Happy Birthday Curt Smith!

Curt Smith continues to leave us spellbound and speechless…except on his birthday when we’re barely able to keep our cool screaming BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE, CUMPLEANOS FELIZ and other well wishes in all of our languages! 🙂 The Good Man’s Kerfuffle of Kooks are an international bundle of joy, always ready to rock be it online or in line before the shows. Curt has inherited a huge global family and the love is mutual. Led by Carri D (USA) and Patricia Patty-O (France) in their signature fashion, we’re celebrating Curt Smith ALL DAY!!
Happy Birthday to Curt Smith ~ 24 June

Love from Patricia O (France)
Love from Patricia O (France)
More Love from Patricia
More Love from Patricia

One of the leaders of the Phils Kooks, Joyce, is known for her daily interaction with her favourite rockers Tears for Fears. She and other fans are known for their amazing art work, sketches and jewelry. Here, she presents a new gift to Curt. Enjoy this great fan art!

Fan Art by Joyce, one of the team leaders of the Phils Kooks, TFF Travel Fan team Philippines
Fan Art by Joyce, one of the team leaders of the Phils Kooks, TFF Travel Fan team Philippines
Marcio do Brasil is ready to roll and ready to go! Give this guy a piece of cake and a glas of Gin!
Marcio do Brasil is ready to roll and ready to go! Give this guy a piece of cake and a glass of Gin!

Our sweet Juli-Juli of Japan leads us in a birthday song 🙂

Little Juli-Juli age 8 - she grew up to be a true superfanatic, kawaii too! :)
Little Juli-Juli age 8 – she grew up to be a true superfanatic, kawaii too! 🙂

Here’s a great poem from Melanie M.
From “Big Chair” onward,
TFF’s music’s kept me strong.
It’s truly been an inspiration,
Never steering me wrong.

Listening numerous times,
I taught myself to play your songs by ear.
Because of this ability,
My heart is filled with cheer.

Besides enjoying your music,
TFF and solo alike,
I also enjoy seeing you on “Psych”.

“Shawn 2.0”, “100 Clues”,
And “A Nightmare on State Street”,
Now, everything Pineapple is my favorite treat!

This poem’s to wish you a Happy Birthday, Curt, from a fan in New Orleans!

Superfan Carri adds this great card, sleek and sophisticated...
Superfan Carri adds this great card, sleek and sophisticated…
We can all guess who on this iconic imagery, Manami wishes Curt a Happy Birthday from Japan
We can all guess who on this iconic imagery, Manami wishes Curt a Happy Birthday from Japan
Manami's cat is in on it too! Meow Happy Birthday, Good Man, meow!
Manami’s cat is in on it too! Meow Happy Birthday, Good Man, meow!
Lisa, who joined the fan travel team back in 2011 after years of fandom sends her great memories of fun times with Curt Smith
Lisa, who joined the fan travel team back in 2011 after years of fandom sends her great memories of fun times with Curt Smith

And of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday party unless Curt’s political other half Traci joined in. Loyal as the day is long Traci shows up at concerts military style. She sends her love to Curt in a great message.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Coolness!!! I remember affectionately calling you this in ’09 and said to myself how it just fits you and your world! Your vibe in bass playing and singing is so to my fan heart. When talking with other TFF admirers we find ourselves talking or can discuss aspects of Tears For Fears music, life etc and what we adore from you both. I can tend to be on the shy side often though some may say otherwise but it’s very true. I adore the fact you have taken a shy person like me and helped me enjoy social media from time to time. Because you engage with your peeps it strips away the stigma to what many of us only saw through a distance of stage and interviews. I thank you so much for filling my musical file with your great music. Many other fans may share more in how much they enjoy TFF and your solo but my love for your music is nonetheless. I can feel as though my words can’t express what you bring to my little world and therefore as I want to say them to you my words etc. are not enough. I get nervous or even somewhat overwhelmed to point I could be a fool then I back off and go silent. I thank you again you have worked to get to know me and didn’t run away or push me away. Even as I type this out tears are forming in my eyes because Tears For Fears, both you and Roland’s solo work means so much to me. I will try to share more or better as I can. Please know I respect you, your sense of style, your love for your family and you voice sends me to known joy. Thanks as always Papa S.

Traci Lynn Smith

Carri D and SheeShee got the Vinyl! Celebrating Curt’s birthday the right way!
SheeShee loves Curt!! #MutualAdmiration&Appreciation




More kickass cool pictures and fan art coming in from Japan!!

