London Loved Tears for Fears (as expected)!

*Dedicated to Valerie!

We’re very grateful to all our Travel Fan friends and loved ones that travelled to London to see the band at Hyde Park. This show sold out so fast several barely got tickets. It was quite warm and someone allegedly “took it all off.” We posted several photos early on including a behind the scenes video and a montage of highlights from the night created by one of our fellow fans whose been with the team since 2004. Merci mille fois a chacun!!! London Rocked!!!

That sold out sign was slapped on this event in less than a few days…but that’s to be expected! xoxoxo #TearsForFearsForLife

Valerie’s gift to the stateside Travel Fans


Sowing the Seeds of Love

Creep (do you hear the respectful silence as Roland prepares to sing Creep – now that’s love!)


Pale Shelter

Mad World (hear that crowd)

Head over Heels

SHOUTsounds sooo good!

*These are just some of the cool moments and songs… so much more happens at shows and you really have to be there to see it. It’s something different in every city. The band didn’t seem to be in London very long. Who can blame them, there wasn’t much time to hang out. Big shoutout to Curt’s Brother Mr. S. and neighbour Lady B. who posted really great pictures. While we don’t share family material we did appreciate that sneak peek into a day with their family. How nice! Cheers all! Enjoy the videos and be sure to reach out and be-friend our new friends and contributors!

Thanks for reading!! Be sure to follow @tearsforfears on all platforms! We’re in the home stretch! See you in the newsfeeds! @papasfans

*Before the trip to Brasil, we’ll be making some changes around here, adding on some teams and becoming a unified unit as we hope for a fan conference to come…stick around, it’ll be fun. xo -AA

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