Celebrating Milestones – TFF Travel Fan Quarterly Update – Q1 2020

Dedicated to Tears for Fears UK & Tamara!

We have a lot to be grateful for today. It’s the 35th Anniversary of Songs from the Big Chair’s original release. Man oh man, look at us now. This band has quadrupled its fan family filled with dedicated followers that go to every show, pack venues, buy/share merch with each other online, go on visits to see each other and call one another when they are sick. Are you one of those people who has more friends from your interactions with Tears for Fears than anything else? How many times have you passed by the band while on tour or out and about? Are you one of us that logs in everyday to see how the fan family is doing any what’s new? Then we need to recognise and celebrate those moments. We archive just about everything and Lael, the Tears for Fears Travel Fan team lead in Arizona is working on a huge project that details some of these key interactions and moments of bliss. You can reach out to her with your story, photos and favourite “band moment” or interaction with the band (be it online or in person) by sending her an email here: TFFfanproject@gmail.com (try to get your entries in before 7 March).

Fan Family Fun
The Pilgrimage & Rockrimage – Lady Tamara is out and about in England this week. She and Tears for Fears UK – Captain Julian Orzabal, Darren, Wendy, Stephen, Lady Gwen and team are on their pilgrimage to Durdle Door and Moles. We wish them all continuous fun! If she decides to stay forever, we totally understand!

Band Family News
Pascal Orzabal, Roland’s second son, released this amazing hit under his music project “Quarterboy” that is now playing on Spotify. It’s called “Never Meant To” and it blew our minds! Be sure to take some time to listen in here: https://quarterboy.bandcamp.com/releases – be sure to buy a copy. It’s less than $2USD donation. We’ve gone ahead and paid $20 on behalf of the team. If you do make a donation be sure to sign up so that you are noted as owning a copy of the song because you will only be able to listen a few times for free. That photo of him is so bada$$ we’re all in a joy frenzy with the song on repeat!

Pascal Orzabal_Andye Find_IG

On-Air – In the News
BBC Classics Documentary featuring Tears for Fears
Big thanks to Darren, Dave and Lady Gwen for making sure fans have access to this documentary. Darren literally held his phone in hand and recorded the show as it aired live. Those in the UK should be able to access it using this link. However, you can also watch it via YouTube. See, how we all take care of each other? This is what we do. (update: The video has been blocked but we have a copy of it on file and will try to upload it here. It’s also available via the official TFF newsletter that has an iPlayer link)

Band Member News
Charlton celebrated a birthday on the 13th of February and alumna Nicky Holland celebrated on the 20th. We hope they are both doing well. As for new music and touring for 2020. We’re trusting that they’ll just NOT tour right now and resume in 2021. 2020 should be the year that Tears for Fears rest and work on the things that make them great – like their music and working together to produce such incredible content. We hope that 2021 will be the year they do the residency and stay out of the tour bus/sky. Let them stay focused on being featured at great venues for several days that we can fly to en masse vs. them always coming to us. This relationship shouldn’t be one sided. We support band residencies as an alternative to exhausting tours.

Oleta Adams had an exciting month! She played with the Atlanta Pops in Alabama and her team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won the Superbowl! You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@realOletaAdams). She’s also featured in the documentary and rightly so. She is a huge part of Tears for Fears. Anyone else wanting a huge Alumni show with like…every single person that ever worked with them?! We can have a loving memorial for those that have passed and celebrate their legacy. So many ideas, so many fan wishes. We usually get what we want so let’s see…

Music Releases
Super Deluxe Edition – Box Sets for SFTBC
It was released this month and even the company themselves was quite impressed with the response and desire from fans and supporters for the material. It had sold out and they got more in stock. So get yours while you can. These remastered and re-releases are really phenomenal. If you like the originals you’ll go bat sh*t bloody crazy on the later material. It’s top notch!


Something to think about…
We’ll close this update with a suggested read which is an interview that dear guy Paul Halpern conducted with Good Man Curt Smith. It is a very important read and gives us insight into so much…just like that documentary but maybe even more. There are some eye opening points in it and one part was just painful to read, sending fear like lightening through the minds of several of us. It further emphasizes why we feel the band needs to take a year and rest, work on their material and stay off the road. We’ll be as bold to say if they never tour in the traditional fashion we’re okay with it. We will go to them. Their healthy, emotional state and camaraderie are more important to us than the industry’s expectation for them to fly around the world night after night. As fans it’s tough to do, so we know it’s hard for them. Let’s work on unity for all of us… enjoy the read and we’ll chat again soon next quarter and include information on the travel fan app.

We love you, Curt! May the Universe bless your family, your band, your sanctity, your soul, your well-being. Stay. Stay well, Stay with us. Stay amazing!

PNG image

Thanks for reading!
-Tears for Fears’ Travel Fan Team
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Tears for Fears Taking the World by Storm in Tulsa!

Tears for Fears Tulsa

We had our wonderful core travel fan team on the ground for this show, first one on the 2017 tour. You can hear several  of the group screaming with delight in one of the videos and it’s soooo nice. Again, this was the first show on this 29+ city visit and it was awesome! It’s so hard to write these recaps of shows as each year passes because the excitement grows beyond anything one can ever imagine. We are appreciative of the time and energy put into every concert by the band and the fans who travel alongside in support! Many thanks to Silver Kitty for snapping photos and providing visuals of the experience! Huge thanks to Bobby for driving! Carolyn and Becky Boom Boom for logistics and rentals! It’s all team work!!



