Curt Smith at Whitefire Theatre (Lisa’s experience)

Lisa is one of the travelling fans. She made it out to the 1 June solo show. Read about her experience…

When Curt Smith announced his residency at the Whitefire Theatre, I really wanted to go, but initially didn’t think it was possible to afford the trip from Baltimore to Los Angeles and be able to take the time off from work.  I also didn’t know of anyone that could afford to go with me and was hesitant about traveling that far alone.  As the date of his first show grew closer, the desire to go grew stronger.  I began to search online for airline and hotel prices, and WhiteFire Theatre Californiadreamed of being able to make it work.  Finally I decided I needed to do it, had to do it!  Initially I planned to travel alone, fly out the day before the show, and return the day after. Thanks to some help, I was able to arrange to bring my dear friend with me.  Because I was no longer traveling by myself, we decided to stay a few more days and enjoy Los Angeles.  I had not been there since 1979!  The trip was amazing, the best time I have had in years.  We did all of the things the typical tourists would do and loved it!

Of course, Curt’s concert was the highlight of the trip. I was able to arrange for VIP tickets and I was the first to enter the theatre during sound check.  As we walked into the theatre, I turned back to say something to my friend and when I turned around I was face to face with Curt, as he was standing behind the microphone with his guitar, warming up for the show.  He smiled at me and I couldn’t believe what was happening!!  The show was amazing!  The interaction between Curt, the band and the fans was fabulous.  He performed songs from Tears For Fears, his solo works and collaborations, along with cover tunes by The Cars and Coldplay.

We enjoyed his rendition of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story,” a song he had to sing after losing a bet to Charlton. 

Every song was wonderful, but I have to say his cover of “Parents” by the Budgies was my favorite. It was breathtaking. It was just him, his incredible voice, and an acoustic guitar and I was mesmerized. I could have listened to him sing all night long and still have wanted more. After the show, Curt signed autographs and graciously posed for the cameras with his adoring fans. After meeting Curt, I became very emotional.  It was my dream to meet him and my dream had come true. The evening was coming to an end, and it was time for me to leave. I was hesitant to ask Curt for a hug good-bye, not knowing how he felt about that kind of thing. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I went for it, asked, he obliged and what a great hug it was.  My heartfelt thanks to Curt, for a wonderful evening I will never forget.

Set List:

Drive (Cover), Seven of Sundays, Coming Out, Trees, Aeroplane, Beautiful Failure, Everybody Wants to Rule the World (+ some great Jazzy jam session instrumentals in between songs)

Fans sang Happy Birthday to Curt as an early birthday present
I Feel Pretty (yes, that one, we’ll let Andye explain that one), Reach Out, Where Do I Go, Parents (Cover), Snow Hill, Halfway Pleased, All is Love, Yellow (Cover)
& Mad World