Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info: Maryhill Winery


On the 17th of September, another amazing show is scheduled for Tears for Fears. This is a really special date for fans. One of the greatest TFF shows ever happened on this date in Los Angeles at the Wiltern. It’s now Washington state’s turn. According to reviews, this venue is the place for a concert. So, thank you Tears for Fears for agreeing to do the show here. Maryhill Winery is a 5-star facility located in Washington state and is owned and operated by Craig and Vicky Leuthold. Several fans re-purchased tickets for this show and it will be divine. The Zipper Club will open for the band.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased through the venue. Buy tickets. Market value starts at $45 and goes up to $102. Third party tickets are also available for much higher. if you choose that route, be certain to  get the insurance.

Venue: Mary Hill Winery, 9774 Highway 14, Goldendale, Washington, 98620

Time: Doors/Gates open at 5pm, show starts at 7pm. All ages are welcome.

Airfare: Delta is offering some amazing deals right now. Direct flights from the east coast to this area of Washington state start at $390 and go up to $598. Even first class is low price. Saw a round trip ticket for $980+ – so take advantage of that.

Accommodations: The winery has several suggested places that are nearby. Pick the one that suits your fancy from this list. These have shuttles going to and from the winery on concert nights according to the winery’s site. Other hotels on the list are within 6 miles, others further away.

Meet and Greets: Speak to the venue directly to inquire about VIP packages as we do not have any in our possession to give away. Not sure they are available/exist for this show. Oftentimes when one is a member of a winery or theatre, there are various perks worth inquiring about. We do not have any travel fan activities scheduled for this show as of now. We will tweet about it if anything changes and we alert others by using #RollCall on Twitter or Facebook


That’s all the info we’ve got for now. We tried to hold out and see if anyone wanted to do a little party at the winery but with the reschedule some just can’t go at all.

Cheers all!

-TFF Travel Fan Team


2 thoughts on “Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info: Maryhill Winery

  1. Just wondering if there will be a meet up at the Maryhill Winery September 17 2016? Thank you I am a new fanclub member.

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