Huge thanks to all of our fellow travellers who fly great distances to scream and shout their admiration throughout nearly every performance. We did a calculation and believe it or not, if you’re going to each show, paid the VIP ticket price, add airfare plus hotel fees …then you’re spending $20,000+ USD. That’s a lot of love to say the least! There are many that are doing 2-4 shows and THAT TOO is a A LOT! You are loved and deserve a fan conference!

Roland Tulsa


Be sure to make friends, subscribe to each other’s YouTube channels and follow on Instagram. The more friends you make, the bigger the shows will be and remain until the guys call it a day! Keep it going! 🙂

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Billie Jean – MJ Tribute

There are very few videos of this show because security was insane and wouldn’t let fans do much more than stand there and listen…

Please continue to follow along via @papasfans for recaps of our fan experiences!
Plenty of shows left to go… We’ve got footage and shares from a ton and will post as we go along. So much to upload!

Thanks for reading!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

*photo credit – Silver Kitty CD!

Drummer Genius – Jamie Wollam’s New Website


We love to keep track of and follow musicians that work with Tears for Fears. We’re thrilled the band’s drummer, Jamie Wollam (The Drummer Genius – that’s what we call him as do others), has a new site. Now we can wallow all in Mr. Wollam’s world as we know it’ll be filled with updates and cool information. Thanks are in order here to Dion and Paula Smith who worked hard to make sure this actually happened.

Be sure to visit: http://www.jamiewollam.com/ and follow along on all social platforms to see the latest cool news. Jamie is so much fun and one of the nicest people on the planet. Don’t take advantage of that by sending him a list of wishes but be sure to yell his name and say hey when you see him out on tour! 🙂

Thanks for reading!
@papasfans Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

Saving the Best for Last, Tears for Fears San Diego #TFF2016 (Tour Wrap Up)

This is dedicated to Lax, our travel fan pal from 2015. He is so hardcore he went to David Lynch’s concert and Tears for Fears all in the same night. He’s been doing shows for quite a while. Glad we got to do a couple with him. Also dedicated to Alan Todd who shared some amazing videos. Shout out to Mr. Mendoza who was also there!

Jason DeBord was in attendance. Long time fans will remember him from San Francisco 2012. Took some great shots and did an amazing write up on the show. Looking forward to sharing his work.

Some really cool things happened at this show. You all may remember Bill from way back when. He’s been with the band for a long time. Bill is a hard worker and is very kind, thoughtful and intelligent. He opened the Humphrey’s show with some bandmates and that was awesome. Thanks to his pal Sammy for allowing us to share this photo.


With that said, we think it’s important to highlight some of the amazing people who make these tours so majestic. Bill is certainly one of those people. On numerous occasions he has gone above and beyond to be kind. We appreciate it. We’re aware that it’s a task to remember faces and names. Not everyone can get a set list or a pair of drumsticks from the band but he, Jamie and others do try very hard to be fair and do extra things like that and it’s always appreciated by the recipients be they a part of our Travel Fan Team or someone who is just joining in the fan shenanigans.

Again, Bobby drove fans from place to place as did Becky (who was responsible for taking care of our travel fan t-shirts that were such a hit). So many people stayed in touch the entire time via email, Twitter and other social platforms. New friendships were made and the pictures say it all. The teamwork was terrific and was noticed!

TFF Travel Fan for over 15 years – Bblaze!

Meet Your Fellow Fans Online! Click through and like the content. Be sure to leave a hi and connect. It’s awesome to make new friends in the name of music.

We finally got connected online with cool guy Alan Todd. Check out his work!



Mad World (Very similar to the version Mr. Jules did when he was on Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith – we miss that show!)

Steven Mendoza was there too. Is that the same Mr. Mendoza we ran into years ago?

Pale Shelter

Head Over Heels


Shout – another angle

There were also a few social shares…

Sowing the Seeds of Love

View this post on Instagram

Sowing the Seeds of Love #TearsForFears

A post shared by Ray Pennisi (@orayzio) on

Head Over Heels



Did you miss a show? You can find links to all the concert recaps and photos on the reschedule note. Feel free to share your concert experience on the Tears for Fears Travel Fans and Kooks FB page. Get some sleep, replenish your travel fan cash and perch! Also, please see the note below from the moderator to wrap up what has been a really amazing couple of weeks.

*Tour Pause – Closing Note from the Moderator

Very sad I didn’t get to meet many of the new people that flew out to see the band. When the reschedule dates were released they were on days that I had committed to other events. I’ve literally been en route to something 90% of the past three weeks. Also, much like many others, I couldn’t believe the $1000 total to rebook flights. I would rather put that money toward Tears for Fears merch and tour accommodations. It was a very angering experience to see there was absolutely no way to remedy that. For me it was a sign that maybe I should put a stop to the whole “Stop, Drop and Go see Tears for Fears” way of life that I’ve had for the last 6 years. We always say we’re making up for lost time and that’s why we go to such extremes to get to so many shows. Well, maybe that time has been made up?

