TFF Did It Up in Detroit!

Glad so many were able to enjoy Tears for Fears in Detroit! Got a few clips from shares online. Enjoy and follow these nice fans who are sharing their experience with everyone.

Pale Shelter

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Sowing the Seeds of Love #tearsforfears

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Awesome Photos: Phoenixx Music Mag & J.MO were on it!

As we continue to post (in no particular order) flashbacks from the shows thus far, I’m reminded of the time I lived in Detroit. My grandfather was working for Motown and ran a fish market. Music was everywhere…all the time. Though from a mixed national background and relatives from here, there and everywhere we united under British Rock. I was a toddler in the 80s (barely alive) but I remember it like it was yesterday and I’m so grateful that all of these bands are still powerful and sweeping the new generation by storm as well. Nothing compares to these great groups…even their new material is making a move on our souls. They’ve still got “it” and us! Especially TFF! -AA

Thanks for reading… more to come!
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