Superfan Thank Yous – Carolyn Reflects on the Tears for Fears Summer 2015 Tour Travel

Carolyn describes the fun she had with the travel fans during the Tears for Fears 2015 Summer tour…

Both Curt and Roland signed this cool Tears for Fears coffee mug for Lady Carolyn...
Both Curt and Roland signed this cool Tears for Fears coffee mug for Lady Carolyn…

I cannot begin to describe my wonderous vacation this year, seeing 2 Tears For Fears concerts back to back with my fellow Tears For Fears Fan Travel Team members, Andye, Carri, Bobby, Roland (Bobby’s son, not the Good Sir), and Ryan. First things first, the Kansas City show at the Uptown Theatre was sold out and I’m SO proud of my KC peeps for recognizing that ROCS royalty was blessing our fair city. This show was the BEST I have ever seen! The Uptown is a beautiful venue, the acoustics were amazing, the crowd was very appreciative and on their feet for the entire concert, Roland was very animated…smiling a lot and interacting with the crowd, and most important, the band performed perfectly. It all meshed together and emitted an energy that caused me to burst out into tears more times than I can remember.

My TFF Fan Travel Team peeps, I love you all!!!! Andye, our leader….we would all probably look and act like those screaming, crazed Beatles fans from the 60’s if it wasn’t for your calm, cool leadership skills and voice of reason. Andye is an experienced traveler and is a joy to be on the road with. She enhances the TFF experience in a multitude of ways that I can’t even begin to describe. Much respect, Andye. Thank you!!!! Travel Fans at Breakfast/Brunch Post Show

Carri….nobody needs to worry about not knowing about any potential weather issues that may crop up during these concerts with the Silver Kitty around. I felt safe knowing we would be the first to be able to take cover quickly. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her love and respect for CS is so palpable you feel you can touch it. She is so much fun and simply a joy to be around. Carri, Thank you!!!!

Bobby….some people may not know that he is a LEO (Bobby, I’m sorry if you don’t want that out there). He was able to constantly watch our surroundings for hazards and potential problems on this trip, and did it so discreetly….all while having a fun time. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like road trips and that I especially HATE highways. But with Bobby behind the wheel, I felt safe, and due to his excellent driving skills, I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery and company. Bobby, Thank you!!!! TFF Travel Fans Listening to

“Listen” and headed to Tulsa

This isn't her first rodeo, Carolyn has been a long time's her Travel fan Tshirt from 2014
This isn’t her first rodeo, Carolyn has been a long time fan…here’s her Travel fan Tshirt from 2014

Roland….I had never met Bobby’s son before and I’m so glad he went. He is a very attractive man (what is it about that name?), and lot’s of fun to be around. Plus he’s a funny guy. I must admit that whenever anyone said his name, I always had a split second moment of confusion and would glance around, expecting to see The Good Sir Orzabal, even in the car. Roland, Thank you!!!!

Ryan….he had never been to a TFF concert. But I used to work with him and he was the only person at work who never made fun of my love for this band and their music. Ryan would stop by my desk to look at the various TFF items on display and never laughed. It was a real treat to stand beside him at the Uptown at his first TFF concert and see the wonder in his eyes. He seemed to really like my TFF friends and they liked him. Ryan was very helpful showing everyone some of the highlights of Kansas City. Ryan, Thank you!!!!

All in all, this has been the best vacation of my life!!!!

Travel Fans Hanging out at the Tulsa show venue...
Travel Fans Hanging out at the Tulsa show venue… (perfect symbols in the back – The Good Man would approve)

4 thoughts on “Superfan Thank Yous – Carolyn Reflects on the Tears for Fears Summer 2015 Tour Travel

  1. I do so hope TFF returns someday to The Uptown Theatre here in Kansas City, MISSOURI. 🙂 I’m sure it would be a sellout crowd again. Some of my co-workers wanted to go to see why I go on and on about this band, but the concert was on a Monday night and they had to work the next day. Maybe next time it will be a Friday or Saturday night. High hopes and fingers crossed!!!!

  2. I am so looking forward to this upcoming road trip to New Jersey with Andye, Bobby and Carri! I just watched the videos above again….and started crying. Again. I love these people and this band/music so much! I have a feeling this trip is going to be one for the record books. It’s a personal record for me…going to FOUR TFF concerts in one year. Life is good!

  3. Thanks to the fans for posting video, pictures, sharing stories of the great time you experienced at one or mutilple concerts you attended. Although I did not attend it feels so good to be a part of such a group who share a love and passion for the great music of TFF. In the future (next year-I hope) to attend one or more concerts and meet some of you great people. Until then I will keep reading and following things put out there about TFF.

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