Concert Alert – Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info – Vina Robles Amphitheatre

The first time I ever met Roland he was holding a beautiful little glass of wine and I wanted a sip of it so bad. You could just tell it was…gooood. He was savouring the taste of it and I immediately had a flashback to my relatives enjoying lovely dinners with friends while I, an only child, got to watch it all with a glass of sparkling apple juice…those are some of my fond memories of being a little one. Most of the time I sat in my room holding tight to my Tears for Fears music collection imagining and counting down the days til I was old enough to host parties of my own. I was determined to party hard. But I digress…Let’s just cut to the chase. The band has notified everyone in advance (applause) that the show is going to be on the 19th of September 2015 at Vina Robles Amphitheatre. The tickets according to the venue go on sale in July (11 July 2015). However the band’s tweet says it’s this Friday…which has sent people into a little bit of a panic. So, we phoned to find out…crickets.

As far as obtaining tickets, you can actually go in person to the box office and buy these if you’re local. It’s open pretty early…I think they said 10am to 5pm. We will confirm that again most likely on Twitter first. They do not sell tickets over the phone according to their automated message. Please note they do have premium and luxury seating. Die hards, section 102 & 103 are what you want.

What we also know is this is not attached to a hotel in which you can stay, it’s vineyard as implied. There is a guesthouse on site. There are also vacation rentals. Click here for that info. There’s also a wine club you can join. Click here for details.

Event Location: Vina Robles Hospitality Center 3700 Mill Road Paso Robles, CA 93446 – it’s outdoors, and most likely a rain or shine type of show. So prepare accordingly. That area is beautiful in September mind you…stunning! So you’re going to get a great taste of nature – no pun intended…or maybe it is.

courtesy TFF page
courtesy TFF page

As with most wineries and vineyards there is a Wine Tasting opportunity. They are very reasonably priced and you can find out about that here. We suggest the Gourmet Wine Tasting.

Concert Venue
Concert Venue

Transportation and Flights
It is a 3 hour drive from LAX/airport…so calculate that. If you need a car service you’re looking at about $200 each way. Most fans will rent a car and drive themselves. Most rental companies require a credit card deposit and they authorize $200 which takes away from your available credit in some cases. The good thing is you’re gonna get it back vs. taking a car service. But you’ll be at a winery…and you won’t be able to drive around legally if you’re drinking…so you decide what you want to do. We suggest the car service…obviously. Average flights around that time of year from East Coast are $350 round trip on a commercial carrier like Delta, etc. There are deals for those who get the email notices. I’ve seen them as low as $109 each way. Our advice is to book now!! If you know you want to go to this show, book now!!

Hotels… We suggest the Courtyard Marriott in that area. Address: 120 S Vine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446 – however it seems to be booked that weekend so the next best thing seems to be Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton but that too is booked solid. Check back with those hotels or use your hotel membership card to “get in” by phone if possible. Otherwise, La Quinta Inn and Suites is available at about $270+ per night.

Who is going?
There is excitement on the boards. We’re pretty sure there will be some commitments to this concert by travel fans all over the place. We’ll be in touch via Twitter with any extra tickets or travel fan pairings as soon as they are confirmed.

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For Travel Fan info: @papasfans

Thanks for reading!

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