Travel Fan Essentials

You need a passport… no questions asked. You never know when the band is going to globe hop. It’s best to always be prepared. Stick around for a top ten list (and some funny stories) on Tears for Fears Travel Fan essentials.

Tour Essential One – Good Transporation

Believe it or not the fun often starts in Oklahoma, USA!

One fine day we just up and decided we needed a tour bus just like the band. Our awesome security guard and mega travel fan, Bobby B-Blaze, worked it all out and for three tours 2015-2017 he went cross country picking up fans and driving us all from show to show… and dropped us back off at our doorstep after the tour was over! It’s probably one of the most insane things we’ve ever gotten ourselves into – driving cross country to be near Roland and Curt but it was worth every penny. We’ve since gone back to planes and shorter trips but we owe Bobby a ton for the incredible driving he did that week…clocked a thousand miles and more for the love of Tears for Fears! He is the eternal MVP and whatever he wants we make sure he gets it! Big thanks to his wife who sends him out in our hands. He’s our brother an we are grateful for him every step of the way.

Tour Essential Two – Good Friends/Fellow Travel Fans

Feature Photo
Curt, Andrew (superfan) and Roland backstage in the U.K.

Many of us met on Curt Smith’s official Facebook page and then gathered in real life at his solo shows back in 2010. Our friendship has stood the test of time and we work hard to nurture it throughout the year by staying in touch. This blog details a lot of what we’ve seen and been through (especially the early years). One thing is for sure, when that Tour Alarm Bell rings, we know we can call each other with a simple, “You ready to start?” It’s always “Absolutely! Which cities this time?” and the fun begins! We wish everyone safe travels as they head out and be sure to connect with us prior, post show and especially before you hit the road. It helps us relay to the band who is showing up as sometimes there’s a random quick invite for a meetup or band chat. These things are rarely if ever planned. They just happen! Either way, the band is always glad to know we show up to be there because we truly care!

Tour Essential Three – Money
It’s no secret that you need some cash to follow this band. Our whole existence is built around supporting Curt, Roland and all those who have affiliations with the band as a whole. At the same time we aim to make travel to see the band as inexpensive as possible without putting everyone in a roadside motel. If that’s your thing, fine. However, for most of us this is the one time of year we spend extensive time on the road and travel. You get a little tired of the in room coffee and in some cases you never know if you’ll be sitting in that room for a long period of time (working remotely). So, we try to go one step above the cheapest option and go for something three star and above. That means about $150-$200 a night. That’s where the Tears for Fears Travel Fan Fund comes in.


Each person is encouraged to use Capital One 360 or other savings accounts that auto-deduct $50 a month minimum all year round. That’s your fan cash. Use it to buy tickets at a moment’s notice or merch. Most important keep that money on the side to cover the planes, trains and automobiles. If $50 is too much to spare, anything is better than nothing. Just be sure not to touch it.