Tears for Fears Tour 2018

New Dates – Unofficially announced – see article: https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/tears-for-fears-cancel-uk-tour-including-glasgow-show-with-new-dates-scheduled-for-2019/

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Some early notes for Tears for Fears Travel Fans coming in from the states…
By now, you know, you need a passport. We are recommending flying Delta or British Airways to get to the U.K. and, once there, use the series of trains and ground transportation to get to the hotel and venue. If you have questions, we’ve got of TONS of fans who are on standby willing to assist with how to get from point A to point B. For this tour, we will be choosing hotels that are a little different from our norm in order to cut down the cost (though some are far from a steal). Remember, buy your pre-sale tickets first, let everything else fall into place.

*picture: First Direct Leeds Arena concert venue seating

POSTPONED – 27 AprilFirst Direct Arena LeedsHotelTickets
We’re in for a treat, this venue was voted Best New Venue in the World 2014!

POSTPONED – 28 AprilMotorpoint Arena in Nottingham, United KingdomHotelTicketsSeating Chart

This venue offers hospitality experiences and since we have a few days between shows this is a perfect time to think about something nice prior to the concert (not after).

SEC Armadillo Seating
SEC Armadillo has a big gap between the stage and the front row but really nice! Room for dancing!

POSTPONED 30 April SEC Armadillo – Tickets – Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow Seating Chart
*Some of the Travel Fan team members have lots of friends in Glasgow and with this added show, it might be nice to just stay on a few days – if you do it’s understandable. Great opportunity to do some real meeting up and hanging out. If you can’t do the first two shows, try to do this one!

POSTPONED 2 May3 Arena Dublin Ireland – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: Hilton

Cardiff Motorpoint Arena detailed seating plan
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena detailed seating plan

POSTPONED 4 May Motorpoint Arena Cardiff – This venue is 30 minutes from the airport. Hotel suggestion is: The Big Sleep Hotel prices are as low as 57 GBP a night and this hotel just underwent a renovation.

Birmingham NIA National Indoor Arena seating plan

POSTPONED 5 MayArena Birmingham Buy Tickets – Seating Plan – Hotel: Hilton Birmingham

*You have time to relax a little for this show with that one day in between so be sure to use the suggested hotel. Save the cheap ones for the nights you’re not really staying long in that particular city. This is more about seeing the band and hanging out with fellow fans vs. site seeing for us. Now, about those untiered floor blocks…whaaat? Gracious me!

POSTPONED 7 MaySEC ArmadilloTickets – Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow
This is the original show that was planned, a new one was added above due to demand. Remember – *Don’t bring a large bag to this venue. Try to leave large purses, etc. at home for this show.


POSTPONED 8 MayEcho Arena in Liverpool – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: You’re spoiled for choice – from furnished flats that are within walking distance to one with The Beatles theme…you already know which one we’re gonna pick! You get a little time here so make it count!


10 MayThe O2 – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: Intercontinental The02
*That venue link takes you to their VIP experience. This is different from buying a premium seat VIP ticket to see TFF. Our idea of premium seating is on the stage or in front of it…preferably the aforementioned. LOL! O2’s venue option provides extra comfort around “a” show. This is a great pre-game/pre-show thought that we will explore. We certainly don’t plan to sit in their VIP suite to watch R&C on a screen. But it would be nice to do something in advance or afterwards.


POSTPONED 11 MayBournemouth BIC WindsorTicketsSeating Chart– Hotel -this hotel isn’t that close to the venue as others but it’s really nice. It’s also a bit less expensive than the closer options which include Park Central and a the Bournemouth Marriott.

VIP options – just read through them all and see if you want to do something fun pre-show. Great time to meetup with fans. Pick one, let us know which is your favourite.


POSTPONED 12 May Brighton CentreTicketsSeating Chart– Hotel
*Sometimes we say, “Hey, if you’re gonna go…go all out” and you certainly will with our hotel choice. It’s over $200 a night USD but worth it. If by this time you’re broke from buying enough merch to wear a different TFF t-shirt each day of the month there’s a Travelodge nearby as well.


Airfare hasn’t really dropped but if you book now you can save a couple of hundred dollars on Delta. If you’re in Europe already I’d say fly Air Italia or Lufthansa to all of these locations. If you’re flying Air France, let us know because we’re just curious about the service. There are also a number of trains that will help you get from point A to point B but we’re going to stick with planes because it’s just a little faster and if you miss something you can usually get the next flight to the following concert location within an hour. With shows this close together we can’t take any chances.

