Concert Highlights: Tears for Fears at Maryhill Winery 17 Sept 2016

Let’s open with this gorgeous piece of footage by Live Music Guy – nice job!

Bit of a recap on the past week’s shows stars with the one at Maryhill Winery. These are videos and photos from Instagram and fans on the ground who have been in touch throughout this part of the tour. Many thanks to everyone for sharing individually and on your social accounts. Remember to tag your items #TFF2016 and we’ll be sure to find you and feature your dedication to the band and their music. Be sure to follow @tearsforfearsmusic on Instagram for live video and mini-montages from the shows.


Touch of the Superficial
Can we mention how good they looked at this show? Whaat whaat?!  ROCS looked like teens! Check out Roland on Break It Down Again in the video link below. Amazing! That breeze had his tresses a’flowin’ like a river, it was gorgeous! Wow!

Instagram Videos From Concert – Be sure to like and follow these great contributors!
Opening Walk Out – EWTRTW
Break It Down Again
Sowing the Seeds of Love
Head Over Heels
Badman’s Song

Video Montage by Tim McCallister

Compliments on the wine at Maryhill Winery + Billie Jean


So far several fans just feel the shows are too short. They want more than 90 minutes. But these set lists are the standard for Tears for Fears. When you adore them that much there is not such thing as “enough time” in their presence. It’s never enough…and why we as travel fans fight to get to as many shows as we can year after year. We feel you! It’s never long enough. We need a 3-day Tears for Fears concert with a show every night including solo work. Just sayin…keepin’ it real.

For those looking to meetup, let us know what shows you’re going to so we can get you in touch with other fans for group pictures and anything else that may come up! Safe Travels!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

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