Annual Team CS Cares Project

Happy Anniversary to the TeamCS group who 2 years ago today began a commitment to helping others alongside Curt Smith. This project began through TwitChange and now continues separately through the Tears For Fears Fan Travel Team.

It was decided in 2012 to give to two or more projects -one stateside and one abroad. Outside the U.S. we’ll give to the establishment Curt recommended earlier this year Friends of Longacre Hall. Stateside, it has also been suggested we give to the Tory Burch foundation who has helped raise money in the past for projects. Learn more about these organizations by clicking on the links below:

Tory Burch Foundation:,default,sc.html

Friends of Longacre Hall

Members are encouraged to give $25 each. You can always give the amount you choose individually  in lieu of putting it with that of the TeamCS members. If you wish to be a part of the 2012 fan generated group donation please contact papasfans at gmail dot com or send us a tweet (@papasfans) on or before 1 November 2012.

How does this work? Group donation is collected and recorded. Donation is sent electronically through the charity’s site in early December. In the case of Longacre Hall, we’ll contact those in charge and ask them their preferred method of accepting donations. A screen shot of the transaction is made available as proof the cash was sent. Charity gets the money to help assist those in need.

Again , 2012’s team gifts are a fan generated charity project originating from 2010…this is our way to keep the continuous giving alive and honour Curt (and Roland as well) for the kindness they’ve shown to us over the years. Curt befriending us on Twitter, interacting all year long, keeping us in the know of his music, TFF tours and reviving the spirit of the band with our beloved Roland right with him is always a blessing. Many thanks to both Roland and Curt, plus all involved …and especially those who travel excruciating distances to be a part of the team activities.

Past Projects:
2010 participants w/TwitChange w/CurtSmith -Haiti
2011 members donated gifts and gift card to Angel Tree Program

Thank You!

Tomcats Screaming Outside 11th Anniversary

from wiki

The Initial Release
On this day 11 years ago (11 September 2001), the beloved Roland Orzabal’s solo album Tomcats Screaming Outside was released. This was also a horrific day in world history as a force (origins still truly unknown) that brought destruction to the United States overshadowed a number of fantastic accomplishments that took place around this time.  The world was unable to focus on anything else, many completely missed this release. May those who lost someone during the senseless game of politics find peace quickly…

Tears for Fears Everywhere We Go

Coincidently, this album’s lyrics and sentiment cushioned the signs of the times. Tears For Fears as a whole have remained not only in touch with “the people” but also ahead of their time. Carrying the band’s name alone, Roland’s impeccable esp slipped into later works. The albums were not only damn good but miraculously comforting for the events that were to come. Pop culture, technology and media in general began putting bits of Elemental in their productions i.e. The Real World on MTV -BostonNew Star in the movie Threesome…the list goes on. Roland was very much engaged and intertwined in society.  Though subtle, “we saw him” and remained connected as much as possible…even through his supposed love of mucking around the kitchen. 

From the Moderator -Andye’s notes:
I’m still unsure how on earth I missed the original release. I believe it was due to a distraction I had at the time, I was about to leave the country and had become quite focused on musicians from my immediate relatives’ culture —Cheb Mami, Cheb Khaled & Rachid Taha. I always wondered if any of these guys would collaborate with TFF the way Cheb Mami had with Sting. Anyway, I found the album 1 year and 1 month to the day of the initial release…at Best Buy on Cumberland Parkway in Smyrna Georgia just minutes from Atlanta. Every time I go into a music store I have to see if they’ve stocked Tears For Fears. I just have to. As always, I slowly scanned the O-P-Q-R-S-T aisle…and then…I saw it!! There was Roland Orzabal blurred out on the cover of a CD. I gasped loudly, snatched the album ( the last one mind you) and pressed it close to me, hiding it even… as if someone was going to knock me down and kill me for it. That was it for that afternoon. The rest of my day was spent listening to that album and trying to find out where on earth the fanclub had moved (I would live in a fan club HQ if I could). It was almost like finding a long lost friend at random and taking them out for tea. All I wanted to do was “catch up.”

It didn’t take me long to become attached to each song…and it brought me back to the TFF research table, eager to know the background of the songs, what sparked the one titled “Hey Andy” and what was next? 11 years later I’m still in awe of this album’s sound. It’s still way ahead of its time. Of every solo album produced by members of the band past and present, fans voted a year ago, on FB, that Tomcats Screaming Outside is by far the strongest of them all. “Leaps and bounds…” a few fans said.

