. One person was local journalist Holly E. She blogged about her experience as well. She begins with…

Concert footage in which fans are crying. I never understood it. Sure, the music is great and the band members are (sometimes) good looking, but weeping at a concert?

Last night I wept at the Tears for Fears concert in Kansas City. On and off, from the first strains of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” through the encore “Woman in Chains” and “Shout.” Read More Here

*Holly is also a really cool person, one of those people you’ll just enjoy on many levels through her writing. Follow her @HollyEdgell.

And she wasn’t alone, again…Carolyn cried, strangers cried, the guy behind me could barely get the words to the songs out due to his emotion. I turned around and smiled at him, he was all verklempt with his daughter snuggled up beside him. It was a very emotional show and the energy in the theatre was different from past concerts. Kansas City, Missouri got more than a performance, they received a big ol’ Tears for Fears Concert Hug.

Pale Shelter – Curt sounds really good, listen and enjoy…

The Set List was similar to last year’s with a few songs switching places. I’ve abbreviated it as we do… Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Lorde intro then the majestic mesh into the original), SW, STSOL, PS, BIDA, ELAHE, Change, MW, MF, CTTH, AFTYAH, Creep – (Radiohead cover) BMS, HOH – Encore WIC and Shout

Drummer Genius Jamie’s drum solo was excellent and the crowd just lost their minds through the power of his talent. During Shout the crowd sang “the long version” intro loud and clear. Roland was sweet again and dropped the mic down so various individuals could sing into it. You know we all love that. I’ll never forget when he did that to me back in 2011. I’m still in complete awe. There were just all sorts of extras at this show, Skittles included. I think Curt threw a few.

Doc Martens Shout Outs
Another great moment that happened before the show was when Ryan talked about his own pair of Doc Martens of which he was wearing. We snapped a photo of them and then sometime later (not neccessarily related to our tweet) Curt sends his Docs tweet.

imageThen during the show Curt motioned toward his feet to reveal these saying, “Because I’m not in Kansas anymore.” It was clever and got a lot of laughs Very cute! During an earlier Periscope Travel Fan broadcast I talked about how I asked the gentleman that brought me to the hotel if this was Dorothy’s Kansas. I enjoyed hearing Curt referrencing The Wizard of Oz as well. It was also cool to have Manila Kooks like JW in the mix.


Eventhough I managed to write a bit about the show, so many parts of this particular part of the tour left me speechless and I don’t even know where to begin in detailing them. As always it’s just cool to hear from the band throughout the tour/talk to them via social and see Roland so animated and involved with Twitter (something of which for years we thought he’d never do until he surprised us back in March 2014). It was very important to us. At one point I was messaging with the Good Man Curt Smith as Carolyn was so worried as to why he hadn’t said “Kansas City, Missouri we are in you…” and he mentioned they were just getting in. I think I’m responding to Carolyn, but I was accidentally responding to Curt and told him to “…go on and get dressed everything is going to be fine…” or something. It was rather embarassing but funny in hindsight. Glitches will happen…

The above may seem like “little things” to other people but if you’ve been following this band for at least a year at mininum (though for most of us it’s been 90% of our lives) you “get it.” You know why the Docs tweet is important, you understand and even cherish the tears of your fellow fans. We just mesh…that’s one thing about the fans…most of us just “mix and gel” quickly. In the cases where meshing didn’t take place or is struggling to gel, societal ills are present and have nothing to do with the band. If you come to this fan world with a pure heart, you will meet your soulmates. Not necessarily your future spouse (although that isn’t uncommon) you will, however, make friends that will become family. That’s what happened on this tour. Friends became relatives, souls were stirred and combined. I could go on. But I’ll conclude with this; nothing, not Periscope, not YouTube or any streaming media compares to being PRESENT. This is why, even if it is for one show or all of them, fans travel all over the states, to and from various parts of the world to see this band and experience something so overwhelmingly majestic that it brings a crowd to tears…

Shoutout  to the loyal people who waited outside the venue post show with hope in their grasp...
Shoutout to the loyal people who waited outside the venue post show with hope in their grasp…

Big thanks to the people we met in Kansas City, Missouri! I have never been to a place so friendly…and I thought Toronto had the world beat! All of our loyalty and dedication is to the band and many hugs to the new travel fans that flew in from all over to be there. There’s no way any of this would work if love didn’t show up in the form of attendance!