AFAS Live Berlin Seating

14 May AFAS Live – Netherlands
Venue Link: https://www.afaslive.nl/

Tickets: https://www.afaslive.nl/agenda/tears-for-tears

Hotel: Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Arena Boulevard $78+ USD



16 May Berlin Germany’s Tempodrom
Venue Link: https://www.tempodrom.de/en/

Tickets: https://www.tempodrom.de/en/event/tears_for_fears_2018-05-16_20/

Hotel: Crown Plaza Berlin – Potsdamer Platz

Seating Plan: https://www.tempodrom.de/en/visitor_information/seating-plan/

mehr theatre

17 May – Hamburg Germany’s Mehr! Theatre
Venue Link: http://www.mehr.de/en/venues/mehr-theater-am-grossmarkt-hamburg/mehr-theater-am-grossmarkt/

Tickets (ticket link should be live soon): http://www.mehr.de/en/venues/mehr-theater-am-grossmarkt-hamburg/program-and-tickets/#jump

Hotel: Hyperion Hamburg
Link: https://www.h-hotels.com/de/hyperion/hotels/hyperion-hotel-hamburg

le dome

18 May Paris France’s Palais des Sports (Le Dome de Paris)
Venue Link: http://www.ledomedeparis.com/

Tickets: http://www.ledomedeparis.com/events/tears-for-fears/

Hotel: Okko Hotel Paris – good price! $118 USD approx. per night

Travel Fan Contact: Patricia O. @PatricaTFF on Twitter

20 May Antwerpen Belgium’s Lotto Arena
Venue Link: http://www.lotto-arena.be/nl

Tickets: http://www.lotto-arena.be/nl/kalender/2017-2018/tears-for-fears

Hotel: Radisson Blue Antwerp

Mediolanum Forum

23 May – Milan Italy’s Mediolanum Forum
Venue: http://www.mediolanumforum.it/en/

Tickets: http://www.mediolanumforum.it/en/musicen/eve/589-tears-for-fears/gestore/83/mese/undefined/pagine/41/cateve/Musica/

Hotel: Hotel NH Milano Congress

26 May – Bath FestivalsClick here for details from venue

27 May – BBC Radio Biggest Weekend – Sunday Show – Click here for TFF Travel Fan detailsClick here for TFF Travel Fan details

What to expect next year – a good, powerful set list! We’re hoping Michael Wainwright will stick with the band as well for the majority of 2018. He is very enjoyable and friendly. He’s known to come out and speak to fans as he is a very personable person. We consider him to be a member of Tears for Fears as much as many others before him. MW of whom you may see us refer to as Nice Guy Mike (NGM) was with the band prior to Carina Round in case some of you who are just now getting back on the fan train didn’t know. He’s real cool and we’re looking forward to more. We’re also hoping Mr. Moyer gets a good spin with the band so we can enjoy his marvelous sax on The Working Hour.

Meet & Greets + Fan Conferences – no word yet…still on the EMFH RSVP for that. So we’ll see…

Stick around, more news to come in this space…

Thanks for reading,
AA, TFF Travel Fan Team Moderator

*Feature Photo Cover used with permission by Captain Julian Orzabal

Just A Little Note of Thanks! #TravelFans #TearsForFears

Compliments from Carolyn, thank you!
Compliments from Carolyn, thank you!

Dearest Fellow TFF Followers, Tears for Fears Travel Fans and friends!
It’s Andye here with a little love note to you all! I want to first thank all of the readers from around the globe. Over the summer, SK and I sat in L.A. and took a good look at the stats. We were well over 35,000 visits with people checking in from all over the world including parts of the Middle East, several nations in Africa, Italy, you name it. That is very encouraging and very helpful in our goal to provide information to all interested parties.

We get a lot of thank you notes from fans for providing the info and I appreciate each and every one. But be sure to pat yourselves on the back because none of this is possible without the slew of 70+ registered travel fans who come out to shows year after year. We can’t always go to the same show together but where one person can’t go, another will, bringing the Tears for Fears Travel Fan spirit to the forefront. Because our band fan activities have been mainly at shows, I’d personally like to take it up a notch and expand our gatherings (there’s so much more we want to do and host). Still, I’m grateful for the progress we’ve made in getting more people to concerts, sharing extra tickets and now doing larger carpools and spending more time together in person and online.