Here’s wishing TFF all the best for the coming year, 2015! Curt turns a healthy 53 years young today, and he looks OUTSTANDING! We’re very grateful for his continued interaction and including us in family life. We look forward to seeing him again, more amazing success stories, fun times with Tears for Fears and more! Cheers!

!!From all of us!! Happy Birthday

-Andye, Carri, Joyce, Patricia, Candra and contributors


Reflections of Fans in Band Land 2013

We had endless online fun this year with lots of Pysch interactions and extra media mentions kicking off the start. In March we had a new place to follow the band, Tumblr. They also established an official Facebook page and twitter activity escalated.

Carri's gift of glitter to the 2nd cover for this album.
Carri’s gift of glitter to the 2nd cover for this album.

We celebrated 30 years of The Hurting and as the months went on saw tons of collaboration and notable new bands eager to cover Tears For Fears’ music. We were able to enjoy the behind-the-scenes activities and connect with Spotify where we met the mutual influencers. Though some fans were horrified that anyone would dare touch the sacred songs, the band helped everyone understand how grateful they and the other 50% of the fans were that new groups were showing their appreciation and admiration by covering these untouchable pieces of audio art. To top that, there were a substantial amount phenomenal covers by the band themselves, including Arcade Fire’s ‘Ready to Start’ and more.

Photo from Tears For Fears, KROQ & Portugal. The Man archives
Photo from Tears For Fears, KROQ & Portugal. The Man archives

Among the communication from the band we were surprised by spontaneous #CurtChats during any down moments that Curt had. This was really generous of the good man as he often incoporated us into his evenings…his sweet angels right by his side completing their nightly homework. It added such a personal touch and an enormous amount of love from the Smith Family to us. We are very appreciative beyond words. We also got to spend time with Curt simultaneously at the KROQ event through the power of streaming video. The holiday show featuring Curt Smith on stage with Portugal. The Man was outstanding. Fans across the USA and beyond stayed up to sync with the time zone and watch. Soon after that were more chances to chat. We loved that! *We did attempt to compile a FAQ page from the questions in 2013 but they added up to more than 255 inquiries+ and the answers are still being archived. No estimated time of delivery on that.

Curt also introduced us to our 2013 Holiday Gift which for TeamCS turned into the gift that keeps on giving. We rolled over some cash from the 2012 project to the Maceo cause. This project was mostly funded by Carri (USA) and Marcio (Brasil). Those large donations were outstanding and are being deducted from the fan account from Maceo’s team monthly. Again, big thanks and what a lovely example of team spirit with Curt as an inspiration.

998720_611496968882665_285871613_nOther plusses from Fans and in Band Land included new music from Alisa and Captain Julian w/their pal Eric Senet, forming Trinity Falls. Curt Smith’s Deceptively Heavy hit home with many, making an impression on old and new fans of all ages.

We are very hopeful about 2014, with fans continuously asking for a tour. We’re certain that if it is profitable for the band to run around to various cities across many lands, they will. We’re not in a rush though. We just want the new music and a merch store, both of which were confirmed by Tears for Fears and in particular Curt Smith. Anything more will be a bonus…a much welcomed bonus even if it’s 2015.

ContestOur gratitude toward the band and their continous interaction and updates are very appreciative from the throwback Thursdays (#tbt) to letting us know the progress of the new music. We even now have a chance to contribute to the remixes. It’s all GOLD to us and as long as permitted we will continue to stand right along side with support and admiration.

Big thanks to the team in Japan who provided artwork and 365 music updates, Juli-Juli and Manami, our fan lives are better because of you. Big thanks to Carri who spends countless hours focused on band news and updates from the sister sites of fans and social media boards and is always very generous in her donations to fan projects inspired by Curt Smith. Shout out to TAO and HUGE THANKS to the Orzabal family for countless interactions and being so down to earth and fun every single time, every single encounter. Our dedication knows no bounds, we are there for them. Cheers to an amazing year ahead inclusive of travel fan team fun in 2014!

Happy Birthday to Curt's Angel Wilder who turned a year sweeter last week.
Happy Birthday to Curt’s Angel Wilder who turned a year sweeter last week.

Thanks for reading…

*If you have any questions about 2013 and before, type them into the search box to find blog posts that answer your inquiries or send a tweet to @papasfans (or email our FB fan page) in regard to travel fan updates and activities we’ve covered.

