Roland Orzabal

Here’s some of the latest cool happenings with Roland and Family.

2020: Roland Orzabal and Emily Rath finally had their wedding day (not the big one but a ceremony to solidify their union), We’re very happy for them and have enjoyed the photos and fun that Emily has shared with us all.


May: Roland is officially engaged. We’re excited!

2018: Roland had some fun with his friends and family this summer as shown in this tweets from his awesome brother Captain Julian Orzabal. There are other photos circulating with Roland on the tennis court. We’re happy he’s doing well.

We can now say that given that his sons are very vocal, out and about…and grown up! My how time flies (pun intended)! Roland is off Twitter for the moment but the fun with his relatives continues. From Captain Julian to his youngest, the honourable Mr. Pascal you can learn a lot from them all…and see some amazing art!

Solo Work
In addition to many rounds as a producer and helping other artists grow, Mr. Orzabal released this incredible work – Tomcats Screaming Outside – released in 2001 on the 11th of September
Click here to purchase – worth its weight x infinity in gold.