Tears For Fears Brasil 2012

The amount of fan collaboration for this particular show went above and beyond a level of impressiveness. It’s hard to know where to start in detailing this incredible event that not only happened in Brasil but was tweeted and updated on Facebook for fellow fans to see.

As soon as we found out that Tears for Fears were going back to Brasil we were barely on the plane for the stateside shows. Can we do it? Can we go? That was the question as we  sat up late at night in California and Nevada. We asked the Asia fans after their show was there any chance they’d get to come to Brasil. It seemed every region’s account was empty. We were spent…not even enough to send one person.

Photo, from Tani F. in Brasil
Fans lining up for show… photo by Tani F.

When the actual date was announced we checked the fan club funds again. Still not enough for everyone…barely enough for one and for the stateside fans the concert was on a holiday. Many couldn’t find a way around it. We’d have to depend on the Brasil team to keep us in the know on this show…and there we found ourselves perched for this amazing event via Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

The countdown began. Marcio Campos was named the leader for the Brasil team due to his longtime dedication to fans worldwide. He’s been there for years in the Tears For Fears fan circuit using his resources to store the videos, rare items and music for the regional archives…you name it, he’s got it and continues to collect…In addition, he posts regular Facebook updates, remains calm when fans have “band fits” and is very loving and generous…a true cool man and superfan. We are very grateful for all the work he has done. He works closely with Andye  on fan projects regarding “the Travelling Fans” and their specific needs, logistics and more.

Two days til showtime and Brasil’s Tears For Fears fans were full on with hotel plans and hoping to see the band out and about town.  Sylvia (Arte em Acucar) even made a cake! There was chatter about the other things TFF would be enjoying while there. People were going wild with excitement. Thankfully, no one was hospitalised from too much joy and all fans remained well behaved (at least that is what we’ve been told)

The day of the show, fans woke up early and got ready to line up for the show…Meanwhile, the rest of us perched online; Andye in an Atlanta hotel away from her comical wilderness abode so she could have full, uninterrupted internet service, Carri on a rare day off from work, Candra perched as well (after her favourite shows had gone off) and so many others in many regions including Filipinos who were up before working hours to set up a photo trade between fans far away.

We first heard from leader Marcio. He got  photos of the super stage at the Espaco das Americas (show venue) and lights. Bill (travelling band staff) was also photographed as was the Good Man Curt who made sure Uber Awesome Tanya got her hug from her fans on the travel team. We were ready for show time. Andye squealed 3 mins to 8pm via Twitter Brasil time and Carri counted it down along with other fans. Collen wished Curt a good show and said a few cool words to Carina Round. Then, Brasil’s fans went flashing away taking photos, video and more. We didn’t expect videos but they were there…and we were grateful.*Please do not sell the videos of the band for profit. Watermark your photos and make sure all the collected material is protected.

Marcio snags a photo of the stage equipment before the show…

There were long pauses online as we waited for another photo to surface. So, we chatted amongst ourselves. We were contacted by @RobertJ47 (Ontario) who made public a piece of work he titled “All Over The World. This is Robert’s salute to the band, he mentions that he performed all of the vocals and did his best to replicate the sound of the group. What made this such a wonderful distraction is that it truly is a beautiful piece of music that has background vocals that sound like CS and RO harmonizing. The leading vocals attempt to be Mr. Orzabal’s and it’s a great effort. It was fun to listen to while awaiting tweets and more from the show.

The Show Officially Begins…

And just like clockwork that amazing “walk out” music begins to play. It is a classical piece and we always forget the official name of it. Then Curt appears…then Roland…and Everybody Wants To Rule The World (the anthem of our lives) begins to play…see for yourself.

Tears For Fears -Show Open In Brasil 2012

Set List from Raphael F.

Then the list began…that blessed list of songs…that majestic set of TFF tunes we’ve become accustomed to; opening EWTRTW, a mind blowing Curt Smith on Mad World,  Rocking, Ravishing Roland on Head Over Heels…the whole set of nearly 20 songs with Woman In Chains and Shout closing out the night. Ahhh the excitement, the literal tears…We’ve already placed most of the concert videos on our Tears for Fears & Kooks Travel Fan page (facebook). We’ll add some to  this post as well. If they vanish it is of no fault of our own.

Some very fortunate fans able to get a M&G reported back that Curt and Roland got their hugs sent from the South of France and Oklahoma. Thanks Cristina A.!

we fans wear our VIK Badges to all shows. Marcio was smart and had his signed.