As I sat in hotels here and there, I was continuously on the phone or exchanging email with fellow fans as we scrambled to see if we could get better seats for those flying such a long way. Some even flew in from the UK (Obrigada Paula). Others drove for hours. It was a lot of work! Despite not being physically present I am terribly exhausted. But it was worth it because many of those very people claimed that the band was in ‘belle forme.’ I’m so glad that people who dedicate a chunk of their year to see TFF didn’t have to break with tradition. The extreme excitement of a Tears for Fears show rushed through not only myself as I logged on at night to pick up video being sent to me but it electrified everyone else as well. It was even with us throughout the day. So many of us were literally in a state of excitement for three weeks.

I don’t know which was my favourite show. If I had to pick I’d say it would be Red Rocks. The energy was just wow! There were some really cool moments for the core team and the ROCSaTears. I’m so grateful that the band took time with those that appreciate their music enough to move heaven and earth to be present as much as possible. I know that inner flame of travel fandom and a sense of peace came over me when I saw Tears for Fears actually smiling together with fellow fans wrapped around them like dolls. We adore Tears for Fears and their families. Nothing beats getting to physically stand with them even if for a brief moment. I felt a so much comfort and relief when I saw the band hugging fellow fans and the numerous interactions on Twitter and in person.

Why So Emotional?
I learned something about myself this time around and that is, I accidentally became emotionally invested in this band and didn’t even realise it. A few others have expressed the same. For those who are feeling “addicted” to the work of Tears for Fears, remember that the band created several albums and you have purchased all of them and perhaps several copies and remastered remixes as well. They hold concerts and you bought tickets and enjoyed every show. This is what they are offering and this is what we’ve got. When we start to ponder what else is available, we are reaching a level that may not be the healthiest way to exist in the Tears for Fears fan world no matter how cool a Tears for Fears museum or fan conference may be.

The band knows many of us have a wish list a mile long that includes everything from a group photo spot at every show to a website with a registered fan base. What they are offering right now is music, concerts and merch. We will bask in the availability of those things and do our best not to get caught up in a dream land filled with visions of Tears for Fears theme nights at Disneyland (yeahhh…that was someone’s wish and what a cool thing that might have been).

In closing…
I do hope that everyone had a good time. It’s really refreshing to see that Curt took note of the front row. I hope that, if anything, Curt can somehow get those front row seats and sell them to fans directly. It’s long overdue that those of us who follow the band religiously should never have to fear that we’re going to end up in the balcony being yelled at by some person who doesn’t even own a copy of ELAHE (let alone have a copy of Tomcats and Mayfield) and only came to hear them sing Shout. You deserve better than that and so does the band.

Long live the good work that Tears for Fears has produced and I pray all of us are able to enjoy it to the fullest in the future. And…don’t forget the flight and ticket insurance! Just keepin’ it real…

Tears for Fears Tour 2016 Reschedule



See photos, videos and fans from the UK shows:
Newmarket Racecourses – 29 July & Camp Bestival 31 July

*The band will also appear at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on the 24th of September 2016 –

*Update: Concert photos and recaps from this tour are below. Just scroll down.


“At the end of the day, we’re glad the sick family member is apparently going to be okay? Kindly, the band will be able to do some shows vs. cancelling the entire tour.”
-Travel Fan Concensus

Note from Moderator: This has not been a good year for music. We lost a lot of amazing icons and many are still mourning them online and in various memorial ceremonies in fan clubs and events worldwide. I’m actually attending a Prince memorial event with a Middle Eastern dance community very soon. I don’t know anyone that didn’t love Prince. Our musicians are what we take with us everyday. Be it their music, souvenirs, t-shirts and so much more, they are with us in spirit. I mean who doesn’t wear their Tears for Fears t-shirt or other cool things you get from the merch table on a weekly basis? You buy two shirts so one is preserved and the other you can wear as much as you like! Their music is a big deal!

So yeah, when the band let us know someone was sick in their family a quiet chaos ensued on fan walls and Twitter. WE WERE SO WORRIED! Thankfully, many fans were very understanding vs. being upset about the festival cancellations and postponed shows. I hope you all were able to resell your festival passes so you didn’t lose the hundreds of dollars you spent on them. In some cases the costs were up to $2,000 when you factored in airfare. We are aware of several that spent upwards of $4,000 total on premium seats for several shows. If you’re still having trouble getting refunds from the sites you purchased the tickets let us know.

Which brings me to a very important subject…entertainment insurance. It is now necessary to protect your purchases; every aspect from the plane ticket to the concert ticket itself. While Roland and Curt are still quite young, none of us are spring chickens. We get sick and things happen. After 20+ years of following this band closely I have only seen ONE TFF tour get cancelled and it wasn’t even a full cancellation, just dates in the Southeast (Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, etc.). So there was never a need to buy ticket insurance, flight insurance, etc. We felt we didn’t need it. Times have changed. Do you know that it’s $200 to change an airline ticket without insurance on Delta? Well, I do. Because I was just demanded to pay it. Imagine having to pay $200 “flight reservation change fee” for every show you planned to attend because you didn’t buy the extra ticket insurance which is about $15- $30 per ticket. It. Adds. Up.

I, like so many, consider myself a hardcore Tears fan. I have lived in a state of “Stop, Drop Everything and Go See Tears for Fears” for the last 7 years. Because Tears for Fears are rarely in my base city Atlanta, I have travelled alongside some amazing people on the Travel Fan Team and had the time of my life EVERY time. And the band has kindly made it more than worth our (and others’) while. But understand that this is not free. The experience is priceless but it is not completely free of cost and I don’t scoff at anyone who just decides not to drop everything in their life and follow this band year after year.

