Tears for Fears Superfanatics Travel Blog

From Marcio’s account: the band’s thoughts on our “muse.”

Tears and Kooks International is a Tears For Fears fan generated travel blog that explores the fun and excitement of being a Tears for Fears Superfan. It details the hard work and efforts that go into travelling far and wide to be at Tears for Fears shows…be it a Curt Smith solo show or Tears for Fears together (Roland, Curt & team).

AndyeAndina, Curt Smith of Tears for Fears & SnapHappyPam Bardot Hollywood 2010

As fans of this outstanding band we gather and connect at shows. We like to  travel in groups, get seats together at shows, and overall, look out for each other. With great joy, we frequently visit Curt Smith’s social media pages (Facebook page, official website, twitter page and now www.tearsforfears.com) to decide where the next meetup will be…usually just before a show.

AndyeAndinha & SnapHappyPam in Line at Tears For Fears Vegas Show

One of the awesome things about many of Tears for Fears’ superfans is that they are truly fun and enjoyable. There’s something to be said about a group of people who can sit and talk about one subject…a band …and take that common bond to create a brand new family of friends. It’s a beautiful thing.

“It’s a great privilege to be apart of this group. We have such a wonderful time at shows and online.” –

Andye Superfan

Carri&Pam Vegas2011TFF3rdRow
Our current uniforms ;) Travel Fan Tshirts
Our current uniforms 😉 Travel Fan Tshirts
Ravishing Roland and JN w/happy baby! :) #SweetMoments
Ravishing Roland and our pal JN w/happy baby! 🙂 #SweetMoments #ThePhilippines
We love our friends in the Philippines #365TFF
We love our friends in the Philippines #365TFF

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  1. Everyone is welcome to give feed back and tell us your fan stories. Reply here or send your pictures and fan travel notes to PapaSFans (gmail).

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