Thank you, Alan Griffiths

There are so many supportive people behind, beside and even in front of Tears for Fears. Sadly, too many are practically invisible. Those we do get to see such as road crew, managers, family (from time to time) and others that slip in and out of view as we approach the venues and stages or steal a minute of the band’s time in a hotel lobby, are extremely important. It’s hard to count the number of people that truly make “Tears for Fears” a memorable, amazing entity and experience, be it in person or online. A visible and beloved person in this myriad of TFF members was Alan Griffiths. He was a key component, genius and mastermind in the making of Elemental, Raoul and the Kings of Spain plus the timeless Tomcats Screaming Outside (Roland’s solo album). Fans acknowledged him a lot, we appreciated him. He was so important to these aforementioned works. Learning of his unexpected passing from Roland this morning left several of us very sick and disturbed. There are few things worse than losing a loved one or a musician. Alan Griffiths was both.

Thank You Mr Griffiths

Tim Palmer, another person that is interwoven with Tears for Fears and a person we also consider a band member, wrote on his FB wall today the below. We didn’t include his profile because we are so dedicated to giving the band privacy. Just know that this was a portion of what Mr. Palmer expressed.

Tim Palmers Words (2)
From Tim Palmer

“This is beyond a loss, it’s just tragic…he was a big part of why so many of us love the band. He, too, was Tears for Fears. This is a really sad moment…really sad.” -A. Andinha, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team moderator

…so you see….an alumni/member of Tears for Fears passed away today. This is hard. This is a day we’ve dreaded and feared for years. It happened today. Let us comfort each other and be very supportive of one another and remember to continue to be appreciative, loving and supportive of ALL members of the band. Each person plays a huge role and has brought and continues to bring us to a place and state of bliss combined with a euphoric happiness time and time again. We’re grateful for Mr. Griffiths’ work and just like Roland said,  he will be missed. Thank you, Alan Griffiths. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to art and a band that has carried us through so much of our lives. We pray we see you again when the saints go marching in. Amen.


6 thoughts on “Thank you, Alan Griffiths

  1. tears are falling over my face and I never even met sir Alan Griffths.I became a fan this past year(2016) when I discovered Elemental and would listen over and over again to it as I rode my Bicycle to the places I needed to go. I was hoping Alan would be performing with Tears 4 fears in Milwaukee on may 13,2017. I Love Music and those who make it.
    My heart is Broken, but the good thing is Alan’s Music is his Legacy.
    Write a Song 4 incredible AL
    Please. sincerely, debsimms

    1. To be fair, Alan was not part of any TFF activity since Roland got back together with Curt. But he co-wrote so many great songs with Roland, it’s hard to underestimate. Very sad.

      He wasn’t the first one of the TFF “family” to pass away – that probably was poor Jimmy Copley in 2017, but he was “just” the drummer on one tour (albeit an incredible one, and thankfully I had the chance to see him doing his magic when he was in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band years later).

  2. I never knew who Alan was until I recently bought an army trunk which belonged to his dad it was full of random items music magazines books and personal items belonging to Alan,what an amazing man he was , I now feel responsible for this time capsule and feel that he must have some family who would like to preserve it in Alan s memory

    1. Hi james. i wrote the obituaries published at the time of Alan’s death. Many of us who knew him well wondered who’d bought items at the auction. There is no family to leave anything to as Alan’s elderly mother died a few months after him and he had no other immediate family. Please feel free to email me about anything you found in the trunk.

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