#ThisIsNotARant – these are facts. All of this travel costs at minimum $550 – $1500 per show. Even the cheapest hotel (of which we do not encourage) is $25 a night per person (if you are sharing a room), add in economy plane ticket of $169 minimum/$350 to go to west coast, food at $10 per day (if you eat cheap), car rental/car service/taxi/Uber, band merch and gas. That price goes up if you are disabled, need special seats because a cramped economy seat is not going to work on a 4 hour trip across the country, decide to fly in from Europe or have food allergies. You’re paying $1,500 to $2,000 per trip and sometimes per day. Not everyone can do that. And we as fellow travel fans understand that and do not fault anyone for saying, “No thanks. I just can’t right now.”

We understand these are the choices WE made. We skipped weddings, delayed buying important things, you name it…because we wanted to be able to go on tour at a moment’s notice without interruption. For some of us, this is our one splurge in life. As noted on many posts on this blog, tickets sales were announced merely a few days before they went on sale for about two years. 2016 was the first time in a while that we actually had a little more time to plan. Sadly, tragedy struck and we had to regroup while the band rescheduled. It was a sad situation for everyone involved.

We are now scrambling to re-arrange our flights (i.e. the $200 plane reservation change fee per city). It is not looking good for quite a few and I have read your email, tweets to me and responded. We don’t know what happened to the Iowa show, New York concert dates or the two in Oklahoma. So several of us can’t really plan anything for this tour because we don’t have enough information on the missing shows. For those who have tickets to Tulsa and Thackerville please see this response to one fan from the band’s FB account.

TFF Response

So… here (and above) are the new dates. If you can make it, GREAT! If not, WE UNDERSTAND! As CD would say, we OVERSTAND! As a part of fan duties and travel fan loyalty, we have linked each city with a post about hotels and other travel info for each show date. We still wish there was a Tears for Fears VIP option through the band itself, not these venues. That is the only way to feel secure about fair seats and tickets. But they have not established that. Feel free to reach out to us on FB, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube with your comments and thoughts. We understand our fellow fans.
February 20 iHeart Radio 80s Party -Los Angeles, CA – Concert Photos
July 29Newmarket Racecourses – UK – Concert Photos
July 31Camp Bestival – UK –Concert Photos
September 17Maryhill Winery – Goldendale, WA – Concert Photos
September 18Chateau Ste. Michelle – Woodinville, WA –Concert Photos
September 20Red Butte Garden – Salt Lake City, UT – Concert Photos
September 22Idaho Botanical Garden – Boise, ID – Concert Photos
September 23Silver Legacy Resort and Casino – Reno, NV – Concert Photos
September 24iHeart Radio Music Festival – Las Vegas, NV – Concert Photos
September 26Meijer Gardens – Grand Rapids, MI – Concert Photos
September 27Murat Theatre – Indianapolis, IN – Concert Photos
September 29Hard Rock Live – Northfield, OH – Concert Photos
September 30The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor – Windsor, ON –Concert Photos
October 1Casino Rama Entertainment Ctr. – Orillia, ON – Concert Photos
October 3Red Rocks Amphitheatre– Morrison, CO – Concert Photos
October 5Pikes Peak Center – Colorado Springs, CO –Concert Photos
October 7Comerica Theatre – Phoenix, AZ – Concert Photos
October 8Pechanga Resort & Casino – Temecula, CA – Concert Photos
October 9Humphreys By the Bay – San Diego, CA

If you are able to make it, you can guarantee it will be worth it!

#BuyTheTicketInsurance #BuyTheFlightInsurance
-AA, Travel Fan Team Member

Recap of Tears for Fears – Port Chester, New York Show

Photo by C.M of N.C.

The Tears for Fears Travel Fan team members made an epic journey and effort to have representation at each of the shows on both coasts for Part II. Lax made it to the Vina Robles Show, another went to TBD Fest as shown in the previous “Tour Recaps” and then several including Lax headed east for the Sterling Michigan, Canada and New York Show at the Capitol Theater (plus both New Jersey concerts).

The Midwest Travel Fans, led this time by Bobby, got the mini-tour bus treatment and went through Oklahoma, Atlanta and several other states to get to New Jersey for the Morristown and Red Bank concerts…Bobby clocked approx. 4,500 miles taking fans from their homes to the shows and back again. He is definitely TFF Travel Fan MVP.

While some were making their way up the historic highways, taking quick snaps at the nation’s capital and learning about New Jersey tolls, many others were lining up at the Capitol Theater. Lax, a dedicated Travel Fan from the San Francisco area was one of those people. He and others in our loving circle piled into that venue tightly among a very animated crowd that, according to reports, included two drunk women who wickedly made their way through the crowd sloshing their drinks. They ended up spilling them on several. They were thankfully removed from the venue. Still the fans remained focus and were able to enjoy a good show. Kudos to those who flew in long distances (from the West Coast, South & Central America) to be at shows.

Set List

Courtesy Travel Fan
Courtesy Travel Fan

Here are videos from fans who attended the show:

EWTRTW – courtesy Cyberace27

Change by R Palomba

Mad World

Memories Fade

Advice for the Young at Heart

Badman’s Song by Kurt B.

