Band News! Maceo, The McKinleys & Concert Info!

Beautiful Maceo with classmates (Hugs)
Beautiful Maceo with classmates (Hugs)
Cool news for TeamCS! Maceo’s mum from the Maceo project, first introduced to us by Curt Smith, sent an update. Maceo’s coming along and was a participant in several programs. The DVD of his story will be made and his team is thanking everyone involved. Our donations are among many and through this group effort he will continue to go a long way. We are so grateful! Cool picture! Hugs to Maceo and his family! Learn more about the Maceo Project here from the hope mob. Maceo also has an official page which we will link this week.

The McKinleys
The McKinleys
Captain Julian and friends have a cool kickstarter project going. It’s all about the McKinleys. We first heard about this group a little over a year ago. Their story is fascinating. Read about it here and check out how you too can become a part of the fun!

TearsForFears Official announced a concert this week. This show will take place in Thackerville, Oklahoma in September. The venue is the Global Events Center at WinStar Casino and Resort. This is an hour from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. The resort has a neat history and the venue looks very comfortable. Be sure to follow @tearsforfears for official info and intricate details.

Event Announcements
Event Announcements

Before you rock away, take a listen to this new cover song of Shout shared by the band. It’s got a real Millennial vibe and several of us are diggng it! What are your thoughts? Tweet us @papasfans or leave us a note on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!
-AA, Carri & C. Horton
*Sips tour soup*

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