“Team Curt Smith” #Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Team CS!

16 and 17 September are certainly anniversary concert days for many of us as well as a great anniversary for those who participated in the “Team Curt Smith” project of 2010 (described on the @papasfans twitter profile). We raised $1000 in about 3 weeks time to benefit a project in Haiti organised by TwitChange and a few community leaders in Atlanta. Only $600 or so dollars were accepted from our gift but we were very happy to help a great cause and win the prize which included a welcomed bond with Curt Smith of Tears for Fears of whom we have loved since our youth, some of us, since our toddler years.

cropped-kerfuffleofkooksii51.jpgSince then we’ve been contributing to various organisations and doing our part to make the world a much more enjoyable place for those near and far. Some projects have included small personal donations to the Tory Burch Foundation, Friends of Longacre Hall (that project is now changing to a different location), The Angel Tree program and anything else that we either saw on Curt’s fan page or something tweeted/brought to our attention through his social updates and friends.

Curt Smith has certainly helped bring out the best in us. We’re working hard to continue to give to charity groups, share what we have and be inclusive within fan land. We’re a happy, grateful kerfuffle of Kooks led by a great man, and an outstanding band with great minds and endless talent. Much love to Curt Smith, Roland Orzabal and the entire Tears for Fears team, through this band we’ve realised our dreams.


Thanks for reading!

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Little Lady Diva
Little Lady Diva Smith also celebrated a birthday this past week. Many warm wishes and many happy returns to this angel.