Bonnaroo is a Big Deal #TFF2015

Bonnaroo 2015 will feature Tears for Fears
Bonnaroo 2015 will feature Tears for Fears

Well as we’ve discussed on social, the TFF crew are headed to Bonnaroo. Never thought we’d see the day that this band would make it to the farm. For many attendees it was a mere dream, a wish… But here we are and here they come to the East Coast for a festival that is nothing short of iconic. Now, this isn’t Woodstock…but there is camping. This venue permits its attendees to have an experience of a lifetime.

There’s a reason that the ticket section is below the accommodations. It’s essential you see where and how this works before buying a ticket if you are new to Bonnaroo.
-On-Site Campers and Tent City Citizens, you can camp out and there are multiple options. Click Here
-Hotel Hobbits – click Here
-2015 Nashville Stay/Bonnaroo Play Package: Click Here

-General Admission is $299 + fees, it’s already…SOLD OUT
-General Admission level 2 is a little over $300
Click Here for a full list of GA options.

For those who need modernity and want VIP access to showers, etc. This may be for you. It’s just over $1500 and you get a ton for your money. You get the full experience plus access to things you’ll certainly want to use. You get two tickets, so you can split it if you want. If you’re flying into Atlanta, you can rent a car and drive to Manchester Tennessee. We’ve got people on the ground that can help you with those types of options. But your best bet is to fly into Nashville and go from there. See the Nashville Stay package above for great deals or visit the Bonnaroo page for airport shuttle options to come. There’s also VIP for those taking RVs into the area. Bonnaroo has got the basics covered, this isn’t their first rodeo ya know…

Is Bonnaroo For You?
Bonnaroo has something for everyone. Keep in mind, this isn’t some little festival with folks hanging out near a stage. This is huge event with a tent city and people everywhere. For those that don’t have the money up front there are payment plans. We have a few fans in the state of Tennesee who attend this festival faithfully and they swear by it.

Bonnaroo Line Up
Bonnaroo Line Up

Create a LineUp
You can create a line up and see what some of your friends on social are planning to see. Click Here and create an account to get started.

Bonnaroo is a BIG DEAL. If you plan to attend, get yourself together now because contrary to popular believe that festivals don’t sell out, portions of this one are known to…as you can see above, certain ticket levels are already gone.

Want to go and don’t know what to do? Email us on FB and we’ll try to help you.
Thanks for reading!

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