Head Over Heels by xxsusannycxx

WIC by Ronald R

Shout by R. Palomba

Big Thanks to Lax, Lady CM and Cams NYC for the pictures as well as Deb, our fellow Travel Fans (i.e. Lady JP & more) for their wonderful shares, reports and contributions. Be sure to leave a kind word on their videos and a “like.”

Inside the Theatre
Inside the Theater
Carina, Roland Capitol Theatre by Lax
Carina, Roland Capitol Theatre by Lax

CarinaCT1 CarinaCT2

Roland at Capitol Theatre courtesy of Lax
Roland at Capitol Theater courtesy of Lax
ROCS at Capitol Theatre by Lax
ROCS at Capitol Theater by Lax

More photos – Click here

More to come from TFF Morristown NJ, Red Bank NJ and Hong Kong

Tears for Fears at TBD 2015 – Concert & Travel Info

TBD Photos - Reddit
TBD Photos – Reddit

***This post has been updated, please scroll to the end for the line up info in the graphic. Thanks! Single day tickets are also available. 

Sacramento get ready! Tears for Fears are at the city’s doors as are a slew of other bands scheduled to appear at the TBD Festival. The line-up isn’t final so even more bands are going to be announced. (please see update below, the line up is now ready). This, like several other shows this summer at iconic venues, is a big deal. It’s more than a 3-day music festival, it’s an artists’ hangout that welcomes foodies, shopaholics and wine lovers from far and wide.

This festival has a VIP option that will most likely sell out. It’s currently $275 (after fees, etc) and includes air conditioned WC/Loo (No clue if they have a bidet), preferred viewing and drinks…and a few other things if we’re not mistaken. The price goes up after the 31st. Regular ticket price is a cool $159 right now …so again, if you’re going you need to buy fast. There are no refunds…once you buy you do not have 3 days to return your tickets the way you can w/other box offices.

This festival has been in the news for its amazing and diverse opportunities that it provides attendees. Reviews note it as really exciting with an upscale village appeal that attracts a number of festival attendees in a way that other festivals do not. It’s also undergoing the mindful eye of those concerned with money and the financial side of hosting such big events as these.

Fork to Table - TBD Fest
Fork to Table – TBD Fest

It’s still rather early to know how many travel fans plan to attend and we only know a few people committed to attending this particular show. There’s no word or hint yet whether or not the band will do additional dates in the area. Many are hoping for San Francisco, Fresno and L.A. featuring Mr. Moyer. If you’re in the area we suggest going to this and one more additional show if announced.

Festival Dates – 18, 19 & 20 September 2015
Buy Tickets – click here –
Hotels -click here-
Flights – right now it’s about $400 round trip from the East Coast on the major carriers. Of course SouthWest has some awesome deals as well at a much lower price.

Subscribe and return for updates. We’ll be tweeting about it as the date approaches.


Tears for Fears play on Sunday, single day tickets are available.
Tears for Fears play on Sunday, single day tickets are available.

Jack’s 10th Show- Irvine featuring Tears For Fears

image Tears for Fears have announced more shows and one will be in Irvine California at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (formerly Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre) alongside several other bands (i.e. Bush, Everclear and Cake). This is all a part of Jack’s 10th Show. It takes place Saturday June 20th at 3pm. This show is not general admission and tickets can be purchased via live nation right now. However, the better seats have been snatched up by third party ticket sellers. Good thing about this is that $1 from official ticket sales goes to TACA (Talk About Curing Autism).

Travel Accommodations
Lodging and hotels for this show are a breeze because it’s California and not a remote spot so you, the fan, decide. There’s so much to do in this area from dining to just hanging out we’re not going to bog you down with a list of “must sees” …it’s California, go see everything!

We do suggest taking Uber to the show just because it’s easier and you can drink w/o designating a DD. If you are not familiar with the area and are just going because of the band vs summer travel we suggest the Irvine Marriott. You can dine on site and focus solely on the concert. We do not have the official list of who goes on first. But that line up is intense, those are some major bands and many of us have seen them all including Andye who, as a teen, was carried out on stretcher during one of the other band’s shows in 1996. Thankfully moshing is not all the rage anymore so we’re expecting good behaviour from most and no emergency response teams needed.

imageShow Day
Will call is open 2 hours prior to the show. Arrive early, bring valid ID. We have about a handful of travel fans committed to going to this show. These are mostly the local folks from LA who are driving over (please see the link for parking details on the radio station’s event page if you are not taking Uber).

M&G + Other FAQs
Write us directly on FB or in the comments box with any questions. Contact Jack’s 10th show directly for info on meet & greets (none of which have been announced yet…because this show is sponsored, the radio station with which it is associated may be able to confirm whether or not they are giving away backstage passes, etc. If they are you need to ask the radio station if you get to pick which band you want to meet. Rules change for different events so you have to ask the station as we won’t have that info in our info parcel. That’s usually arranged by a third party when it comes to radio hosted events.

