Perfectly Happy with Tears for Fears in Pechanga || TFF 2016

This is dedicated to Jolene B and Pam. Huge thanks to these ladies for making it out to the show and representing superfan life in the TFF Travel Fan world. So glad they had a great time! This means a lot!

Jolene is a wonderful grandmother… look where she took her grandson!

Longtime fan SnapHappyPam  and Michael Wainwright



Mad World (simply angelic)

Break It Down Again

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Bit of chit chat with the Good Sir


Badman’s Song

Head Over Heels


Another incredible night and what a fantastic crowd eh? Thank you Jolene for capturing it all. Very happy to have you in our musically infused lives.

To all the fans we chat with daily that travelled to see the band, it’s clear you had an amazing night and your fellow fans are thrilled. Again, many thanks to all who checked-in all night. Hope we get to spend more time together in the future. Cheers!

-TFF Travel Fan Team

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