Bonne Anniversaire a Roland Orzabal

Follow @rolandtff (verified) for some Twitter fun. It's a riot of wacky daily musings you don't want to miss!
Follow @rolandtff (verified) for some Twitter fun. It’s a riot of wacky daily musings you don’t want to miss!

It’s Roland’s birthday 🙂 Wishing the Good Sir a fantastic year ahead and many happy returns. Roland has shared some fun moments with us online these past 5 months and we’re grateful for every encounter. We encourage everyone to send a cheerful tweet to @rolandtff today!

Roland, Schro & guess who - get it right and get entered to win a copy of the new album when it is released.
Roland, Schro & guess who – get it right and get entered to win a copy of the new album when it is released.


*Artwork by Manami of the Tears & Kooks Travel Fan Team – Japan Branch

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Cool Cake & Candlelight Tweet from 'Only_Eternal'
Cool Cake & Candlelight Tweet from ‘Only_Eternal’

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Carri’s birthday Card
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Lady Sylvia em Brasil created a brilliant cake for the Good Sir, too gorgeous and intricate to eat! 🙂 🙂

Fan Logistics & Challenges – 2014 Tour

Fan Solidarity
Fan Solidarity

It’s with great regret that we, as travel fans, learned several team members can’t make the tour this year. The reasons have been fairly synonymous, most stating:

– We were not given enough notice.
– We need tour info 5-6 weeks advance so that we can notify our bosses/jobs.
– Thought they weren’t touring til 2015? The tweets said next year?!
-We have 3 days to get another set of tickets for our family of (insert number)? That’s not enough time!


We’ve counted about 12 of the crew going out of the 60+ previously noted consistent travel crews from in 2010-2012. What does this mean? Who cares? Well, we care! We don’t like to see our fellow travel mates unable to dance alongside us, show support to the band and do all the fun things we do prior and after the shows. We have great memories of plane hopping, sharing car services, carpooling and texting each other to “WAKE – UP we gotta get to the airport!!” It’s fun to see Roland off the lift to the next destination by chance or see Curt wave at everyone and speak to familiar faces during shows. For many, this is what we do. Showing up at Tears for Fears concerts is our thing and we appreciate the band for being so kind to us, obliging and having a down right lovely demeanor upon every encounter. We live for those moments!

Out of respect to those who can’t attend, the to-be-announced fan generated party plans that were in the works for Friday night at the WinStar Casino will not take place. We also mentioned, late last night, some dinner parties in strategic locations in Hollywood for Monday, the night before the Wiltern show. These plans have been postponed as well due to the fact we are missing more than half our travel team and it wouldn’t be the same without them. The timing is just not good this year. We may do something but it won’t be on the scale of those things we did before.

We trust that management will indeed inform us of the 2015 events by the coming spring so that everyone can prepare and plan accordingly. We understand that no one can be expected to drop everything at the last minute, find a couple thousand dollars+ to cover multiple flights, car rentals and hotels and last minute show additions in order to attend a concert on a moment’s notice. Your voices have been heard and your emails have been read, at least by the travel fan admins. Trust us, we’re as sad as you are that even some of our admins are not touring alongside the band this year due to lack of timely info.

General Admission -It’s a mixed bag here regarding the Gen Am Show- love it or hate it, there is a bit of standing in line prior to the show if you want to get a decent spot. In the past, we’ve discussed the discomfort of standing in line for hours prior to a show to fight with grown ups for a decent space at these venues. We do remember the past scuffles and childish behaviour, but again, when we travel in groups we usually have a good time, conduct ourselves accordingly and look out for each other so that we’re all in a place that is in waving distance, if not reach out and shake-a-hand length of the band. We do have a solution to the discomfort. As for standing for hours, we brought blankets last time and played UNO. Trusting that won’t be an issue this year. The key is to prepare for it vs forsaking it.

Please cheer up if you can’t go, it’s painful to see friends frustrated, crying on the phone or falling into the gloom of depression. We’re pretty sure this short turn around on concert dates was not purposeful or done with malicious intent. Please do not take out frustration on Roland and Curt with angry tweets and posts. There are more effective ways of expressing one’s anger and disappointment. For those who are going, plans of live tweeting the shows and photo uploads of the concerts have been requested and received. We hope for the best going forward.

Thanks for understanding.