Buon Cumpleanos a Curt Smith

“To Hell with that ‘Old’ Sh!t, You’re xx years YOUNG!” -Andye That’s right, you’re only as “old” as you feel and from what we can see Curt is feeling (and looking) just fine…

Birthday Card number 23 comes from Japan... Manami
Birthday Card number 23 comes from Japan… Manami

Okay that’s not the way we would normally start a birthday wish but isn’t it fitting? On behalf of the Fan Travel Team we want to wish our Good Man Curt Smith a great birthday. While several fans spent the week in Curt’s third home city, Los Angeles, hanging out and enjoying the sun, Curt was away in Italy with his beloved family. For the entire 5+ days he sent photo after photo, update after update. We got to see great scenes and sites as he took us along with him. Be sure to scan his twitter newsfeed for all of the great photos…

In addition to going to Italy via internet with this magnificent man, we were treated to an online party hosted by Carri D (Silver Kitty Sherlock) and Joyce of the Manila Fan Travel Team. Both ladies put together a spectacular virtual event with a magical FB wall filled with love and greetings for this legendary rock star. Fans all over the globe are flocking to his wall to upload grand montages featuring their favourite pictures of Curt Smith. It’s been  an action packed month for fans and the band! We wish all those travelling back and forth from coast to coast…and in his case continent to continent…


created by Carri D
created by Carri D

So what’s new with this cool guy? He’s headed home to continue working on the next Tears For Fears album with his pal Ravishing Rollie Sunshine/Roland O. We like to think of them as “BFFs for life…” He also has a solo album on the way called “Deceptively Heavy” and we’re just eagerly awaiting its release as we do just about anything the band puts together.

Curt Smith's new album -coming soon
Curt Smith’s new album -coming soon

Cheers to you Curt Smith, Joyeux Anniversaire, Sana Helowa ya Curt wa Happy Birthday!

::throws skittles::


Craziest Birthday Quote,
“Go tell Curt and his gorgeous wife to get up on that table and dance dance dance!!” -AA

::all giggles::

There was a video of fans dancing that went along with that quote but in the excitement of it all, things just got wild  and out of control…we’ll stick with this Arabic Birthday Song featuring languages of active fan team members and the infamous “!!!zaghareets!!!”

bolos de Arte by Arte em Acucar
bolos de Arte by Arte em Acucar

Juli Juli -Travel Fan Team Lead Japan

A warm night in Japan turns totally cool when Roland Orzabal  and Curt Smith are around. (no reposting of this photo please)
A warm night in Japan turns totally cool when Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith are around. (no reposting of this photo please)

Juli (Admiral Juli) is a fun little lady from Japan with a determined spirit and a heart of gold. Known for her famous Tears For Fears Bible of Dreams website for Japanese TFF fans (inclusive of Curt’s Solo work, Roland’s, Julian Orzabal of DelaQ and many others past and present), Juli is a wealth of information on band media. She has pictures dating back to 1982 again featuring band members past and present. It’s amazing.

Juli has newspapers, magazines, you name it... about Tears For Fears dating back to day 1.
Juli has newspapers, magazines, you name it… about Tears For Fears dating back to day 1.

Juli and Joyce have been generous in their fan club funding by supporting members financially in other regions. We trust their fan club fund account will be reimbursed by those who benefit from their savings.

Archive of Curt Smith Juli kept...from Japanese media
Archive of Curt Smith Juli kept…from Japanese media

Pushed by Maurin, Juli and others led a campaign in 2012 to do fan meetups before the Tears for Fears concert. They were very successful and one of the few regions to pull off the sunflower crowd surfing which also led to the formation of the Sunflower Club -a branch of the Japan TFF fan club at large. *Juli is also an illustrator and does animated photos of the band regularly. 

Juli, you are one thoughtful, passionate person. We wouldn’t be the same without you.

The Sunflower Club of Japan, one of the longest running (still active) Fan Clubs for Tears for Fears... established in the early 90s.
The Sunflower Club of Japan, one of the longest running (still active) Fan Clubs for Tears for Fears… established in the early 90s.



Joyce -Tears For Fears Travel Fan Team Lead -The Philippines

Joyce A and Curt SmithJoyce A is a Tears For Fears Superfan from The Philippines. We met her in 2010 via Curt Smith’s official Facebook page. Over the last few years she and the Manila Kooks get together and have meet ups inclusive of Curt Smith’s spirit. He gets his own plate of fast food including Tex Mex and Starbucks drinks.

Curt Smith and his Phil Kooks
Curt Smith and his Phil Kooks

You can join the Manila Kooks online with these following webpages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/149875971727206/?fref=ts

For video of the outstanding concerts of the band in their country check out Joyce’s YouTube Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/wattsjoyce

Tears for Fears -Philippines 2012 -Travel Fan Joyce’s Experience

Joyce hanging out with Curt Smith for a chat...
Joyce hanging out with Curt Smith for a chat…

It was still raining after a week long of heavy rains and floods. Yes, Manila included. And TEARS FOR FEARS is having a 2-night concert at The Big Dome on August 10 & 11!