We were thrilled to learn that one of our leaders, Marcio, got one as well. He relayed lovely words and his experience to us via email. Sadly he couldn’t buy any merch. We don’t even know if there was any but the smart chap got his VIK badge signed. Que otimo Primo Marcio!!

Commentary About the Show: The honest truth, not fan gushing:

Fans were  honest about their experience. One fan stated that his favourite moment was when the balloons appeared which surprised Roland. It was a beautiful sight. We stateside will have to borrow that. We tried with sunflowers but they were hard to see in the crowds and not everyone was at the same show. Next time guys…next time we pray.

Sky Live’s photo of the TFF Balloons -this and many other pre-show fan activities were organised by Carolina M. (Big thanks!!!)

The least favourite moment by another fan was something involving Carina Round??…on the song Billie Jean? We didn’t want to mention it because we’re not sure we even understand what happened to make it someone’s least favourite moment. From what we do know there was nothing really “wrong” …they just said it was their least favourite…but that it was “fun” to see and something different in the show. Okay, whatever…

Another “comment” from someone else was that the 2011 show in Brasil was better than this 2012 show only because the set list felt new before and now had become rather stale (apparently he goes to a lot of shows as well)…and that’s something we’ve heard from many fans. Several fanatics appear to be ready for a new set list even more than a new album. While we can wait for a new set of songs, a new “set list” with a mix of other songs from all of the albums (similar to the current mix featured) has been continuously requested.

But let’s look at it like this… can other songs realistically be played anymore? There is no saxophone player right now for “Working Hour.” Roland ain’t gonna take his shirt off and sing “I Believe…” and again, there’s no saxophone. “Mothers’ Talk” and “Cold…” are probably not coming back. “Start of the Breakdown” seems to require a special machine? The list goes on, not everything can be replicated in this day and time…well, maybe Ladybird and Music for Tables (still needs a horn though)… We’re pretty sure the band chose these songs with all of that in mind. Now if some of you all who play instruments well and spend your free time re-making TFF’s songs can get together and join our Fan Club Tribute Orchestra we can submit some work and perhaps one of you will be picked to play at a show or something…wing it on Working Hour in “said” city with all of us following to hear you. Andye’s still hoping there will be a clap section or a Flamenco Dancer on I Believe and Sketches of Pain …we’re all dreaming but this is what we’ve got to work with and THANKFULLY 93% of fans polled are just ULTRA EXCITED that the band is playing at all…

Cristina A and Curt after the show for a meet & greet

In all, there were nothing but really positive accounts and fan stories, people in complete awe and in their happy place alive and well. It was impressive to read. Most of the hardcore fans had great seats. Only one dedicated Fan Travel member was far away from the stage …and it was painful as she should’ve been with the rest of the group.
An interview was released moments after the night’s events concluded. Seeing several local media and intl music mags based in the country take an interest in the band was comforting. We read it, Andye translated it for non-Portuguese speakers and we, the team, started blogging Friday night…

The band also performed another show that was sponsored by Shell Corporation? (if we are wrong, please someone, alert us as to who sponsored it, nothing worse than giving million dollar credit to the wrong company). Here are two snippets of that surprise: 

*Note/Funny comment from the blog moderator: I would not ever want to be “surprised” that TFF was playing at an event I am to attend. As soon as I heard that opening music I’d have been on the ground.The last thing we need as fans are heart attacks as our health is already fragile from constant excitement around this music group. I always want to be well-notified in advance that Tears For Fears are playing (as we assume many were in this case). The idea of them just showing up as a gift from the company would overwhelm me into an early grave. LOL. -Andye

Curt also met one of the famous F1 drivers, F. Alonso  while there. You can click here to see the photo. We believe  Sir Alonso came in second according to the sports reports published on Sunday night in the region. Looks like the band enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Curt tweeted his goodbye and says they hope to return, that’s always a very good sign as he is known to keep his word.

captured by Thais Q.

So What’s Next? Looks like a new album is not “out of the question.” We’re thrilled the band is open to the idea. So much new music has been flowing from the group in one way or another…from Curt’s ultra ab fab cool collaborations to Roland’s work (producing?) on other artists’ albums and his brother aka Captain Julian’s band DelaQ’s new album “Into The Blue” …we have a ton of great pieces to hold dear in the archives. It will be a lovely and long awaited event..


