Marcio Campos -TFF Travel Fan Team Lead representing Brasil

Marcio Campos is one of the long standing fans of the Tears For Fears Travel Fan Team. Joining us in 2011, he shared tons of pictures, special autographed photographs and his Tears for Fears music collection. Daily he offered new photos, updates and so much more…always engaging and staying active with us on all platforms. He, like many others on the team is multi-lingual, multicultured and we were pleased as punch to add him to the team as a regional leader.

Marcio is the go to superfan for all things Tears For Fears Brasil Fan Travel. When we have questions about where to stay, logistics on how to get fans from one place to the other, having fun and interacting with other fans when travelling we know we can count on Marcio. His 25+ year history as a superfan of the band means he is able to give background on when albums were released and what the audience was like at that time in his region and in other parts of the world. In 2011, he met up with the band backstage and took a great photo. We are proud to present that here on his section of the fan team page. Again, Marcio, you’re awesome and we appreciate you!

You can reach Marcio on Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy Marcio’s YouTube Page Featuring Videos from the Tears for Fears Shows: (Advice For The Young At Heart w/a gracious shout out from the Good Man Curt Smith)

Message from Marcio about the most recent Tears For Fears show in Brasil 

Hello Friends! TFF performed at Epaco das Americas in 22nov2012 plus a private concert to the Shell company & Ferrari in Saturday 24/nov/2012.These were two big events that justified the coming of the band to Sao Paulo so soon. Due to the closure of the Formula 1 season in Brazil, probably the event organizers or F1 sponsor company decided to bring TFF (??) The information that I read is that more than 7000 people were on November 22th. I don’t know much details about Shell/TFF but maybe my other Brazilian TFF fans could help me. BTW big hug to all of you and I wish for UK and Europe in general are included on the next tour…

Floating Down A River by Tears for Fears (from the most recent Album, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending):

TFF’s cool Rev. & band member Charlton with Marcio
TFF percussionist supreme JW with Marcio
Curt Smith and Marcio Campos P. pause for a photo during a meet & greet.
Carina Round and Marcio

Football jersey gift for Roland 🙂

Marcio and Curt …

8 thoughts on “Marcio Campos -TFF Travel Fan Team Lead representing Brasil

  1. I love this blog. You all are truly remarkable in this team.Getting to the shows and sharing all your excitement and experiences of TFF with your fans. I always come to this blog, watch all the videos coz i can’t get enough of TFF. If only there was a fan team like this in England/Europe. My love to you all x

  2. Angela, what an extraordinary thing to say. Thank you so much for enjoying the blog. We look forward to highlighting TFF fans worldwide, hoping the UK will get to travel across the pond for shows and experience 1 or two on the band’s home turf in the coming years. Much love to you. Thanks again!

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