Official Venue Address: 8808 Irvine Center Dr. Irvine CA. 92618

Pardon the brevity…got to keep it moving as another show was announced and that info needs to be posted. Scroll up in about 24 hours for that concert note.
Thanks for reading!
Team ROCS’ Fans/Travel Fan Bloggers

Tears for Fears Live at the Wiltern 17 September -SOLD OUT SHOW

Tears for Fears sold out show -17 September Photo: (@SnapHappyPam)

2011 show recap – TFF Wiltern 17 September 2011 I wanted to wait a bit before posting the recap of this show. It was as Carri would say, “EPIC!” I’m still not sure if that even sums up what happened that life changing evening. This concert took place on the anniversary of the TeamCS formation, which can be explained on the profile of (@papasfans) on twitter.

Waiting for the Plane

I was whisked off to the airport at 9am in the morning from the Red Rock Hotel in Vegas. Mind you, this was just 30 minutes before seeing what we have to assume was one of “the band” skidaddling into an elevator. My heart was already racing. Now, a higher power had to be watching over me as I dropped my drivers’ license, all cash, etc after checking my bags at the flight counter. Some kind soul walked up to me afterward and handed them to me. I’m not joking when I say these shows are spiritual experiences that make a believer out of you. I get to the boarding terminal to learn that the plane is late. So I take this time to turn this excitement into what I call profitable tweets.

Twitter, Tweets and RTs

Between the hours of 9:30am and 11am I sent about 50 tweets to Michael Wainwright, Curt Smith and the Tears for Fears official profile that included what I felt were profitable ideas for the band. Of course, I didn’t expect the band to take me seriously, but if they did, then more power to them. It’s just that after the Vegas show I knew there’s was no way I could possibly handle a day to day without Tears For Fears podcasts, subscription based guitar lessons, etc week after week. Call it insane but those concerts leave you on cloud 9 and eager for more. Rumour has it that these tweets nearly drove Michael Wainwright up the wall. So I’ve taken him off the list of profitable tweets to save his sanity. I’ve also scaled back to 1-2 tweets a day and fewer RTs.

The plane finally arrived. I slurped down the last of that Vinti Frappucino (the only thing I’d consume that entire day) and boarded the plane. It was a tiny thing. Crammed inside, we flew across the desert and I could see cars below. I was looking around wondering if by chance any other fans were on this flight. I didn’t recognize anyone…just a bunch of men in suits. We were all clearly in a hurry to get to point B. Getting off the plane I hit my head on the overhead cabin…numb from excitement I didn’t even feel it. Others around me seemed worried and shocked that I recovered from that ghastly cranial crash as I looked back to make sure I hadn’t left anything since I was prone to dropping items. I scuttled off the plane and met my driver at baggage claim. He dropped me off at the Wilshire Hotel and I checked in immediately. On the way there I could already see people lining up along the Wiltern’s sidewalk… at 2:30pm.

Perfect Time to Perch I get inside, I immediately clean up, again, wash my hair…the whole nine yards. I’m in OCD mode at this point. I put my DelaQ Tshirt out and my fan jacket. I put these new jeans I bought just for this show and some TEVA sandals. I phoned every fan I knew and said, “we need to meet up now…let’s just go line up.” They thought I was crazy. Pam was the only one who came right away and we walked over to the line to find ourselves numbers 7&8 behind a very organized group from L.A. inclusive of Penelope and Kim Tang. Over the next few hours the line grew and grew. People came and played cards decked out in their Tears for Fears t shirts. Most of us were in the same section (The Pit) so we got to know each other’s names and exchange Facebook profile info so we could keep in touch and share photos.

Vexed by VIP Around 5pm members of the band could be seen either driving by or coming out of the Wiltern. Gruno came out and handed Kim Tang some guitar picks. She showed them to us and then put them in her pocket so they wouldn’t get lost I imagine. Forbid she drop one of those…that would’ve been awful. Pam would leave the line and come back, go make a phone call, come back…restless she seemed. I was too afraid to move. Alexis, her friend, Traci and others came. Then about 5:30 a woman with the Wiltern comes out offering us VIP for $20. “What does VIP entail?” we asked. She said, “You get access to the VIP bathroom, can get drinks at the bar, access to the exclusive lounge and that you’ll get to go in early.” We bought it. I got one for Pam who had again walked off at this time. I figured she’d want one too. We then went over to a different line placing Penelope and I at 1st and 2nd. Then Carri shows up with Kai…and some hottie blond trailing with them. I told them to get a VIP pass and get in line, no time for hellos and all that, just get the pass.

A Mini-MeetUp In Line This is where the life changing moments began. It’s about 5:55pm…we did a roll call and saw that just about every fan that promised to come to the Wiltern show was there. We took turns swirling in and out of line having people save our places so we could take pictures together. It was then that Carri brings forward Sir David Esquire. “This…is David…” she says. My chin had already dropped from seeing him Moments ago. We thought he was a member of Duran Duran…because we knew he had worked with them in the past on something…and that he took some photos of Curt…long story short, a few of us assumed he was a member of some band but we knew it wasn’t Tears for Fears. Turns out he has some sort of connection with Duran Duran…and he looked the part. It was insane. He kissed our hands…who does that? We were impressed and struggling to keep from drooling like sick children every time he said anything. We met a lot of other cool people that hour but the whole Sir David Esquire encounter would then drag on for another 7 months inclusive of some online fun, wild promises, fun phone calls, cherished gift exchanges and total admiration for his work of which we still promote. We considered him our new Best Friend Forever…