Let’s think about it…the guys have been busy doing this that and the other. It would be nice if they could get some rest, go back to the writing and mix it all up with their magic wands and drumsticks at a production table/studio…maybe release something in 2014. Everyone continues to go bananas over the solo works of both Curt and Roland so maybe there will be a mix of the two…that future forward sound that drove us all mad on TSO and the JunkieXL collab.

From Luandar B. featuring Gregori and fellow Tears For Fears fans ready for the show.

These things (new music) take time so let’s try hard and be patient…a sort of virutal waiting room (sit down, yes, you can). Let’s not poke and tweet the living puke out of them about this subject…a small reminder every now and again that we do want it but bombardment everyday seems…well…uncomfy. We don’t want to upset them.They heard us…they acknowledged it. So give them a year to rest…you know you’re not going anywhere. Every regional fan club will be back to posting info and fun memories, song polls, WISHES FOR MORE MERCH, fan conference plans…and some photos of Curt, Roland and the team’s backsides in no time. So…we can wait…let the band regroup and enjoy the seasons and their relatives.

A Big  Muito Obrigada/Thank you Brasil! You proved yourselves loving and beautiful…we appreciate you and adore your sweet nature. So glad you got to see the band again and we pray they come back. We want many years with this band…long past Curt’s eventual move to Tuscany. We are married to their music and in our cultures we are with them in good times and bad, in sickness and health…til G-d bless, death do we part. This is something fans take very seriously. We want them forever and a day and so we’re not going anywhere. We are here to stay. (iA).

We often refer to the concerts as the “Closest Thing to Heaven.”  Enjoy this video from Mauricio Pinto F, highlighted by Cristina A from the Brasil Team of that very song.

Enjoy Reviews? Here’s another from a writer in Rio who went to the Sao Paulo show: Link: http://caras.uol.com.br/canal/nacionais/galeria/em-unica-apresentacao-tears-fears-canta-para-o-publico-paulista#image0

SeeHere: (O Globo) http://g1.globo.com/musica/noticia/2012/11/anos-80-tiveram-tanto-lixo-musical-quanto-hoje-diz-tears-fears.html

And see SKY Live‘s photos from the show: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.523060871040185.86993834.496645217015084&type=1

For a full set of videos from the show check out Marcio’s YouTubePage:

Official Banner for Tears for Fears Brasil

Special Shout Out to the Arte em Acucar team for making these gorgeous sweets! Olha!

Slyvia Pretes Zarth of Arte em Acucar (The Art of Sugar or Sugar in Art) created some lovely edible gifts for the band.
Arte em Acucar even got Curt’s Doc Martins…now you know that’s clever!
We are very happy that the band appreciates the fan teams. We received a tweet from Good Man Curt Smith.

Marcio Campos -TFF Travel Fan Team Lead representing Brasil

Marcio Campos is one of the long standing fans of the Tears For Fears Travel Fan Team. Joining us in 2011, he shared tons of pictures, special autographed photographs and his Tears for Fears music collection. Daily he offered new photos, updates and so much more…always engaging and staying active with us on all platforms. He, like many others on the team is multi-lingual, multicultured and we were pleased as punch to add him to the team as a regional leader.

Marcio is the go to superfan for all things Tears For Fears Brasil Fan Travel. When we have questions about where to stay, logistics on how to get fans from one place to the other, having fun and interacting with other fans when travelling we know we can count on Marcio. His 25+ year history as a superfan of the band means he is able to give background on when albums were released and what the audience was like at that time in his region and in other parts of the world. In 2011, he met up with the band backstage and took a great photo. We are proud to present that here on his section of the fan team page. Again, Marcio, you’re awesome and we appreciate you!

You can reach Marcio on Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy Marcio’s YouTube Page Featuring Videos from the Tears for Fears Shows: (Advice For The Young At Heart w/a gracious shout out from the Good Man Curt Smith)

Message from Marcio about the most recent Tears For Fears show in Brasil 

Hello Friends! TFF performed at Epaco das Americas in 22nov2012 plus a private concert to the Shell company & Ferrari in Saturday 24/nov/2012.These were two big events that justified the coming of the band to Sao Paulo so soon. Due to the closure of the Formula 1 season in Brazil, probably the event organizers or F1 sponsor company decided to bring TFF (??) The information that I read is that more than 7000 people were on November 22th. I don’t know much details about Shell/TFF but maybe my other Brazilian TFF fans could help me. BTW big hug to all of you and I wish for UK and Europe in general are included on the next tour…

Floating Down A River by Tears for Fears (from the most recent Album, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending):

TFF’s cool Rev. & band member Charlton with Marcio
TFF percussionist supreme JW with Marcio
Curt Smith and Marcio Campos P. pause for a photo during a meet & greet.
Carina Round and Marcio

Football jersey gift for Roland 🙂

Marcio and Curt …

Tears For Fears in Brasil 22 November 2012

Oi Brasil!! Para Bems a Voces!!!!! It’s SHOWTIME!!!!

