Tears for Fears Concert in the kind city of Kansas City, Missouri

Going out of order here…

Hello Kansas City, MISSOURI!

#tearsforfears #concert #arvestbanktheatre #kansascity

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Amazing night with #tearsforfears #tff2017 #tff #curtsmith #rolandorzabal

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Had such a blast at Tears for Fears tonight! Great show! #tearsforfears

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#tearsforfears was incredible. Roland Orzabal's voice is as amazing as ever.

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This is my four leaf clover. #tearsforfears #lyrics #old

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Tears for Fears #tearsforfears

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#tearsforfears #midlandtheatre #6throw

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Tears For Fear

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Happy Fans!

New Merch!

Videos – Fan R. did well, eh?




Creep (Radiohead Cover)


Thanks to al who shared video and photos! #TourTime #TearsForFears


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