Tears for Fears Travel Fan Info || Phoenix Arizona Show 7 October

Carina, Roland, Curt, Charlton and Doug by Lax

Tears for Fears will be in concert at the Comerica Theatre on the 7th of October. This show is located in Phoenix, Arizona. There are some amazing seats still available for this concert including 2nd row Pit area and section 4 center stage. Buy tickets through Live Nation to see all the great options.

As for VIP, the theatre has the option to request info about it. It’s not clear if you can get it for this particular show but it doesn’t hurt to ask. To get that info sent to your email click here and fill out the form if you didn’t already when the show was first announced. If you are doing will-call, you’ll need your photo ID and the credit card with which the tickets were purchased. Their Will Call Box Office is in the front of the building on the corner of 4th and Washington. If someone else bought your tickets and they are left for you to pick up, your name should be on the account and the person who bought them can call and let Ticketmaster know this in order to prevent any ticket withholding. Also, this is one of those venues where everyone needs a ticket, including any small children and babies.

Comerica Theatre (from site)

Venue: Address: 400 West Washington St. Phoenix AZ 85003 (phone: 602.379.2800) This theatre is gorgeous! It has some really cool nooks and crannies that are glammed out for comfort. There is a great deal of space between the first row of seats and the stage. It’s not really clear how the pit area will be/if there will be seats placed there in front or if this is standing, looks like there will be seats. The entire place has a well-thought out design and has a cool backstage area, it’s just awesome. So if you’re not headed to every TFF concert on the reschedule and are just looking for that special one show to go to, this is the one.

You can also take pictures but of course no recordings or video cameras. These are the theatre rules, not the band’s. Travel fans know this but if you’re new to the TFF shows, be mindful that the flash should be off, especially if any band member leans down near you. Yes, plain common sense but when you get caught up in the excitement strange things happen to the mind.

Accommodations: This was kind of hard to decide. We suggest the Hilton Phoenix Suites. You’re looking at $250 after tax per night. The other options swing from as low as $119 to well into the hundreds per night. This was the median range and had the better reviews. Also we carry memberships at this one so we only want to suggest ones where we’ve either previously stayed or know the chain/their customer service team very well. This particular Hilton has many amenities and isn’t very far from the venue.

Airfare: Again, this part of the country gets pretty steep if you don’t book well in advance. Still looking at around $400+ roundtrip on major carriers to the southwestern most states. Keep trying online for deals especially if you’re doing the whole fly in and fly out. If not you’re looking at a $1,500 1-2 day music holiday. It’s worth it but still. Southwest may have some better deals.

Shipmates and their Captain. || Becky Boom Boom, SK & Captain Orzabal

Fan Fun: Several travel fans are attending and lots of new people too. This is a great opportunity to get together the day before the show. Hoping for some group pictures on this one.

-TFF Travel Fan Team

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