Note from the Moderator, Andye:

Just wanted to send a friendly superfan wish to all of our fellow Brasileiros who will be spending time in front of the band singing, dancing and having a great time tomorrow night. We wish you a great show!

Muito Obrigada to our Brazillian Team lead, Marcio Campos of the Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team. He has been a great help this year with so many things it is hard to name them all. Marcio, nossa amigo, have an amazing time, get great photos and know we are cheering you all on worldwide! We trust we will be able to tour together again. Very excited about tomorrow night!


Your fellow TFF Fan Travel Team Members

(wishes from California, Georgia, Oklahoma, Paris France, UK, Japan & The Philippines)

*picture courtesty Marcio C, Team Lead for Tears For Fears Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears in Japan 2012 -Juli’s Experience

The Sunflower Club of Japan, one of the longest running (still active) Fan Clubs for Tears for Fears... established in the early 90s.
The Sunflower Club of Japan, one of the longest running (still active) Fan Clubs for Tears for Fears… established in the early 90s.

*Note from the moderator, Andye* This was one of the most detailed and fascinating accounts submitted by a fan for this 2012 Tour. I cried a lot when translating it. It was very touching. Our original goal for Japan was that they remain visible for the whole show… Let the band know they are there…show Curt and Roland that you showed up for the show. Have sunflowers, wear your fan travel shirts or something that will be representative of this ongoing #365TFF theme that we’ve kept for so long so they know the loyal people are present and accounted for. But it went far beyond any of that. Curt and Roland, for whatever reason of kindness, took time out to meet with them. We didn’t expect that at all. Those things can’t be promised. So, when it happened we were floored!! It is beyond a blessing and more than a sweet gesture. There are no words to describe how grateful we are as a team that Japan was received so well.

Please enjoy this blog post in “Juli’s words,” in Juli’s style. She is not a native English speaker but does a darn fine job relaying her info and it is so fun to read. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I have translating and helping her with phrases. Juli-Juli you are so loved!

Curt and Juli hanging out. Notice she was smart and wore her #365DaysAYearForTearsForFears Kerffuffle of Kooks shirt ;) oh yeah! She's was representing that night!
Curt and Juli hanging out. Notice she was smart and wore her #365DaysAYearForTearsForFears Kerffuffle of Kooks shirt 😉 oh yeah! She’s was representing that night!

Who is Juli? It’s my online name that I’ve been using for many years. I’m Japanese. A housemaker & freelance DTP operator. Before my marrige, I was a sales engineer and advertising person in an IT company in HITACHI Group (Please buy HITACHI’s merchandise!!). Of course I’m a huge TFF fan. For our honeymoon we went to Bath and London.

The TFF Japanese fan club is called “The Bible of Dreams, a Tears for Fears Fan Site.” It has been known in Japan since 1997 and is fan generated …and one of the oldest TFF fan site in the world. Some old famous TFF fans may still remember me & my site and all the activities we did. BTW actually I wanted to call it “Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams.” But at that time already there was “Johnny Panic’s TFF Home Page.”

After the TFF live show, 19th, Aug, I was sitting at the private area for the acts of Summer Sonic festival Tokyo. I was so nervous. At the very least, I wanted to fix up my makeup and my hair. I was sweaty,too! Except me, some Japanese old & true fans (All of them are my friends and we are called the Sunflower group) were waiting with me.

All of them were nervous like me, we were all shaking and asking ourselves, “Are we in dream now?” We all said yes. Then someone else said, “This is a dream that we can see Curt & Roland!!”

All of this happened like this… ::enter the dream like state, taking you back to day 1 where it all started::

After the press release said TFF will come to Japan this summer, I began to sound to TFF’s record company & Summer Sonic head office that TFF organize autograph session in Summer Sonic festival.

I’ve envied overseas TFF fans that were able to take pics with Curt & Roland. My hope was to give the same chance for Japanese TFF fans, too. But in Japan, for fans to come in contact with foreign Rock artists is so rare. It’s a very difficult thing.