I was driving that Thursday morning and i told myself that if the sun comes up at around noon, I will call Amur, Jan, Gie & Lori and will have dinner at Shangrila Hotel. Why there? I had the feeling TFF would be there – I dunno…I just “felt” it. At noon, the sun was shining bright….after more than a week of no sun! It was a sign. 🙂

Joyce A's art of Curt Smith
Joyce A’s art of Curt Smith

At 6pm,  I was already at the hotel and asked for a valet parking (’cause I didn’t want to stress myself looking for a parking slot). I went to the powder room and decided to wait there for Amur and Gie. My iphone alerted me for a notification from CURT SMITH! My heart jumped. I had a hard time reading the whole message ’cause i forgot to bring my eyeglasses! LOL  I had to ask Amur to read the message for me. Mr. Smith asked: “How many Manila KOOKS are there?”
A lot of things were on my mind I couldn’t absorb what Curt was saying. I thought he was asking how many of us were there at the hotel. I even looked at Amur wondering how did Curt know that we were at the hotel? So I  said: 5 – then changed my mind – 6. Then changed my mind again – 7. (section removed for the sake of email/text privacy, long story short, these 7 people were notified that they would be able to have a few moments after the show to speak with Curt)

Dinner near the Band, can't beat that...Manila, Philippines...
Dinner near the Band, can’t beat that…Manila, Philippines…

We headed to the lobby and decided to stay and have dinner there. We all thought: Lucky if we’d be able to see TFF that night but if not, all’s good. We were already on Cloud 9 after learning we were going to get to speak to Curt after the show.

At 7pm, while waiting for our food to arrive, Jan asked: “Is that Charlton Pettus?” I said: “Yes! – oh no, I have the feeling they will go down and spend some time there!” My third eye was working that night!  After a few minutes, Jan said: “Oh no, it’s Curt Smith!”
And yes, it was indeed Mr. Curt Smith!!! The whole group (Amur, Jan, Rica – Jan’s wife, and Gie) started to approach Curt who was all smiles.
Me? I was there, glued to my seat ’cause i froze! After a couple of minutes, i started to join the group.

From afar, i could hear Curt say: “Oh Joyce, my textmate!”
That made my knees weak i almost fell to the floor! My heart even stopped beating! Believe me, the whole time we were w/ the Good Man, i didn’t utter a word to him! Where did my tongue go????

Picture by Phils Kooks Joyce & Team
Picture by Phils Kooks Joyce & Team

We spent that Thursday night listening to some good music, having dinner while the whole TFF group was at the next table. Yes Roland Orzabal was there too but we were all behaved and noone had the guts to approach Roland. I wanted to, but I was having butterflies in my stomach. I had with me the sketch I made for Roland in 2011. I desperately wanted to hand it to him personally. Finally, I stood up. Amur asked where i was going. I said: “I’m going to Roland” then i started to walk.
My friends were surprised and Amur even shouted: “Hey!”
I didn’t look back – i was afraid that if i look back, i’d be going back to my chair and do nothing. I thought: if i go back and think of the things i’d say to Roland, i’d stammer and it would be worse. I also thought: Roland is the elusive one – I  won’t let this moment pass doing nothing.

TFF Stage, photo by Joyce
TFF Stage, photo sent by Joyce

I was standing beside Roland and politely said: “Hi – sorry to disturb you but i just would like to give this to you. It’s a simple present i made.”
Roland: “Wow! Thank you.”
Me: “Btw, i’m Joyce”
Roland: “Joyce….nice name. Btw, i’m Roland” he offered his hand.
Me: “I know!”  🙂
Roland: “What is it?” (referring to the envelope i handed to him)
Me: “It’s a simple sketch i made for you”
Roland: “Can i take a look? Oh, but i won’t be able to see it. I don’t have my eyeglasses”
Me: “It’s big – you can see it”
He opened the envelope and took out the sketch.
Me: “It’s ink on paper”
Roland: “Wow! Amazing! I look the same!” (wide smile)
Me: “Of course!”
Roland: “Can i have it?”
Me: “It’s for you!”
Roland: “Thank you! It’s beautiful!”


He opened his arms for a hug and kissed me.
One of the best nights of my life! Dreams do come true. ❤

For my TFF videos (2010 and 2012), you can visit my YouTube channel. I have uploaded a total of 17 videos – there were 18 songs on their setlist. Sorry, I wasn’t able to record Floating Down The River.  😦

Username: wattsjoyce

Videos from the shows:



(Falling Down)