What’s New with Tears for Fears’ FanLand…

Happy New Year...
Happy New Year…

This month in the land flowing with music and all things lovely…
We celebrated Julian Orzabal’s birthday (21st of Jan) with some online fanfare, wall wishes, shoutouts on facebook and twitter. We also celebrated Robert Orzechowsky’s birthday, both milestone years for Captain Julian and Robert. Para Bems a Voces, Feliz Anniversario, Kol Sana wa Bonne Anniversaire. We appreciate them both.

Speaking of appreciation, did you get a good look at the numerous entries in the Pale Shelter remix? Take a look at this link! These great fans appreciated the song so much they entered their own versions of this legendary classic in the music world. There is a list of beautiful selections with fans voting on which one they liked the most. What was your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know why you liked it, we’ll discuss it on our facebook page. #DidYouKnow: Captain Julian created a great remix  too just for fun (not for competition). Robert also created one, he’s been remaking a lot of TFF songs in the past year. You may remember some of the material he wrote for the fan team last year. Check it all out, leave comments, interact and stay involved with the band’s offerings. Lots to dive into (conveniently online) each week.

If you subscribe to the Tears for Fears official website you got the ‘BluRay‘ email regarding The Hurting. This entire masterpiece is now on BluRay disk and can be purchased immediately. So, if you are among the die-hards who know the value of owning this priceless item,  get your copy today. The album was re-released this past year and we’ve been celebrating it to no end. It was a great 30th birthday for their fantastic work of which we can’t  ever get enough…just too good!

Maceo’s mum sent us a card…we loved it!

On to more good things…Maceo’s mother sent #TeamCS (The Curt Smith inspired charity group found on @papasfans) a kodak style picture postcard. One of the items on the Maceo Project list is to make a documentary. We are looking forward to this and wish them the best in putting it together. Very excited, we’ll have to look into buying a copy as soon as it’s ready. As always, we remain very grateful to Good Man Curt for the introduction.

Other things to purchase may include Tears for Fears merch. In a recent #CurtChat, The Good Man, let us know that a merch store is in the works. There is no estimated time of arrival on it and frankly…many of us are fine with that. We’re just glad there will be one. Items that many of us requested back in 2012 include:
hats, calendar/planners, umbrellas, blankets, travelling cups (like the awesome blue one shown in the photo – most of us got one on tour that year), tour jackets and more gorgeous colourful t-shirts. We also asked for pre-orders with the hopes that in case one item is more popular than the other, merch isn’t “waiting.” We trust there wouldn’t be much of it sitting around and items will go fast, but still, pre-orders seem the most cost-effective way to manage merch.

And that’s the news from the travel fans in bandland!! Follow @tearsforfears @curtsmith and like the official facebook fan pages. You can follow us (the travelling fans  of the band) @papasfans and join us on FB! We’re a 365 Days a Year of Tears for Fears kinda crew so stop by anytime with a hi or hello, browse our tour photos, link to a #CurtChat and have a splendid online good time!

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

We appreciate Captain Julian!
We appreciate Captain Julian!

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