I thought, in this festival, the musician’s autograph session is open well. Though typically young bands do it but big bands like TFF don’t it very often. Summer Sonic head office seemed to check up but as expected both of them didn’t give me answer. So sweet Andye AndinhaNiakan heard my demand and encouraged for us to keep checking and gave us some information in the marketing and media on who to contact and politely ask if a meet and greet was going to happen. I tried and gave up.

Then two weeks before the concert, I recalled that Curt & Roland have a privileges. In Summer Sonic area, every performers can walk around like the public. They can see other band’s gigs, something eat at food stalls (In Summer Sonic, food stalls are almost institution) and when they meet their fans, they can hold an impromptu dialogue with them.

If Curt & Roland do it, by any chance,we can see them…!?

Curt Smith Signing Autographs backstage at show
Curt Smith Signing Autographs backstage at show

Part II
Our meeting & greeting mission began. I made contact with Andye again. “Can we get together & may I ask Curt do autograph session somewhere in a quiet place?” She said she didn’t know but thought it would be nice…Fortunately, Curt & I had a positive exchange. We spoke to him in the nick of time.

I wrote again to Andye. She answered first saying she understood it is the promoter who grants those wishes, not always the band. But he maybe can see just a few? She didn’t know if Curt can see us (Andye reminds people she is not TFF staff, she is fan like us. Happy and at shows.) but hopes that maybe he would. There were some fans who were furious with us about our plans and we had fights. I don’t want to talk about it. From all of this I learned who I can trust and who are really true fans of the band.

Finally I assembled them & asked them simple self-introductions by English on my BBS. If Curt saw it, he’ll understand a little about them. I sent my all contact informations to Andye too. My cell phone number and my husband’s ones. Andye was quick and responsive to me. She says, “Please decide your clothes & your land mark for the day of the show so Curt will know who to look for.” I selected blue TFF KOOKs fan T-shirt & decided to bring the suggested Sunflower for gig.

582009_444009945638612_389243554_nAndye advised me “The current day, you must keep front row position and you need to have something in English that says “This is Juli from Twitter” so he knows who you are. You can hold it during the show. He will see you in the audience.” I still couldn’t feel easy. I bought a big false sunflower like bouquet and pasted lots of Swarovski rhinestones on it like rain drops.
My husband took a video of me in that I wore blue TFF KOOKs fan T-shirt and had my “Super Shining Sunflower”. I read aloud the message for Curt and Roland in my clumsy English (BTW I’m bad at English especially hearing & speaking are horrible). Needless to say Andye sent the video to them (I really can’t thank her enough!).

Waiting to see the band...holding sunflowers cause they are...The Sunflower club...now that's CUTE! This is the only region where our crowd plan worked.
Waiting to see the band…holding sunflowers cause they are…The Sunflower club…now that’s CUTE! This is the only region where our crowd plan worked.

In Japan, only a bit Japanese true TFF fans have known about this plan. One of them believed in me completely, and worked hard at full blast (I can’t thank this person enough,too). But for the initial period of time,  one of them (He’s my old friend so we can confer each other without any reserve) critisized that my plan was loose and would not work. But when he saw Joycee’s (Joyce PhilsKoosk) pics on the meeting and greeting in Philippines,he changed his thought. Because in Joycee’s pics, Curt and all of them were shining happily… I continued with the plans I had already set up and how the band can have quick meet-up for Japanese TFF fans.

I made a list:
Selecting meeting place, advance booking, saving contact informations of all members, deciding the sign of meet-up… Almost all meet-up members were my old TFF mates or my closely TFF mates. I selected Sunflower as the land mark for meet-up members and asked them “When you go to Summer Sonic Festival, please bring Sunflower.” This is how we became the “The Sunflower club” later.

At the last minute I talked to them about the secret meeting and greeting. Because I didn’t feel sure of myself. Can we see with Curt at somewhere at Makuhari Messe (The venue of Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo) really? Is this really going to happen?

They Sunflower club was so surprised to know we may have chance to meet them. But deep down we were doubtful. My health became bad. I thought “My health goes bad, then no one can do anything…I began this. I have to make sure it goes well.”

KC&CO17th Aug things got worse. I passed out suddenly. I dropped in a spin. It was like severe car sickness. When I moved my body a little, I threw up violently. I was carried to a emergency hospital by ambulance car in night with my husband. My husband posted this news on FB. Andye & my friends worried about me so much (Thank you all!).
Even Curt seemed to know it from Andye, too. If I couldn’t go to Summer Sonic, who can wave my super shining Sunflower instead of me? My husband promised me that he would wear my TFF-T shirt and wave my Sunflower if worse came to worst.

