Concert Alert: Tears for Fears at Promo West (Ohio)

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Tears for Fears are listed to play Promo West summer 2016. This concert takes place in Columbus Ohio. This is separate from the Bunbury festival to take place in June. Promo West is a new festival with scheduled show dates of 15 – 17 July. The festival promises to be a big deal as the CEO of the company has a lot of experience with live music venues.The venue can hold around 60K people.

It is not clear nor confirmed exactly what day that Tears for Fears will perform but the festival has listed them in the line up which includes some of the people that were on the line up for other festivals at which they have been featured (i.e. Modest Mouse). While we usually wait for the band to announce these things, we do not want fans to miss out on ticket sales. They are on sale right now ranging from $169.00 to $389.00. Click here to buy. Note that VIP is available.

Suggested Accommodations:
A) The Westin Columbus – 310 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215 (rates start around $100 per night not including taxes, etc.)

B) Hyatt Regency 350 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215 (rates start around $109 and is our preferred hotel)

Flights: Delta has amazing deals to this area in their weekly note. Register with this airline to get the weekly deal notification. Consider flying Delta as they have plenty of seat options and have been relatively stress free minus a few gate changes and confusions that were cleared up pretty fast. Follow @DeltaAssist on Twitter and download the app for the best service. Can’t stress that enough…

No other info is available at this time (i.e. meet and greets, fan fun). Not even sure we should be releasing this unconfirmed info. The concert was announced in the early hours of the morning and relayed via travel fans in Australia. The band will confirm when they get good and ready to do so. Many thanks to C. Binyon for making sure all were aware of this update.

-TFF Travel Fan Team xxox
*pardon any typos and run-ons, we’re in a rush today…
**Bunbury Festival travel info coming up, we always attempt to put a plan together before posting (i.e. fan activities, fun stuff). Still awaiting info on who is going for sure.


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