VIP stands for what? Around 6:30 we were moved about 3 feet forward next to a gate. From there, Gruno shows up again followed by 3 women who were all wearing TFF lanyards. They went into the theatre. We stayed behind and waited…then about 10 minutes later were led downstairs to a very small room that was dimly lit. The line we had so carefully formed with respect to those who had been there since noon that day dispersed. I cleaned my hands and got a drink from the bar. I knew I was going to need it. I think at this point chaos broke out. There was nothing VIP about what we got to do. We paid $20 to go to the bathroom pretty much. Only a handful of people bought drinks. Penelope went back to the woman who sold us the passes and explained that we’d been waiting in line all day and now that line was ruined and we weren’t guaranteed to be first in for this general admission show anymore. Security came, reorganized the line and we stood down in that small room (over 100 of us) for another hour and then later led to the top of the stairs …where we were finally allowed to go into the theatre. I think that’s the worst VIP experience I’ve ever had. I don’t know what was VIP about it…I really don’t.

Security checked to make sure everyone was in the right place. Pam and I were slammed against the stage, our chins literally sitting on it…the photo shown is a chin shot. It was front row nonetheless and I wasn’t moving. In fact, I couldn’t. I was so oxygen deprived I began to feel light headed. I laid my head on the stage…Penelope beside me, Kim Tang beside her and some people we’d never met before who admitted they hadn’t even heard of the ELAHE album (that’s a crime in itself) next to Pam while others who didn’t buy Pit seats were on the front row of the floor section just above us.

Waiting We’d been on our feet for what felt like forever. A screen came down and allowed us to text messages to the monitor. People text how upset they were about the VIP, people text that we were waiting too long, that many of them were old now and couldn’t do this concert scene anymore if it meant standing forever…there were funny tweets, marriage proposals (fake ones and real ones). Simultaneous oohs and awes for certain tweets. We kooks got a few messages in and then finally the screen went away and Michael Wainwright came out.

Michael Wainwright opens the show

You’d have thought it was POTUS Obama cause the crowd went wild. He did his same set inclusive of the sad clown (Blue). That freaked a few people out. It was a beautiful set as was the night before and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Pam got most of it on camera either via video or picture. When Michael left the screen came down and people began texting their thoughts about his performance saying they liked it and hoped he’d turn into a happy clown one day. Some who were new to him expressed their thoughts about the clown make up more than anything. Overall he was well received and Blue seemed to be a favourite as was the award winning song “Heart Shaped Man” of which many sang along. At this point I was feeling even more light headed. My heart was racing, I was so excited but very much drained. I knew at some point I was going to pass out. I decided, “Do I want to have a heart attack thus causing severe damage to my body or do I want to go home and try again in a year or so?” I thought to myself, “I’ve gotten this far I thought I might as well die doing what I love. If I pass out and die from excitement then so be it…what better place to go than with the two men I’ve loved since I was a small child.”

The Show  When those lights went down I nearly lost my mind. Relief swept through me and the heart palpitations decreased as Curt stood above my head, his shoe was level with my chin. He laughed when he looked down at Pam and I…the proof of our dedication was right there where we stood. Roland shook his head and just stared as if he was amazed as we looked over at him. He too looked surprised that two nights in a row at a General Admission show we’d somehow made it to the front again and were staring him in the face. That moment was classic.  

The set list was the same as that which was in Vegas if I’m not mistaken and full of electric energy. I, again, sang every single song. There’s something about having these two men towering above you. It’s like looking at two magnificent statues of talent and grace. Roland had on this olive coloured button down and I had on an olive coloured jacket. It was quite a coincidence and I just couldn’t get enough of it. At times he’d look over at us (the loyal Kooks of which he may or may not be aware of, perhaps we were the loudest?) and he’d just stare…maybe because we knew every word to every. single. song. Now, mind you…I had no voice and was lip synching because no sound was coming out. I was done after Vegas. I barely had enough energy to stand there let alone belt out a song. But I put passion into it…whole heart and soul. We all did. We swayed, we danced out songs, we danced out the moves according to the videos (i.e. Roland’s dance during Change, Mad World Flying Wombat, the four leaf clover)…we fans did a complete set. We left nothing out.

During Sowing the Seeds Roland did just as we had asked the day before in a tweet. We wanted him to give Curt a brotherly kiss instead of a hug. It was charming and we all went absolutely mad. I think I started crying as expected. I can’t remember if Curt threw any Skittles. I think being that close I would’ve caught at least one. The night was just full of everything a fan could ever want. The songs sounded even better than the album recordings.

Curt and Roland really haven’t changed that much. I feel they are stronger in so many ways musicially as a group. Roland looks amazing. Curt is fit as a fiddle and looking mighty fine. The fan base has grown to include the children of the earlier fans and those of us who were too tiny to get into shows as toddlers are now front and center at most if not all shows. We follow them around like puppies or as Curt calls us a “Kerfuffle of Kooks.” As a band, they are crystal clear and nothing is out of place. Everything looks and sounds stellar and the reviews that went out the next day by various magazines, bloggers and music critics all sang their praises. This was a sold out show so the confidence by fans for this band isn’t going anywhere…it’s set in stone. Tears for Fears are truly a timeless band with a classic sound that remains “ahead of their time.” Their lyrics, topics, thought provoking phrases and general “tone” are a force!