Thank you from Alisa. Big Hugs to her!
Thank you from Alisa. Big Hugs to her!

I have a list a mile long of contributors. All of the names mentioned in this blog, from Carri and Becky to Alisa and Rise, SheeShee, Lady J and Lady K, plus CH and Jenny WBDA are to be thanked. Each person has gone out of their way to make this group fun and exciting. The band has been very generous with their time, their families have been very sweet and tolerant plus we’ve experienced great responses and outreach from the venues and hotels like Loews Santa Monica who provided us an incredible 500+ sq ft suite overlooking the ocean in 2012 during Brit Week. Boy did we put on a performance out there on that patio in our Curt Smith tshirts and swimwear. Sometimes you just have to be there to see it. We’re just incredibly grateful. These are memories to last a lifetime.

There’s been a lot going on over the last 3 months, some noticable and some unnoticed. Carolyn is right, we are doing this as volunteers. We are not on anyone’s payroll and have not requested to be. We are human and have challenges like most. For example, a few of you know I’m attempting to organise fan travel and juggle local challenges. So, yeah it’s a bit much. I may not be able to do a whole lot of parties and gatherings at the moment but I trust that fellow fans will step in and help each other get to and from shows this year. Meanwhile, we’ll do what we can to get any info we receive on upcoming shows, airline deals, etc. If you are having a hard time getting to a show or just don’t know the first thing to do, feel free to send us email through our FB Travel Fan page or send us a tweet on twitter. We’ll do whatever can.

Let’s take these gatherings up a notch! #TFFIsFineWine

We are not “exclusive” so there is no initiation or crazy requirement to be a travel fan. If you show up, contribute a story/photo and have genuine love for the band you are in. Come by at shows (or if you see us in the lobby) and say hello, we are open to taking selfies/usies that can be posted to the blog to show everyone’s participation. The goal is to promote the awesome fun that Tears for Fears (Roland, Curt and Team) provide at shows; dancing and swaying in front of the fans. #ItsAllAboutTheBand!

We’re pretty laid back minus being kind of wild and always up for a party. So jump right in with friendliness and hugs! Also, thank you Lady K for the gift of the rice maker! I’ve been on the fence about buying one and now, problem solved #SushiEveryday! For those who sent the gift of macarons francaises from around the world, a separate blog was created to praise thoses delicious french desserts because they are THAT crucial. LOL!! Wishing everyone safe travels this #TFF2015 season and again, thank you tons for the love! Hugging everyone right back! #GroupHugs #TeamWork #TFFTravelFans

We are very happy that the band appreciates the fan teams. We received a tweet from Good Man Curt Smith.
We are very happy that the band appreciates the fan teams. We received a tweet from Good Man Curt Smith. Thanks Marcio for capturing that awesome moment 🙂

Tears for Fears Superfanatics Travel Blog

From Marcio’s account: the band’s thoughts on our “muse.”

Tears and Kooks International is a Tears For Fears fan generated travel blog that explores the fun and excitement of being a Tears for Fears Superfan. It details the hard work and efforts that go into travelling far and wide to be at Tears for Fears shows…be it a Curt Smith solo show or Tears for Fears together (Roland, Curt & team).

AndyeAndina, Curt Smith of Tears for Fears & SnapHappyPam Bardot Hollywood 2010

As fans of this outstanding band we gather and connect at shows. We like to  travel in groups, get seats together at shows, and overall, look out for each other. With great joy, we frequently visit Curt Smith’s social media pages (Facebook page, official website, twitter page and now www.tearsforfears.com) to decide where the next meetup will be…usually just before a show.

AndyeAndinha & SnapHappyPam in Line at Tears For Fears Vegas Show

One of the awesome things about many of Tears for Fears’ superfans is that they are truly fun and enjoyable. There’s something to be said about a group of people who can sit and talk about one subject…a band …and take that common bond to create a brand new family of friends. It’s a beautiful thing.

“It’s a great privilege to be apart of this group. We have such a wonderful time at shows and online.” –

Andye Superfan

Carri&Pam Vegas2011TFF3rdRow
Our current uniforms ;) Travel Fan Tshirts
Our current uniforms 😉 Travel Fan Tshirts
Ravishing Roland and JN w/happy baby! :) #SweetMoments
Ravishing Roland and our pal JN w/happy baby! 🙂 #SweetMoments #ThePhilippines
We love our friends in the Philippines #365TFF
We love our friends in the Philippines #365TFF