Tears For Fears Fan Travel Blog -365 Days a Year of Tears For Fears

Tears for Fears travelling fans are made up of a connection of regional fans that gather throughout the year at Tears For Fears related events and Live shows. This blog details the fun and excitement experienced by some of the most dedicated fans on earth. #365_Days_A_Year_TearsForFears

Team CS 2010-2011 Fan Collage

Cheers to the Future with Tears For Fears Fans

12 comments on “Tears For Fears Fan Travel Blog -365 Days a Year of Tears For Fears

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  2. My name is Jamie. I am from Yukon, Oklahoma. I was a youngster back in the 80’s having been born in 1979. My cousin, Brenda, who was at the time in her early teens and a HUGE fan of Tears for Fears (especially Curt) would come visit over summer break. My best memories are of her and I singing their songs over and over. I remember her going to one of their concerts they had in Sacramento, California at the Arco Arena. Unfortunately, she passed in 1996 at the age of 21. She had a one year old daughter. Brittany, is now 19 years old. She has grown up listening to her mom’s old cassettes and I am so excited to be taking her to their concert September 20th at WinStar Casino & Resort in Thackerville, OK. She is excited and so am I. We are countIng down the days. I just thought I would share with you all. 🙂

  3. I would like to go to the Michigan show in September. I would love to team up with fellow TFF fans in the Milwaukee /Chicago area if possible who may also be going and/or go in on tickets. Please fill me in on any info. Much Thanks! Kelly 🙂

    • Hi Kelly, have you purchased your tickets for the Michigan show already? If not, you’ll want to do so quickly as the shows in the north have been filling up fast and we can’t guarantee you’d be able to buy them at the door or even the week before. Right now we have FB page members/travel fans going to Vina Robles, Canada, NY and NJ. We don’t know anyone personally that is going (as a group) to the Detroit, MI show. If you’d like to lead a pre-show meetup for that concert let us know. We suggest gathering for drinks nearby, taking a photo together and exchanging contact info for future travel opportunities. Contact us on FB if you need more details or have specific questions…and please go get your tickets now if you plan to go. 🙂 -AA

    • Hey Kelly! I’m not sure if you are in need of a ticket or may know of someone who could use a ticket but I have one available for the Michigan show on 9/24. I will be putting it up on ebay soon but I wanted to give others a chance first. Feel free to contact me at sdy03@juno.com. Thanks!

  4. Hi, anyone coming to see TFF in England on Newmarket Racecourses near London this very FRI 29. JULY? Pls. contact me via FB then: http://www.facebook.com/obesser . Thanks Oli
    P.S. Anyone maybe knowing a contact email or website of TFF’s management or booker for a very serious booking request for 2017 in Germany? Would be great. Thank you.

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