Salute to Asia’s TFF fans & Kooks!

As a few of us finish up a round of sushi at a meet-up for band bloggers we can’t  help but be reminded of our awesome fellow-fans in places like Manila, Philippines and Tokyo, Japan. Since 2009 and more so in 2010 this region of Asia has shown their dedication to the dazzling duo we adore as Tears for Fears. There are pages dedicated to the band as well as Curt Smith (Curt Smith Fans: Phils Kooks Philippines) with regular updates, video-tweets and interaction with fans around the world.

Two members in particular have gone above and beyond to share their appreciation for Roland and Curt with their sweet and generous time. Manami is the region’s fan club artist who creates lovely photos for fans’ birthdays and special occasions. As with all fan-generated projects, Manami volunteers her time to make fun and exciting artwork that fans and the band have recognized on numerous occasions. Despite their claims to “not know English very well” they have managed to communicate beautifully with so many of us each and everyday for the last year and half. 
Daily, Admiral Juli hosts a Tears for Fears Japanese Fan Site and sends out a video tweet which has a link to a Tears for Fears video. Each day it is a different one pulled from the years of archived footage. Admiral Juli has also been active with Roland’s brother’s band DelaQ and created a very cute picture of Julian that he uses as  his facebook photo. Talk about a fan salute…that is huge! 
Both fans are very friendly, genuine, truly loving and a great addition to the global revamp of the global Tears for Fears fanclub. Hearing that the band is headed to Asia is a great joy for all of us as we feel that part of the world could benefit from the energy of a live show. We are happy to read that the band is looking into participating in the Super Sonic music series in Seoul South Korea as well as Japan with visits to both Manila and Cebu Philippines.
And our cool pals in the Philippines have had some entertaining meet-ups, complete with place settings for band members as they make wishes for their presence at their local hangouts. Again, this is why we are very excited about Tears for Fears “returning to their side of town.” Cheers to our dears in Asia! Let us keep the #365DaysAYearOfTearsForFears energy going!

Caring Kooks inspired by Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith

In the past few years, the very generous Curt Smith has jumped aboard some awesome causes. His involvement with groups like TwitChange inspired and encouraged several Tears for Fears fans to get involved with worthy causes. TeamCurtSmith (TeamCS) was created around one of these early charity projects as mentioned in previous blog posts. And together this group continues to donate money and resources to causes that Curt has either mentioned, been apart of or things they feel he might appreciate. Some of their recent donations have gone to GoodWill, The Angel Tree Program and most recently they’ve put forth plans to donate to the Friends of Longacre Hall.

The team isn’t raising millions just yet but they are donating just under 1,000 as a group for several causes. TeamCS is made up of about 6-7 fans, most of whom travel to California for Curt Solo Shows as well as anything related to their beloved band Tears For Fears as a whole. Coming from diverse backgrounds, including a Native American, a Nigerian, Americans from various ethnic groups and most recently a fan from France; the team’s goal is simply to show support and give back as Curt has given to them and to the world. This group is certainly special with big hearts and loyalty to anything Roland and Curt related…like none other…

Their involvement with Twitchange earned them a follow from Curt Smith on 17 September 2010. This date has remained special to them and on their 1st anniversary they spent it front and center at the Wiltern for Tears for Fears’ sold out concert. More on that show is to come as they approach their 2nd anniversary.
Just after that extraordinary event the team gathered together to buy gifts for Angel Tree recipients. An 18 year old young man named Stephen received gifts as well as a young girl picked by TeamCS member Lisa.
And now they are looking to donate a portion of their March resources to Friends of Longacre Hall ( a project Curt Smith donated £10,000 to recently). The group is open to others from various regional Tears for Fears fan groups joining the pool of donations so if you or another fan are interested in pitching in for this project send your inquiry to or go to the Friends of Longacre Hall on your own and get involved. 
From birthday gifts, joining in on the Roland & Curt Quilt project and tons of other TFF inspired giving opportunities and volunteering, these Kooks are certainly a loving bunch with nothing but admiration for one of the world’s top music groups ever. Be inspired, give back to the communities and groups that have influenced you! And let us know about it! Cheers!