*Nautical Anchors are a constant symbol in so much of TFF, CurtSmithOfficial and DelaQ.

More on the Kansas City, Missouri show from Timothy Finn

Compilation of Praise – Tears for Fears Denver, CO 2015

The amazing Terri Nunn of Berlin snags a photo w/the Good Sir Orzabal backstage.
The amazing Terri Nunn of Berlin snags a photo w/the Good Sir Orzabal backstage.
We’ve been sharing the thoughts of many different writers and fans of Tears For Fears these past 3 days. Below is a short compilation of thoughts and images on the “Kool Koncert” featuring Berlin plus The B52s and Tears for Fears. The latter being two bands that we have had the pleasure of following closely for many years (especially now). As mentioned,  AA now lives not too far from Cindy of the B52s and it’s just exciting to see them and be near. Several fans from the East Coast (NYC, NC, Atlanta, etc) attended this show and boy oh boy were fans overwhelmed at how animated, beautiful and overall outstanding the band performed. Special attention was paid to Curt and Roland’s liveliness on stage as well as Roland’s dancing around. Fans uploaded many videos from various angles to YouTube and the response was electric.

Bad Man’s Song (Josh Valentine)

Creep/Radiohead cover (Megfoot)

Cryptic Rock Article w/photos

From Cryptic Rock
From Cryptic Rock

Denver’s Live Music Meetup Made this show one of their featured events. That’s always cool. If you’re looking for Tears for Fears fans in your area that may want to join the travel fan fun, meetup.com is a good place to find them in your city.

We reblogged this one earlier
“…they were meant to walk this earth at the same time…” Progarchy

Woman in Chains

Got more to share? Let us know!

Official Logo
Official Logo

Tears for Fears – Casino Rama Concert Travel Fan Info

Two,, count them... Two shows!
Two, count them… Two shows!

This is another show that has fans buzzing and more than excited. Tears for Fears will return to Canada (Casino Rama just north of Toronto) this September for 2 days (25th and 26th). This will be immediately following the Michigan show (24th). The venue has a variety of seating options. Most of the front row seats are gone. Reviews on this venue are mixed. Some say it’s just not their favourite place to see a band in Ontario, Canada. However, many are going anyway. Looks fine to us as all the floor seats seem to be in clear view of the stage. See ticket links below  for both shows and examine the seating chart carefully. Yes, you have to be at least 19 years old to attend. This is not an all ages show or one where you can bring your teens, tweens and toddlers.

Click here for tickets to the Friday Show

Click here for tickets to the Saturday Show

VIP & Meet/Greet Inquiries
We’ve had several slightly aggressive requests for meet & greets plus “demands” for tickets. Please know we don’t have much power in those areas. It’s been a miraculous coincidence that we’ve been able to get the extra seats we had and so we decided to share those tickets. We always share or offer anything we can including any meetup opptys. We just don’t have them this time. Very sorry.

Stay at the casino… period. That’s our suggestion. Click here to reserve. We’ve stayed at a number of casinos during our travel fan years and thankfully all of them have been very nice. We feel this one will live up to our standards as it offers quite a bit just like Sunset Station and Red Rock Casino in Vegas.

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you need to get a passport. Not having a passport is not an excuse for not attending the show. You can get a rush passport. You can get the snailmail passport. The way we did it years ago was as follows: Download the application/pick one up from the post office. Passport photos were taken at a local Walgreens for a small fee. We filled out the passport info and submitted it. It was returned to us in 2 months. Passport prices vary depending on how fast you need it. A renewal is cheaper than a new one. You can also get a rush passport at most major airports. One girl forgot hers at home and had to get one on the spot in order not to miss the flight. I think she paid about $300 because it cost more to get one post-haste. This is not something you can leave behind. As you can see in the link. Gotta make a checklist before you get to the airport. Do a double check before you get to the airport or begin your drive into Canada. There have been too many issues where someone can’t find their tickets, travel wallet or passports. Put them in your Tears for Fears Travel Bag (made available in 2011 in Los Angeles). Do your best to keep up with your travel documents, pictures, etc.

That heart is for both, it just generated on Mr. Orzabal's leg.
That heart is for both, it just generated on Mr. Orzabal’s leg.

