Another Dream Come True || TFF in Colorado Springs 2016

For many, the Tears for Fears tours are a ceremonial pilgrimage, a getaway to another state of mind. Anything that ails you is swept away as soon as the opening music leading them to the stage begins to play. We’ve spoken about that feeling before and it’s simply majestic. Few things compare to these tours. It’s a different kind of excitement, a mysterious energy that just coats a crowd…and, as we’ve noted for years, it’s addictive. Enter the Kerfuffle of Kooks, the travel fans, the hard core peeps that can’t stay away, it’s a craving that must be satisfied. They prove again and again that this band is not only relevant but vital to the industry. What Roland, Curt and team bring to the musical table is very unique and impossible to forget.


More of ROCS here:
*Periscope videos last about 24 hours unless the user archives it. CD/SK is very good about archiving her experience on YT so you can follow videos there. Please be sure to like and comment on her channel. Many thanks!

Of the many bands that stirred up euphoric emotion in the 70s, 80s and 90s, The Fixx has its place among them as does the continued music of David Bowie. Both are  heard before most shows which results in a myriad of “ohmmigaaahd, I love this song” and “Yess!! Bowie, YEESSS!!” from the crowd. That, too, is an experience and warming to see. The band or somebody in the crew has had this mix of music since 2010 and it’s like…the best music mix ever with these amazing timeless pieces of gold. Tears for Fears, The Fixx, and David Bowie are to rock what Beethoven is to classical music. Their work is etched in industry stone as unmatched. So, this share from “solohour” was a treat! Hear the music in the background…mmmmm. That tingling feeling of joy just sweeps over us.

The Fixx Stand or Fall…a fantastic fixture pre-show


Ahhh VIP, a little slice of heaven. This was brought to our attention. Yes, this is what some of the passes look like but they of course usually change from show to show and for good reason. We’re well aware that this is a special option that doesn’t happen for everyone.  As seen on photos floating around the internet, yes, we’ve been “back there.” What goes on back there? Well, sometimes there’s a lot of people. At times we saw  a lot of the crew. Other times it was just us and the band because we had a meeting. Each time, you can find people chatting and talking about music. People were very friendly (lots of familiar faces). There are cool people taking photos and it’s a very kind and informal environment. ROCS usually change clothes and they both look like a million dollars from head to toe all over again. It’s a very warm and peaceful experience with angelic excitement if that makes any sense. We hope that one day a fan conference will be in place so that many of the newer hard core travellers (as well as the loyal returners pre-ELAHE) will be able to have a moment to shake the guys’ hands. We know that is important and many have messages they want to say in person. It’ll have to be done strategically. We don’t want to overwhelm anyone and disturb their peaceful aura.

Here are video shares from the night, again please make sure you like the clips and make a new friend. Nothing compares to online friendships that eventually come to life at shows. All of us met online prior to travelling together. Huge thanks to the TFF Travel Fan Team for always going the extra mile. Whether you know it or not, it is noticed and it is appreciated. Enjoy!


Sowing the Seeds of Love

Mad World

Pale Shelter

Head Over Heels


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Please note that there is a TFF Arizona Fan Meet-Up in the works. It is for fans only (no guarantee that the band will be present). Please check out Lael’s post on the TFF Travel Fan Team FB page and reply for details. Have a great rest of the week!
Look out for posts from the band before and after the show via @CurtSmith @Rolandtff and @TearsForFears.

Thanks for reading!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

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