(Japan Fans and Kerfuffles like to jam out to this song and Julie Julie of course)

KeepCalmI was examined, after all diagnosed as peripheral vertigo. I had to get hospitalized only overnight (Lucky!). But ENT doctor forbide that I would go to TFF Live!!
As might be expected I was about to give up all. But anyway I need to moderate our meet-up and need to search the place where we can see Curt at Makuhari Messe.

A note from Curt encouraged me so much. Then, I remembered someone adviced me “Use earplug!” So, my husband …Makuhari Messe! At the near station,we joined together some the Sunflower club members. The consult hall where TFF would play was called “Sonic Stage”.The capacity is about 10,000 people. By the way there were four stages (One of them was outdoor stage). But at the same time y with TFF, on the Mountain stage, Garbage and New Older gigs were scheduled. So many listeners had to pick between…TFF or New Order.

We choose the appropriate place soon. I took a pic there and sent Curt by Twitter. If he can’t find the place, someone staff of Summer Sonic will tell him where is this.

In Sonic Stage was so cheerful. Lots of food stalls. The stage of Japanese comedians. Bar,disco.kids room…At the souvenir shops of Summer Sonic official goods we bought TFF merch (Only T-shirt. I regret!). But! When I returned there after 30 minutes, I was surprised at the bottom of my heart. Because there was the new white tent.”The dispensary” I felt “Summer Sonic Festival is alive!” .

It changes as occasion may demand in a day. My husband and The Sunflower club members are surprised in turn. But my husband made a settlement proposal. “Juli, is there any way to tell Curt where you are?” I began to worry I would have been a true trouble for poor Curt and his i-Phone. I continue to send him notes where we are.
All of this excessive messaging by me could have been avoided if these interconnected social media phones would let me send pictures&location on all platforms. Our wait time of The Sunflower meet-up was approaching. Tentatively, we went to a cafe in the hotel New Otani Makuhari. Most of members gather together here. Of course they had sunflowers as we were supposed to.

225036_338784329547925_470509806_nI saw they were chatting as if they were an old acquaintance. I thought we don’t need to do self-introduction. But I divided out nameplates to them that I had bought and asked them to write their names by English. If we can see Curt, he can call their names. At that time, my cell phone ringed. I still don’t say about that person’s name, but that was…”YOU KNOW WHO”!!!!

Meanwhile, There was the buffet lunch style, but I couldn’t have a lot of food. I was the host so, I had no time to go for tasty dishes! To tell the truth, I wanted to enjoy snacks and cakes and drinks more… When I pinch my second sandwich, my cell phone rang. I heard the tense voice. “Juli, I’m at near station but I got lost. I don’t know how I go to toward Makuhari Messe!!”

“Calm down!” I shouted but she has got confusing already completely.

“Can you figure out where is Makuhari Messe?”


“STROOTH!?” I’m sorry for her. But we were surprised very much that she arrived at the near station but couldn’t find Makuhari Messe. It’s the same situation as or simular situation to someone arrived at Trafalgar Square at London and asked “Where is the statue of Admiral Nelson?”

Probably she was so tired (She enjoyed Summer Sonic TFF Live in Osaka,too) was so feeling heat and was excited so much. And her heart would have beating certainly…”Beat of the Drum”! Just like my heart…

Anyway, now it’s only one of episodes about “The Sunflowers club”. My husband took the phone and for a while he was hearing where she was. He stood up and said.”I’ll meet her at the station!”

Manami's Art from the show...
Manami’s Art from the show…

After a few moments, he brought her into our meet-up. I stood up and offered her a firm and respectful handshake. “How do you do? It’s very nice to meet you at last…MANAMI”. Our little party warmed up but at 14:00 we went our way. “Next time, see you all again at Sonic Stage!”

Some of them went to see their favorite artist’s gig. I then sent Curt our location. My husband & I rested at cafe in Makuhari messe for a while. Then the battery of my cell phone is weakening…then I get message from Curt!! They are coming here now! And he asked me if I would be holding the sunflowers! What a relief! I informed all the Sunflower club members.