Encore The encore was twice as exciting as the night before. Those who didn’t know Michael Wainwright was covering for Oleta Adams got the shock of their lives when he belted out “Calls the man the great whiiitte hope!” Like clockwork the crowd goes nuts! And rightly so…it was absolutely beautiful…

The set ended with Shout (and me singing on Roland’s microphone, no I didn’t jump on stage, just keep reading or click on the blue link above)…[and what was so beautiful was that the song was the full version with the extended instrumental opening…ohhh, if you’ve never heard it check it out in your Tears for Fears collection. It’s worth opening the box set to hear it. I know many like myself buy their music and don’t open it these days because it’s worth it’s weight in gold so you preserve it in the plastic package, etc. So, if you can’t bring yourself to opening it then at least find it on YouTube] Okay, so the band starts singing…Curt’s youngest daughter is out to the left of the stage with Michael and she’s singing ”Shout…Shout…let it all out….” and they go into the chorus and something happened…Roland pulled the microphone out of the stand and it separated from the cord. So Curt had to cover for him on the second verse I believe (by this time I’m just a live wire, too excited to believe that I’m still on the front row, jacket all awry and my DelaQ tshirt showing…yes, Roland saw it ;)). The song goes on and Curt fills in while Gruno fixes the microphone. Our attention is on Curt and we’re singing along and then Roland joins in with the repaired microphone and heads toward our area…next thing I know that gorgeous hair of his is in my face and his microphone is right at my chin and I’m singing the chorus with the 10% of voice I have left. Somehow I get out the rest of the chorus in a lower pitch thank G-d so as not to hurt Roland’s ears. Something must have gone right cause he gave me a thumbs up and Curt said, “Go Andye…” …all I could think was…”My family is gonna go bananas when I tell them what happened, I hope someone got that on video.” Poor Pam was so in shock she didn’t even record it (though many others did, see here). She asked me some weeks later, “Andye did you sing?” We were both in a daze of disbelief and awe that night I couldn’t blame her for not remembering cause had someone not gotten that on camera, the details wouldn’t have been what they were just now.

Rosaline and Rochelle flew in for the show… Canada, The Philippines

I owe Roland a kidney if he ever needs it. I’d gladly hand over a lung to Curt if it was necessary. They made, not just my day but my life right then and there…and I thought the Vegas show was awesome…my goodness, they just get better and better with every show!! Whaaaaat!? Ohhh mannnn…I’m still speechless nearly a year later. I think about that moment and I have to sit down…and just thank G-d because that was more than anything I’ve ever wanted in the realm of the band. Just to see them singing together was enough for me…now, front row and a sing-a-long opportunity..ohh mannn, somebody form the clap section, I’ve got choir outfits, we can take this fandom on the road!

The After Party Well, there wasn’t one…just a lot of us hanging out on the street corner after the show. I got swept away by Carri, Sir David Esquire and their pal Kai of whom I’d really not had the opportunity to hang with before. We went out…and we rehashed that show til 4am in the morning. I remember being nervous as Sir David sat next to me…I kept thinking, “Do I really deserve everything that happened tonight? Why am I receiveing all of these blessings…am I about to die? Do I have cancer?” And I don’t blame myself for asking because it was just overwhelming good stuff. My hearing was completely gone, David’s voice was merely a whisper. He had that awesome camera and showed it to me with all the pictures from the show, every single moment caught on camera…They were all so very nice…Still, I was more worried if I sang the song correctly. If I ever get the chance again, I’ll show Roland that I not only took singing lessons but used sign language to help me get the lyrics to every song just right. 

I didn’t sleep that night/early morning. I phoned my relatives around the world, didn’t care what time zone they were in…they had to hear this. I wrote to one of Roland’s brothers and told him what happened. I knew he’d be up, it was 9am BST, so why not? Then, I called the drivers to come get me as early as possible and take me out to the Hills. Not far from “their homes”

I sat quietly in ultra gratitude, talking to Carri, thanking Sir David for showing such mercy and adding Kai to my facebook friends list. And sending tweets…It took me a long time to get all of this out. Almost a year… It was beyond a blessing. I’m so thankful and overwhelmed that I’ve not ever been the same. I’m sure there are parts I left out. I hope others will find a way to get their speechless sentiment into a phrase or two to recap the whole event. There’s no way my 1 review could sum up what was the ultimate majestic night with the band that continues to rule not just our lives but a huge chunk of the music world.

Other Highlights: I know of recent we’ve been discussing mentioning Roland’s whereabouts. As of July 2012 he was in Los Angeles, for a fact. He joked at the show that he was surprised at his lack of stalkers with this statement: Responding to “I love you Roland…” He said, “No you don’t. If you did you’d find out where I live and drive by a few times…” or something to that nature. There was a review that stated his exact words. I have no idea where that is right now. If anyone has it please post it in the response section, the full link please, so everyone can read the entire review.

After the show, people stood around getting their picture taken with Michael Wainwright. There was also merch available. I got a totebag for $25 and I use it to bring my lunch to work every week so that I’m not tempted to buy out and thus spend any extra cash that I can use toward future tours. It usually hold’s some sort of soup, we call it “Tour Soup” as that’s what many of us eat in order to save up enough to attend more than 1 show.

Again, I’ll add more memories as they surface, I never really “recovered” from that 2011 tour. It was overwhelming. We’re in a our 3rd year of talking about something Tears for Fears related each and everyday. Rekindling the sparks that united the fan club years ago…

Thanks for reading.