How many people are going?
A lot! A lot…that’s all we can say… the show has not sold out but tickets have been on sale for quite some time. We tweeted about it prior to the announcement by the venue and we tweeted about it the day the venue put the tickets on sale. We are also talking/blogging about it right now. Few can say they just didn’t know. Anyone that reached out to us at shows or in the hotel was told about the blog. Again, just no excuse here. If you really want to go to this show and have the resources and time to travel then it can be done.

If there’s anything we have forgotten let us know.

Thanks for reading
AA of the Travel Fan Team

The Catholic Imagination of Roland Orzabal: Tears for Raoul

Here’s another one to savour today… Even Orzabal’s weakest track is far better than most musicians will ever achieve in and with their best. Like all of the music of Tears for Fears, this album holds up very well, even after twenty years. Indeed, the flaws I thought I perceived when this album first came out simply don’t hold up. I don’t think the flaws have disappeared as much as I simply didn’t understand or appreciate what Orzabal was doing in 1995.
In hindsight, I appreciate the art and the choices he made to make this art. Not that he needs my appreciation, but Orzabal certainly has it.


Review retrospective: Tears for Fears, RAOUL AND THE KINGS OF SPAIN (Sony, 1995; Cherry Red, 2009).

Twenty years ago, Roland Orzabal (born Raoul Jaime Orzabal de la Quintana to an English mother and a Basque/Spanish/French father) released the fifth Tears for Fears studio album, RAOUL AND THE KINGS OF SPAIN.

Overall, we should remember, 1995 was a pretty amazing year for music—really the year that saw the full birthing of third-wave prog.

Raoul's mythic mother. Raoul’s mythic mother.

Not all was prog, of course, but there was so much that was simply interesting.  Natalie Merchant, TIGERLILY; Radiohead, THE BENDS; Spock’s Beard, THE LIGHT; The Flower Kings, BACK IN THE WORLD OF ADVENTURES; Marillion, AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT; and Porcupine Tree, THE SKY MOVES SIDEWAYS.

As the time that RAOUL came out, I liked it quite a bit, but I didn’t love it.  The first five songs just floored me, but then I thought the…

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Roland Orzabal is Our Greatest Living Pop Artist

Many write about the band and we like to share their thoughts with our friends and fellow travel fans: “Orzabal and Smith aren’t living on or in the past. They are at the absolute height of their game right now. And, of course, they’ve earned every single accolade they will receive.” Read More as we prepare to post a slew of photos from this past week in Tears for Fears Travel Fan land and upcoming concert info… Thanks!


imagesIn my post two days ago offering a twenty-year retrospective of RAOUL AND THE KINGS OF SPAIN by Tears for Fears, I made some bald claims:

Orzabal has never embraced the term “progressive,” identifying it with Pink Floyd, but he is certainly the most experimental pop musician alive—rivaled only by Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Robert Smith, Andy Partridge, and Peter Gabriel.  From my perspective, Orzabal is the greatest living pop musician, but I think this would be open to debate.  And, of course, the debate would demand a proper definition of pop.

A good friend of mine (a fellow music lover and a fellow Kansan), Derek, properly challenged this assertion of mine while also admitting how much he loves Orzabal.


I did my best to defend my claim.  Here’s the conversation:

Derek: “From my perspective, Orzabal is the greatest living pop musician…” Wow! I’m still trying to wrap my head…

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Tears for Fears Concert Info – Sterling Heights Michigan (Detroit)

courtesy TFF page
courtesy TFF page

We should be discussing the Canada show first but this one has been on everyone’s radar so let’s look at it right now before it gets too late. As noted on Twitter and our Travel Fan FB page, Tears For Fears are scheduled to play at the Freedom Hill Amphitheater on the 24th of September. Reviews for this venue state that it’s intimate and a great place to see a band. Maps show that this location is right off of 16 Mile Rd but the official address is different (see below). I haven’t been in Michigan since I was a toddler so I can’t even picture where this venue is exactly.

Past attendees wrote about VIP options, saying they are hosted by the theatre for some events. They take place off to the side of the stage toward the back. If you are able to snag VIP tickets then do it! Performers and season pass holders are said to gather in this area together. Again, no confirmation but I will say all VIP events I’ve attended thus far have been worth it. Nothing confirmed for this particular show. Was told all seats are pretty good, even those on the lawn. Original ticket prices are $25 to $85 USD. Third party ticket sellers are pricing rows close to the stage at $584 each. Cheapest we’ve seen by third party is about $198.

