New Music Memories at Newmarket Racecourses || Tears for Fears in Concert

The fun started early. Fans were eager for rehearsal information, opportunities to just shake hands with the band. We’re all so grateful they are back in the area. Looking amazing too…check out these pictures. Many thanks to Rob Waller who was on the ground for a quick hey to Good Man Curt Smith. Nice photos! #TravelFanTeam

Curt And Team2



Additional thanks to those on IG who shared their photos with everyone! Be sure to log on and like their pictures. Connect with fellow Tears for Fears fans.


Video Teaser that was released in February to promote the show

Set List by Travel Fan and new friend Rob Waller



Video Links from the Tears for Fears concert by fans on the ground…
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (angle 2)
Sowing the Seeds of Love
Head Over Heels and Head Over Heels

Full Videos
Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Advice For the Young at Heart

Woman In Chains


And that’s a wrap for show #2 – Camp Bestival is next! Your Tears for Fears Travel Fan Ambassadors Angie and Kath will be on the ground capturing and savouring the moment.

Travel Fans1

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-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team