On stage, we listened to some tracks. I only remember “Pictures of You” by The Cure,”Ashes to Ashes”.That was David Bowie version.
About 19:10(Japan time). The lights burst bright! The audience broke into a loud cheer! Then…I saw Curt & Roland directly for the first time in my life. I was surprised “Gee! This intro is…Badman’s Song!!”

“Heard every word that was said that night…” Roland’s powerful vocal hit me. Then Curt is getting close near our position…I threw around my “Super Sunshine Sunflower.”Please Curt! It’s me, Juli! Curt did found it. He saw us & my sunflower certainly. At that moment he smiled so brightly!!! My husband,my members and I did thumbs-up in a spontaneous way. Various feelings swirl through my body.My heart is beating so fast. Our dream comes true? Can we see him in real by any chance? And yet,how charming your smile was, Curt!! I became fascinated with him instantly and I can never forget that his smile.

Pucker Up Roland ;) -leave this picture right her, please do not throw it around on fan walls...this was used with permission.
Pucker Up Roland 😉 -leave this picture right here, please do not throw it around on fan walls…this was used with permission.

Roland seemed in the best of spirits. He has been smiling ravishingly, too. My sunflower also brighten his face. I’ve loved his melancholy aspect and have drewn lots of drawings of this aspect of him. But I never knew that his smile was so dazzling… Instantly, my love for them grew more than it already was. I found new magnetic sides to both Curt and Roland …to see them indeed was beautiful like Andye said. The second song was “Sowing The Seeds Of Love”.The audience warmed up so much already. BIG chorus!

When Roland sang “I Love a Sunflower”, I lifted up my sunflower high. Later my hubby said me. “Roland was amused by that!”


1.Bad Man’s Song

2.Sowing The Seeds Of Love


4.Mad World

5.Memories Fade

6.Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

7.Billie Jean(Michael Jackson)

8.Advice For The Young At Heart

9.Everybody Wants To Rule The World

10.Pale Shelter

11.Break It Down Again

12.Head Over Heels


There were all over Japanese True long time TFF fans. They have waited TFF fir 27 years. When “STSOL” played everyone grooved so much. Almost all of them could sing Almost all of TFF tracks.

When “Break It Down Again” began (Roland made a profound bow) I was so surprised…the audiense sing together! Next “Head Over Heels”, our excitement reached fever pitch. The falsetto of Roland was excellent! The last track,of course Roland didn’t need to sing “Shout” by himself…every fans were singing louder than him.

Both of Roland and Curt were at their finest. We could see lots of their smiles. My sunflower played outstandingly. When Roland played his guitar, I waved very very often it to him (was that an inconvenience to him? We always fear that). Always he noticed and smiled really sweet smiles.

Curt has certainly spotted somebody in this picture... taken at San Fran show by Carri D.
Curt has certainly spotted somebody in this picture… taken at San Fran show by Carri D.

When in gigs we want to believe very offen that musicians can see us,I want to believe it, too. Of course, I also did it to Curt very very often. And he smiled back to me. To tell the truth,I don’t know whether Roland also has known about “The Sunflower plot?” I asked Andye if Roland knows to look for our Sunflowers. She says she does not know. But at least Curt knew who was shaking the shining sunflower for them.

Because my cell phone was dying I could only send one last note to the Sunflower club, “PLZ assemble the place where I took the pic!”  However it was my fatal error, accordingly. A TFF fan who I’ve known only on the Net hailed me. So when a woman came near us, I assumed she’s also my TFF fellow on the Net. But it was absolute my misconception. She said to me in Japanese. “Are you Ms Juli? I’m a staff of Mr. Curt Smith. He asked me ‘Please manage that she and her fellows can see me somehow.’ Will you come with me?” At first I didn’t understand what she said. My husband told me again and I understood. She then brought us 6 wrist bands for back stage.
I checked if all members are with me. We are now 6 members… But OMG! Manami and Maurin are missing!!

TanyaTakesAPhotoMeeting Roland..it was so difficult for me to explain his character. We worry we are a bother but he smiled and let us hug him. From Curt, I got lots of kindness from him. His sensitivity to us was beautiful. I never forget the last handshake with him. At that moment I touched his hand I felt like he understand us and knows our innocent intention. I don’t remember, much else, it became a mysterious blur. My husband says I began to scream to him to “Get Manami and Maurin!!” and I am so sorry. I admit I made this blunder. About Manami, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this. Anyway without them, how could we possibly see TFF without them? But the interpreter says “We can prepare only 6 wrist bands.” Who will be coming with me? But anyway ,we should assemble members as early as possible!My husband phoned Manami. Other member searched leftover members and I tried to contact with Maurin.

