2015/2016 Team CS Giving

Lovely note from Maceo's mum - 2014 Team CS Givings...
Lovely note from Maceo’s mum – 2014 Team CS Givings… standwithmaceo.com

Every year, around September (just after Lady Diva Smith’s birthday) for the past 4 years, we’ve highlighted a charity or group. This originated with the Team CS Kooks (@papasfans on Twitter). That list has grown. This year we are featuring new causes and modern artists/musicians that are not related directly to Tears for Fears but share some of the same qualities we’ve found in Curt Smith’s giving efforts and success.

Kenna Songs for Flight
This campaign is aimed at clean water, health and humanity. It highlights people around the globe without stereotypes, a glimpse into current day and how we can improve life abroad and at home. It’s almost a self-reflection that is like nothing many have ever seen before. Check out what Kenna is doing and consider donating to his efforts and goal of clean water and much more. http://www.kenna.com

Short degree of separation to TFF: Please remember we first heard about Kenna through Michael Roland Magno, a long time Tears fan and lead singer in a few bands plus solo artist. His brother DJMadFlip shares a birthday with Roland’s brother Mr. C Orzabal and decided to not accept birthday presents but instead collect money for the clean water campaign. In addition, they are ManU supporters and connected to this band in a different way as they promote TFF’s music and support many of the same causes coincidentally. We’re happy to support the clean water campaign alongside these outstanding musicians and TFF fans.

Learn More about Kenna’s efforts via this video…

Earlier this year, Good Man Curt Smith was involved with this organisation that helps kids with cancer “live a love filled life today and a cancer free life tomorrow.” That alone is enough to make us want to donate and we’re asking you to join in by sending what you can to their efforts. http://www.pablove.org

Tory Burch Foundation
This goes beyond an appreciation for Curt’s wife and her career, this has to do with the mission of the foundation. Ruling one’s own world/being one’s own boss and having the skills to be an entrepreneur are not always encouraged. With respect to both sexes and all genders, the term businessman was at one time more common than businesswoman. Sure you can get an MBA or go to business school but let’s face it, these things were only heavily emphasised in recent years. Women, like men, deserve the knowledge and skills needed to create their own companies. We like this foundation because its mission is to “empower women entrepreneurs.” Please take some time to read about the organisation and give as your heart leads: http://www.toryburchfoundation.org

Angel Tree
This is a national organisation that provides requested items for children who need assistance. The children fill out their needs, they are listed on an angel that is placed on a holiday/Christmas tree. Good Samaritans stop by the tree, pick up an angel and buy the items listed. The organisation delivers the items to the children at an organised gathering (usually around the stateside holidays/Christmas). You can learn more about this helpful operation through The Salvation Army. Blog.SalvationArmyUSA.org

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club
This particular branch is based in Hong Kong. Their efforts go above and beyond to help young people. According to the FCC, 13 years ago they started a scholarship fund to support young people from the PLK system. FCC “provided ancillary financial support to the children while they pursued a university degree of their choice.” Learn more about this org and find out how you can donate via http://www.fcchk.org – This is the same club that is hosting Tears for Fears at their Charity Ball in a few days (info available on this blog site)

2014 Charity Ball – Rock for Charity

There are so many great causes and groups working to make life better for others. If you have one that you’d like to see highlighted let us know about it. Thanks in advance for giving your time, resources and assistance. Life isn’t easy for all. When we can find the time to help each other through big or small efforts we are working for the greater good.

Thanks for reading!

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