Concert Highlights – Tears for Fears Michigan 2016

Tears for Fears came round in the wind and the rain in Michigan. This post is dedicated to dear Becky M who is no stranger to the Tears for Fears tours. She grabbed the set list for the team. Way to go! So awesome of you! Here are some other photos and posts from that day. Big thanks to our Becky and fans on the ground for uploading and sharing photos.


Here’s Becky’s experience. She writes…

“No pictures tonight, but this is the set list from the Meijer Gardens show. AMAZING…..had some rain and a couple of wind gusts but it was a great show. Tonight will be hard knowing they’re only an hour away, but need to spend time with family before they fly home Wednesday morning. Vocals were solid, and the people around us were wonderful……too wound up to sleep.”


We also e-met @sutecides. What an outstanding photo!



Lot’s of great people posted to Instagram. Be sure to like their posts and send a thank you!

More to come!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

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