Tomcats Appreciation Society
There is a Facebook Tomcats Screaming Outside group page made up of TFF fans (people who are supportive of both Roland & CURT). It discusses the lyrics and the album as if it were Shakespeare (because it is the next best thing, hands down). The group is moderated by Alisa of Wild World who collabs with Roland’s youngest brother Julian (aka **The Captain**). It is one of the many TFF topical discussion pages that truly focuses on the music of the band vs. how good they look physically. You won’t find gaggling-giggling girls and guys competing to post the next “hot photo of Roland & Curt” but instead an educated group of “thinkers” who hear more than just a song…they see a genius.

picture from wordpress

Release of TSO
Requests for this album to be re-released are not uncommon. Fans have agreed that they are willing to contribute money to the costs and a just under $300 was quickly collected 2 days before the start of the TFF 2012 tour. However, according to Traci Smith who is a member of the Tears for Fears Travelling Fan Team, $15,000 USD is the estimated cost of producing an album so we have a long way to go. The money that has been collected is held in an online banking account until the total funds have been raised. If anyone is serious about raising this money and presenting it to him, then, by all means speak up.

Ordering your copy
The album is available in what seems to be extremely limited quantities on Amazon and a few other places (note the profile associated with the Amazon page…) The album cost ranges from $10.99-$17.00 plus shipping, tax, etc. So, expect to pay $20 and it’s worth it…priceless even…so, don’t sell it!

TSO Videos
There is a video from the album. Some say it is difficult to understand (even Roland himself admits he wasn’t sure the video had anything to do with the song); others “get it.” We recommend listening to the album 2-3 times, tattoo it on your soul then dive into the video. Doing it in reverse order will only cause confusion. It’s a powerful album, be careful with it…

Listen to the video below to get Mr. O’s perspective.

Fans worldwide LOVE & ADORE this album as if it were human…and in many ways it is. It is the extraordinary work of a genius. There’s no questioning that. Every year, on the anniversary of its initial release, Tears for Fears fans spend a moment or two listening to it in all its glory. There are no words to truly describe it…it’s just outstanding…a brilliant creation that can be enjoyed from start to finish. The fan appreciation continues this year with statements like the below coming in.

“The album represents what all albums aspire to, one complete listen from beginning to end. Brilliant.” -Robert M.

“This album is a true masterpiece. Every song creeps into my inner core. Thank you so much Roland for giving us some of the best music the human ear can absorb. Our hearts absorb it even more. Here’s to Tomcats Screaming Outside!” -Brandi Anne H.

“Pure Genius” -Carolyn H.

“I thank Roland for creating this wonderful album. He is a true gift from God.” -Sheila S.

from S&Bs online TFF archives

On the Album: 

Ticket to the World, LowLife, Hypnoculture2nd Option with a theme, Bullets for Brains, For the Love of Cain, Under Ether, Day by Day by Day by Day by Day, Dandelion, Hey Andy!, Kill Love, Snowdrop, Maybe Our Days Are Numbered

**Videos are linked to fans’ YouTube pages and those who have been so gracious to promote this album on YouTube over the past few years. Special thanks to Brigitte for the outstanding contributions and montages to match the music.


Saturnine Martial & Lunatic

Please Cutie Curt & Ravishing Rollie Sunshine, can we have another B-sides? Deep down we’re grateful they are singing “together” and prefer it that way…The solo works have been beyond enjoyable and TSO has certainly won its place with a gold medal in music. Our hope is that the band will release some if not all the b-sides from all of these albums (those that perhaps didn’t make it to SML) and just title it Our Hodgepodge Genius …and let us buy it. The amount of unheard tracks stashed away here and there is excruciating. 

Let’s hope and pray for the best…if push comes to shove we’ll dress in various shades of blue, march peacefully to Bath and LA with money bags, occupying their local tea houses til they let us have it. 

Digging the Solo Works?? There’s more…

Curt Smith also has solo albums and you can buy them plus merchandise to match! Check them out on his website as well as

If you are hard-core TFF superfanatic that appreciates everything that comes from that family, their friends and relatives…and you’re wishful for new music, be sure to check out DelaQ (just do it, you’ll be pleased). Cheers!