Purchase options: Click here or visit http://freedomhill.net/event/tears-for-fears/

Venue Address: Freedom Hill Amphitheater 14900 Metro Parkway Sterling Heights Michigan 48312

Valet parking $5: Reviews say it’s a bit hard to get out of the parking lot so note that when you get there. Be patient…though knowing us  travel fans we tend to hang out after shows and this may not even be a problem. We may be the last ones to leave.

TFF Travel Fans spend lots of time together...
TFF Travel Fans spend lots of time together…

Who is going?
Well right now several fans on Twitter want to hold out for shows in their home states. We do not suggest that. If the band is coming one to two states close to you, it’s best to make an effort to see them in whatever state that is. These venues and locations have not been visited by TFF in quite some time. So, this might be it for a while. If you can go to two shows then do it. We, as fellow Travel fans will help you with info and hotels. We do carpool where possible and try to sit together. The shows are worth every penny even if you end up paying double the original ticket price…though we hope you can avoid that by going through the box office.

We suggest the following hotels based on their online reviews. We have not stayed in these brands in Michigan but in other states. Remember if you are a member of AAA or are a Military Vet, Government employee, etc. bring your ID’s. Just recently one of our travel fan team members got a full $100 off their room rate.

Extended Stay America approx $75 a night + tax and other fees. If you’ve never stayed at this ESA brand, note that they come with a full kitchen in the room. You could buy groceries and eat in your room/suite vs. eating out if that is important to you. Most rooms and suites can hold 3 people comfortably.

Hampton Inn & Suites We’ve stayed in this brand once… price $125+

^^ both locations are not too far from the venue

Flights are usually a bit more expensive in the fall lately. This was not always the case. Not sure why. Delta is quoting approx $150 for one way from southern states (some of you are headed to Canada right after this show so we’re listing the one way price). It’s $500 from New York City. So…try Southwest but direct flights, we’ve found, are rare with that air carrier.

Courtesy TFF
Courtesy TFF

That’s all we’ve got for this show… we’ll keep you posted on any discoveries and finds. Not going to pretend that people are jumping for joy about the location and are hoping like crazy that the band adds more dates. We recently spoke with the band in person and no other dates were mentioned aside from one abroad. We’ll leave it at that. The band can announce that nation, not us…we’ll just do our best to help you get there if it is something that is open to the public.

Thanks for reading!! Next concert info alert will be re: Canada – Rama Casino 25/26 September headed by veteran Travel Fan Team Member, Denise.

(AA & Travel Fan Team Contributors)

Friendship and Art at its Highest: Tears for Fears in Denver, 2015

Tears for Fears – Beyond “Cool” in Colorado…
Over the last 5 days, the praise for Tears for Fears went beyond the usual… It was more than a virtual pat on the back or sweet, loving journalist turned fan for Tears for Fears, it was more than that. Countless reviews and articles were posted stating how absolutely important, vital and relevant Tears for Fears are some 30 years on. We as the travel fans would normally share our own personal experiences at these shows for each re-cap but, I think it’s crucial to include the words of not just global fans but of those who are detailing these musical extravaganza’s for their network and for the news. As a newsie myself, I feel it detrimental to share these fine writers’ emotions. Please enjoy this particular articles brought to our attention by Travel Fan Carolyn. His words on the Denver show hit home.

Again, as always, thank you for reading, sharing and most important showing up at concerts!


Last night, my wife and I—just about to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary—treated ourselves to a concert by Tears for Fears.

For those of you who read progarchy.com regularly, you know that not only do we as a website love the work of TFF, but I, Brad, have been rather obsessed with Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith since 1985.

Yes, 30 years—just four more years than I’ve been in love with Rush.  And, of course, what a comparison.  Can you imagine Peart and Orzabal writing lyrics together?  Tom Sawyer meets Admiral Halsey!

A blurry iPhone picture from last night's concert in Denver: Tears for Fears. A blurry iPhone picture from last night’s concert in Denver: Tears for Fears.

I came to TFF in the same way almost every American my age did, from hearing “Everybody wants to rule the world” on MTV.  What a glorious song.  Here was New Wave, but New Wave-pop-prog.  Here were intelligent lyrics.  Here, to my mind, was…

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