Annual Team CS Cares Project

Happy Anniversary to the TeamCS group who 2 years ago today began a commitment to helping others alongside Curt Smith. This project began through TwitChange and now continues separately through the Tears For Fears Fan Travel Team.

It was decided in 2012 to give to two or more projects -one stateside and one abroad. Outside the U.S. we’ll give to the establishment Curt recommended earlier this year Friends of Longacre Hall. Stateside, it has also been suggested we give to the Tory Burch foundation who has helped raise money in the past for projects. Learn more about these organizations by clicking on the links below:

Tory Burch Foundation:,default,sc.html

Friends of Longacre Hall

Members are encouraged to give $25 each. You can always give the amount you choose individually  in lieu of putting it with that of the TeamCS members. If you wish to be a part of the 2012 fan generated group donation please contact papasfans at gmail dot com or send us a tweet (@papasfans) on or before 1 November 2012.

How does this work? Group donation is collected and recorded. Donation is sent electronically through the charity’s site in early December. In the case of Longacre Hall, we’ll contact those in charge and ask them their preferred method of accepting donations. A screen shot of the transaction is made available as proof the cash was sent. Charity gets the money to help assist those in need.

Again , 2012’s team gifts are a fan generated charity project originating from 2010…this is our way to keep the continuous giving alive and honour Curt (and Roland as well) for the kindness they’ve shown to us over the years. Curt befriending us on Twitter, interacting all year long, keeping us in the know of his music, TFF tours and reviving the spirit of the band with our beloved Roland right with him is always a blessing. Many thanks to both Roland and Curt, plus all involved …and especially those who travel excruciating distances to be a part of the team activities.

Past Projects:
2010 participants w/TwitChange w/CurtSmith -Haiti
2011 members donated gifts and gift card to Angel Tree Program

Thank You!

2 thoughts on “Annual Team CS Cares Project

  1. Hi this is Shaun from the UK . I am working with the Friends of Longacre hall project Bath UK. Can you tell me more about yourselves as we are very grateful for your support ! Thank You

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