Happy Birthday, Bonne Anniversaire y Feliz Cumpleanos ila Roland!!

As we wrap up another absolutely phenomenal fan travel season for the TEARS FOR FEARS tour, we will first count down to Rockin’ Roland’s birthday starting right now…we’ll just say he’s 1 more year AWESOME at midnight BST which is in like…less than 30 minutes! If you are not with fellow fans at the moment, just wish him well in your heart, say a prayer for him from your culture & religion and let the universe do the rest…


We have so many great pictures of the majestic, mega-awesome Roland from this tour; professional and amateur. We are looking forward to sharing them all with everyone that subscribes to the blog. We will also credit our new travel fan team members. Most of all, we hope for many more years to come of seeing our beloved Mr. Orzabal on stage with his friends and fellow musicians. Our hope is that he remains in excellent health, that he and the band remain a powerful force in the music industry and that they enjoy being around us and seeing our “excited” smiling faces. Huge thanks to his brothers, particularly Good Captain Julian for his kindness to us all and for just being really beautiful people who have gone above and beyond to make us feel very welcomed in their presence online and in person.

Thanks to all of the fans who journeyed from a far and joined us at each location. Huge thanks to those in Orange County & steamy hot Vegas! We had a blast in the Cabanas. That should be a new song! 😉 Thanks to the stateside TFF fan travel crew for taking care of our 7 fan meet-ups, The Philippines fan team, Manami and Juli in Japan! Thank you Marcio and his family in Brasil! Here’s to many more years celebrating this life-changing, spectacular, globally-conscious, heaven sent band and man! Cheers! 

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bonne Anniversaire y Feliz Cumpleanos ila Roland!!

  1. Happy Birthday Roland Orzabal, God bless you always, and thank you for returning to Brazil for our happiness too!!

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