Superfan MeetUps: Sorocaba & beyond

TFF's Charlton after the show  with Liz, Brigitte and Judi
TFF’s Charlton after the show with Liz, Brigitte and Judi

Tears for Fears meetups are back in full swing in so many parts of the world.  These mini-events are conducted by regional clubs as a way to keep everyone in touch while enjoying the energy of the band’s music. They are attended by 3 to 35 individuals at a  local bar, restaurants, clubhouses, hotel ballrooms and sometimes right after a show. Back in 2012, TFF’s Charlton came by… how cool is that? At some events, DJs are hired to play and spin remixes of songs and in some cases new musicians inspired by the band are on hand with a guitar ready to go with their own salutes to the group. Meetups can take on the form of small conferences which usually take place around shows i.e. Vegas/Hendersonville. These gatherings can sometimes last for days with members getting to know each other rather well.

TFF Gregori 33A recent MeetUp was in Sorocaba Brasil at Back Road Bar. It was attendeed by Tears For Fears superfans Gregori Lisboa, Ju Vannucchi, Carolina Mantovanni, Nilda de Fatima Amorim, Claudia Beneli, Alexandre Chagas, Glaucia Souto, Giovani Marcello, Silvia Vannucchi, Bruno Ernandes and others. One of the members was responsible for the banner and what a beautiful job they did with it. Look at that!

Sorocaba Meetup (Brasil)
Brasil TFF
Hanging out at Back Road Bar -Brasil TFF Meetup

Much like the dedicated travelling fans, Brasil’s fans i.e.  our fan team lead Marcio Campos and his Sorocaba pal Gregori Lisboa, are known for their awesome love and energy for Tears For Fears. Ask just about any Brasilian who lived in the country during the 80s and 90s…they’ll tell you how much the country loves the band. Now, those fans  have families of their own (i.e. Marcio), They’ve brought their children along for the fun, turning TFF’s concerts into a family affair.

Greg at meetup
Our handsome pal Gregori shows us some souvenirs

At the Sorocaba meetup, members brought souveniers and other cool things to swap and share with each other. Some of the  other meetups featured sing-a-longs, DVD screenings of the band’s past concerts and movies in which their music has been used i.e. Weird Science. A few from the stateside team watched The Private Public, a film in which Curt smith played the part of a University Professor,  at an Atlanta Clubhouse tea room in late 2010. There are plans to put a few meetups together in honour of Curt’s next appearance on the USA network’s popular television show Psych.

If you and your fellow Tears For Fears fan pals are getting together soon let us know. We look forward to more gatherings, larger conferences, more shows and music from those inspired by the band and of course the band themselves!

Don’t forget the cake!

Arte em Acucar even got Curt's Doc you know that's clever!
Arte em Acucar even got Curt’s Doc Martins…now you know that’s clever!

Fan Fun Trivia Questions Part III

Kook Coffee Mug
Kook Coffee Mug

Be the first to get 15 questions correct to win a copy of Halfway Pleased and a Kook Coffee Mug from Curt’s Amazon shop. Submit answers to the message link on the Tears For Fears & Kooks page. You have until the end of the week to submit your answers. Best Wishes!

1. What Tears for Fears ablum just celebrated 30 years?
2. On what Television show is Curt Smith to appear very soon and what is the network that hosts it?
3. Tears for Fears hit a milestone in 2013, they are celebrating and connecting with fans. What new way to connect with fans was released on the 7th of March?
4. The ‘Travel Fan’ team also underwent some cool changes, name one.
5. What full length Tears For Fears video/concert was presented on The Reissue Theory’s most recent publication?
6. Curt kindly speaks often about his pups. What breed of dog are they?
7. What did Curt recently give a fellow band member for his 50th birthday? Who was this member?
8. With whom did Curt share the correct method for making tea back in October 2010 during a feature length interview that aired online?
9. Name 3 movies in which Curt Smith has been featured/played a role.
10. What is the history behind Curt’s “Kooks?”
11. For what independent feature film did Curt Smith recently score? hint: Ricky from MySoCalledLife is in it.
12. In what flats did Curt live in for a period of time that inspired a song of the same name?
13. What is Longacre Hall?
14. What online music television show did fans wait up for hosted by Curt Smith in 2010?
15. In which Italian city does Curt hint his retirement may occur?
Bonus: Questions -use this to replace a question for which you can’t answer in order to get the full 15 points
1a. What talented fan from the early years on KMKs board  later appeared on stage and toured with the band singing backup?
A) Afton B)JessBell C)Lady Bumbleward D) Mrs. Cathy Ferguson
2b. What does Curt mention he likes to eat on Friday nights?
A) Cheese Puffs B) Andye’s cooking C)Japanese D) nothing, he fasts on Friday nights in honour of the ManU games
3b. Fans often comment on Curt’s cool fashion sense. What brand of clothing is it that drives the fans wild?
A) Land’s End B) MBD C)Hello Kitty D)Ben Sherman
4b. In what film does Curt Smith play the role of a University Professor?
A) Private Eyes B)Carri & Rise’s visit to UCLA -an indep. film C)The Private Public D) The Private Life of Roland Orzabal
5b. What type of carpet or rug is often shown in Curt’s pictures of their Shabby Road recording Studio?
A) Afghan rug B) medium Persian style rug C) Japanese tea rug D) Andye’s prayer rug from Nigeria

Happy Anniversary – The Hurting – 30yrs young!

We’re Celebrating “The Hurting” today worldwide. So is the band! Check out the new website where you can connect on multiple platforms like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Check out this article:

Carri's gift of glitter to the 2nd cover for this album.
Carri’s gift of glitter to the 2nd cover for this album.

We band travellers got a little upgrade too. We are now …we’ll be metamorphing into some fun new things. BEST OF BAND FAN MOMENTS is all this weekend plus a look at Tears For Fears fan meetups that take place in Brasil. Stay tuned. Follow @tearsforfears on twitter for official band news. Don’t believe anything unless you hear it from @curtsmith or @tearsforfears first. We will be right behind it with RTs and other updates as it relates to travelling fans. Have fun and Enjoy!!!

Jan & Roland in Manila
Jan & Roland in Manila