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Many of our fellow Tears for Fears Travel Fan team members know of Michael Roland Magno because we mention his amazing work and those with which he has collaborated over the years. He and his band opened for America back in 2008. The band in which he is the lead singer has toured with Little Feat. He is always in demand in Atlanta and…loves Tears for Fears!

Michael Magno, or “Magno” to his adoring fans and family, is certainly one of the people we hope the band will collaborate with in the near future. He is always asked and recommended by top musicians as one of the best openers for events. The music and musicians he has in his circle are strong, powerful and talented young men and women. Everything he does is top quality!

The motto of the Tears for Fears travel fans is 365 Days a Year of Tears for Fears. That means there’s not a day that goes by that we are not discussing, thinking about or doing something related to TFF. Magno recently took on a challenge, 365 songs for 2017. Day 6 of the year, Michael featured EWTRTW, the very song several of our travel fan team saw him sing in 2008 upon first meeting this great musician. We think he did a great job and we appreciate him highlighting the band in his show of appreciation of great musicians this year. Hopefully we’ll see him on tour in the future with Tears for Fears. That’s our wish!


Check out more of the awesome and super kind, easy-going, ultra talented and award-winning, MAGNO with these links below. Care to follow? Tell him the Tears for Fears Travel fan team sent ya! He follows back! p.s. He’s Filipino-American, fits right in with us yeah? #PhilsKooks rejoice. He’s one of us!

Twitter: @mrmagnomusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrmagnomusic/?fref=ts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOOSgiiXqgLhCrGtFL-AShg

Website: http://magnomusic.com/

Tears for Fears Concert Confirmation: Tel Aviv


Yes, we knew about two weeks or more ago, no we couldn’t say anything until the band tweeted it first. You know that’s the rule. But we’ve got your hotel and flight info for those who are looking to make the trip. This post is dedicated to Jonathan Livnat’s cousin who has been waiting to see the guys for a very long time. Wishing his cousin the best and hopefully a handshake and photo with the guys. Long time coming…

So, here’s the info. Tears for Fears will be in concert on the 5th of July in Tel Aviv, nation of Israel. There is a substantial VIP section for this show and it is worth it. Good seats are still available so do try to get one of these. Average price is good too. For approx 800 shekel ($225 USD) you can get 6th row Roland or Curt’s side.

Now, about Tel Avivwe know musicians there, not everyday people. So this was a bit of a challenge for us because most of our friends who lived there now live here in the United States. We’re relying on them for tips to navigate the city.

That flight though… you might want to plan a whole holiday around this one because Delta is in the 1000s on a roundtrip. This is a holiday week in the United States and flights will not be cheap. You can see them on Delta.com and or check with your favourite carrier.

Hotels: Due to the flight price, we’re not going for anything too costly, please see the Yam Hotel in Tel Aviv. You’re looking at about $1,000 USD to be there for a week and we think it’s worth it. Let us know via FB email if this isn’t working for you. We have a few travel fans already in the area who may be able to assist with a better suggestion. Heck, knowing how we are, you may end up staying with one for the week. We’re all rather chummy like that.

Ground Transportation: Use Uber – no questions asked. This is going to be the more reliable option. If you want to book a driver for the week, we can discuss it via email.

Meet and Greets: We’ve heard absolutely nothing on this thus far. We’ll be sure to tweet via #RollCall if any opportunities arise. Our inbox and text messages prove that many there wish to shake the guys’ hands. Hope this helps! We’ll be in touch with more info as it comes in and is okay to share.

– Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team @papasfans



Tears for Fears Concert Reminder: British Summer Time Hyde Park


Yep! They sold out. We saw that coming. But, there’s always a miracle and a silver lining when it comes to anything related to Tears for Fears. The group Event Travel has a number of packages from which to pick that will help you achieve the experience for which you are looking.

We’re going to skip our normal list of accommodations and go strictly with theirs. Why? Because you’re gonna need it. When going abroad for concerts it’s best to find package holidays and deals so that you are not overspending and you get something that is all inclusive. If you seriously do not want to do these packages, contact @papasfans and we’ll email you personally with suggestions, ground transportation and other info in case you’ve already booked your ticket and don’t need any of the below.

If not, click here and get your money’s worth!

HUGE THANKS to THE KILLERS’ media team for being so on top of everything and getting information out! Much appreciated!


*Update: hotel packages are sold out so if you need one we suggest these which are near the train and can get you to other places you need to go while you’re staying in the city… 

The Cumberland/Hotel Cumberland: Great Cumberland Place, Westminster Borough, London, W1H 7DL, United Kingdom

Hotel Mercure: 8-14 Talbot Sq, Paddington, Westminster Borough, London, W2 1TS, United Kingdom

Hotel Grosvenor – this is sold out but check back with them periodically because it’s managed by a great team – 86 Park Lane, Westminster Borough, London, W1K 7TN, United Kingdom

-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team @PapaSFans

Drummer Genius – Jamie Wollam’s New Website


We love to keep track of and follow musicians that work with Tears for Fears. We’re thrilled the band’s drummer, Jamie Wollam (The Drummer Genius – that’s what we call him as do others), has a new site. Now we can wallow all in Mr. Wollam’s world as we know it’ll be filled with updates and cool information. Thanks are in order here to Dion and Paula Smith who worked hard to make sure this actually happened.

Be sure to visit: http://www.jamiewollam.com/ and follow along on all social platforms to see the latest cool news. Jamie is so much fun and one of the nicest people on the planet. Don’t take advantage of that by sending him a list of wishes but be sure to yell his name and say hey when you see him out on tour! 🙂

Thanks for reading!
@papasfans Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team