Tears for Fears: Camp Bestival – Travel Fan Info

Get Ready For A GREAT TIME!

This festival could not possibly make it any easier to understand how CB operates. They’ve pretty much done all the leg work for you. Camp Bestival looks and sounds as though it is a really well thought out venue with great facilities and a guaranteed amazing opportunity to see a number of great bands, notably TEARS FOR FEARS!!

YES! See for yourself and make an informed decision. Some of you have already decided that camping out and festivals are not for you. Many fellow travel fans totally understand. Some of us don’t do well outside in the elements no matter how modern the ammenities. “Curt and Roland have already seen me look my worst on FAR too many occasions. I’m reluctant to challenge that with a camping trip unless I  ‘GLAMP’ really hard.”-AA  Well, AA, you can glamp for 4 days with Camp Bestival!!!


But for those who aren’t challenged by camping or fear looking a little rugged in the first few rows this is the best thing several of us have ever seen for an outdoor show. Stateside festivals take note of CB’s amazing offerings.  read below to look at these options!
-Camping opens on Thursday to allow you time to get settled
-Camping Plus allows for a premium camping experience
-Backstage VIP camping (just behind the MainStage)
-Boutique Campsite (Yurts!! Tipis!! Bell Hotel!! <– AA approves!)
*There are so many options!

Airfaire – Suggested air carrier is British Airways.

Money/Currency: Change your money from your current currency to Pound Sterling at a bank before hand to avoid paying crazy fees. Also do it before you leave.

Ground Transporation – Buses run to this area as do trains
From the airport you want to get a train on the Wareham or Wool Railway station. Call 0345 6000 650 to get exact info. Tell them you are going to Camp Bestival. The South West Trains Group discount is also available online (as per the Camp Bestival site info).

Hotels: As mentioned Camp Bestival has over 15 options including the Hotel Bell Tent. Do your best to avoid staying off site and driving in to the location. We’re not even going to list anything else but Camp Bestival’s suggestions noted above so you won’t feel determined to stay off site. Unless Roland doesn’t mind you riding in with him. Now that’s a perfectly good excuse to stay off site. #SlumberPartyAtTheOrzabalAbode


Traveller’s Insurance: Contact your current car insurance provider and or Health Insurance to take advantage of bundle rates on health insurance. If you have an AAA membership, this is the time to use it to get Travel Insurance referrals. Do not travel without it.

Passport Info: Those travelling from outside the UK will need it.
If you’re coming from the states: Go to your local post office and get an application or do it online. Walgreens and other photo service providers will arrange your passport photos for you. You can do the rest online or at the Post Office. Call in advance for best times to take care of that.

Those travelling from everywere else can get entry and exit requirements from your nearest British Consulate.

*If you are a foreign national residing in another country other than the one you were born in and want to go to the show, you need to call the consulate and travel agencies to make sure you have all the correct documents to enter to the UK and re-enter the country from which you left.

Paying For This/Money Tricks/Pricing:
Because we’re working with Pound Sterling in the UK, it’s best that those coming from the states round up x2. If the price is £1,520 round up to $3,000. You will not owe that much but rates fluctuate so it’s best to be overprepared.

Prepay as much as you can and bring receipts with you as well as storing them on your phone so that you have quick proof in case anything goes missing in the system. Technology can be a b*tch at times. Also remember to buy a universal charger for phones, hair dryer and computers if yours doesn’t have one. Otherwise…ummm yeah. Not cool.

Other notables:
-Kids under 18 need to be accompanied by parents
-NO PETS! Only registered guide companions e.g. guide dogs
-Payment plans are available for ticket purchases
-Please read the site carefully. Take some time out of your day to read the CB site more than once. It’s actually very entertaining and will make this experience so much better for you. They truly offer A LOT!
-If you haven’t received your Camp Bestival wristband by the 16th of July give them all call: 0844 888 4420
-Again!!! Look at the prices and note that it is in pound sterling. If you are stateside, double the amount just to be on the safeside. Better to expect to pay more than to pay less. Rates fluctuate so be aware. £1,520 round up to $3,000

The Moment Before They Appear (it’s a cloud 9 experience)

The Show
What to expect? New Music! In an interview last year Good Man Curt mentioned songs from their latest (yet to be released) album would be played at these shows. This, of course, will not stop people from asking them when a new album is out. There may be a few “under a rock dwellers” who are jumping back on the TFF Fan Fun after a decade off and aren’t aware of ELAHE let alone EGABHID (that’s what were calling it until they elude to a different title). So, be patient and smile. Tell them to get on the website http://www.tearsforfears.com to subscribe and catch up with the latest news. If they travelled far, tell them about the Travel Fan Team so they can get updates and hotel info, etc.


Meet and Greets: It’s really too early to say how we’re going to meet up for fan activities. We certainly are not promising anyone band photo ops. Please understand that the Travel Fan Team does not “officially” organise M&Gs without band prompts or permission. We also do our best to refrain from asking for M&Gs. That’s just too much and unfair to the band. So if you are hell bent on meeting Roland, Curt & Team TFF please contact the festival sponsors and see what VIP packages are available to ticket holders so that your dream can come true. If we are prompted or notified we will send out a roll call and gather people in an extremely organised fashion with security in tow. But right now, there is nothing scheduled. If that changes, it will be noted on Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog in advance of the show.

You Sick?
Dorset County Hospital: Williams Avenue Dorchester Dorset DT12JY phone: 44 01 305 251150

You Lost?
Dorchester Tourist Information Center 11 Antelope Walk Dorchester Dorset DT1 1BE

More info to come on the show at the races!
Thanks for reading!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

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