Roland and Juli pose for a picture… again, let this stay here…do not download and repost, thanks! 🙂

The interpreter backed in the back stage and brought on 7 wrist bands (Many thanks! I was a squeaky wheel). One member left the spot too soon. My husband succeed to put through Manami. He beaconed her to hurry and come over. But I couldn’t find Maurin at last. Later I found her poor tweet, “Where are you all?”
Maurin, I’m so sorry!!!! I can’t believe this…

At this point we were 8 people. Immediately my husband gave up his wrist band and decided to wait outside so the others can go in. “I’ll wait for you and will be at Rihanna’s Live to watch them set up for her show. Meet me there afterwards. I could barely say thanks to him before we were whisked away to meet the band. Members and I passed through what looked like a bar. There weren’t any other Japanese except us. We were so nervous. We imagined many others would be there but it was just us! I think no one has forecasted such situation really,except Manami and I.

If you haven't heard any of Roland's jokes...you haven't lived. Here he does a hard core, "They won't forget this one..." sort of prank... as one person said, ...we love Roland. There's only 1 like him in the world
If you haven’t heard any of Roland’s jokes…you haven’t lived. Here he does a hard core, “They won’t forget this one…” sort of prank… as one person said, …we love Roland. There’s only 1 like him in the world

One of us(My most old TFF fellow), seemed cool and relaxed. I wanted to be this way, but she looked alive when Curt appeared at a distance.Each of us looked to each other to fix our make up. We were all nervous saying to each other, “I wanted to fix up my makeup!”
“That’s too baad! I’m shaggy-haired!”
“I’m so sweaty!”
“Will Roland come with Curt!?”
I said, I have a feeling, “He’ll come, too”
I’ve had this strange confidence about it.
Because he knows about me and my weird TFF fan site,surely!

Then, Curt appeared on the scene with smile like the Sun. Just like Andye said, he is even more handsome in person. We ll stood and greet him with applause. “Nice to meet you!” We hugged him in sequence. But when we found the person who comes after Curt, we just panicked and froze. There he was “The Legend Man, Roland Orzabal.”

“WoW, Juli! It’s him!”
“Juliiiiiiiii! They are here, Curt and Roland…”
Members screamed individually.
Because in the next breath, I glomped him.
I don’t even think I introduced myself to him.
But one of members told me later that they said, “That’s Juli.” To Roland so he would know who was hugging him.
Roland respond “Ohhh!”
One of members mailed me later. “If I was woman, I could hug him like you!!”
To this day I can still feel their hands and his body. Curt is very firm and fit. Roland is strong and sturdy and when you hug him and he speaks you can feel his operatic voice in the hug. It echoes through his very nice body.
I hugged him around his neck and I had someone take a pic of him and me. Then autograph session and photo session began. Female members breathed down Curt’s and Roland’s neck so male fans couldn’t even get near them. I regretted that I couldn’t talk to them. I lost my notebook for communicating in writing. I wanted to write down what I wanted to say. I can write English but speaking is hard.

A clever female member wrote about her love to TFF in advance, entered it in her smartphone and showed Curt and Roland. They read it heartily. Roland seemed to read aloud it. Except one, we could speak English barely. We had admiration for her good idea. We wished we had done that. I heard a rumour that Roland seemed to kiss on someone’s cheek…but she doesn’t seem to remember it. Who was that so lucky person? You know …giggle giggle! I remember at first Roland stood alone and paced like a butterfly. He made me think of Mr. Bean with a wine glass. (Sorry Roland, it was interesting to watch you thinking)

We then took group picture and I stood right next to Curt. I still remember how he took me by the shoulders gently. And damn if that picture didn’t turn out because the SD card became corrupt. Fans, I warn you, when you get ready to take a picture make sure you have more than one camera and take 2 to be safe.
Suddenly Roland left, the secret meeting and greeting was over. At parting, Curt shaked me by the hand.He watched me, sincerely. I felt that he wanted to remember me as the symbol of Japanese TFF fans. In Japan, meeting and greeting with foreign Rock artist is SO RARE!! If TFF will come to Japan again, probably we can never see them again in such grand style. When we went out ,my husband got close to us. “You are too late!” Really? I felt almost bad for a moment… But I had no energy to feel anything after finishing this gorgeous event and threw myself into his arms! My working hour was over!

Show compilation from entire festival